Monday, December 26, 2011

Rise up Falcon Fans!!!

     New Orleans(Home) minus 6.5 vs ATLANTA

Falcons WIN!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Maaco Car Care Bowl Pick

Post by William

Missed on the pick last night. TCU won by 7 for those of you who didn't watch.

BOISE ST minus 14.5 vs Arizona State. Kellen Moore's last game in college(probably last game EVER as a player). He will light it up.

For those not interested in watching this game I'm sure there's something on Lifetime or Bravo.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Poinsettia Bowl Pick

Post by William

TCU minus 10 vs Louisiana Tech in San Diego

Blowout City for TCU before joining the Big12

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday NFL PIcks

Post by William

Here are a few NFL picks for today. Picks are in ALL CAPS 

Miami minus 1 vs BUFFALO(Home)

NEW ORLEANS minus 7 vs Minnesota(Home)

NEW ENGLAND minus 7 vs Tebow(Home)     I've actually caught myself pulling for Tebow(I know. That's crazy).
Bellichick and Brady put an end to it today

Baltimore minus 1 vs SAN DIEGO(Home)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Something is seriously wrong.

Post by Mike
Four high school kids in New York were suspended for Tebowing. I wonder if they would have been suspended for praying to Allah or wearing their pants around their ankles?

Kids suspended for Tebowing!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Big game for the Falcons tonight

Post by William

Big game in the Dome tonight for the Falcons. Jacksonville comes to town off a blowout win over Tampa Bay last week. This is a must win for the Falcons. They are 2 games behind NOLA in the NFC South with 3 to go, 1 against NOLA next Monday night. Chances are the Falcons can't win the division.

Right now they have the 5th seed in the NFC, meaning they would play the Division winner with the worst record. That's going to be either the Giants or the Cowboys. Falcons can handle either of those 2. Then they would get #2 seed, probably NOLA in the Superdome. Drew Brees and his offense is scary. Anything can happen in the playoffs.

Atlanta minus 11 tonight. I'll take the Falcons and give the points. Big night for the Falcons defense against Blaine Gabbert. Big night for Julio.

8:20 on NFL Network. They have a really good pregame show at 6. Brad Nessler will do the play by play. He's the best. Notice tonight that NFL Network will have either a QB or a center miked up. Great audio.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Georgia just landed Keith Marshall!

Georgia just landed the anti-Crowell, Keith Marshall. This kid was the top ranked running back in the country and he has a 4.29 GPA. He will graduate early and be in Athens for the Spring!

Monday, December 5, 2011


Post by William

1-6 for the last full weekend. Not a strong finish.

80-59-3 for the year.  Will keep picking select NFL games and all bowl games.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

T Boone fires a waring shot at the BCS

Post by Mike
Today should be very interesting as Bama and OSU lobby for their chance at LSU. Supper OSU booster T Boone Pickens has already fired one warning shot across the bow.

"If we don't get in the BCS, I'm not kidding you, if I have the power to do it, I'm going to have an investigation," Pickens, 83, said with a chuckle. "After the way we handled OU tonight, somehow, I can't imagine LSU playing Alabama twice. It doesn't make sense. It looks like it's an SEC closed system if that happens, and Alabama didn't even win the conference. Here we are. I think we are the ones who will play LSU, and for all the right reasons."

Friday, December 2, 2011

Week 14 Picks (and other stuff)

Post by William

Well, we've made it through another season. Seen some really good football. Had alot of fun. Anybody besides me think Dogs would be 10-2 after 0-2 start? Just a few things before the last full week of picks.....

#1   Good luck to Albany native Josh Broadaway. He is in the final stage of qualifying school for the PGA TOUR. 6 rounds, 3rd round today. Josh is T21 going into today. Top 25 get cards to play on PGA Tour next year.

#2   The state of college basketball in Georgia is awful. I know it's early in the season but both UGA and GA Tech are unwatchable at this point. True freshman Caldwell-Pope for UGA will be really good, but other than that it's going to be a really long year.

#3   I think this would be fun to do

#4   Dabo and The Old Ball Coach in a peeing contest.

Turns out it wasn't Spurrier who said it, it was the Carolina radio guy. Hilarious.

#5   Bowl game I'd really like to see(assuming UGA doesn't boatrace LSU and gets into the Sugar Bowl)....... Oklahoma/UGA in the Cotton Bowl Jan 6 8pm on Fox. ASSUMING that UGA doesn't boatrace LSU tomorrow(!!!!), this would be a fantastic game. UGA could get into Texas to recruit for a week w/Texas A&M coming next year. Only bowl game that day. 2 brand names in college football. HOWEVER, pretty tough for it to happen. UGA has to lose tomorrow, Oklahoma loses to Ok St(doable), and Kansas State has to lose at home to Iowa St(not bloody likely). I'd much rather UGA play in that game than at 11am or 1pm on Jan 2nd.

On to the picks.....6-4 last week, 79-53-3 for the year. 58.5%. Picks in ALL CAPS

OREGON(Home) minus 31.5 vs Ucla      Double Gold Star Lock of the year. 5 Stars. Gold Nugget pick. Whatever else the 1-800 guys with eyepatches call it.

KANSAS ST(Home) minus 11 Iowa St  

VA TECH minus 7 vs Clemson in Charlotte     Clemson started 8-0, finished 1-3. Same ole Clemson.
BTW... good job to the ACC for selling out the Championship game. I think that's the first time. Much better than the Big 10. Paying people to be seat fillers so it will look good on TV.

Wisconsin minus 9.5 vs MICHIGAN ST in Indianapolis

Oklahoma St(Home) minus 3.5 vs OKLAHOMA    Could be a snow game. Slows down that OSU crazy offense.

Lsu minus 13.5 vs UGA in Georgia Dome       Not saying UGA is going to win but I do think they can cover. Dogs cannot give up non-offensive tds. Somebody for UGA has to run the ball. Offensive/defensive lines have to play best game of the year. Dogs need 2-3 big plays(blocked punt, td return, sack scoop and score). Gonna be tough but can be done.

ATLANTA minus 2.5 vs Houston(Home)    Falcons 8-0 under Mike Smith vs rookie QBs. Houston is starting 3rd string TJ Yates from UNC. Big game for Falcons to keep up with NOLA.

Please check post below from Mike.

Have a great safe weekend.


There is more on the line than it appears, for Georgia anyway.

Post by Mike
Demand for SEC Championship tickets is soft. The price on Ebay plummeted from Monday through Thursday, and there are still plenty of tickets available now. Maybe because it appears the game has no real meaning. LSU is going to the title game win or lose. The best Georgia can do with a win is secure a Sugar Bowl bid to play Houston. So it may appear there is not big consequence on the outcome, but not for Georgia.

Obviously, the Dawgs face an uphill battle since the running game is limited. LSU is very deep at DB and can play back away from the line of scrimmage without worrying about UGA's rushing attack. If UGA is going to keep it close Murray will have to send the wide outs deep, but look for the Orson Charles on short underneath routes. Like he did against Tech.

Consider this though, if UGA can keep the game close, or by some chance win, then play a great bowl game, the preseason polls and recruiting season could be interesting. The Dawgs only lose four offensive starters, and (assuming Jarvis Jones and Bacari Rambo bypass the NFL) only two defensive starters.

If the season ends on a positive note the Dawgs could be preseason top five. Of course a blowout at the hands of LSU and/or a lackluster bowl performance like we had last season, and Richt will be right back where he was before this season started.

The Eagles are a joke!

Wow... The Philadelphia Eagles are a disaster. Even though he is not taking the snaps, Vick will have to be considered a cancer, and Young may be done as an NFL QB.


In Bobby Valentine's introduction to the Boston media, he said "I know I've been called a genius". Really? Not by Don Sutton who constantly pointed out management mistakes when Valentine was skipper of the Mets.

I actually met Valentine a few years ago at a Braves spring training game. My daughter and I were at the concession stand buying lunch and he came up next to us at the condiment counter. I introduced my daughter to him and he was a nice guy and very pleasant, but not for one second did the thought "this guy is a genius" enter my head.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

As Mars Blackmon once said..."It's gotta be the shoes!!!'

Post by William

It's official. Tiger will say anything. I think he's lost his mind.What a bunch of #$^*

Fast forward to the 12:45 mark.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We need some good signs/Picture with EA!!!

Post by William

Looks like Gameday is in Atlanta Saturday. If you're going, show a good sign and holler at Corso when he puts on that stupid Tiger head.

Also we'll come up with some sort of prize for best picture taken WITH Erin Andrews. Not OF, WITH.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday is t minus 5 days.

Post by Mike
Today I will attempt to call Paul Finebaum. Just a few weeks ago he called for the firing of CMR. I want to know if he is standing by that.

I was in that camp too, but how can you fire a coach that has won 10 games in a row? Seriously... how would we go about doing that?

The BCS - or should we just call it the SEC Title - Take 2?
So Alabama is in the Club House nursing their wounds, and LSU has to play yet another ranked team. Then they get play Alabama again! Someone please tell me how this is fair.

If LSU can pull this off they may need to be crowned as one of the best teams of ALL TIME.

The best part of this entire scenario is that the PAC-10, Big-12, Big-10, ACC and Big East are outside looking in. Surely they are wondering "what do we have to do to beat those hicks?"

Well I think Bill King was discussing that this morning. Apparently there is a rumor circulating that "Soft on Crime" would not even consider the Ohio State "We want to be relevant" job unless the University was willing to lower some admission standards and possibly look the other way on a criminal charge or two against key recruits. Don't know if that is true, but it sounds just like Urban.

I'm not sure how much more they can overlook, but be prepared for more lawlessness. Attention OSU undergrads... lock up your computers and weed.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 13 Picks

Post by William

Here are the picks. Picks are in ALL CAPS

LSU(Home) minus 11.5 vs Arkansas

Tennessee minus 7 vs KENTUCKY(Home)

ALABAMA minus 20.5 vs Auburn(Home)

MISS ST(Home) minus 17.5 vs Ole Miss

Florida St minus 2.5 vs FLORIDA

STANFORD(Home) minus 7 vs Notre Dame     LOAD UP on this one

South Carolina(Home) minus 3.5 vs CLEMSON

GEORGIA minus 6 vs Ga Tech(Home)          If anyone would like to look back I predicted Dogs would finish 10-2.

Atlanta(Home) minus 9.5 vs MINNESOTA     Falcons win but 9.5 is alot.

New England minus 3.5 vs PHILADELPHIA(Home)

Maybe Crowell will stick around long enough to play back up.

Post by Mike

I think Crowell will be a great back up to Keith Marshall.

Today's Pick

Post by William

Hope everybody had a great Turkey Day. I will put the rest of the week's picks up later today.

LSU(Home) minus 11.5 vs Arkansas      This one could get ugly. LSU plays a great game before they get their $#% handed to them next Saturday in the Dome by the Dogs.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Post by Mike

I'm thankful for Jarvis Jones!

Sure hope he decides to bypass the NFL for one more year in Athens. Can you imagine what the Dawg defense will look like if he comes back? Of course we still need some depth at the position and we could also use a good running back that can lay off the ganga.

I'm thankful I am a fan of an SEC school.

After three months of bust it up college football we have reached a point where the top three teams in the BCS are in the same region of the country. Oh wait ... the same conference... the same division of the same conference.

So for the rest of the BCS... you little girls can go stick it. Why don't y'all learn how to speak southern and play football like men?

Friday and Saturday it is on like Donkey Kong as LSU, Arkansas and Bama all play for the chance to play UGA.

I'm thankful I'm not a fan of a Big 10 school.

Attention Big 10 fans... you only thought you hated Jim Tressell. In the coming months you will learn the real meaning of the word as you become familiar with Urban "Soft on Crime" Meyer. His self righteous, arrogant mug will be in your face from the moment Ohio State announces his hiring. Your only hope of getting rid of this virus is for Michigan to hire Saban. After all, he did run Urban out of our league. Maybe he can do the same for you.

I'm thankful for the NBA Strike.

Who really cares? Since these guys have disappeared ESPN has been pushing college basketball.

I'm thankful for good College Basketball.

Man is it fun to watch Duke. They have already beaten Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State and Kansas and it ain't even December. Put February 8 on your calendar. The Blue Devils play at UNC that night.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Sad sad day

Post by William

Larry Munson died last night. He was 89. He was the best.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 12 Picks

Post by William

Not a very good viewing weekend. Won't stop me though.

Here are the picks. 69-44-2. 60%. Picks in all CAPS.

OKLAHOMA ST minus 26.5 vs Iowa St(Home)

GEORGIA TECH minus 10 vs Duke(Home)     Could be higher attendance when they play bball at Cameron later. Tech rolls big

Florida St(Home) minus 17 vs VIRGINIA

Vandy minus 1.5 vs TENNESSEE(Home)     Vols GETTING points at home against Vandy. They're Tennessee for God's sake. Think they wish they'd never fired Fulmer?

LSU minus 29 vs Ole Miss(Home)   

Michigan(Home) minus 3.5 vs NEBRASKA     Had to find a 10th game to pick

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 13 vs Miss St   

OREGON(Home) minus 15 vs Southern Cal    Could be a snow game. Good tv.

Georgia(Home) minus 30.5 vs KENTUCKY         Don't panic. No upset. Dogs win but don't cover. I picked Auburn last weekend to lose and cover. It worked. WELL.
ATLANTA(Home) minus 6 vs Tennessee       Falcons have lots of injuries. Could have hangover from awful loss last week to NOLA. I think they'll be ok.

Have a great safe weekend.


Post by William

Per Jim Wilcox at WALB, the UGA/Kentucky game tomorrow will be on WALB's ABC channel, 809 on Mediacom here, at High Noon. WALB NBC will be showing President's Cup golf.

Picks to come later.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

He's got not chance but I like the effort

Post by William

The Braves are making an effort to get my favorite baseball player of all time, Dale Murphy, into the Hall of Fame. His chances are almost up. He's got no chance but good for Schuerholz for making the effort.

Good grief!. It can happen anywhere. Even at Vandy.

BTW....what is a college kid doing with $5K in a safe in the dorm? Pretty sure it's one of 2 things.

Here are the rules for what happens if all 3 teams in the SEC West finish with one loss in the regular season.

The tied team with the highest ranking in the Bowl Championship Series Standings following the last weekend of regular-season games shall be the divisional representative in the SEC championship game, unless the second of the tied teams is ranked within five-or-fewer places of the highest ranked tied team. In this case, the head-to-head results of the top two ranked tied teams shall determine the representative in the SEC championship game.

Nice pick a month early Fred Couples. Tiger and Stricker got beat 7-6 last night. They played 12 holes. Me and Joey would've had to play 10. Great job by Dustin Johnson and Kuchar coming back to get a half point.

Tiger with Dustin Johnson tonight in best ball. Golf Channel coverage has moved from 9 tonight to 5:30 this afternoon so they can try to avoid bad weather.

NY Jets at Denver with Tebow at QB tonight on NFL Network. Kickoff 8ish.

Picks tomorrow.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Games set for Thanksgiving Weekend

Post by William

GT/UGA at Noon. Was hoping for a night game.

Went 3-7-1 for the weekend. Worst one so far. Would've taken 0-11 for what happened in Athens.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 11 Picks

Post by William

Running late with the picks today. Several things first...

#1   UGA Men's basketball vs Bowling Green 6:00 pm Sunday on ESPNU. Anybody think Trey Tompkins and Travis Leslie would like a do-over on their decisions to go pro?

#2   Note to Coaches Richt and Bobo... when UGA plays Ga Tech, if you get 3rd down and 8 or less, run the QB sneak. I've been watching football for 40 years and pretty sure I've never seen a QB get 8, 8 and 6 yards on 3 different QB sneaks.

#3   The Penn State thing makes me sick. I hope some of those idiots who rioted were seen by their parents on tv and got their butts jerked out of school. My vent for the day.

#4   The Tiger Woods Lovefest continues tonight and tomorrow night at 8 on the Golf Channel.

#5   Watched the "Roll Tide War Eagle" show Tuesday. Good stuff. You  Bama/Auburn people are insane. Here's a clip. Just watch him smile when he talks about "Investigation". That says alot about him.

On to the picks. 5-5 last week. 66-38-1 after losing GT last night.

Vandy(Home) minus 13 vs KENTUCKY      Has Vandy EVER given 13 points in a conference game?

FSU(Home) minus 9 vs Miami     Idiot CB from Miami had dinner Sunday night with a runner for an agent and tweeted about it. Suspended.

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 14 vs Tennessee    Still haven't gotten the stench off from pulling for Petrino last week. LOCK OF THE YEAR #4

Clemson(Home) minus 16 vs WAKE FOREST        Same old Clemson.

South Carolina(Home) minus 3 vs FLORIDA     Had to go to a different site to find this line. The place where I usually get lines has Connor Shaw "questionable". Duh. Can't explain this pick. Just a feeling.

Stanford(Home) minus 3.5 vs OREGON       Oregon too fast

ALABAMA minus 17 vs Miss St(Home)    Bad timing for Miss St. Big number but Saban will take out last week's loss on the Cowbells.

Georgia(Home) minus 13 vs AUBURN      Dogs win but 13 is a big number. Hope I'm wrong about not covering so the Dogs BCS ranking will go up so Dogs get a better matchup in the Sugar Bowl!!! Some style points against Auburn would be nice.

ATLANTA(Home) pick'em vs New Orleans       Big huge game. Falcons O is back on track. This just in.... Julio Jones is good.

NY JETS(Home) minus 1.5 vs New England       New England D couldn't stop Deerfield.

BTW.... Deerfield hosts Mt De Sales tonight at 7:30 at Webb Memorial Stadium in a first round playoff game. Go support if you can.

Have a great safe weekend.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Night Pick

Post by William

Virginia Tech minus 1 vs GEORGIA TECH(Home)    

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You gotta hear this!!!!

Post by William

Coach Richt on ESPN Radio at 2:15 today

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 10 Picks

Post by William

It's a pretty weak Saturday except for the fact that The SEC East title is on the line in Fayetteville Saturday night.

Oh, and that one in Ttown Saturday night.

A couple of quick notes before the picks...

#1   Where are the fans of the "U"?  Miami played Virginia last Thursday night on national TV on ESPN in front of 23,000 people. This week Miami is hosting Duke. Miami is offering to each university employee, IF THEY will accept it, a FREE ticket to the game. IF they accept the free ticket, they have the option of purchasing 3 additional tickets for $1 each. AND $10 "Stadium Bucks"  per ticket that can be used for concessions. They're reaching for anything to get fannies in seats.

#2   If you're on the UGA football team, DON'T SMOKE WEED!!!

#3   If you're in Atlanta, find a way to get to one of Stacey Eames' 3 restaurants. Stopped by there a couple of weeks back at the one by Lenox. Outstanding.

Here are the picks. 8-2 last week, 61-32-1 for the year. Picks are in ALL CAPS

Ole Miss minus 1 vs KENTUCKY(Home)    Bad football. Basketball starts next week.

Florida(Home) minus 13 vs VANDY     Started at 9.5

OKLAHOMA minus 13.5 vs Texas A&M    OU shows A&M the door on the way out

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 5 vs South Carolina.  Petrino vs Spurrier. Libya vs Iran. Lex Luther vs The Joker. Evil vs Evil. Dr. No vs Blofeld (Old school James Bond). UGA needs Ark to win. Pulling for Petrino. Think I just spit up in my mouth.

OK STATE(Home) minus 21 vs Kansas St     OU knocked KState back to reality last week. OSU MAY be really good.

Georgia(Home) minus 33.5 vs NEW MEXICO ST   Hope I'm wrong. Dogs wins comfortably but 33.5 is alot with me(HINT HINT) playing TB. PLEASE, Aaron Murray, don't get hurt. Bad feeling about that.

ATLANTA(Home) minus 5 Indianapolis      Very scary for Falcons. Indy is winless. Falcons have to have this game coming off a bye and going to NOLA next Sunday.

PITTSBURGH(Home) minus 3 vs Baltimore     Pittsburgh is on a roll and wants payback for Ravens running it up first game of the season.

PHILADELPHIA(Home) minus 8 vs Chicago    I think Eagles finally figured out they need to run the ball last week. Of course, it was against the lowly Cowboys.

ALABAMA(Home) minus 5 vs Lsu     Just a feeling. I think there will be 1 or 2 plays that make the difference and who is more prepared than Nick Saban. Gary Danielson said there will be 10 NFL defensive backs on the field Sat night. Hope it's a great game.

$59 hotel rooms in or near TTown are going for $359.

In case you haven't seen these, just to get you in the mood

Have a great safe weekend

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silence Broken!

Post by Mike
You have not heard from me since the South Carolina game because I pledged to say nothing unless it was positive. Today I have to break that pledge.

Let me start with Crowell. Was this kid really worth it?

Prior to his signing with UGA I had a conversation with a friend at the Columbus Ledger. His take was that Crowell was undisciplined and too soft for the SEC.

So far the freshman has been suspended twice in nine games, or more accurately 5 quarters (considering the Vandy suspension was for the first quarter only) of 36. That is 14% of his first season.... so far!

His pass blocking skills are slow to develop, he takes himself out of games, and, as predicted by my friend in Columbus, he appears to be a bit soft. Outside the tackles he has been amazing, but the game is played in the trenches too.

Maybe this time off will motivate him and correct his attitude. Maybe he will come off suspension and throw up 180 yards on Auburn. Hope so, but I won't believe it until I see it.

Now lets get to the special teams:

This is a blog with unlimited space, but my keyboard might wear out on this one. So far we have been fooled on fake punts by South Carolina (the big one) and Ole' Miss. We gave up kick returns to Vandy and two long ones to Florida. We also let Vandy block a punt that nearly cost us the game.

Let me repeat that one for you. After a time out, we let Vandy block a punt that nearly cost us the game. AFTER A TIME OUT! I wonder what was said during that time out?

Then during the off week, we adjusted our punt formation to a spread and put three blockers in front of Butler. The result - Butler nearly kicked the ball off the ass of his protection and had the worst game of his career.

Oh and the last time I checked... the field goal unit is also a special team.

The results:

Despite some terrible performances, the Dogs are somehow 6-2 and challenging for the SEC East title, but the results are deceiving. None of the Division I teams we have beaten have winning records. The combined win-loss total of all of them is 17-23, and UGA did not beat a single one of them in decisive fashion.

The Dog defense has saved the season. Jarvis Jones in particular has been spectacular, and Grantham's system is starting to click. The unit is the one aspect of the team that is firing on all cylinders.

Maybe I am being too negative. We did, after all, hang on to beat Vandy, sleep walk through a game with Tennessee despite four straight holding calls, and just beat a Florida team with a one legged quarterback and no running backs by four points. What's not to like?

Oh yeah... and now we get to play the next game with no running backs... I forgot that one.

The drip... drip... drip... of recurring problems points to one thing... a lack of discipline. So who is to blame for that?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unbelievable! I mean UNBELIEVABLE!! With UPDATE

Post by William

How can this be?? Anybody really shocked?

Tell me Coach Richt is coaching to win. Wonder if he saved this for this week?

In my opinion, it was only a matter of time for Crowell.

Saturday it's gonna look like Falcons under Glanville/June Jones III. Red Gun/Shotgun.

Thank God it's not on TV.


680 out of Atlanta reports drug tests were last Thursday and results could take "up to a week".

Monday, October 31, 2011

Once again, I'm in the wrong business

Post by William

The Braves traded Derek Lowe today to the Cleveland Indians for a bag of balls and some used cleats. Braves are paying $10 mill of his $15 mill salary this year. Over his stint with the Braves, he made almost $96,000 PER INNING. Parents, turn your kids into pitchers.


Post by William

8-2 for the week w/o Bama and LSU layups. 61-32-1 for the year. 65%

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Observations from a crazy day

Post by William

Some observations from watching yesterday. Not trying to be Debbie Downer but....

#1  I'm usually a big Verne/Danielson fan but they made some awful mistakes announcing the game. Verne called Aaron Murray "Cox". Danielson called him "Rodgers". We think Verne called Carlton Thomas "Ealey". Verne called somebody Tyson Jenkins. When Boykin dropped the INT they never mentioned how that could've been a momentum swing.

#2   Danielson did say something that I imagine everyone has been saying. In the 4th quarter he was BEGGING UGA to run the ball.

#   The Shotgun is a problem. In it WAY too much. When the first play is 3 wideouts in the shotgun, if you go into the "I" everyone knows it's a run. Plus, why can't Crowell run out off the Shotgun? Dogs go into the "I", he runs for 22 yards. Next play Shotgun.

#4  Looking over to the sideline to change the play has to stop. Dogs look completely disoganized when that happens.

#5  On that note, Murray had to tell Crowell 3 times what to do after looking over. Almost got delay twice and had to take one timeout. Does he not know the plays? Is that why he doesn't play more? Is he soft? Drama Queen? I don't understand.

#6  At 2:45 before kickoff, I texted we would run the "ball behind the back" play. Wide open. How can Murray miss that?

#7   Let's hope Coaches Richt and Bobo watched Stanford/USC. Stanford runs it down your throat. So could we.

#8  The punt formation with 3 guys protecting has to go. Drew Butler looked scared that he would kick it off somebody's butt. He pulled up on every punt.

#9  Finally, don't think Dr Adams will like Michael Bennett's quote after the game.

"I've never seen so many drunk people in my life. I jumped into the crowd and all I could smell was whiskey."  Nice.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I thought EVERYBODY watched Reality TV???

Post by William

American Idol. Dancing with the Stars. X Factor.

Whatever. NFL is Top Dog

Week 9 Picks

Post by William

It's FINALLY Friday. I know I'm ready for tomorrow b/c it's taken forever to get here.
Here are a few items before the picks

#1   And he wants to be your franchise QB?

#2   Albany's Josh Broadaway shot even par 72 yesterday. Starts today T30 for the event.

#3 case you've missed it . The World Series is being played. Game 7 tonight at 8 on Fox.

Here are the picks. Tougher picks this week w/o 2 layups with Bama and LSU off. 53-30-1 for the year, 63%. Picks are in ALL CAPS

CLEMSON minus 3.5 vs Georgia Tech(Home)    I know Dabo is due to screw up a game but I don't think this is it. Clemson way too fast for GT. Over/under is 63.5  High.

ARKANSAS minus 10 vs Vandy(Home)     Petrino will run it up. Loser.

AUBURN(Home) minus 12 vs Ole Miss    Supposedly it will cost Ole Miss $6 mill to get rid of Houston Nutt, $9 mill for the whole coaching staff. OUCH.

MISS ST minus 10 v Kentucky(Home)    Kentucky is putrid.  

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 4 vs Tennessee(Home)    This one confuses me. UT is starting 3rd QB, UGA was 6-7 point fav at night in Knoxville. I know Lattimore is out but...... Spurrier had off week to try to figure it out.

OKLAHOMA ST(Home) minus 14 vs Baylor    The total in this game could be higher than when they play basketball this year. Over/under is 79!!!

STANFORD minus 7.5 vs Southern Cal(Home)    Laney Boy/Boy Wonder beat ND last week. Big whoop. USC crowd is no factor. Luck puts on a show for national audience-except for us. We get Clemson/GT.

New England minus 3 vs PITTSBURGH(Home)   Tom Brady's hair can't help NE this week.

PHILADELPHIA(Home) minus 3.5 vs Dallas     Philly puts Jerry Jones out of his/our misery for the year. CAUTION on the half point.

UGA minus 3 vs Florida in Jville    I've tried to figure this thing out. Can't do it. 3-18 over last 21. Dogs are due, right? In the last 3 years, Dogs have 12 turnovers, Gators have 1. That's due to change, right? If Dogs lose, Coach Richt will have a losing record against FOUR Gator coaches. That's impossible, right? Phil Steele's computer, 17-2 last week and 120-19 for the year, picks Dogs 30-13. A computer CAN'T be wrong, can it? Bruce Feldman, SENIOR college football columnist, picks Dogs 23-14. You can't be a SENIOR columnist and be wrong, can you?

Please Lord, let me be in a good mood at 7:30pm Saturday night. Amen.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

We're gaining on it!!

Post by William

Getting close to 48 hours from kickoff. Just a few nuggets...

#1  I love Tony B but on this, he has an acute sense of the obvious

#2  Is Muschamp pulling a "Saban" by running off players? Urban's players?

#3  Chris Rainey. Really? Pretty sure you shouldn't speak.

#4   A little Old School

First chance I've had to go to Jville for the game in a long time. I turned down a ticket to work some before kickoff Saturday. Me not being in that stadium can only help the Dogs' chances.

Picks to come tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bored on Tuesday

Post by William

I'm between phone calls so I thought I'd post really quick.

#1   7-3 on the picks for the week. Will take one of the losses since it was the Falcons beating the Lions. 53-30-1 for the year. 63%. Not too bad.

#2   Will someone call South Bend Indiana and let them know that Notre Dame football is irrelevant? They were saying Saturday night that if ND could win they could still get into a BCS game. A depleted USC team dominated ND in South Bend at night. Imagine what Andrew Luck will do to that defense. Please go away now.

SIDENOTE- what genius made ND a 9.5 point favorite? Should've called as Lock of the Year #4.

#3   Anybody besides me sick of seeing Cam Newton celebrate? Cam, you're a QB in the NFL. Act like it.

#4   Albany's Josh Broadaway has 1 event left on the Nationwide Tour to automatically get his PGA Tour card w/o having to go to Qualifying School. Top 25 automatically qualify. He starts the week 27th after being up to 12th 5 weeks ago. Play hard Josh.

#5   On the way back from Atlanta yesterday I passed an SUV w/UGA flags heading down I-75. AWFULLY early to be heading to Jville. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

#6   Speaking of Jville, thought I'd put this up to start getting you in the mood(like you're not already).

Early line....... Dogs minus 2.5.

Have a great week.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 8 Picks

Post by William

First losing weekend last week, 4-6. Got screwed by the 1/2 point when Spurrier takes a safey at the end of the game. 44-27-1 for the year.

Here are the picks. Picks are in ALL CAPS

MIAMI(Home) minus 3 vs Ga Tech

Florida St(Home) minus 18 vs MARYLAND

Arkansas minus 16 vs OLE MISS(Home)

CLEMSON(Home) minus 10.5 vs North Carolina

Oklahoma St minus 7 vs MISSOURI(Home)

ALABAMA(Home) minus 30 vs Tennessee

Notre Dame(Home) minus 9 vs USC

LSU(Home) minus 21.5 vs Auburn

NEW ORLEANS(Home) minus 14 vs Indianapolis

DETROIT(Home) minus 3 vs Atlanta

Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 7 Picks

Post by William

Heard something very interesting yesterday. Vegas is taking a beating on college football this year. They can't make the lines high enough. A guy from Caesar's said that if you had bet the Top 10 teams each week and gave the points, you would be winning over 70% for the year.

Here are the picks for the week. 40-21-1 for the year. Picks are in ALL CAPS.

FSU minus 13 vs Duke(Home)     If they can, FSU will hit 70    First time since 1982 a team from Florda not ranked

GEORGIA TECH minus 7.5 vs Virginia(Home)      I think last week was a wake up call for Tech. Still, be very careful

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 2.5 vs Miss St(Home)     This doesn't mean that I'm not all in on Miss St. Just don't think Miss St can score

SIDENOTE-    Anybody besides me REALLY want Garcia to tell everything he knows about the Gamecock program? I know some people will say he will be spewing sour grapes, but what does he have to lose? He's already graduated and he's unhireable in South Carolina anyway.  I bet he knows alot he could tell.

LSU minus 16 vs Tennessee(Home)     Tennessee could barely score against UGA. Now they've lost their QB and they're  playing one of the  best D's in the country.

Florida minus 2 vs AUBURN(Home)     This started at Florida PLUS 2. Now Auburn is getting points at home at night playing against a #3 QB and several other QBs. Auburn helps the Dogs again.

SIDENOTE- I've been asked to say something about the NCAA clearing Auburn in the Cam Newton investigation. Don't have much to say. Congratulations. Don't think we've heard the end of it though. Anybody think Miss State paid Cecil, Cam goes to Auburn and now Miss State can't squeal? Just a thought.

ALABAMA minus 25.5 vs Ole Miss(Home)      Bama just playing along until the November 5th "Game of the Century".

Oklahoma St minus 7.5 vs TEXAS(Home)        Upset alert

GEORGIA minus 11 vs Vandy      If you're a big boy football team, you  come out ready to play, put Vandy away early, play clean, manhandle them, and get out of town. Wouldn't it be nice to see a good solid performance before the off week before traveling to Jacksonville? Chances that happens? Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Atlanta(Home) minus 4.5 vs CAROLINA      Julio is out. Falcons look in disarray. They win but don't cover.

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 7 vs Dallas       Belichick vs Romo. See video below. Says it all.

A few more things.....

#1   In the poll Mike did about who should be UGA's next coach, here are the results...

Dan Mullen   26%

None of the above    16%

Brian vanGorder   14%

John Gruden   14%

Real happy you voters are not in charge of the program

#2   I REALLY want to try this but I think we would need EMTs on site. Has anybody tried this? If so, please let us know how it is.

#3   Good article on Albany's Josh Broadaway. Not a good start yesterday. 73. T121.

Have a great, safe weekend.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Observations

Post by William

Watched ALOT of sports this weekend. A few observations....

#1   I hope everybody saw DWS grad Tony Zenon return opening kickoff of the 2nd half 72 yards for Ga Tech.

#2   Congrats to former Ga Tech golfer Bryce Molder for getting his first PGA Tour win yesterday in a 6 hole playoff vs former Valdosta State golfer Briny Baird. Briny Baird has won over $15 million in his career without a win. We're in the wrong business.

#3   So the Falcons come out last night and looked unbelievable on the first 2 drives, 140 yards, 2 touchdowns. Rest of the game, 111 yards. What happened to the playcalling after the first 2 drives? Terrible. Aaron Rodgers is really good but he doesn't play defense.

#4   Is there a problem developing in Athens? It looks like Crowell could be a problem. Don't like the way he handles himself during the game. I think that's what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. The Vandy game is the true definition of a "Trap" game for the Dogs.

#5   I'm not sure why but the story below cracks me up.

6-3 on the picks going into tonight's game.

Have a good week.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 6 Picks

Post by William

Running behind. Picks in ALL CAPS

OKLAHOMA minus 10 vs Texas at Cotton Bowl

ALABAMA(Home) minus 29 vs Vandy       D scores again

Arkansas(Home) minus 10 vs AUBURN     Hogs win but don't cover

GEORGIA TECH(Home) minus 14 vs Maryland         Offense is unstoppable

SOUTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 21 vs Kentucky       I hate Spurrier

LSU(Home) minus 13.5 vs Florida     Blowout

GEORGIA minus 1 vs Tennessee(Home)      You can't beat UGA after Mommy gets involved

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 9.5 vs New York Jets      Lot of points but Jets can't score

DETROIT(Home) minus 6 vs Chicago      One word.....Megatron

GREEN BAY minus 5.5 vs Atlanta(Home)      Homer-ism only goes so far. Falcons lose BIG.

Have a great safe weekend

Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 5 picks

Post by William

It took me all day yesterday to almost get over the Braves. I invested 181 days of the year and I get THAT in return?

Just a few thoughts on the Braves before I let it go...

#1  I don't want to see Jason Heyward on magazine covers, billboards, or commercials. He needs to play in the Arizona Fall League and the Dominican Winter League. Learn to hit the baseball before you're a  pitchman for product. OH... and don't lose line drives in the lights. How is that even possible?

#2  Brian McCann, Dan Uggla and Alex Gonzales all need to go see the eye doctor.

#3  No winter ball for Prado. Dude needs a rest. (So does McCann)

#4  If Chipper needs any sort of surgery(DUH), let's get it done next Monday so he'll have all winter to recover. Somebody can put him in his deer stand with his leg in a cast.

#5  Any chance Derek Lowe realizes he's DONE and saves the Braves $15 mill they can use somewhere else? Yeah, didn't think so.

Maybe I'm not over it yet.

Here are a few nuggets I found on the Web.

I'm no lawyer.... but isn't this "Restraint of Trade??

A prime example of "don't overcoach"

Looks like Kimbrel took Wednesday's loss pretty hard

Here are the picks     7-3 last week  28-13-1 for the year   Picks are in ALL CAPS

ALABAMA minus 4 vs Florida(Home)    I was spot-on with the Bama pick last week( D scores, Saban worth a td on fake punt, Bama wins big)     Same thing this week. D scores, Saban worth a td vs/Muschamp, Bama wins, though not a blowout. Comfortably.

TEXAS A&M(Home) minus 3 vs Arkansas at Jerry World      A&M wants to show they belong in the SEC. Plus they're coaching against Bobby Petrino.

GEORGIA TECH minus 11.5 vs NC State(Home)    Seems like alot of points but GT covers in fourth quarter. Tech can score running out the clock.  That offense is on a roll.

SIDENOTE   Check #2 about Tony Zenon. If Coach Richt had said that, he'd get skewered. 

South Carolina(Home) minus 10 vs AUBURN      Could Auburn help the Dogs by beating that $%#^* Coach at Carolina? Beware for the upset special.

Wisconsin(Home) minus 9.5 vs NEBRASKA       This will be a wild atmosphere Saturday night. Rumor has it they drink alot at Wisconsin games. That's alot of points to give in Nebraska's first large Big Ten game.

VA TECH(Home) minus 7 vs Clemson     After 2 good wins vs Auburn and FSU, Clemson finally wakes up and realizes that they are Clemson. VA Tech in a blowout.

GEORGIA(Home) minus 6.5 vs Miss State    Dogs got some confidence last week. Looked good on the D. Murray to the Tight Ends all day. Dogs win by 10 or more.

SIDENOTE    At least SOMEBODY has a good thought about the Dogs. Scroll down to #30 for an October prediction. I LIKE it!!!


Dallas(Home) minus 1.5 vs DETROIT      Stafford to Megatron is getting points? Fairley is FINALLY going to line up besides Suh? Romo, good luck with that.

BALTIMORE(Home) minus 3.5 vs NY Jets     Baltimore is the real deal. Jets are not.

ATLANTA minus 4.5 vs Seattle(Home)     Falcons had a "Come to Jesus" this week. Seattle stinks. Matt Ryan calls better plays than the OC. Let him do it. Falcons win easy.

Have a great and safe weekend.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whatever you're doing AIN'T working!!

Post by William

OK Braves fans. It's come down to one game tonight to try and get into the playoffs. Is it possible?

How can this be? I'll tell you how. Your 2 best pitchers are on the disabled list(Hanson and Jurrjens) and going into last night you're batting .181 in September with runners on base. That's awful.

Uggla is swinging and missing again, Chipper could get hurt getting out of his car and Derek Lowe is God awful. (Aren't you glad he's back next year for $15 million?). The whole team looks tired.

So, I have a plan. However you've been watching the game, change it. Move to another room. If you've been watching with family, evict them. If I've asked you to change your FB picture to a Braves pic, change it back. If you've been eating healthy, try KFC tonight. As George Costanza tried once, just do the opposite.

We need all the help we can get.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 4 Picks

Post by William

We're at another Friday. Have you noticed that the weeks seem to be going by so much slower now that  the weekend's are so big now??

A few quick things before the picks....

#1   The Braves got a HUGE break yesterday. The Cardinals were up 6-2 in the top of the 9th and the Mets came back and put up 6 to win 8-6. Thanks to Willie C Harris, Mets LF from Cairo Georgia, for driving in the 2 go ahead runs. Instead of being 1 game up in the Wildcard race, the Braves are up 2 going into the weekend.  Tonight at 7:10 Tim Hudson vs the Phenom, Steven Strausberg.

#2   The Tour Championship is at East Lake in Atlanta this week. The top 5 golfers in the FedEx Cup going into the weekend are guaranteed to win the $10,000,000 first prize if one of them wins this week. Former Georgia Tech golfer and Sea Island resident Matt Kuchar started the week in 5th place. He shot 67 yesterday. Good Luck to Matt.

#3   Think NC State Coach Tom O' Brien wants to rethink making Russell Wilson leave?

#4   Thanks to Dr Tom Myers for donating a tv for us to use on Saturdays and Sundays. 4 inside for the weekend. Much appreciated.

Here are the Week 4 picks      picks in ALL CAPS

ALABAMA(Home) minus 11.5 vs Arkansas   Saban vs Petrino is worth at least a TD. This is Bama's first REAL game. Their defense scores at least once and they win. BIG.

LSU minus 5.5 vs West Virginia(Home)     The new WVU coach is in over his head against the LSU defense.  LSU's D is phenomenal. Gameday will be there and it's the national ABC game. BTW, they sell beer in this stadium. Drunk Hillbillies vs drunk Cajuns. Fantastic.

GEORGIA TECH(Home) minus 6.5 vs North Carolina    I know GT hasn't played a real team yet but the GT offense is unstoppable. Tevin Washington can actually hit a wide open receiver.  SIDENOTE- Dad, a GT alum, is going. Meeting his old fraternity brothers that all get together once a year. Ballgame then a dinner that night. Nice.

FLORIDA minus 19.5 vs Kentucky(Home)     Kentucky is awful. Is it just me....Does Muschamp look like a Head Coach? There are #1s and there are #2s. Saban- a #1. Stoopes- a #1. I think Muschamp is a #2.

FSU minus 2 vs Clemson(Home)     Clemson shot their one big bullet last weekend(even though they did look fast). BTW, after watching FSU last weekend, if I'm a 5 star high school QB, I'm going to FSU b/c I'm gonna start QUICK. Their backup from last week ain't going to cut it.

SOUTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 16 vs Vandy     I hate Spurrier even more after last week. He kept trying to score against Navy to prove he's so damned smart. It almost bit him in the butt. Wish it had. Vandy beating Ole Miss the way they did doesn't convince me. Lattimore goes nuts....again. Any chance UGA can play Carolina late in the season one time when Lattimore is beaten up after getting 35 carries a game?

UGA minus 9.5 vs Ole Miss(Home)    I'm petrified about this game. Houston Nutt and his coaches had to meet with the Ole Miss President on Sunday.  This is a must win for Nutt(it's a must win for Coach Richt too. DUH) He's going to throw everything at the Dogs, every trick play he has. Did the Dogs get any confidence from the beatdown last week? Let's hope so. I think the Dogs come to play.

GREEN BAY minus 3.5 vs Chicago(Home)    Jay Cutler is Chicago's QB. Enough said.

PITTSBURGH minus 10.5 vs Indianapolis      LOCK OF THE YEAR #3.    

Tampa Bay(Home) minus 1.5 vs ATLANTA     Falcons playcalling is awful. LT Sam Baker couldn't block Mike rushing the passer(maybe that's a stretch but you get my point. I'm prone to exaggerate). Philly WR Jeremy Maclin had 170 receiving yards last week. Matt Ryan was bad for the first 3 quarters. AND Michael Vick came to the Georgia Dome(lots of red #7 jerseys. Thought my head would explode). You know what?? My team won. This is a big division road game. Need the win. Julio and Roddy have big days. Falcons get it in Tampa.

Finally, sad news this week. After 30 years, REM has decided to hang it up(Bet they come back. Old rockers can't retire. See: Stones, Clapton and The Who). Saw them 3 times way back when the were starting(once about 3 weeks after this). One of the best bands of all time. Here's the one that got it started for them.


More good live REM on You Tube

If you feel like trying something new this weekend, this is it. It's really good.

Have a great and safe weekend.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Monday, September 19, 2011

We can't even make the 12:21 game!!!

Post by William

October 1    Miss St at UGA  12 Noon on FSN

I think the announcers will be Bob Rathbun and Tim Couch. Gross. Worst announce team ever.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 3 picks

Post by William

Just in case you're not paying attention..... 16-5-1 for the year after getting "Lock of the Year Part 2" right last night

By the way.....all you Dog fans. Are you still dying to have Dan Mullin as your Head Coach after the last 2 weeks? Yeah, didn't think so.

Not real fired up about these but,... here we go

Picks in ALL CAPS

Clemson(Home) minus 3.5 vs AUBURN     Auburn getting points again. Will Dabbo make it til the end of the season? (NO)

Georgia Tech(Home) minus 15 vs KANSAS      Tech wins but seems like a ton of points to be giving. Let's hope Tony Zenon has a huge game.

SIDENOTE- Mike is taking his son up tomorrow for this game. His son is thinking about going to Tech. Made me think back to when my Dad(who went to Tech) would take me up to Tech games when I was younger. Doesn't get better than that.

OLE MISS minus 1.5 vs Vandy(Home)     It's Vandy for God's sake

Notre Dame(Home) minus 5 vs MICHIGAN STATE      Notre Dame....when will you realize you're done? You're not relevant. It's time to join a conference.

FLORIDA(Home) minus 9.5 vs Tennessee     It's alot of points but Tyler Bray has never played in that atmosphere before. Is it possible for me to hate 2 teams more than these 2?

South Carolina(Home) minus 17.5 vs NAVY       Not picking the upset but Navy will give Spurrier fits. If I coached Navy I would run the option at Clowney 55 times tomorrow. Make him think.

OKLAHOMA minus 3 vs Florida State(Home)    I REALLY REALLY want to pick FSU. I think their defense is back to early 90s when they had 8 guys 6'4' 270lbs who could kill the QB. Something tells me OU covers late. Gonna be an unbelievable atmosphere in Tallahassee.

Miami(Home) minus 2 vs OHIO STATE    No explanation. Just a feeling

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 6.5 vs San Diego        I'm going Tuesday to get my hair cut like Tom Brady.

Philadelphia minus 2 vs ATLANTA(HOME)   This is a HUGE game for the Falcons. They cannot start 0-2 with both losses being in the conference. MAYBE Julio Jones and Roddy White will make catches beyond the line of scrimmage. Georgia Dome will be a madhouse Sunday night.

Am I the only one who is going to get really mad when NBC pans the crowd and there will be alot of #7 red Michael Vick jerseys? The cheers for Vick will be loud. Trying to be politically correct here but that's not going to make the city of Atlanta look good. If you catch my drift.

Since UGA is playing Coastal Carolina(who has a nutjob for a coach BTW), I am ALL IN on the Falcons.

Almost forgot... If you want to have a good laugh, Mike is on the Chain Gang for the DWS game tonight. Will he make them stop the clock so he can catch his breath?!!!

Have a great and safe weekend

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lock of the Year... Part 2

Post by William

Lock of the Year 1 was Miami/Maryland.            WINNER

LSU minus 3.5 vs Miss St tonight in Starkvegas

Miss St is coming off a bad last second loss in Auburn on Saturday. They will come out tonight and be wide open in the first half. Cowbells will be ringing, crowd will be crazy. In the 2nd half, the 4 day turnaround catches up to them and LSU wins. Talent prevails. I'm feeling a blowout. The "Hat" likes style points.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Imagine being a fan!!!

Ron Jaworski cusses and he's just an announcer. Maybe he knows how we feel.

He did apologize later on the air

Braves need 11 the hard way.

The Braves are close to clinching a Wild Card spot. Despite being swept for the time all season by the Phillies, then again by the Cardinals, Atlanta can clinch a playoff spot if they hit their magic number of 11.

Any combination of Braves wins and Cardinal losses that make that total will put Atlanta in the playoffs. Then anything can happen. The trick is getting that total without the services of Hanson and Jurjens. Both are out now, Hanson may be back for the playoffs.

I like they way Freddi Gonzalez has moved Chipper to the two spot in the line up. His power is down, but the old boy can still slap singles around and move Bourn over.

Prado and McCann have been struggling at the plate, but those two will break through. Check out the Wild Card Standings here: MLB Wildcard Standings

The Remaining schedule is here: Remaining Schedule

Monday, September 12, 2011

It is not a clear cut decision.

Post by Mike
The problem is, this is not a clear cut decision. If the Dawgs had not been competitive against Carolina, the case would have been sealed.

So what was billed as a pivotal game for the future of Mark Richt really provided no solid answers. UGA is obviously talent rich with upper middle class coaching, so what to do?

Should we be patient since Richt recruited the young talent which will eventually develop into a good team, or should we recognize that South Carolina, Florida, Auburn et al... also have young talent. In fact that young bunch from Columbia just came to Athens and won.

The excuse of youth is just that...

Should we be even more patient and wait out the down cycle with loyalty, or pull the trigger like the trained killers at Alabama, Notre Dame and Florida.

It is a hard call made even harder when you consider the other programs that will likely be in the market for new coaches in the next five months. Notre Dame is 0-2 and Brian Kelly may get one more year if he can manage a 9-3 finish (Which he won't.). Ohio State is also on the verge and Penn State is long past the point of needing an overhaul.

Soft on Crime (Urban Meyer) will likely get his choice of the aforementioned posts, but that still leaves a lot of spots to fill. The best coaches will get the best jobs, and that brings me full circle in my argument.

The fact that Richt has a stable full of talent is a good reason for him to stay, but it is also a nice incentive to attract a new coach. Walk into the job at Athens and you can win...right now! All this group needs is some fine tuning, but that appears to be the hardest part for the current staff. Protecting the football is a coach-able skill. Forty times are not.

Take the job at Ohio State or Penn State and you have to restock the shelves.

Imagine John Gruden licking his chops at how to handle Jarvis Jones, Isaiah Crowell, and Aaron Murray. Imagine someone taking this good raw material and building one bad ass unit. Let's hope the future holds just that with, or without, Mark Richt.

0-2 gets you 11:21 Central Time kickoff

Post by William

Makes for a really long day

Maybe I should move to Vegas!!!

Post by William

15-5-1 for the year. Vegas here I come.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Today is a no lose day!

Post by Mike
Today is a no lose day.

The Dawgs could right the ship, beat Carolina, ruin Spurrier's season and become front runners for the SEC East title. CMR could weather the criticism and prove to the World that he really does "know what the hell he is doing".

Let's face it, Boise State was a damn good team, and in a few month that loss may not seem so bad. The sloppy play is not excused, but it is one week post Kick-Off Classic disaster, and the World has not ended...yet. So a win today could be a huge turning point.

Or... we could lose and force a re-evaluation of the direction of the program.

Either way, today is a pivotal game for UGA.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Well, we made Sports by Brooks. Oh great.

Post by William

This is just dumb

Picks for Week 2

Post by William

Time for my weekly picks. Went 8-3 last week. Not too bad for the first week.

A few random thoughts before the picks....

#1  The Braves look petrified when they play in Philly. I know the Phillies pitching is good but seems like the nerves get the best of the Braves.

#2  I know some of you don't like it but the NFL is awesome. Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees put on an unbelievable show last nite. They literally can put the ball into a one square foot hole. Falcons better play hard.

#3  Anybody hear anything about Aaron Murray's ribs being an issue tomorrow? There's some chatter out there about it. That last shot he took Saturday night had to hurt.

Here are the picks... (picks in ALL CAPS)

Miss St minus 7 vs AUBURN(Home)    Auburn getting points at home? No brainer

TENNESSEE(Home) minus 7.5 vs Cincinnati    SEC better than Big East

ALABAMA minus 10 vs Penn St(Home)  The only way this doesn't happen is if Saban calls off the dogs like he did last year to not embarass Joe Paterno. PSU may not score on offense.

FLORIDA(Home) minus 23 vs UAB    Just figure UF 2nd and 3rd team will cover in 2nd half

Notre Dame minus 3.5 vs MICHIGAN(Home)   1st night game in the Big House. 115,000. Some people want to fire ND Coach Brian Kelly for cussing on the sideline(Thank God they weren't at my house for the UGA game Saturday night). I think UM finally has a football coach.

GEORGIA TECH minus 11 vs Middle Tenn St(Home)    I can't figure why this line is so low. Really not sure why GT is playing at MTSU. Gotta take Tech. Let's hope Tony Zenon gets more than 1 carry this week. How about a kickoff return for TD??!!

South Carolina minus 3 vs UGA(Home)   Last week was Boise's Super Bowl. I know UGA was awful. This game is much more important than last week(no excuses. It was awful.) I've just got a feeling. Underdog at home. I know... I'm a Homer. Will not apologize for that.

BALTIMORE(Home) minus 2.5 vs Pittsburgh     Only b/c they're the home team. This will be a slobber knocker.    FYI....take under 36.5 

NY JETS(Home) minus 4.5 vs Dallas      10th anniversary of 9/11, at night, Jets home game. Take it to the bank. Plus the Jets are better. Could be long year for Cowboys.

ATLANTA minus 3 vs Chicago(Home)    This started as pick'em. Julio Jones will be Rookie of the Year, new toy for Matt Ryan. Plus the Bears start Jay Cutler. Enough said. Start of the Road to the Super Bowl for my team.

Finally, heard an interesting little nugget last night for Coaches Richt and Bobo. Sean Payton, Saints Head Coach, who has WON a Super Bowl, said last night.... "the gameplan is great until the game starts. Then you have to adjust to what's happening." DUH!! Simple but brilliant. Maybe Richt and Bobo will get this by osmosis.

Have a great and safe weekend.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wednesday Bits and Pieces

Post by William

Mike's been hitting the UGA situation really hard this week, doing a great job. He's put up a new poll on the right side. Please let us know what you think on that.

I thought I'd share a few things I came across.

#1 Set the DVR for tonight. Lots to record....

5:00 ESPNU  Boys of Fall. Always a good one to have

8:00 ESPNU  Documentary on Herschel. Still looks like he could start in Athens

8:00 CBS Sports Network    Tony Barnhart Show      Mr College Football shares his thoughts

#2  Got home yesterday and turned on tv. Mediacom is now offering the NFL Network-186 on Digital Plus & 766 in HD- and the Red Zone Channel- 187 on Digital Plus and 767 in HD. I have never seen it but the Red Zone channel is supposedly incredible. It shows every game each time a team gets inside the 20 yard line. All fired up for that on Sunday.Maybe all my complaining got us this too!!

#3 This is straight from the horse's mouth. Something we've all known for a long time.

#4  I hate 8pm games. Saturday was so long I got in the yard and did some work to make the time go by faster. Got poison ivy. That's what I get for trying to be productive on Gameday. Never again.

#5  We'll have our picks for the NFL Season coming up tomorrow. In case you missed it, the NFL Season starts tomorrow night with the Saints at the Packers, 8:25 on NBC after Obama speaks. The full schedule starts on Sunday, the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The New York Giants play at the Washington Redskins at 4:15 on Fox and the Dallas Cowboys play at the New York Jets at 8:25 on NBC. I'm sure the NFL will observe the day with the proper respect.

#6  I'm going to keep a running total of my weekly picks for the year at the top right. 8-3 vs spread the first week. Only good thing from the weekend.

#7  I fixed this for the game last Saturday. Texas Clod.... really good. I fixed an 8lb one. I'd back off both of the peppers for the rub.

Scroll down on the link below to the beans. Really good.

Have a great Hump Day

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A good break down of the game.

Post by Mike
This is a very good break down of the events of last Saturday night. Notice what this writer pegs as the turning point of the game. A missed block by Crowell followed by an interception.

Game evaluation

Has Richt already given his notice?

Post by Mike
Has Coach Richt already given McGarity his notice? That is one rumor making the rounds. As errant as most rumors are, this one makes some sense to me.

The gist is that CMR told McGarity before the season opened that this would be his last year at UGA, and a committee has been formed to evaluate possible replacements and make a succession plan.

There are a few holes in the theory. 1 - There is no way this could be kept quiet. 2 - There is really no need for succession planing. That is something you do when you like the direction of a program, not when the entire thing needs a redo.

Still, I find this speculation interesting because it would at least explain the cavalier attitude resonating from the top of the Dawg program.

Hopefully Chip Towers will ask about this speculation.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Changes I would make in Athens.

Post by Mike
Okay I am trying desperately to remain positive, but it is difficult. In case you haven't noticed, after loses to a Florida directional school in a low level bowl and a team that plays on gimmick blue turf, the state of the Dawg program is in serious decline.

The question is how do we correct it now? Well the following are moves I would make on Monday. It may cost us a few players, but at this point how much worse can it get?

1 - The entire team will report to Sanford Stadium at 3 AM Monday morning. We are gonna run some stadium steps.

2 - Before we run the stadium, we are gonna give EVERY PLAYER a hair cut.

3 - As I sheared off Crowell and Jones dread locks I would speak to them like they were in fourth grade, "Isaiah and Jarvis we need you to keep your helmets on during the game, so buckle up those chin straps and play like a big boy okay..."

4 - Now let's run those steps! "But I got a tender ham string coach." Well until the players on this team can prove to me they care about UGA football, I am implementing the following rule. If you don't practice, you don't play. I don't care if I have to start a walk on. At least then I would know the player is willing to give me a good effort.

5 - Again in my fourth grade voice, "Isaiah we need you to pass block okay. If you don't it severely limits our play book okay, and if you can not do that you may want to consider another school. Go see how much time coach Saban will give you if you lay down in front of a rusher."

6 - No Tweeting! No Facebook! If you do it, be prepared for more of these early morning stadium meetings for the entire team.

7 - Announce if we don't beat South Carolina there will be a full speed practice immediately after the game in Sanford Stadium, and we may be there a while. 20 hour rule be damned! I'll take the slap on the wrist from the NCAA.

8 - Coach Bobo I'll have that head set. Time for me to call the plays.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Week 1 picks

Post by William

Watched some REALLY bad football last night. A few observations...

#1  How can Tony Zenon only get 1 carry in a 62-21 GT blowout?

#2  Kentucky is awful.

#3  Red wine goes really well with medium rare ribeye

#4  I don't have enough tv's

Here are my choices... My picks are in ALL CAPS

TCU minus 6.5 vs Baylor(Home)

AUBURN(Home) minus 21.5 vs Utah St    Auburn is sure gonna miss Cam

BAMA(Home) minus 38 vs Kent St  Will Saban take it easy on hia alma mater? Highly doubtful

Southern Cal(Home) minus 22 vs MINNESOTA     That's alot of points

Notre Dame(Home) minus 10.5 vs SOUTH FLORIDA     Speed Kills

Brigham Young minus 3 vs OLE MISS(Home)     SEC wins

South Carolina minus 20.5 vs EAST CAROLINA (at Charlotte)   Spurrier playing around with QBs again

Oregon minus 3.5 vs LSU (at JerryWorld)    LSU will be better w/o Jefferson. They will miss WR Shepherd

TEXAS A&M(Home) minus 15.5 vs Smu     Win while you can A&M. SEC is waiting

Miami minus 5.5 vs MARYLAND(Home)    LOCK OF THE YEAR!!!!

Boise St minus 3.5 vs UGA (at Georgia Dome)   Do I really have to explain this? We win the game. The bus is leaving the station. Aaron Murray and Jarvis Jones have big games.

PS.... Albany's Josh Broadaway is leading the Nationwide event after round 1. Looks like he's going to get his PGA Tour card.

Have a great and safe weekend.

Four reasons the Dawgs will win Saturday night.

Post by Mike
Here are the four reasons the Dawgs will dominate Boise State Saturday night in the Dome:

1 - Boise State has improved, but they are not ready to play big boy football. Just check out their record against SEC opponents.

2005 (10-3) Georgia 48-13 (9-4) Boise State
2002 (9-4) Arkansas 41-14 (12-1) Boise State
2001 (9-3) South Carolina 32-13 (8-4) Boise State
2000 (6-6) Arkansas 38-31 (10-2) Boise State

And remember the hype before that 2005 game. The Broncos were the sexy pick then too. Corso, Herbie et al were calling for the upset.

I know the mighty Broncos have evolved and become nationally relevant with big wins over Oklahoma and VaTech, but the last time I checked the Sooners and Hokies were not members of the SEC. They are quality teams, but let's face it, the ACC is a football after thought, and the Big 12 is disintegrating before our eyes.

2 - Grantham has been game planning this match up for months and I think has signaled his intentions of planting Kellen Moore in the turf. He can't beat you if he is trying to throw with his back on the ground.

Check out the depth chart: UGA depth chart Grantham is starting Commings at free safety. His coverage skills are superior to Rambo (not gonna get into the Rambo rumors), signaling to me that our line backers are gonna be blitzing... A LOT!

3 - Also check out this story: UGA's secret weapon. That is a pretty big advantage to have a qb from the Boise State system running your scout team.

4 - If Moore is a good qb, Aaron Murray is a good qb against much tougher competition all year long. While I am suspect about the Dawg running game, I think Murray will pick apart the Bronco secondary. BSU is not equipped to play us man to man, and a zone d leaves lots of room for tight ends to slip into. The last time I checked, we are pretty deep at tight end.


UGA 38
BSU 17

PS - I didn't even broach the whole hot seat issue. We'll leave that one for next week.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Predictions sure to be right!!! (Mine anyway)

Post by William

Mike and I decided to make some predictions for the season. Mine will be right, as usual.

Here we go...

Heisman Winner-    MIKE-    Andrew Luck    WILLIAM    E.J. Manuel

Coach of the Year    MIKE- Mike Gundy       WILLIAM    Mark Richt

ACC Atlantic     MIKE-  FSU           WILLIAM    FSU

ACC Coastal     MIKE- Va Tech       WILLIAM      Va Tech

ACC Champion      MIKE- FSU       WILLIAM    FSU

BIG 12 Champion     MIKE- OK State       WILLIAM     Oklahoma

BIG EAST Champion     MIKE- South Florida        WILLIAM    South Florida

BIG TEN Legends      MIKE-   Nebraska       WILLIAM     Nebraska

BIG TEN Leaders      MIKE-   Wisconsin        WILLIAM     Wisconsin

BIG TEN Champion     MIKE-  Nebraska       WILLIAM    Nebraska

PAC 12 North    MIKE-   Oregon       WILLIAM     Oregon

PAC 12 South     MIKE- Utah       WILLIAM     Arizona

PAC 12 Champion      MIKE-   Oregon       WILLIAM   Oregon

SEC East     MIKE-  South Carolina       WILLIAM    UGA

SEC West     MIKE-  Bama        WILLIAM    Bama

SEC Champion     MIKE-  Bama     WILLIAM-   UGA  I'll explain

National Championship Game     MIKE- Bama/FSU        WILLIAM   UGA/FSU

National Champion      MIKE-   Bama         WILLIAM    UGA

UGA Regular Season Record      MIKE-   9-3        WILLIAM    11-1

Ga Tech Regular Season Record        MIKE-    8-4       WILLIAM    6-6

OK. Before anybody starts screaming that I'm a Homer ( I freely admit that I am for every team I root for), that I like Coach Richt ( I do), and that I'm crazy (up for debate), take a look at UGA's schedule. If UGA goes 2-0, where are the losses? All this team needs is something good to happen to it and it will take off like a rocket. The National Championship may be (IS) a stretch but I for sure can envision this team going 10-2.

There they are. Tell us what you think.

PS. All you Coach Richt haters, how will you feel when UGA is 2-0? As he says...."Are you on the bus?"

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some quick catching up before IT starts

Post by William

Get ready. It's almost here.

Sorry we've been a little slack lately. We've both been busy (Thank God)

Just a quick catch up before we hit it full force in the morning. Mike and I will have our CFBall predictions for the season up before lunch tomorrow. I'll continue with my 10 college and pro picks against the spread each Friday. We'll have some other special things along the way.

A great story about a good kid and a very sweet lady from Albany.

These are 2 links that we have on the right side but you should save these as favorites for yourself

Whew!!! Thought I was the only one who thinks my team is going to win the Super Bowl. BTW... he got Packers/Steelers right last year.

OK. Let's get started.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Really? REALLY?? REALLY???

Post by William

I think people are trying to make my head explode.

#1 I LOVE Fred Couples. He's been my favorite golfer for a long time. He's one of the 3 coolest people in the world (along with Keith Richards and yours truly).

HOWEVER, he's not the brightest bulb in the store. Don't forget the story about how he doesn't answer the phone because somebody could be on the other end.

He says he's going to Tiger Woods one of his Captain's picks for the Presidents Cup team. How? What in the world would justify that? Is the PGA Tour forcing him to do this? Is NBC for ratings? I know he's great friends with Tiger but wake up. If Tiger wasn't such a drama queen, he would say "I'm not playing well and I'm going to take some time off to get my game back. Thanks but no thanks."

PS.....I heard someone on the Golf Channel say that Tiger had called Butch Harmon and Butch turned him down. OUCH.

# 2  OK. This is insane. Bill King on the AJC Bulldog blog had this as his blog the other day

If you're a Georgia fan, what would you rather do.....A-win the SEC East or B-beat Florida?

Dumbest question ever, right? There were actually people would tried to justify beating Florida as their answer. How can they say that? What are they breathing?

Tell me what you think.

Braves at home vs Dbacks tonight at 7:30.

Falcons at Jville tonight on real Fox at 8. Julio Jones is a beast.

Oh, another PS....

New Must See TV

College Football Live with Erin Andrews.    WOW!!!

Morning Drive on the Golf Channel. Holly Sonders.    WOW!!

Have a great weekend

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hardest Working Man in Show Business

Post by William

Friend of the blog, Rod Holt, is playing TWICE this weekend....

Thusday at Austin's    8pm

Saturday at Harvest Moon w/Special Guest Evan Barber    10pm

Go see him both nights. A good time is guaranteed.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Don't lose this!!!!

Save this site as a favorite. Take a look when you get a minute. This guy does the best at updating start times for each tv game each week. He's great at basketball as well.

SEC Helmet Schedule

Post by William

I figured everybody could use this.

We're getting close!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

BIG week for the Braves!!

Post by William

It's a big week for the Braves this week. The Giants come to Turner Field tonight for 4 games then the Diamondbacks come in Friday for 3 games. The Braves are 4 games up on the Giants in the Wild Card race and the Giants are 2 games behind the DBacks in the NL West. Hudson starts it off tonight. Lots of stuff could happen this week.

We've added a link on the upper right for updated Wildcard standings.