Thursday, October 14, 2010

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

OK. Here are the picks for the week. After going 7-2-1 last week, I've caught some grief about it being easy so we're having a very special Guest Picker this week. Those picks should be up before lunch tomorrow. Supposedly I'm going to lose bad.

This week's picks are the hardest we've picked yet.

Picks are in ALL CAPS

UGA(Home) minus 15 vs Vandy     UGA's back Baby!!!

South Carolina minus 5 vs KENTUCKY(Home)    UK wins outright. USC left it on field Saturday

FLORIDA(Home) minus 7 vs Miss St     Mullen might outcoach Urban but doesn't have talent

Alabama(Home) minus 21 vs OLE MISS      Bama wins easy but too many points.

NEBRASKA(Home) minus 9.5 vs Texas     Last time these 2 meet with UN going to Big Ten. Worldwide Redout. UT can't score.

FSU(Home) minus 21.5 vs Boston College    Jimbo Fisher is bringing the Noles back. Big win last week.

Ohio St minus 4 vs WISCONSIN(Home)    This place is going to up for grabs. Rumor has it they drink alot up there. (If anybody's been to a UW home game, let us know how it is.)

AUBURN(Home) minus 3.5 vs Arkansas      Hogs won't be able to stop Camzilla

GA TECH(Home) minus 18.5 vs Middle Tennessee       Good game for Tech before their schedule gets tougher

Philadelphia(Home) minus 3 vs ATLANTA     No Vick for Eagles means no win.  Falcons are good.


  1. UK wins? You're smoking what Steven Garcia's smoking! I think Texas may give Nebraska a nasty goodbye from the Big XII. Saban may hang half a hundred on 'em in Oxford.

    Will the Phillies lose any games on the way to or in the Series?

  2. Phillies 4-1. Lincecum wins 1 somewhere

  3. Baxter is gonna show you how to pick games!