Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The bottom line is closing in.

Posted by Mike
After watching three months of college football I have reached the following conclusions:
1 – Auburn is the best football team in the country.
2 – The entire War “Cam” Eagle Clan is in complete denial about what is happening to the program.

The following is a recent response to a post from an old friend and Auburn fan Albert:

Albert W. said...

Mike - sounds like you are implicating AU paid Cam. You have ZERO proof. I called you out once already. I may have to stop reading you guys just like I did ESPN. Need to back off until the true facts come out. Be bigger than the liberal press -- I know you to be a conservative. Act like it sir.
I know this must be a terrible subject for the Tiger Nation to discuss as their team prepares for South Carolina and maybe the National Championship Game, and most AU fans have the same attitude.

So, lets look at the facts of the Cam saga:
    • His daddy admitted to asking for money from MSU.
    • The FBI is involved.
    • Bobby Lowder is on the BoT.
    • BL has a history of meddling in the program. (JetGate comes to mind.)
    • Cam is on the field playing for Auburn.
Here is a good link that supports the facts as we know them: Cam Newton Facts

While none of this is proof, it sure does send up a great deal of smoke. The AU nation needs to pull their collective head out of their collective rear end and wrestle control of the program away from certain unsavory boosters.

Of course it is my belief that all major programs are involved in pay for play. The difference here is the FBI is not involved in the activities of all major programs. Auburn may have been burned by the micro management of a few rotten apples. None of this is good for the SEC or college football. Lose the bad seeds before you bring us all down with you AU!


  1. "bring us all down with you AU!" are you kidding me?

    UGA past three years: Over 40 arrest

    UF past three year: Over 40 arrest.

    You're facts are so speculative and circumstantial that they offer nothing. Bobby Lowder, are you joking? Come on man.

  2. All of that is true, but none of it points to PFP at UGA or UF. PFP brought down the Southwest Conference, and as I stated, it is my belief all programs do it.

    AU just had the wrong people doing it at the wrong time. Again.... just my interpretation of the facts.

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