Friday, November 5, 2010

Did Camzilla lose the Heisman last night?

Post by William

A few things to think about heading into the weekend....

#1 Did Cam Newton lose the Heisman last night? I doubt the story will be decided by the time the Heisman voters vote. The Reggie Bush story tarnished the old school Heisman voters. Newton is obviously the frontrunner right now. Bottom line- knowing what we know now, if you had a Heisman vote, would you vote for Camzilla?

#2 For all of us that think Boise should just go away, weren't you pulling hard for the Jackets last night? Also, are you going to peek on commercials from Bama/Lsu to TCU/Utah?

#3 Huge game in Baton Rouge Saturday afternoon. Kinda hope it's an old school SEC game, 10-7, 14-10, something like that. It's gonna be hard hitting. Beware of Peterson returning punts.

#4 I know NBA is not huge in this crowd but the Atlanta Hawks are 5-0 going into tonight. They play a good brand of ball. Up tempo. Take a look if you get a chance.

#5 I've been the Coach Richt apologist in the crowd but this Grantham choke thing has gotten me. You can't do that. I've heard there was alot of trash talk all game between players and coaches on both sides. I know he was fired up. That's great. If he wants to go over and beat Urban Meyer's ass, that's fine too. You can't do the choke sign to somebody's kid. If our coaches are undisciplined, how can we expect the players not to be? Perfect example is Commings trying to scoop and score. Richt says they practice falling on the ball in a crowd. Well if they practice that, why didn't he do it? I really like Coach Richt but something needs to change. QUICKLY.

#6 Another thing about the Grantham choke hold..... on Wednesday it was on Jim Rome at 4:30, that idiotic show at 5 and PTI at 5:30. A bunch of non-college football people talking about UGA in a bad way. Now the whole world thinks that UGA is a bunch of idiots. AD drunk w/a tranny and red panties in his lap and now a coach doing the choke sign. Sorry.... needed to vent for a second.

#7 Big game Sunday for the Falcons. 5-2 vs 5-2. Tampa's coach says the Bucs are the best in the NFC. Falcons are 16-1 at home w/Matty Ice at qb.

#8 Send us your total attendance for UGA/Idaho tomorrow. Closest to the total gets an ATTA BOY.

Hope you all have a great weekend.


  1. CAM NEWTON is the best college football player in America, plain & simple. If he doesn't win the Heisman becasue of it, it's too bad. If his father took money, it's unfortunate and I don't for minute believe any administrator or coach at AU had any knowledge of it if it is true. I know Jay Jacobs (AU Athletic Direcor) and Gene Chizik personally. They are both decent human beings and do not put up with any monkey business, PERIOD. I am, of course, biased because I am an Auburn fan. I don't want to believe any of this is true. Probably just "sour grapes" on MSU's part or an Alabama alumni's part -- I say we wait to judge the situation until all the facts come out. I must also add that AU is NOT under invesigation in this matter as of yet. They have been inquired upon in the matter, but that is it.

  2. I agree. I'm not getting on Auburn or MSU. I hope his Dad didn't sell him out. The Rogers guy sounds like trouble. I do know Cam is the best player in the country for sure.

  3. Yes, he did. After the Reggie Bush fiasco, the Heisman committee won't touch Newton with a ten foot pole. There's an Alabama alum with a bag of money somewhere in this!

    We've got to beat Florida. It's beyond ridiculous. Earl Bruce and John Cooper had great winning percentages at OSU, and got canned because they couldn't beat Michigan. This isn't that big of a rivalry, but it's not too far off.

  4. 68,000 in athens

  5. I have NO use for the HEISMAN ..not any more
    CAM NEWTON father did a horrible thing...No way to bring up a young prrson. And in all -- Cam should not receive the Heisman.