Friday, December 31, 2010

Bowl Picks for 12/31

Post by William

0-4 yesterday. What a brutal day.

Clemson minus 5.5 vs South Florida      Mike  SOUTH FL     William    CLEMSON

Miami minus 2.5 vs Notre Dame      Mike   MIAMI    William    ND

Uga minus 6.5 vs Central Florida    Mike  UCF      William    UGA

South Carolina minus 3 vs Fsu      Mike    FSU     William     SOUTH CAROLINA

Never thought I would pull for Petrino...

Posted by Mike

Never thought I would pull for Petrino, but the actions of the holier than thou Jim Tressel are putting me squarely in the Razorback camp for the Sugar Bowl.

Here is my logic. With Petrino you know what you are getting, and he really doesn't hide behind a fake persona. Tressel on the other hand gives you this Mr. Clean act, then does his dirty work behind the scenes.

His latest stunt falls just below the level of Soft on Crime, Urban Meyer, as far as saying one thing, then doing another. While no violence was threatened by the OSU players, they clearly broke NCAA rules yet are still suiting up for the Sugar Bowl.

Don't forget Tressel also made a deal with the devil a few years ago with Maurice Clarett. Remember how that one turned out?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thanks again for your support!!

Post by William

We just got to 15,000 hits. Thanks to you all for putting up with our silliness and for participating. This little thing is alot of fun for us. Hope to make it bigger and better starting in the new year.

Everybody have a Happy and safe New Year.

Mike and William

Bowl Picks for 12/30

SMU minus 7 vs Army       Mike ARMY         William  SMU

Syracuse minus 1 vs Kansas St     Mike   KSU      William  KSU

UNC minus 1 vs Tennessee     Mike TENN    William   TENN

Nebraska minus 13.5 vs Washington      Mike  WASH       William  NEB

Get the ball to AJ!!

Posted by Mike
Do not make the mistake of thinking Central Florida can not beat Georgia. Granted they are a Conference USA team, but they have a good coach in O'Leary, stout defense that is ranked 17th in the country, and this Liberty Bowl appearance is important to the Knights.

UGA is obviously disappointed with their season and have the added distraction of the troubled Caleb King to bring them down further.

UCF appears to have a solid game plan and recognize that the key to game could be AJ Green. Check out this story in the Orlando Sentinel. Knight's keys to beating Georgia.

The top two keys to UCF success revolve around shutting down the UGA pass attack. That along with the fact that the Dawgs are short one running back could be a problem. Still even if the Knights double AJ, he will be the best player on the field and can make things happen. This is also AJ's last chance to make an impression on NFL scouts and help out his beleaguered friend CMR.

Here is a link to Green's career stats. AJ's career stats Notice his total kick/punt returns. A grand total of 1 in a three year career. The time has come to get this kid the ball any way, any how. Let him line up in the shot gun and take a few snaps and run to the right. Set a goal of 25 touches and 300 all purpose yards for him. After all, he should be rested since he sat the first four games.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Really Saints?? REALLY??

Read the article about what they did on the field after the game. This is a grown man. After being at the game this makes me have even less respect for the Saints. Their fans make Florida fans look classy.What a bunch of classless scumbags. I guess they follow the lead of their no class redneck Head Coach.

Bowl Pick for 12/29

Maryland minus 7.5 vs East Carolina       Mike   MARYLAND      William     MARYLAND

Baylor minus 1 vs Illinois      Mike    ILLINOIS    William      BAYLOR

Oklahoma St minus 4 vs Arizona     Mike     OSU    William     OSU  

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bowl picks for 12/28

N.C. State vs. West Virginia -3

William - WVU
Mike - WVU

Misouri vs. Iowa +2.5

William - Iowa
Mike - Mizzou

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bowl Pick for 12/27

Air Force minus 3 vs Ga Tech


William     GA TECH

The excitement is building!!!

Post by William

Just took the nephews to the Varsity for lunch(yes it's possible I've lost my mind). Picture in hats to follow at some point. The Saints fans are already being obnoxious. Driving up West Peachtree I look out the window and see Ron Jaworski walking down the street. I hollered at him and he looked at me like I was an idiot. Boys thought it was hilarious. That is a fancy bus the MNF crew has. They must be in a hotel on West Peachtree.

More to come throughout the day. Nephew naptime in a few minutes.

Falcons Fever!!!!

The nephews are all fired up!!!!

Who else has had enough of Caleb King?

Posted by Mike
- So it's cold and snowy. Since when did that become an issue in football? Here's a good idea. Don't schedule night games in December if you have an outdoor stadium in the Northeast.

- Who besides me has had enough of Caleb King? If you ask me, he would be a great player for Troy, Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, North Alabama or anywhere else that would take him.

- It is a good sports day. We get a warm up with Georgia Tech vs. Air Force at 5 PM, then the Falcons on MNF.

- FYI Tech has had some issues too and will not be playing at full strength against Air Force. Jackets playing with a short roster.

William should be posting Falcon updates since he is in Atlanta and going to the game.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Rise Up Falcons"

The Falcons slogan for the year is "Rise Up" w/Samuel L Jackson doing the commercials. Just saw one. The Mayor of Atlanta has declared tomorrow "Rise Up Monday".  Lots in today's paper. The energy level is rising.

More to come tomorrow morning.

Bowl Pick for 12/26

Toledo minus 1.5 vs Florida International


William     Florida International

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bowl game Pick for 12/24

Hawaii minus 10 vs Tulsa in Hawaii

Mike     TULSA

William     HAWAII

Can't believe he actually said this.

Mark May's take on Ohio State. They're gonna take away his privileges for saying this.

The NCAA is playing favorites with Tattoo U and the BCS.

Posted by Mike
Let's see if we can understand the latest NCAA ruling affecting (or really not affecting) Ohio State.

AJ sells a jersey and is suspended for four games, this season. Important games...South Carolina... and Arkansas among them.

The Buckeye players trade autographs and equipment for tattoos, and they get suspended for four games..NEXT YEAR.

Someone please explain to me how this equitable. Obliviously the NCAA is trying to protect the Sugar Bowl as a major component of the BCS. So when a ruling is in their favor, the body acts towards personal interest.

This from
The NCAA did not suspend the players for the Jan. 4 Sugar Bowl against the eigth-ranked Razorbacks because they "did not receive adequate rules education during the time period the violations occurred."

Not sure what this means but I think the translation is something like this: “We know these guys broke the rules and should be suspended, but come on... we can not wreck the Sugar Bowl. Do you know how much money is at stake in advertising revenue and ticket sales and hotel rooms and air line tickets... and so on?”

In short it is okay to trash Georgia's season, but God forbid they should do anything to upset the glorious BCS series. Can you say HYPOCRITS?

Sure can't get this in Albany

This isn't sports related but I ate at Flip Burger Midtown yesterday. Outstanding. Nothing like this in Albany for sure.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pick for the Night

San Diego St minus 3 vs Navy in Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego. Bad track.

Mike    NAVY

William    NAVY

I know.....boring!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pick for the night

Boise St minus 17 vs Utah in Las Vegas       Mike- BOISE          William- BOISE

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bowl Game Picks/Dogs grades

Mikey and I are going to have a bowl game contest. Winner gets a secret prize. We'll start w/tonight's game and do it every day.

Lousiville minus 2.5 vs Southern Miss in St Pete       Mike-Lousiville       William-Lousiville

FYI....keep your eyes open for UGA fball grades in the next few days. Could be some bad news.

A few appetizers before the Big Bowls.

Posted by Mike
The time for over indulgence is here. One last feast of football before we begin talking about March Madness and the Braves. Here are what I consider the best games of the next week. Of course the main meal is scheduled for January 10 but until then there are some good appetizers.

Wednesday – Las Vegas Bowl – Boise St. vs. Utah – 8PM - ESPN
On Wednesday mighty Boise State faces Utah in the Las Vegas bowl. Remember when these two were going to upset the BCS apple cart? National mass delusion had us all under a spell, including me. Only when you actually watch BSU you see a very good QB and some skill, but the fundamentals where not what you expect to see from a contender. If your running back takes a hand off like a second grader would with extended hands, you're not a top flight program. If one loss knocks you from BCS challenger to the Las Vegas Bowl, you are a pretender.

Still, it should be a good game.

Thursday – Poinsettia Bowl – Navy vs. San Diego State – 8PM – ESPN
Don't know a whole lot about SDSU, but watching the Middies churn up yardage with the triple option sure is entertaining. Over the course of the season Navy (9-3) played five bowl qualifiers and was 3-2 against them. The Middies lost 14-6 to Air Force (vs. Georgia Tech 12/27) and fell 17-14 to Maryland. They beat SMU 28-21(vs. Army on 12/30), East Carolina (vs. Maryland on 12/29) by the incredible score of 76-35, topped Army 31-17 and of course once again BEAT NOTRE DAME (vs. Miami on 12/31) 35-17.

Monday – Independence Bowl – Georgia Tech vs. Air Force – 5 PM – ESPN2
The good news for GT is there appears to be a solid market for used Independence Bowl jerseys.

The bad news is Air Force (8-4) is a good team that runs the same aggravating offense, and Tech's Joshua Nesbitt is injured and may not play.

The two leading rushers for Falcons are Georgia products, and that is unusual considering the top active ground gainers for Tech are not.

Air Force Running back Asher Clark (Lawrenceville, GA) has gained 1.058 yards on 174 carries for a 5.8 yard per average. As you might expect from a triple option attack the Falcon QB, Tim Jefferson (Atlanta, GA) is the team's second leading rusher with 838 yards on 110 carries and a 5.4 yard per carry average. There are 14 Air Force players from the State of Georgia.

The Jacket's leading rusher Anthony Allen (1,225 yards on 217 carries) is from Tampa, FL, and Nesbitt's replacement Tevin Washington (383 yards on 88 carries) is from Wetumpka, AL. And yes Wetumpka is really the name of the small city north of Montgomery.

There are also two brothers facing off in this one. Roddy Jones plays for Tech and Darius Jones is a sophomore for the Falcons. They grew up in Atlanta.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dogs looking to upgrade schedule.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Isn't this what Damon tried and McGarrity said he didn't like it?

My team is the BEST!!!

Post by William

I hope everyone finally realizes that the Atlanta Falcons are the best team in the NFL. They beat Seattle like a drum yesterday. All the talk about them having to prove they can win on the road should stop now. We beat the defending Super Bowl Champions on the road.

The Falcons are the most complete team in the league. Nothing's flashy, everything is solid. Like my brother-in-law texted yesterday..... a very confident team. Matt Ryan throws the 20 yard out pattern to Roddy beatter than any QB, including Brady. Can you imagine if they had drafted Glenn Dorsey instead of Matty Ice?? Frightening. The whole operation seems to be top notch. Just a tad different from the days of the Smiths. (Remember when they were known around the league as the Clampetts?!)

Go ahead and try to wrap your brain around this one. NFC Championship Game, Georgia Dome w/Michael Vick on the other sideline. Can you imagine how that atmosphere is gonna be?

One last I the only one who noticed how bad the announcers were yesterday? The were bad talking the Falcons like everything they did was lucky. I guess those guys do alot of Seahawks games but they didn't know squat about the Falcons.

I'm going to the Saints/Falcons next Monday night compliments of sister and brother-in-law. Awesome gift so he's going with me. Should be a blast. I'll have a report when I get back.

I'll be posting occasionally for the next week. I think Mike's going to be posting a good bit on the bowl games. I'll be putting up daily picks for those as well.

Hope ou all have a safe and very Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Metrodome Roof Collapse

The Giants/Vikings game had to be postponed and moved because of this. Frightening video. Can you imagine if the stadium had been full?

Why not Mullen?

Wow that was a hard breaking curve. Just when the entire World was calling for a Dan Mullen move to Florida, the Gators throw Will Muschamp an offer he can not refuse.

This moves brings up a few immediate questions.

1 – Are the wheels coming off the Texas program?

2 – Why didn't the Gators hire Mullen, the obvious succession choice? He runs the same offense as Soft on Crime, and he was an assistant in the program just a few season ago. There must be a problem relating to the Cam Newton saga somewhere in all of this, maybe even relating the resignation of Soft on Crime.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good info for HS State Championships

This is some good info if you're planning on watch the State Championship games this weekend on GPTV.

More Urban

See, I'm not the only one who thinks he's a scumbag

Ode to Urban Meyer....."Go Gata"

I know I've posted this before but we have some new friends who may not have seen this. This really doesn't have anything to do w/Urban but I just love this. The subtitles make the whole thing.

By the way I HATE Urban Meyer. I'll post later my thoughts on him "resigning".

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Okay so I was wrong... Maybe he is quitting to go back west and coach Teabag.

Posted by Mike
On August 10th I published the following only I may have been slightly off. Urban may be retiring not to coach at Colorado to be closer to Teabow, but to actually be the head coach at Denver....where his baby is riding the pine.

Note #3 -

A preseason #3 ranking for the Florida Gators seems high with the loss of Teabow and even heavier losses on the defense. Both defensive ends, one d-back and their middle line backer are in the pros, and not as gimmick freak show players.

The former Florida defenders were a huge reason behind the Gator success, but twinkle toes got all the glory.

Still, unless Urban Meyer resigns to move west and coach at Colorado just to be closer to his baby, the Gators will be the team to beat to climb atop the SEC East.

The article titled 10 questions surrounding Florida Football on or Rivals describes the strength they have on the O-line and gives you an idea of the weapons in their arsenal.

October, as always, will be the key month of the season. Florida gets to travel to Tuscaloosa October 2nd then gets LSU in the Swamp October 9 and Mississippi State on the 16th. The annual border war is slated for the 30th.

Bama and LSU back to back will ding the armor, but will it do enough damage to bring them down to size?

This just in... the emotional reflux - soft on crime Urban Meyer is a quitter!

Posted by Mike

Laughing very loud now!

Urban quits! ...AGAIN!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A lot is riding on the Weed Eater Bowl!

Post by Mike

Maybe it is time to look at the positives of the Dawg program. According to CBS Sportsline, UGA finished the season ranked 53rd of 120 FBS teams. Alright... we made the top half of the class.

Among the 52 teams finishing above Georgia is Navy, Notre Dame, Miami-Ohio, Air Force, Tulsa, Ohio U, Temple and SMU. The Weed Eater Bowl is significant because with a big win over UCF (currently ranked 24th) we could break into the top 50 now and maybe even the top 40 preseason.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Of course Auburn just proved the preseason polls are good for selling preseason magazines and early bragging rights. Outside of that they are as useless as a community organizer.

The Tigers climbed from 22 preseason to the BCS title game. Amazing just how far $200,000 goes in this economy.

At least they are there though which is more than UGA or GT (currently ranked 64th) can claim. Both FBS schools from the state will likely be absent in next season's first top 25 which means even with a perfect record they will likely be denied any chance of a title. (Please refer to Auburn 2004.)

All this makes the next signing class even more important for both programs, and this is where they are pinning their hopes: UGA commitments         Ga Tech commitments

A little in state bball tonight

Post by William

Dogs at Jackets tonight at 7 on ESPN2.

How high does the heat get turned up on Coach Paul Hewitt if he gets beat tonight at home by the Dogs?

Just an how undisciplined Tech is with the ball.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Found this web site this morning.

Posted by Mike

Wow. A year of discontent in the state of Georgia. At least Georgia Southern is still alive in the FCS.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

OK. Who's with me??

Post by William

Anybody who wants to jump on the Falcons bandwagon, come on. There's plenty of room!!! I've been driving it since Week 1.

Big, HUGE win. Very impressive.

Makes the MNF game vs Saints on 12/27 enormous. Yes, I'll be there.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dogs Bball Tonight

Post by William

Dogs bball tonight in Athens vs UAB on FS South at 7.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Same old same old

Coach didn't reach far out of the box for this one.

Changes in Athens

Post by William

There will be some news later today out of Athens. Changes in Strength and Conditioning. Will post link when it comes out.

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Here are the picks for Championship Week. Picks are in ALL CAPS

SOUTH FLORIDA(Home) minus 1 vs Connecticut    Skip Holtz may have something down there

USC minus 6.5 vs Ucla(Home)       One word.....Cheerleaders

OREGON minus 16.5 vs Oregon St(Home)   

AUBURN minus 5 vs South Carolina in Atlanta        Cam puts on another show and shoots down Spurrier's hopes for 7th SEC Title

Va Tech minus 4 vs FSU in Charlotte      

OKLAHOMA minus 5 vs Nebraska in Dallas

                                   3 Must See Games in the NFL

ATLANTA minus 3 vs Tampa(Home)        Falcons are the best in the NFC

BALTIMORE(Home) minus 3  vs Pittsburgh 

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 3.5 vs New York Jets        Brady in a shootout

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

2 Cbball games w/local ties

Post by William

2 games of local interest tonight.

7pm ESPN2    Ga Tech at Northwestern    Tech needs a win against a good team. Quality of life game for Hewitt.

9pm ESPN2    Michigan at Clemson      Andre Young from DWS starts for Clemson. Should be good game.

Come on Urbie. Stay Classy!!!

Yet another reason to hate Gata.

The bottom line is closing in.

Posted by Mike
After watching three months of college football I have reached the following conclusions:
1 – Auburn is the best football team in the country.
2 – The entire War “Cam” Eagle Clan is in complete denial about what is happening to the program.

The following is a recent response to a post from an old friend and Auburn fan Albert:

Albert W. said...

Mike - sounds like you are implicating AU paid Cam. You have ZERO proof. I called you out once already. I may have to stop reading you guys just like I did ESPN. Need to back off until the true facts come out. Be bigger than the liberal press -- I know you to be a conservative. Act like it sir.
I know this must be a terrible subject for the Tiger Nation to discuss as their team prepares for South Carolina and maybe the National Championship Game, and most AU fans have the same attitude.

So, lets look at the facts of the Cam saga:
    • His daddy admitted to asking for money from MSU.
    • The FBI is involved.
    • Bobby Lowder is on the BoT.
    • BL has a history of meddling in the program. (JetGate comes to mind.)
    • Cam is on the field playing for Auburn.
Here is a good link that supports the facts as we know them: Cam Newton Facts

While none of this is proof, it sure does send up a great deal of smoke. The AU nation needs to pull their collective head out of their collective rear end and wrestle control of the program away from certain unsavory boosters.

Of course it is my belief that all major programs are involved in pay for play. The difference here is the FBI is not involved in the activities of all major programs. Auburn may have been burned by the micro management of a few rotten apples. None of this is good for the SEC or college football. Lose the bad seeds before you bring us all down with you AU!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Congrats to DWS!!!

Post by William

Congrats to DWS for winning the State Championship last night. Great job guys.

Please check the high school/youth site on the right side later. I know Mike's gonna have something good to say about last night.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Iron Bowl Drama!

Posted by Mike

Is it over already?
Another regular season wraps up this weekend still leaving us all wanting more. Despite the ugly drama unraveling at Auburn, CFB is still the greatest sport on this planet. I fear the times will be changing once the entire Cam Newton situation is unraveled. Will it be for the better, or worse?
On that one my crystal ball is a little cloudy, but what I do know is CFB is a sell-able product in the South anyway, but eggheads from far away places like Kansas City and where ever the Ivy League is want everyone to follow certain rules.
Some purist want the money removed from the game. They want players to be student athletes. Even the players that can run a 4.3. I know... loco isn't it.
Let's be realistic. Athletes always have been, always will be given preferential treatment and I really don't understand the objection. If we live in a free market society, shouldn't Cam Newton be allowed to sell his services to the highest bidder?
What is more concerning to me is the fact that the UGA staff thought Newton would be a good tight end. These guys would have had Herchel on defense.

Could the NCAA come down and dismantle the SEC the way they did the old Southwest Conference? Yes but that would trigger a rebellion. All willing Southern schools would tell them to stick it. Get back on your side of the Mason Dixon and let us play some football.
The powers could form their own league and invite all those oil rich programs of the Big 12 to join 'em. Heck they're all tired of pummeling Ohio State in your silly little BCS bowl anyway.

By the way, this will never happen. Why you ask? $s I say. CFB is in a really good place right now, and the money has never been better. The game does need purging, but be careful. Remember how good baseball was before they removed the steroids? College basketball before the NBA restrictions were lifted?

You want my idea of a fix?

    • Allow any player to pursue the NFL. Assuming the rumors are true, would Newton have played college football for $180,000 if the NFL was offering millions.
    • Allow the programs to pay players (above and beyond their scholarships) the national average earnings of kids in their age group. Playing is, after all, a job.
    • Make the penalty for cheating so severe that no one would even consider it. Automatic death penalty comes to mind, but I am sure there are many more creative ways to punish those run away boosters.

Auburn at Alabama:

By the way, there is a game today. Cam drama aside, does it get any better than this? Saban, Engram, Richardson vs. Cam, Fairley, Chizik. Bama won the title and the Heisman last season and Auburn is going into their house to try and take them both away.
The Iron Bowl is a big deal without these stakes. With all these chips on the table it is without question, the biggest game of the year. Saban has already suggested he is going to spy Newton. As Tony B said here (LINK) Dont'a Hightower will try to keep up with Camzilla.
This game went to the wire last year and Bama is favored by 4, but until someone stops Newton, I won't believe it. Auburn wins here, gets by South Carolina again, destroys Oregon, claims the title, and it may be the last official function of “the University formerly known as Auburn”.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick Thoughts before Thanksgiving

Post by William

Just a few quick thoughts before we break down for Thanksgiving....

#1 I guess I jinxed the Hawks after I posted they were 6-0. They've gone 2-7 since. They look like they don't care. Last night was better than the beatdown to the Celtics on Monday but still. A big trade will be coming soon.

#2 Saturday is the last big day of the season. Some really good rivalry games. My thought is that if you have to go out on Black Friday, you get to have Saturday for yourself for football.

#3 It may not mean anything to the big picture of college football but UGA/Tech Saturday IS a big game. UGA needs to get to a bowl game, no matter where it is.

#4 in conclusion...... I have no dog in the fight on Friday afternoon but I think I'm looking forward to the Iron Bowl more than any game this season. That game will be the most intense electric atmosphere of any all year.

Everyone please have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Here are my picks for the weekend. We usually pick 10 but there are too many good games this week.

Guest Picker for the week is Mikey. His picks are on the right.

Here goes....

TEXAS A&M minus 3.5 vs Texas(Home)       Texas is a mess

NEW ORLEANS minus 3.5 vs Dallas(Home)     Falcons need Dallas to win but I can't see it OR pull for them

Alabama(Home) minus 4.5 vs AUBURN      Bama wins but doesn't cover

OHIO ST(Home) minus 17 vs Michigan

TENNESSEE(Home) minus 3 vs Kentucky

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 3.5 vs Lsu    Not sure why I'm picking against The Hat but he's gotta run out of luck sometime

FLORIDA ST(Home) minus 2.5 vs Florida

Miss St minus 2.5 vs OLE MISS(Home)

South Carolina minus 2.5 vs CLEMSON(Home)    Spurrier all in for next week

GEORGIA(Home) minus 12 vs Ga Tech     Nesbitt being out kills Tech

OKLAHOMA STHome) minus 3 vs Oklahoma

MICHIGAN ST minus 2 vs Penn State(Home)

ATLANTA(Home) minus 1 vs Green Bay     Huge game for Falcons. Need this win for home field throughout

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

We hit 10,000!!!

Post by Mike and William

We just got to 10,000 page views on the blog. We wanted to thank you for reading it and commenting. It's been fun.

Please check the High School/Youth blog on the right. Mike's been working his tail off on it the last 2 weeks for the DWS games. I know he's working on something for it that should be up later.

I'll have some thoughts up later today on this one.

Thanks again for playing along.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Guest Picker

Post by William

Looks like the Guest Picker and I finished the week 7-3. I'm guessing I won the tiebreaker on the # of arrests at UGA this weekend.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Guess who the Guest Picker pulls for??

Just got this from the Guest Picker for the week. Something about forwarding it on to Coach Richt.

Guess who he pulls for?

Boise/UGA in Georgia Dome???

Post by William

Bosie/UGA in Dome for Kickoff Classic.

Good idea or bad idea for UGA? Let us hear from you.

Guest Picker

Post by William

Thanks to Guest Picker for the week Albert Wester, long time friend and good friend of the blog. His picks are on the right side. Mine are below. Enjoy.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

We Forward, You Decide

Post by William

This may take a while to go through, but if it's true, Auburn is done. Better reading than "All the President's Men"

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

This is the weakest Saturday of the season. I guess it's that way to build up for next week.

Here are the picks in ALL CAPS

TENNESSEE minus 8.5 vs Vandy(Home)

FLORIDA ST minus 4 vs Maryland(Home)

Clemson minus 13 vs WAKE FOREST(Home)    Time for Dabo to go

GEORGIA TECH(Home) minus 12.5 vs Duke     Be very careful Tech

OHIO ST minus 3 vs Iowa(Home)

ARKANSAS minus 3 vs Miss St(Home)

VA TECH minus 2.5 vs Miami(Home)      What if Va Tech had beaten James Madison? Would they be in the mix?

Lsu(Home) minus 16 vs OLE MISS       Seems like too many points to give

ATLANTA minus 3 vs St Louis(Home)   Mya Falcons are legit

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 3.5 vs Indianapolis   Great QB matchup

TIEBREAKER     total number of arrests/traffic violations for UGA on off week        3

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I'm sure this is gonna be VERY informative

Post by William

Thursday morning 7:30 on ESPN Radio and ESPN2   Tiger Woods 30 minute interview. I'm sure he'll drop a bombshell!!

This is insane!!!

Illinois and Northwestern are playing at Wrigley Field Saturday. This could be a disaster.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

When is enough enough?

Post by William

When will Georgia Tech have had enough of Paul Hewitt? Is he still the coach only because Tech doesn't want to/can't afford to pay the $7 mill to make him go away?

You cannot lose to Kennessaw State. In fact, why are you playing Kennessaw State at their place? You're Georgia Tech for God's sake. You played in the title game 6 years ago. Kennessaw won the D II title the same year.

Totally unacceptable loss last night. Time for the Tech AD to suck it up and make a change.

Uh oh... this could get ugly!

Posted by Mike
Paul Davis in Opelika News -
This could be BAD!

Thanks to David Hale

Post by William

Thanks to guest picker David Hale. We both finished 5-5 after Michael Vick decided to be the best QB in NFL history last night.

Thanks again David.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ga/Ga Tech Time Set

Post by William

7:45 ESPN. LSU/Arkansas 3:30 CBS. Long day.

Good Luck Sonny Skinner

Post by William

Good Luck to Albany's Sonny Skinner. He starts tomorrow trying to qualify for the Champions Tour in Coral Springs Florida. 72 holes, top 12 get status for next year.

Here comes College Hoops!!

Post by William

It's time college hoops. Starting at midnight tonight, ESPN is having a 24 hour hoops marathon.

By the way, the Dogs play Colorado tomorrow night at 7 on Fox Sports South and Ga Tech plays Kennesaw St tonight at 7:30 on FS South

Friday, November 12, 2010

Introducing GSR - Albany and Lee County

Thanks to all of our readers for visiting the Georgia Sports Report. Because the site has been well received, we have decided to branch out and today are launching GSR - Albany and Lee County.

This site will be dedicated to youth and high school programs. Albany and Lee County will be our first market, but we would like to expand this coverage in the coming moths. Please contact us if you have an interest in bringing GSR to your community.

DWS Seeks Perfection
The AJC on Lee County's Justin Walker
A Good Column by Mike Philips in The Albany Herald

Thursday, November 11, 2010

I know Whodunnit!!

Post by William

I just figured it out today about this Cam Newton thing. Who benefits the most from all of this? ESPN? Bama? Miss St? Urbie? Cam? Cecil? NO.

Who has the Auburn game this weekend? Who has the Iron Bowl? Who has the SEC Championship Game?
Whose ratings are gonna go through the roof Saturday?

Think about it.

PS  Who was accused of piping in bird noises to the Masters to make it sound better?

Guest Picker

Post by William

We have been lucky enough to get David Hale, former Herald sportswriter and the best UGA blogger ever, to be our guest picker this week. He left the Macon paper and went back to the Northeast. He's now the Phillies beat writer for a paper in Delaware. His blog is below and will be on the right side.

Please check out his picks on the right.

Must See TV

Post by William

If you missed the ESPN 30 on 30 movie about Marcus Dupree on Tuesday, it replays again tonight at 11:30 on ESPN2. It's one of their best. Those guys really do a good job

Just getting my mind right for Saturday

Don't want to peak too soon but....

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Sorry these are late getting on the blog. Was waiting to see if UGA/AU got back on the board.

Also please check the right side later today for a very special guest picker for the weekend.

MIAMI minus 2.5 vs Ga Tech(Home)    Josh Nesbitt out kills Tech

OLE MISS minus 2 vs Tennessee(Home)    Really hard pick but UT isn't very good


Auburn(Home) minus 8.5 vs GEORGIA    I thought the line would be getting more points like the Bama/Miss St line. You know me. Doesn't matter. I'm on my team. UPSET SPECIAL!!!! Too much going on in Tigerland. Dogs win outright!!!

FLORIDA(Home) minus 6.5 vs South Carolina   Wouldn't pull for either team w/an engine on the team plane out. Gata has too much speed. Spurrier still can't get to Atlanta

ALABAMA(Home) minus 13.5 vs Miss St    This line makes you want to take Miss St but this is gonna be an angry Bama team. Could get really ugly

FLORIDA ST(Home) minus 7 vs Clemson   I've tried to pick Clemson several times. Can't do it anymore. Is Dabo in trouble? Shouldn't he be?

OREGON minus 19.5 vs California(Home)     Speed kills

ATLANTA(Home) minus 1 vs Baltimore     Some places have Falcons getting a point. Won't matter. Falcons win at home. Plus I hate Ray Lewis.

PHILADELPHIA minus 3 vs Washington(Home)     Great game for a Monday night. What if Jim Mora Jr knew how to coach a QB? Mike Vick didn't play like this in a Falcons uniform. He is on a roll. Plus McNabb/Shanahan is a soap opera.

Heads up game     Sunday Night on NBC     Patriots at Steelers. Night, cold weather. Perfect.

A Newton bomb is ticking in Auburn!

Posted by Mike

Can you imagine Gene Chizik's pregame speech on Saturday?

I am guessing it will go something like this:

“Right now the ENTIRE SEC and college football world is lining up against you! Once again they are trying to deny Auburn. Coach Bowden went undefeated and was denied! Coach Tuberville went undefeated and was denied! We are undefeated on the field and the entire World is shooting at US!

“When you walk out on to that sacred turf remember you're not just lining up against Georgia... you are trying KNOCK the stuffing out of Mississippi State, Florida, Alabama, ESPN and anyone else that is attacking your brother....


The Tigers will try to draw energy from the controversy. The question is, will it work?

A run down on the stories:

Absolutely Ridiculous!!!

Post by William

It is absolutely ridiculous that I can't watch the Falcons game tonight. I'm in the state of Georgia and can't watch my team? Mediacom doesn't get the NFL Network. Now I have to try to find it on internet radio b/c the station that carries it here is so weak we can't get it after sundown.

Oh, I'm NOT going to this Hooters to watch it.

Wow....i'm whining this morning.

Have a nice day.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Uh oh....Here come the Feds!!!

The Feds are now involved. This is not going to end well for someone.

GHSA AAAA - Who's in charge here?

Posted by Mike
Of all the GHSA playoff divisions AAAA may be the hardest to predict. (AAAA Top 10)

While AAAAA has only one undefeated team, AAAA has seven perfect teams in the top 10.

Also check out the players on the Tucker defense. Scout - Top Prospects The Tigers have 3 D1 players on that side of the ball. MLB James Vaughters has committed to Stanford. OLB Justin Garrett is going to Auburn and Saftey Chris Sanders is going to Georgia. The team has scored 45 ppg and allowed only 11 ppg and most of those came during trash time.

Tucker is certainly talented enough to reach the finals and could be headed to a quarter final showdown with undefeated Northside Warner Robbins.

I figured out how UGA beats Auburn!!!

We need about 4 of these.

Somebody's out for Cam Newton!!

Post by William

Seems to me after seeing the crawl on Sportscenter this morning that somebody's after Cam Newton. Fox Sports is reporting that he was about to be expelled from Florida for 3 cases of academic cheating before he transferred to JC. I don't have a dog in the fight but why is all of this coming out now?

I heard Friday that it was ESPN out to get him. BULL. The SEC is an ESPN product. They want Auburn #1 and for Cam to be all in for the Heisman. Now it's Fox Sports. I mentioned to some friends on Friday that this could end up being a Ken Starr situation. Once you get people sniffing around, they're going to find all kinds of stuff, big and small. I'm obviously no Auburn fan but not sure what he's done to bring all this out.

Is it Bama/Florida/Miss St? A combination? Urbie and Mullen conspiring?

Tell us what you think. Maybe you have some insight that helps explain this.


Posted by Mike
Are Camden and North Gwinett headed for a Dome showdown?

AJC Run Down on AAAAA 1st Round Playoffs

GHSA AAAAA Playoff Bracket

Coaches Poll

Monday, November 8, 2010

Not flashy but very solid

Post by William

Click on the link below. It's Saturday's lineup of college football games on tv. That is a good solid Saturday.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

GHSA AA Finals Could Be A Showcase

Posted by Mike
High school football playoffs begin this week. What an interesting idea, deciding a championship on the field!
GHSA Playoff brackets

Over the next four weeks the action goes into high gear with a few potential show downs with future stars.

The GHSA AA Bracket is of particular interest. The coaches poll (AA Coaches Poll) has Carver of Columbus (10-0) ranked 1 followed by Calhoun (10-0), Buford (9-1) then Cook County (10-0).

Cook and Buford are headed for a semi-final showdown. If the Hornets survive, a very interesting final game between two undefeated teams Carver and Cook would feature three of the top college prospects in the state.

Isaiah Crowell and Gabe Wright play for Carver and remain uncommitted. Cook's Shannon Brown has committed to Alabama.

That would be a final game worth seeing!

Friday, November 5, 2010

John Bond on 680

Post by William

John Bond is going to be on 680am  this afternoon around 4:30 they're saying. Link is below on right.

Did Camzilla lose the Heisman last night?

Post by William

A few things to think about heading into the weekend....

#1 Did Cam Newton lose the Heisman last night? I doubt the story will be decided by the time the Heisman voters vote. The Reggie Bush story tarnished the old school Heisman voters. Newton is obviously the frontrunner right now. Bottom line- knowing what we know now, if you had a Heisman vote, would you vote for Camzilla?

#2 For all of us that think Boise should just go away, weren't you pulling hard for the Jackets last night? Also, are you going to peek on commercials from Bama/Lsu to TCU/Utah?

#3 Huge game in Baton Rouge Saturday afternoon. Kinda hope it's an old school SEC game, 10-7, 14-10, something like that. It's gonna be hard hitting. Beware of Peterson returning punts.

#4 I know NBA is not huge in this crowd but the Atlanta Hawks are 5-0 going into tonight. They play a good brand of ball. Up tempo. Take a look if you get a chance.

#5 I've been the Coach Richt apologist in the crowd but this Grantham choke thing has gotten me. You can't do that. I've heard there was alot of trash talk all game between players and coaches on both sides. I know he was fired up. That's great. If he wants to go over and beat Urban Meyer's ass, that's fine too. You can't do the choke sign to somebody's kid. If our coaches are undisciplined, how can we expect the players not to be? Perfect example is Commings trying to scoop and score. Richt says they practice falling on the ball in a crowd. Well if they practice that, why didn't he do it? I really like Coach Richt but something needs to change. QUICKLY.

#6 Another thing about the Grantham choke hold..... on Wednesday it was on Jim Rome at 4:30, that idiotic show at 5 and PTI at 5:30. A bunch of non-college football people talking about UGA in a bad way. Now the whole world thinks that UGA is a bunch of idiots. AD drunk w/a tranny and red panties in his lap and now a coach doing the choke sign. Sorry.... needed to vent for a second.

#7 Big game Sunday for the Falcons. 5-2 vs 5-2. Tampa's coach says the Bucs are the best in the NFC. Falcons are 16-1 at home w/Matty Ice at qb.

#8 Send us your total attendance for UGA/Idaho tomorrow. Closest to the total gets an ATTA BOY.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Just like Gomer Pyle used to say....

"Well Surprise Surprise Surprise!!!!

Anybody shocked to hear this?

Must see website

Post by William

We got a big box of goodies from Moondance Desserts last week. They were unbelievable. Please visit their site below. Buy all you can from them!!!

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

OK. I've finally gotten motivated from Saturday. Here are my picks for the week. Picks are in ALL CAPS

VA TECH (Home) minus 13 vs Ga Tech      Hokies are hitting their stride

FSU(Home) minus 10 vs North Carolina      

FLORIDA minus 14 vs Vandy(Home)      Small letdown from last week but Gata will cover

BOISE ST(Home) minus 21 vs Hawaii      Boise needs to run it up

Oklahoma minus 3.5 vs TEXAS A&M(Home)     

Tcu minus 4.5 vs UTAH(Home)      TCU's run ends-I did hear Todd Blackledge say last nite TCU is better than Boise

Alabama minus 6 vs LSU(Home)     Bama wins in a close one and but doesn't cover
South Carolina(Home) minus 4 vs ARKANSAS      Mallett too much to stop

ATLANTA(Home) minus 8.5 vs Tampa Bay     Welcome to the big leagues Bucs

Philadelphia(Home) minus 3 vs INDY      Peyton getting points? DUH

Get'n up off the mat...

Posted by Mike
Okay... that one knocked the wind out of me, and I fear also did untold damage to the Dawgs and CMR. In a year we were supposed to capitalize on a down Gaytor team, we couldn't. So let's examine what I consider the most crucial play of the contest, the missed fumble. I know there were two, but when Florida fumbles inside their own 10, and ours guys fall all over themselves trying to scoop and score thus allowing the Gaytors to FALL ON AND COVER UP THE BALL – that hurt!

Had UGA recovered that one ball, been disciplined enough to give up a shot at self glory and possible ESPN highlight, then it is very safe to assume the Dawgs put a minimum of 3 on the board. Instead, Florida drove the field and scored 7. That is a 10 point swing! What was the final score? Do the math.

To me this one play points out a recurring weakness. On and off the field, these Dawgs are UNDISCIPLINED and SELFISH!

Hopefully CMR will be back for one more season with the following conditions: Beat South Carolina, UT, Kentucky, Vandy, FLORIDA, Auburn, win the East, finish top 5, and put quality people on the field and in the community. He deserves that chance.

It is like asking me to clear a high jump bar of 12 feet, but he deserves the opportunity. We very much want him to clear the bar. We don't want the turnover and turmoil associated with a new coach. We want the Dawg nation to heal, but until he proves he can out coach the whiner in Gainesville, CMR is officially on the HOT SEAT!

As Forrest Gump might put it – That's all I have to say about that.

On another topic -

Apparently scientist have discovered another planet with conditions similar to our earth. Not sure where or how or in what direction, but this discovery is absolutely amazing to me. Just imagine a whole new planet. Maybe even human life forms walking around and doing similar things as we do here on earth.

The thought just boggles the mind. I for one officially volunteer for any future voyage to this newly discovered planet. Strap me in with a cooler, cable TV and plenty of boiled peanuts and I'll take the long journey, brave the wilderness of space and confront the planet's population. As a dually appointed representative of the Planet Earth I would ask this new life form the question we all want answered:

Have y'all got a better system than the BCS?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Sorry. We're exhausted.

Post by William

Sorry for the lack of a post since UGA/UF. That game took everything out of me. Had to go out of town Sunday for family obligations.

I guess just to punish myself I'm going to watch the game again tonight. I've got some thoughts but I just want to confirm. I'll put them up tomorrow.

Think this weather's doing it too. UGH.

Very special guest picker this week as well. Hardest of the hardcore Bama fans. His picks will be up tomorrow as well.

Enjoy the rest of your day.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ealey's out!!

Post by William

We've heard second hand from a player that Ealey is out today.

It's Gameday!!!!

Post by William

Just a real quick post before a busy day.


Have a great day.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Here are my picks for the week. Lots of good college games. Guest Picker's will be up in a bit.

Picks are in ALL CAPS

FSU minus 3.5 vs Nc State(Home)    Think FSU's the real deal

Iowa(Home) minus 6.5 vs MICH ST    MSU seems like a team of destiny w/Coach having heart attack

SOUTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 17.5 vs Tennessee      Spurrier runs it up vs a Dooley

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 20.5 vs Vandy      Petrino will try to run it up. Vandy's not good

MISS ST(Home) minus 6.5 vs Kentucky     Kentucky's done. Thanks for playing

UGA minus 2.5 vs Gata/Jorts wearers at Jacksonville     If we're gonna get them, now's the time. maybe we can call some TOs at the end to spite Urbie. I hate Florida.

NEBRASKA(Home) minus 7.5 vs Missouri     Missouri gave all they had last weekend

OREGON minus 7 vs Southern Cal(Home)       One to the mouth for Wonder Boy. This one could get ugly.

Auburn minus 7 vs OLE MISS(Home)    Last 6 years Rev Nutt has gone either 4-1 or 5-0 in his last 5 games. UPSET ALERT straight up.

NEW ORLEANS(Home) minus 1 vs Pittsburgh    Saints had a week off. Sunday night in the Dome.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Urban on Rainey

Posted by Mike

Urban on Chris Rainey

That strict disciplinarian Urban Meyer has stated Chris Rainey must meet certain conditions to be re-instated for action. Of course the Worm, I mean Coach, has not spelled out what those conditions are.

I wonder what restrictions he imposed:

    • Be able to run a 4.3
    • Don't threaten to kill anyone all week
    • No texting your ladies

Urban's offense has been anemic as he has been calling plays designed for Teabag when his QB is a more prototypical pro-style player. Rainey could open up the field and give the Dawgs D fits.

Go Gata!!!!

You gotta love Gator fans

Boise State/Lady Announcer??!!

Post by William

Some thoughts before we get deep into the Cocktail Party.

#1 The Atlanta Hawks kick off their season tonight in Memphis. I know the NBA is down the totem pole here but this team should be really exciting to watch. Josh Smith could be ready to explode into the star he was projected to be.

#2 This is Tony B's blog today. Very informative. Tell us what you think. #5 very interesting.

#3 Five reasons why Boise State can't win National Championship(beside what Tony says above):

     A- fundamentally unsound.
     B- if you play on Tuesday night, you're no factor
     C- Didn't slaughter La Tech when the whole country's watching
     D- Herbstreit is over the top on the bandwagon
     E- if you have a lady announcing your game, well.....enough said.

#4 Does UGA have what it takes to beat a down UF team? Has Urbie really changed the offense this week?(If you didn't catch the video I posted yesterday, take a look. Funny.) Can UGA stop the one or two tricks Urbie will have- probably in the kicking game?

#5 If you're going to the Cocktail Party, are you going because  you always go/have to go or are you really looking forward to it? Let us know. I don't really know of anyone going.

#6 Didn't know if you saw it but Sea Island's Jonathan Byrd won the PGA Tour event with an ace on the 4th palyoff hole. It was unbelievable.

#7 Are you excited about the World Series? If Buster Posey wasn't playing would you really care? There are some good stories in the series. Josh Hamilton....what a comeback. Cliff Lee could make himself an EXTRA $100 million when he signs with the Yankees next year if he pitches like he has been. Sure would be nice to be watching the Braves in it.

We'll have the weekly picks up tomorrow am and we'll have Cocktail Party stuff up all day Friday.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What turned Georgia around?

Posted by Mike

While many have pointed to the return of AJ as the turning point in the Dawg season, there may be another component to their three game win streak.

It appears the new defensive scheme has finally clicked into gear.

Check out the stats below:

Opponent Rushing yardage
Louisiana-Lafayett 14
South Carolina 189
Arkansas 53
Miss St 166
Colorado 235
Tennessee 9
Vanderbilt 58
Kentucky 70

In UGA's four wins the opponents have an average rushing mark of 38 yards per game. In the four losses that number is 162.

While it certainly does not hurt having AJ back on the O, more of the credit for the turn may need to go to the D finally catching on to the new system and shutting down the easy run yardage.

UF Coaches Meeting for UGA Week

Post by William

Don't know who did this but this is funny

SEC East

Post by William

OK. Once again I'm stealing from the best. Tony Barnhart out this on AJC this morning. It explains how the SEC East can shake out.

Remember, save the date. 12/4/10. Georgia Dome.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Who gives a %^*)% what Terrence Moore thinks?

A little bulletin board material for the Dogs

Bye-Week Advantage

Posted by Mike

I have often argued that the bye week advantage exist between two evenly matched teams. According to this site: BYE-WEEK ADVANTAGE my argument is false.

Who woulda thunk it 3 weeks ago??

Post by William

Opening line for the Cocktail Party..... UGA MINUS 2.5. Never would've believed that 3 weeks ago.

Guest Picker

Post by William

Congrats to Baker from He went 7-3 vs my 6-4.

He had some really good stuff on his site yesterday about the upcoming elections in Georgia.

Countdown to Jacksonville.

Posted by Mike
Let's get the week started off right!


Friday, October 22, 2010

UGA/UK Game on TV

Post by William

I had a message from Mediacom this morning. They're offering the game on pay per view for $24 tomorrow night.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lou Holtz

Post by William

I know some of you are in love with him but I just had to change the channel b/c Lou Holtz was talking. 1 hour pregame. Not that Mark May is a door prize either. Rece Davis/John Saunders  are great actors. (I bet Saunders loves them both)

Phil Steele on Aaron Murray

Post by William

Please check what Phil Steele says about Aaron Murray this week.

Guest Picker

Post by William

This week's Guest Picker will be Baker from Thats Just Peachy. It's a great website....everything you want to know about what's going on in the state of Georgia. It's on the right side but here it is again. Please visit it often.

His picks are on the right.

Weekend Picks

Post by William

OK. Here are my picks for the weekend. My picks are in ALL CAPS.

NOTRE DAME minus 7 vs Navy in Baltimore    ND wins in a snoozer. Worst announce team ever for this one.

OLE MISS plus 9.5 vs Arkansas(Home)    Big letdown for the Hogs after last week.

Ga Tech plus 5.5 vs CLEMSON(Home)      Not sure why I picked this way but....

Lsu plus 6 vs AUBURN(Home)     This one is must see tv. No errands after 3 on Saturday

ALABAMA minus 16.5 vs Tennessee(Home)       Saban pours it on

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 12 vs Vandy(Home)     This is a hard one to pick. SC could fall flat
GEORGIA minus 4 vs Kentucky(Home)     Just another one in route to Ga Dome 12/4/10

NORTH CAROLINA plus 6.5 vs Miami(Home)      Butch Davis outcoaches Randy Shannon

Cincinnati plus 3.5 vs ATLANTA(Home)        Curtis Lofton will punish Ocho and TO. Too much chatter/drama in Cincy. Falcons roll

MINNESOTA plus 2.5 vs Green Bay(Home)       Favre goes home and wins outright

Tiebreaker      Total points LSU/Auburn    47

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Random Thoughts

Post by William

Just some Wednesday Random Thoughts....

#1 Is Auburn for real? Will Cam Newton win the Heisman? Auburn/LSU Saturday will be a war. Could be a shootout. Probably the biggest game in Auburn since Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown, & Cadillac boatraced UGA back in the undefeated 2004 season. Trust me I was there.

#2 How hypocritcal is the NFL? They come out yesterday and fine 3 guys for vioelent hits. 1 was malicious, 1 was questionable since Massaquoi lowered his chest and 1 was crap. No way Robinson should have been fined. Shouldn't have been penalized. Knocked the ball loose and the Falcons recovered. Could have changed the game. ANYWAY.... the NFL had still photos of 2 of those hits for sale on their website. LET THEM PLAY!!!

#3 Don't want to jinx it but who besides me is glad the Yankees are getting it handed to them? Could be eliminated at 4 this afternoon. Typical Arod in the playoffs. Texeira looked like he'd been shot when he pulled his hamstring last night.

#4 It really is amazing how much of a difference AJ Green makes when he's on the field. He's just better than everybody else, kind of like Calvin Johnson at Ga Tech. I shudder to think what UGA will do next year with AJ in the NFL. Hopefully Isiah Crowell will get 20-25 carries.

#5 Hope this makes you all laugh. There's a rumor out there that the Spitter aka Lou Holtz will be the next Head Coach at Minnesota. Round 2. Good Luck with that. At least he would be off of my television.

#6 Very special Guest Picker this week. Please check back tomorrow for his picks.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thanks for your support

Post by William

Mike and I would like to thank you all for your support. We just made it to 5000 page views. Hope you're enjoying the blog. It's fun for us.

Thanks again.

I beat that dog!!!!

Post by William

I beat the dog!! I went 6-4, he went 5-5.

Take that.

Can (Should) Georgia win the SEC East?

Posted by Mike
Sunday morning, while on my way to Church, the announcer on Rivals Radio mentioned Georgia as a possible winner of the SEC East crown.

Sure my friend and co-producer William mentioned that last week, but come on, he is partisan, biased, delusional, fanatical.... have I left anything out?

When the thought goes mainstream on Rivals Radio it has more credence, and why shouldn't it? We beat a completely dysfunctional Tennessee team and Vandy. Oh yeah... we beat the always powerful Louisiana We Are Laughing At U and all of a sudden we are ready to play for a SEC title. Next thing you know someone will be lobbying for the chance to play Boise State for the BCS crown.

So why shouldn't UGA play in Atlanta in December for the SEC championship?

Well I can only think of a few reasons:

1 – Getting crushed by Auburn once this season will be enough.
2 – I would rather not be the sacrificial lamb of the East.
3 – Recruits won't be impressed by a drubbing in the Georgia Dome

So rather than set some pie in the sky fantasy why don't we focus on some more probable points.

1 – Let's get better! - The D and O are starting to click, and if we could just get the off field issues under control, UGA has a very bright future.
2 – Let's be sure to beat Kentucky. - Just ask Carolina and Coach Spurrier if that is an easy task.
3 – Let's beat Florida!!! - It is time to get a little pay back on the walking heart attack – emotional reflux – soft on crime – Urban. Another loss and the whiner may re-retire. Run it up until he whimpers!
4 – Let's play hard against Auburn, and keep them from hanging 50 on us! - Not trying tell CTG what to do, but putting a spy on Camzilla might be wise. Rambo should hawk his every move.
5 – Let's get to the SEC Championship game in a meaningful way in 2011.

By the way, the race to hire Dan Mullen is on. Will he be the next coach at UNC?

Thursday, October 14, 2010

More on Urban Meyer

Post by William

Chuck Oliver on 680 is killing Urban. Says he's a "Myth". Never been a coordinator, never called plays.

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

OK. Here are the picks for the week. After going 7-2-1 last week, I've caught some grief about it being easy so we're having a very special Guest Picker this week. Those picks should be up before lunch tomorrow. Supposedly I'm going to lose bad.

This week's picks are the hardest we've picked yet.

Picks are in ALL CAPS

UGA(Home) minus 15 vs Vandy     UGA's back Baby!!!

South Carolina minus 5 vs KENTUCKY(Home)    UK wins outright. USC left it on field Saturday

FLORIDA(Home) minus 7 vs Miss St     Mullen might outcoach Urban but doesn't have talent

Alabama(Home) minus 21 vs OLE MISS      Bama wins easy but too many points.

NEBRASKA(Home) minus 9.5 vs Texas     Last time these 2 meet with UN going to Big Ten. Worldwide Redout. UT can't score.

FSU(Home) minus 21.5 vs Boston College    Jimbo Fisher is bringing the Noles back. Big win last week.

Ohio St minus 4 vs WISCONSIN(Home)    This place is going to up for grabs. Rumor has it they drink alot up there. (If anybody's been to a UW home game, let us know how it is.)

AUBURN(Home) minus 3.5 vs Arkansas      Hogs won't be able to stop Camzilla

GA TECH(Home) minus 18.5 vs Middle Tennessee       Good game for Tech before their schedule gets tougher

Philadelphia(Home) minus 3 vs ATLANTA     No Vick for Eagles means no win.  Falcons are good.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Urban Meyer.....OUCH!!!!

Post by William

Thanks to last week's guest picker for forwarding this. Very insightful. Glad someone finally said it.

We may have found part of the problem

Post by William

For those of you that think that our player evaluation is part of the problem, I'm putting this on a tee for you.

This is the kind of kid UGA is recruiting. Read the kid's post on Facebook. Enjoy.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Only four and a half months until Spring training....

Posted by Mike
Even without Bobby Cox, the Braves will have a pretty darn good team next season. Our pitching staff and bullpen will be solid. Prado will be back, Conrad gone, and maybe Chipper can adjust to life under a new manager. The biggest question mark is who he will have to adjust to?

Terry Pendleton, Joe Torre, Bob Brenly...

Not sure TP is ready and there has been some discussion of hiring a proven winner to fill those enormous shoes. Brenly sure was complimentary of the Braves during the playoffs, and the timing of Torre's resignation from the Dodgers was a loud proclamation that he is interested in the job.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Brooks Conrad

Post by William

Been stewing over this since last night. How is it possible for a major leaguer to make 3 plays like that AFTER he'd made the errors in the previous games? At least he could get a hit OR GET A FREAKING BUNT DOWN! There's no way he can play today. Guy's gone completely mental at this point. He may have turned into Steve Sax who ended up not being able to get the ball from 2nd to 1st.

HOWEVER, still not a reason not to watch and pull hard for the Braves. Just remember the feeling you had right after Hinske hit the homer last night.

Change of 1st pitch. 7:37 tonight on TBS.

Game time set. Are you happy now?

Post by William

For all of you complaining about UGA kicking off at noon and having no night games, UGA at UK is scheduled for 7:30 kickoff on 10/23 on CSS. I hope you realize you won't get that game on tv if you don't have Comcast. Are you happy now?

Guest Picker

Post by William

Congrats to the guest picker. We both went 7-2-1 and he got closer on the tiebreaker.

Check back later. I've got to get my thoughts together before I post on the Braves.

FYI- Caleb King arrested this am. I've heard he didn't show for a traffic ticket in Walton County but there's something floating about some stolen property.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Save the Date!!!

POst by William

Save the date. Saturday Dec 4 Georgia Dome. UGA vs Bama for SEC Championship.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a long stranger trip its been...

What a long strange trip its been...
Posted by Mike
So a pitcher playing center field hits a dinger to keep the Braves alive. Sounds about right for this bunch of misfits.

Lets review what else happened in this very important game:
    • Bobby got tossed. Of course.
    • A Gon got a hit. He's a gamer and will be a difficult out fot the balance of the season.
    • D Lee got several hits. The power is all but gone, but give us singles and doubles and we just might get this done.
    • Wagner gets hurt, pitches through the pain to get another out, then limps off the field. Maybe for the last time. Just to keep track, we've lost Chipper (A hall of famer), Prado (our best hitter) and now Wagner. No need to worry though, this team thrives on adversity.
    • Kyle Farnsworth comes out of the pen and immediately plunks a batter to set up the double play. Of course now he has to entice Buster Posey to hit the ball on the ground. Just to get in the rookie's head, Farnsworth stands on top of the mound and points to second announcing to the world his intention to turn two.
    • Troy Glaus sucked it up, lubed up his rusty knees and returned to the hot corner to start that most important double play of the season.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

Friday, October 8, 2010

You think UGA missed AJ?

Post by William

Just heard this stat...guess it's true.

AJ on the field last week- 9 possessions     427 yards

AJ off the field last week- not sure # of possessions(cramping!!)   negative 19 yards

Take of that what you will.

Hope he had a blast that Spring Break

Thursday, October 7, 2010

An apology to the Gators.

Posted by Mike
I would like to issue a sincere apology to any Florida fans which may have visited our site from time to time. Yes I do refer to your former QB as Timmy Teabag, and I joke about your unofficial dress code of jorts. Sure I think Urban is low grade dog waste, but this link says it all:

A little baseball useless info

Post by William

#1 Braves just finalized their  25 man postseason roster. 8 rookies. 8 ROOKIES!!! Play hard boys. 9:37 first pitch...TBS.

#2 Possibly the greatest stat ever.... in Halladay's nohitter last night, he faced 28 batters(1 walk). He threw 25 balls. That's crazy good.

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Here are my picks for the week. Picks are in ALL CAPS

Michigan minus 4.5 vs MICHIGAN ST(Home)      Rich Rod meets a buzzsaw this weekend

GA TECH(Home) minus 10 vs Virginia    Tech has too much for VA

Georgia (Home) minus 11.5 vs TENNESSEE  Dogs win but don't cover

Alabama minus 6.5 vs SOUTH CAROLINA(Home)- Tide wins but don't cover

FLORIDA(Home) minus 7 vs Lsu    Urban runs it up after last weekend. Plus he's coaching against Les Miles

NOTRE DAME(Home) minus 6 vs Pitt   Couldn't care less

ARKANSAS minus 6 vs Texas A&M at Cowboys Stadium      Mallett is too good

Miami(Home) minus 6 vs FSU    Jacory Harris is an accident waiting to happen. FSU gets after him

AUBURN minus 6 vs Kentucky(Home)   Don't think Kentucky can contain Camzilla

ATLANTA minus 3 vs Cleveland(Home)    Falcons are just better that Cleveland

TIEBREAKER   Total Points Mich/Mich St     68

Finally somebody thinks like I do!!!

Post by William

OK. I'm not Kevin Bacon at the end of Animal House..."All is well. All is well". However here's a positive spin on a bad situation. The sun IS going to come up tomorrow!!!

Braves news from the AJC and SF Chronicle

Dave O'Brien gives us the following run down: Braves vs. Giants - AJC

This analysis is from Ferryville: Braves vs. Giants - SF Chronicle - How times does this guy used the word "geeked"?

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stock Up Stock Down

Post by William


#1 Alabama/Nick Saban- The beating they gave Florida was totally impressive. All you need to know about Bama/Saban was watching Kirby Smart call the jump pass before the interception. Tony Barnhart's right. Bama looks better in their uniforms than anybody else.

#2 Braves/Bobby Cox- I really thought that the Braves had given it away after Saturday. The atmosphere at the Ted on Sunday reminded me of the 90s. Unbelievable. Place went nuts when Wagner got the 3rd out. Have a really good shot vs Giants.

#3 Falcons/Roddy White- The Falcons showed me something Sunday. They played awful for 3 quarters and still won. The play Roddy White made to cause the fumble on the interception may have saved the season.

#4 A J Green- I know. I said I wouldn't mention him. Can't help it. He's just better than everybody else. Too bad Spring Break meant that much to him. The one-handed TD catch was crazy.

#5 Ga Tech- They played awful for 3 1/2 quarters Saturday night. Came back and won with Nesbitt actually passing the ball. Never thought I'd see that.


#1 UGA- I never thought they'd lose at Starkville. I really never thought they'd lose at Colorado. Better win Saturday.

#2 A J Green- How can you cramp up in your first game? You've had until October 2 to get ready. DRINK GATORADE!!!

#3 Derek Dooley- 13 men on defense? That was a mess. I bet one thing though.... he'll NEVER do that again. I bet he learns from his mistakes.

#4 Les Miles- How can this idiot still have a job? You'd figure after the mess he made of the game last year, he would've figure out clock management.

Finally, #5 Urban Meyer. You got completely outcoached, outplayed and out physicalled Saturday night in Tuscaloosa. How can you still not snap the ball to the QB? The worst thing is that when they were down 31-6 Brantley gets DRILLED and has to come out of the game. Guy couldn't breathe. Then Meyer puts him back in. I couldn't believe that. There was no reason for Brantley to go back in. He was running for his life the whole night. Meyer's greasy.

Who's the happiest?

Post by William

Who's the happiest fanbase in college football?

Alabama? Duh. (Warning!!! Be very careful Saturday)

Ohio State? Boring

Boise State? TCU?

Oregon? Interesting to see if they and OSU go unbeaten, does Oregon jump OSU to #2?

Oklahoma? Just not sure about them yet. At least they're giving the ball to Murray finally.

Auburn? Camzilla? Cambo? If their D keeps it up, they're gonna  be hard to handle.

Stanford? I know they got beat down by Oregon Saturday but they're much better than in the recent past.(Enjoy it. Harbaugh's gonna cash in soon.)

Who have I left out? If so, why?

Tell me what you think.

Who's the angriest?

Post by William

Which college football fanbase has the right to claim they are "The Angriest"?

UGA? I won't get into all that. Makes my stomach hurt.

Tennessee? Boy Wonder left them in a mess.

LSU? The "Hat" is a complete idiot.

Florida? Sorry. Had to put them in after the Bama beatdown.

Texas? Does Muschamp take over? If so when?


Notre Dame? They're just not that good.

Boise State? TCU? They got jumped by Oregon and probably won't get a shot to jump back into the title game talk.

USC? Couldn't happen to a nicer guy.

Have I left out someone? If so, tell me who.

Let me know what you think.

PGA Tour Event at Sea Island

Post by William

I know this isn't about college football but it is about sports in Georgia.

There is a PGA Tour event over at Sea Island starting tomorrow. There is a really good field. If you;re over that way I bet you can get tickets. It's on the Golf Channel all weekend starting tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Time for the children to grow up.

Posted by Mike
For two seasons now it has been my belief CMR is drowning in a quagmire of his own making. In a moment of weakness he encouraged his team to get penalized against Florida. He encouraged them to break the rules.

Small zebras, afraid of a possible riot, toss the flags to gain control. If you won't, we will. We have been living under their thumb ever since.

Two seasons ago Jeff Owens was injured. On the Sunday morning show CMR said he felt bad for his player getting hurt, but at least he a Jeff would get to hang out together for one more year. Owens, CMR, Stafford and Moreno were on a bowling team together.

“Hang out together.”

We must have practiced and lifted and conditioned somewhere between the bowling team and trips to the university pool for swim time.

There is no doubt CMR loves his players and UGA, but being liked and loved can only get you so far. Unless the players finally realize they had better do it for CMR bad things wait. Their friend is in trouble. He has protected, coddled and covered for them. His faith strong tells him there is a difference to be made and he'll turn the other cheek in arrest after arrest, penalty after penalty, fumble after fumble, never throwing a kid under the bus, always taking the heat for them.

He is in short a good man, but not a great coach. We've heard his accolades for ten years, and somehow we have known the truth.

There is a similar coaching personality just an hour from Athens, and he was heralded as a hero last weekend. Bobby Cox will get between umpires, fans, media or anything that may threaten one of his players, and in turn, professional spoiled brats will fight like the devil to deliver for the old boy and claw your eyes out to win for him.

The difference is one of professionalism and maturity.

The question now is will the UGA players grow up and deliver for their embattled coach? Will they discipline themselves, cut out the off field crap and beat Tennessee? Can they stop dancing on the field long enough to realize what is at stake for their coach, university and state?

A further meltdown and coaching change will set the program back years. Oh sure it worked out at Alabama, but lets review a few names. Shula-Price-Frachione-Dubose. It didn't happen overnight and it wouldn't here either.

UGA players, your friend is in trouble. Time to grow up.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Guest Picker

Congrats to Guest Picker Rob Matre. He went 7-3 vs my 6-4.

Get caught up on your sleep now.

Braves Playoff Schedule

Get caught up on your sleep this week because the Braves play two in San Fran beginning Thursday at 9:37 PM then again Friday same time. Playoff games move a little slower with pitchers being more deliberate and they hold the ball longer.

We should be looking at these two games ending around 1:30 AM.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday - A good news, bad news day.

Posted by Mike
Okay so Saturday was a good news, good news, bad news and finally “are you kidding me?, another fumble?”, kind of day.

Let's do the good news first:

Good news - FLORIDA LOST! I wonder if poor little Urban will have another panic attack and curl up in a fetal position sucking his thumb.

Okay Alabama looks like a strong football team. They can run the ball at will. They tackle and play good special teams. No gimmick plays or jerseys needed!

They just line up and beat your fanny.

Good news – Georgia Tech won. Okay so it was 24-20 over Wake Forrest. The point is a FBS team from the State of Georgia won a football game.

The Jackets are not the team they were last season, and now are in a race to rebuild. Who will get there first The Jackets or Dawgs?

Bad news – The Braves are tied for the Wild Card and no longer control their own destiny. A win today coupled with a San Diego loss will still get us in the playoffs. The Padres, however, have not been cooperating and are on the verge of sweeping the Giants.

A Braves win and a Padre win will set off all sorts of playoff scenarios. The Giants and Padres will first meet to decide their Division Title, then the Braves will get the loser. The Giants would come to Atlanta, Braves would travel to play the Padres.

If the Braves lose today, and Padres win its over. If we both lose the Braves will travel overnight to play San Diego on Monday.

First I'll go to church and include the Braves in a long prayer list, then I'll be sitting on the edge of the sofa for a few hours.

Bad news – A fumble on a potential game winning drive? A fumble? On a game winning drive? I am not going to write anything else until I can collect my thoughts and evaluate the situation. The only thing I will say again is:

Are you kidding me?!!