Thursday, November 4, 2010

Get'n up off the mat...

Posted by Mike
Okay... that one knocked the wind out of me, and I fear also did untold damage to the Dawgs and CMR. In a year we were supposed to capitalize on a down Gaytor team, we couldn't. So let's examine what I consider the most crucial play of the contest, the missed fumble. I know there were two, but when Florida fumbles inside their own 10, and ours guys fall all over themselves trying to scoop and score thus allowing the Gaytors to FALL ON AND COVER UP THE BALL – that hurt!

Had UGA recovered that one ball, been disciplined enough to give up a shot at self glory and possible ESPN highlight, then it is very safe to assume the Dawgs put a minimum of 3 on the board. Instead, Florida drove the field and scored 7. That is a 10 point swing! What was the final score? Do the math.

To me this one play points out a recurring weakness. On and off the field, these Dawgs are UNDISCIPLINED and SELFISH!

Hopefully CMR will be back for one more season with the following conditions: Beat South Carolina, UT, Kentucky, Vandy, FLORIDA, Auburn, win the East, finish top 5, and put quality people on the field and in the community. He deserves that chance.

It is like asking me to clear a high jump bar of 12 feet, but he deserves the opportunity. We very much want him to clear the bar. We don't want the turnover and turmoil associated with a new coach. We want the Dawg nation to heal, but until he proves he can out coach the whiner in Gainesville, CMR is officially on the HOT SEAT!

As Forrest Gump might put it – That's all I have to say about that.

On another topic -

Apparently scientist have discovered another planet with conditions similar to our earth. Not sure where or how or in what direction, but this discovery is absolutely amazing to me. Just imagine a whole new planet. Maybe even human life forms walking around and doing similar things as we do here on earth.

The thought just boggles the mind. I for one officially volunteer for any future voyage to this newly discovered planet. Strap me in with a cooler, cable TV and plenty of boiled peanuts and I'll take the long journey, brave the wilderness of space and confront the planet's population. As a dually appointed representative of the Planet Earth I would ask this new life form the question we all want answered:

Have y'all got a better system than the BCS?


  1. I hope you do go to antoher planet, and NEVER return!

  2. You must've taken the same grammar class Coach Cuddles made us all take at UF. I bet I did better than you!!!

  3. Agreed 100%. Even if 19 was trying to do something great for his team, this was a huge turning point.

    We are now an average football team while Alabama, Auburn, USC and Florida are climbing. For several years we capitalized on the rest of the SEC being down, but that is no longer the case.

    Now the question is - how do we get back on top?