Monday, December 2, 2013

Monday observations:

Post by Mike

A few observations:

Nothing went as planned. A failed two point conversion kept Ohio State alive while a failed field goal killed the Tide.

Saban was outcoached by a “high school” guy, Tech became passing efficient, Florida stunk out loud… again, and a football game between Duke and Carolina Northern was significant. The apocalypse can’t be far away.

To make things even more interesting, consider the possibilities of the BCS matchups.

BCS Standings as of 12/2/2013
1 – FSU                                 ACC Championship vs. Duke
2 – Ohio State                    Big-10 Championship vs. Michigan State
3 – Auburn                          SEC Championship vs. Missouri
4 – Alabama                       Sitting in Tuscaloosa.
5 – Missouri                        SEC Championship vs. Auburn
6 – Oklahoma St.              host Oklahoma.

The easy part and most certain of the equation is this – if FSU beats Duke, they play for the title. Other than that, we will have to wait and let “the process” play out. (By the way… is teaching your field goal unit how to cover kicks a part of “the process”?)

If Michigan State can beat Ohio State – very possible – then the door is back open to the SEC. Auburn could slide into the title game on tipped passes and greedy dumb play calls, but they will have to beat Mizzou to get there.  A Buckeye loss and Mizzou win and guess who could be invited to dinner? That’s right – Bama. 

Think that would burn up the Auburn faithful?

Want some real craziness? What if FSU (highly unlikely) and Ohio State lose, and Auburn wins in Atlanta – can you say rematch?

The highlights of last weekend’s crazy ending were on the Today show this morning. The Today show…

How much hype would there be if we got an Iron Bowl re-match?

Monday, November 25, 2013

Monday observations

Post by Mike

Monday observations:

- The injury to Murray is typical of this entire season. While we aren't mired in the depths of hell with Florida, we are having some very bad luck. Fumbles on the goal line against Mizzou. Special team brain farts. The Auburn game. It’s just one of those years when Lady Luck gets to kick your butt even when you are down.

There is, however, in all this pile of poop, a bright spot.

Hutson Mason will not take his first big game action snap under the lights at Sanford Stadium on August 30, 2014 against Clemson. Instead he’ll enter next season with one half of the Kentucky game, the Georgia Tech game, fifteen bowl practices and the bowl game under his belt. Can anyone say “Silver Lining”?

Sorry about that knee Murray, but this may be the turning point for ole’ Lady Luck.

 - The Buckeye and Auburn lobbyist are out in full force on Facebook and Twitter.

Which one is more deserving of a shot at the BCS... yada yada. I’m certain Satan the Elf’s (STE henceforth) head is about to explode over that discussion.

 - For a brief moment I feel kind of bad for Boom. He is, after all, a Georgia alumnus. That loss to Georgia Southern was another reminder of just how much of a mess “Soft on Crime” (SOC henceforth) left behind when he quit, didn’t, then quit again because his tummy hurt. I guess his tummy doesn’t hurt when he gets to play Indiana and Illinois.

Please give Boom one more year Florida! We kind of like him being in Gainesville.

So at the moment we have four teams that could play in Atlanta for the SEC/National Title. Auburn or Alabama out of the West, Mizzou or Carolina out of the East. Personally I would prefer to see Spurrier vs.  STE. Bama would likely win, but the chess match would be epic.

Monday, November 18, 2013

A few observations.

Post by Mike
  • -          On a positive note, Georgia is young and talented. Sure we lose Murray, but everyone else on both sides of the ball returns. Remember what happened to Tennessee the year after Peyton went to the big leagues?
  • -          Not sure if the coaching staff has thought about this, but it might be time for some situational coaching. For example maybe our receivers should hear – “If the clock is below 10 seconds and you are not going to be able to score, don’t catch the ball. Bat it to the ground.” Maybe our defensive backs should hear – “On fourth down… in game critical situations… don’t try to intercept the ball. Bat it to the ground.” They should hear this all year long, and during critical timeouts.
  • -     UGA's talent evaluation could be improved too. We wanted Cam to be a tight end? Marshall a cornerback? If that was our way of telling Cam, “We aren’t into paying players” I’m fine with it, but if that was a true evaluation…. Houston we have a problem.
  • -          The Iron Bowl will be very interesting!
  • -          Alabama still has to beat Auburn and the SEC East Champion for a shot at a third straight title. Meanwhile, back at the Bat Cave… Ohio State has to top mighty Indiana, Michigan and most likely Michigan State to stay in the hunt. Come on Sparty! Please save the fans of college football the torture of watching “Soft on Crime” getting humiliated by FSU in the BCS. I would much prefer a Rose Bowl beat down by Oregon to put the Buckeyes back in their place.
  • -          Of course the ‘Noles still have to play Idaho, Florida and either Duke or Tech in the ACC Championship. Excuse me… I just threw up a little bit in my mouth. While that Florida game and the District Attorney are challenges, FSU should make it to the title game.

  •         Bama fans are their own worst enemy. Twitter lit up with critical comments after the Tide beat Mississippi State 20-0. Hey guys… you’re undefeated and in the hunt for a third straight title! And Texas… who has more money than you… is gona be in the market for a new coach… Y’all had better Zip It!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The game of musical chairs has begun.

Post by Mike
The game of musical chairs has begun. Of course it began earlier than usual with Laney Boy getting the boot at USC, but this season could see major shifts. Think about this:

USC – Open – no way they hire Orgeron. It will likely be Sumlin or Gruden.

Texas A&M – Obliviously if Sumlin bolts for the coast this spot will open. This might be Mike Leach’s entrance into the SEC. He has coached in Texas and Sumlin is from his coaching tree.

Texas – The Horns have to play an 8-1 Oklahoma State, a Texas Tech team that has lost 3 in a row, and Baylor. OkSU and Baylor could beat Texas, and Mack Brown would be done. If he loses only one of those, and in a close contest, he will survive. However, Baylor may blow the doors off that soft defense and another embarrassing loss may be too much for the money men in Austin.

The question is who fills this spot?

If Gruden doesn't wind up at USC, it could be him. Saban says he ain’t leaving Bama… period. We’ll see. He said the same thing about the Dolphins. This brings to mind another college coach that recently made the jump to the bigs. The way things are going with the Philadelphia Eagles, maybe Chip Kelly could be lured back to junior circuit.

At one time I thought it might be Kirby, but he appears to be waiting for the helm at Bama, which might only be a few years away.

Oklahoma – How long has it been since these guys have been relevant to anyone outside the Sooner State?  Stoops has to be on the hot seat after losses to Texas and Baylor with Oklahoma State still in front of him.
This job ain’t what it once was and is in fact the 2nd best football coaching job in the state thanks to the deep pockets of T. Boone who breathed life into Oklahoma State. “I’m a man! I’m 40!”

Nebraska - Bo Pelini is likely done. Honestly I can’t believe the Huskers haven’t pulled the trigger on this one yet. The fact that they haven’t shows just how hard it is find a solid head coach.

Florida – Boom will get one more year. He needs to keep it close versus FSU. Another loss to Georgia in 2014 and he’s done.

Mississippi State – who cares? That is the biggest dead end job in football.

Maryland – do they still play football? Or is the entire team on scholarship for fashion design?

And after last night, let's add one name to the list:

Georgia Tech - Johnson's offense might have worked when he had Chan Gailey's players, but it obviously isn't attracting top tier talent. It is hard to believe the Jackets have actual won 6 games. Think about that! The ACC is top heavy!

Friday, November 8, 2013

Let's start the new year off right!

Post by Mike
I know it’s early to be doing this, but one glance at the BCS Bowl projections by Jerry Palm gives me hope. And I’m not talking that baloney type of hope that the President sold the brain dead, but real hope that “Soft on Crime” will end up in the fetal position once again.

The BCS Championship match-up between the Tide and FSU could be an old school slobber knocker. The best of the SEC up against the best Quasi-SEC program, what could top that you ask?

Only one thing… a Rose Bowl match-up between Stanford and Ohio State.

Jump forward with me just for a moment to January 1, 2014. You’re nursing your head stretched out on the sofa with a fire going and the smell of collards and ham hocks fills the house. As the day moves along you regain your strength and begin to feel better when you realize it has in fact been three years since “Satan the Elf” made “Soft on Crime” his sissy with a 32-13 beat down in the SEC Championship Game. That one even made Teabow cry!

Oh the joyful memory! The warm fuzzy! A Florida humiliation and an Urban beat down all wrapped in one! The only way it would have been better would be if the Dawgs were delivering the pain, but hey… I’ll take it.

So then “Soft on Crime” curls up on the floor of his hotel room sucking his thumb and quits. Then doesn't, goes 7-and-5 in 2010, and then quits again leaving the Gators in a huge mess. You reap what you sow Florida.

So Urban does one season of ESPN. Ohio State is forced to fire the “Bullet Proof Sweater Vest” who is outrageously soft on crime, and goes looking. Who is out there that pretends to be squeaky clean, but in actuality is greasier than Waffle House bacon? Hmmm that’s a tough one.

The Buckeyes land “Soft on Crime” and all those delusional Midwestern football fans think they are back. After all, they have not been beaten over the last two seasons, and I am certain, during the run up to the bowls, we will hear so much talk about how they deserve to be in the title game it will give us all diarrhea.  

So if these bowl projections hold true, just be ready for the 5 PM kickoff on January 1, 2014. Then sit back and watch Stanford impose off-tackle brutality on Ohio State, laugh out loud and start the new year in good spirits!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

VT/GT Pick

Post by William

Quick pick

GT covers the 7 tonight

BTW... Tony Zenon, #9, from DWS, is starting his 1st game at RB tonight for GT

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Guess what just became the best game of week 4.

Post by Mike

No it isn't the upcoming 3:30 match up between Tennessee and the Lizards although this one should tell us something about the Eastern challengers.

The real intrigue this week will be in Baton Rogue when Auburn takes a former light fingered Bulldog corner back into that mad house to play QB in Guss' freakshow offense against another former Bulldog that also had issues with where he put his hands.

LSU starting QB Zach Mettenberger was asked to leave UGA after he lied to CMR about grabbing a girl's booty while partying in Valdosta.

Second Chance U moved Nick Marshall to QB after he was asked to leave UGA for thinking his teammates property was communal. Damned socialist! On Saturday he toppled mighty Mississippi State with a late game winning drive after only five weeks of practice in the new system. Can anyone say Heisman?

Just kidding, but the Auburn faithful are busy wetting themselves and see visions of Cam II dancing in their heads.

They could, however, do us a solid this Saturday and play LSU hard. Play them to triple over time. Hit them hard and wear them down. I'll even throw in a War Damn Eagle for ya!

Longhorns have made one bad move after another.

Post by Mike

 Texas is on a bigger losing streak than you think
Off the field the Longhorns have:

  • -          Missed out on RGIII
  • -          Missed out on Johnny Football
  • -          Missed out on Jameis Winston
  • -          Singled handedly blown up the Big-12 with the Longhorn Network. Remember that greedy grab forced A&M, Mizzou, Nebraska, and Colorado to leave the conference.

Then there are the on field issues:

  • -          A loss to BYU after allowing 550 rushing yards to the Cougars.
  • -          An embarrassing 44-23 home loss to Ole Miss. Of course only 10,000,000 Longhorn Network Subscribers has access, and maybe 2,000,000 actually watched the game.

How much longer will this go? Last season I thought the Texas faithful would politely ask Mack to resign. Now I think they may storm the athletic facility and drag him out.

Fire Mack Brown web sites are popping up, including this one:

Friday, September 13, 2013

The Post Season is near.

Post by Mike
The post season is nearly upon us and the Braves cling to a two game lead for home field advantage over the Dodgers.

It appears Atlanta will have to muddle through without the services of Beachy. He is getting shut down for the year, so... Minor, Teheran, and Medlen will be it. Maybe Maholm if Fredi goes with four starters.

Heyward is taking BP, but no live action yet. If the Braves could clinch by Monday or Tuesday JHey may get some live at bats by the end of the week. Getting him back in line up and hitting lead off with the same authority he had when that fast ball crushed his jaw may prove difficult, but Fredi has to try.

In the 28 games he played in after the All Star break Heyward was hitting .317 with 6 HR and 16 RBI. His WAR# is a 3.1.

If he makes it back to form, his presence improves the pitches to J Upton and has a cascading effect down the line up.

I predict that if JHey can play and hit .300, the Braves will play in the World Series. Without him, we could still get there, but it will be tough.

Post season schedule.

Week 3 Picks

Post by William

3-6 Last week. Won the big one. 8-9 for the year.

Here are the picks. Picks are in ALL CAPS

LOUISVILLE minus 14 vs Kentucky(Home)

GEORGIA TECH minus 8.5 vs Duke(Home)

ALABAMA minus 7.5 vs Johnny(Home)     Saban is pissed off at about 3 different things. This won't end well for Johnny

OREGON(Home) minus 27.5 vs Tennessee     Will Oregon hit 60?

South Carolina(Home)  minus 14 vs VANDY    Spurrier's got a mess up there.

AUBURN(Home) minus 5.5 vs Miss St

Texas(Home) minus 3 vs OLE MISS      Mack Brown is done

Nebraska(Home) minus 4 vs UCLA

ATLANTA(Home) minus 6.5 vs St Louis

PEYTON minus 4.5 vs Eli(Home)

SEATTLE(Home) minus 3 vs San Fran

I'll do better about posting. Been busy.

Have a great weekend

Friday, September 6, 2013

Week 2 Picks

Post by William

5-3 last week

Just a quick thought....  Will somebody in Athens finally stand up and get mad enough to win the game tomorrow? If so, who? Murray? Bobo? GRANTHAM?????? If you score 35 on the road at night vs #8, you should win the game.

PS to Bobo.... I formation with a TE. Toss sweep to Gurley. 75 yard TD. GOD FORBID you run that play again in the game.

Here are the picks. Picks are in ALL CAPS


FLORIDA minus 3 vs Miami(Home)

OKLAHOMA(Home) minus 21 vs West Virginia

MICHIGAN(Home) minus 4 vs Notre Dame      This one gets ugly

UGA(Home) minus 3.5 vs South Carolina     Don't have a good feeling about this.


SAN FRAN(Home) minus 4.5 vs Green Bay

Dallas(Home) minus 3.5 vs NEW YORK GIANTS

WASHINGTON(Home) minus 3.5 vs Philadelphia

HOUSTON minus 3.5 vs San Diego(Home)

New Orleans(Home) minus 3 vs ATLANTA    Not all fired up about this one either

FYI... first shot at lamb ribs tomorrow. Anybody got any tips/ideas, please let me know.

Have a great weekend.


Monday, September 2, 2013

Has this ever happened?

Post by Mike

The Braves have the best record in baseball at 83-53 and have a two game lead over the Dodgers for home field advantage in the playoffs.

The team has been unbelievably resilient. Challenges have been hurdled – injuries mounted, and then there is this:

B J Upton - .193 AVG, .275 OBP, 9 HR, 24 RBI

Dan Uggla - .184 AVG, .310 OBP, 21 HR, 53 RBI

Has any team ever won the NL Pennant with two starters batting below Mendoza?

Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Picks

Post by William

2-0 from Thursday night

Save this link for the season. Great site

UGA vs OHIO ST in National Championship game. Dogs go 12-1, lose to LSU, beat Bama in SEC Championship, boatrace that jackass that coaches that school in Ohio

Picks in ALL CAPS

PENN STATE minus 8.5 vs Syracuse(Home)

OKLAHOMA ST(Home) minus 11 vs Miss State

ALABAMA minus 20.5 vs Va Tech in the Dome

AUBURN(Home) minus 14.5 vs Wash St

LSU minus 4 vs Tcu at Jerry's World

UGA minus 2.5 vs Clemson(Home)     Dogs win. A little bit easier than everyone thinks.

Thursday, August 29, 2013


Post by William

Real quick

South Carolina(Home) minus 11 vs UNC         Cocky wins in a beatdown. Easy cover

Ole Miss minus 3 vs Vandy(Home)     Ole Miss wins and covers easily

Sorry it's quick. More details on Saturday's games

Sunday, August 4, 2013

What am I missing?

Post by Mike

Season stats versus left handers:

El Oso Blanco - .295, 3 HR, 10 RBI, .385 OBP, 9 K
BJ Upton - .158, 1 HR, 3 RBI, .226 OBP, 23 K

Some one please send this to Fredi Gonzalez.

Johnny Football under pressure.

Post by Mike

Willy sent me this link. Ole Johnny Football will have to squirm and scramble his way out of this one. Are we looking at another season long "Cam Newton" like drama, or will JFB pull some more slippery magic.

NCAA investigates cash for autographs.

The next step will ruin it...

Post by Mike

If this ever becomes a reality, it will ruin the sport and turn CFB into a minor league football program.

The big conferences are being greedy and trying to elbow out the Boise States of the world. Those mid-majors are just too pesky to the big boys.

The next step for college football.

Friday, August 2, 2013

If you thought we had it rough early on...

Post by Mike

If you thought the Dawgs had a hard schedule out of the gate, check how Ole Miss will be spending the last week in August and all of September: Ole Miss Schedule

I may lose it if...

Post by Mike
If they insert BJ back into this lineup right now I may lose it!

Granted, Gattis is only hitting .207 over the last seven games, but his presence in the four hole is limiting what pitchers can do.

With a 7 game win streak, Freddi should leave the lineup alone. Just check out the batting stats since he juggled the order here: 7 day batting stats

Update on BJ Upton's rehab.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jay Z may be UGA's MVP!

Post by Mike

The Ole Ball Coach better sit Clowney against UNC just to be sure no money has changed hands. Sure would hate it if he also had to sit in week two!

There are rumors circulating that Jay Z told Clowney not to worry about getting caught with the cash because playing this year he might only get hurt and ruin his draft status. Anybody remember Lattimore?

Click here - Jay Z may be UGA's MVP!

Ohio State and "Soft on Crime" - they deserve each other!

Post by Mike

We can only hope he does for Ohio State exactly what he did for Florida. Of course he'll never win a BCS title game there because he'll fall into a fetal position and start sucking his thumb the night before he has to play Georgia, LSU, or Texas A&M.

If he ever had to square off with Saban again I think the breakdown may happen a full week before the game.

Click here: What a douche bag!

It has been a tough two weeks!

Post by Mike

When the injury bug finally caught up to the Braves it hit the team with full force. The good news... we are still standing and appear strong enough to win the NL East.

Of course Huddy's injury is the most serious. He won't play again this season, and maybe never again for the Braves.

Our young guns Minor, Teheran, Medlen, Wood and Beachy (if he returns to form) plus Maholm will have to get us through the dog days of August. While Huddy wasn't having his best year, the thought of him being around for the playoffs was comforting. Now the rest of these guys will need to grow up and quickly.

Then there is the outfield. In the 48 hours leading up the All-Star break our entire starting platoon went down with injuries. BJUpton is still on the DL and in the last seven games JHey is hitting .111 and JUpton .200.

The only outfielder producing at a high level is our rookie catcher/left fielder Gattis who is hitting .375 over the last week.

I don't which player needs to sit when BJ returns, but I DO KNOW who doesn't need to be benched! Hopefully Gonzalez will have the courage to tell BJ that he is on the bench for now, and olay JHey in center, JUpton in right and the El Oso Blanco in left.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I think we already have this... it is called the NFL.

Post by Mike

I think we already have this. It is called the NFL.

In my opinion this is the wrong direction. Instead of trying to move towards a more exclusive D4, the NCAA should be heading in the opposite direction and implementing the following:

1 - A standardized testing procedure for all NCAA participants. Remember these are student-athletes.
2 - A national drug testing and enforcement procedure so the playing field is leveled.
3 - Instant death penalty for any school violating these rules.
4 - Simplified recruiting rules.

If the big conferences break away and form D4, it will make the division a true minor league system ripe for more Isaha Crowells, Arron Hernandezs, Maurice Claretts... and the list could go on.

Bigs want to form D4

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bush league no more.

Post by Mike

I’ve always thought it a bush league move to play college football on Thursday night. A time slot perfect for the wannabes like Utah and Utah State, but not prestigious enough for our glorious SEC.

Given the opportunity, I will certainly watch Thursday games, but elite teams rarely occupy the slot. However, that trend is changing.

In just over five weeks on Thursday August 29 North Carolina plays the Chickens in Columbia at 6 PM on ESPN. Then at 9:15 Ole Miss plays at Vandy for a decent opening night to the 2013 season. If you are a night owl, and have access to CBSSports Network, you can also watch USC play at Hawaii.
Week 1 College Football Schedule

Sunday, July 21, 2013

British Open Picks

Post by William

Not too shabby. Picks are below

Winner- Jason Day  T32

Phil- Top 20   YEP

TW- Top 10   YEP

KUCH   Top 20-  YEP

Rory-MC    YEP

Thursday, July 18, 2013

HUGE "What if??"

Post by William

No live sports on tonight so trolling... found Top 25 CFBall games from last year on ESPNU. OLE MISS @ LSU. LSU won 51-45.

Random thought... What if Mettenberger hadn't gotten in trouble after that GDay game and we would've had a qb controversy? What if CMR had felt like he had to start Mettenberger b/c his Mom is an administrative assistant in his office? What if Aaron Murray had left and we didn't have the best qb in the SEC?

 Sorry... rambling. Just thinking.

BTW... CMR chose the right horse.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

British Open Winner

Post by William

Jason Day.

Phil... Top 20

Kuch.... Top 20

TW.... Top 10

Rory... MC

Gonna be a great tournament. Players say course is perfect.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rhodes Scholar? I think not....

Post by William

Note to Mr Clowney.... 2 SEC East titles in a row for Aaron Murray

Clowney speaks

Monday, July 15, 2013

Living by the long ball!

Post by Mike
The Braves won 54 games in the first half and built a 6 game lead over the Nationals by leading the NL with 114 homers, and posting the second lowest ERA in the league.

And up until the last three games of the first half, the starting lineup had avoided the injury bug. Then like a bad bout of diarrhea virus running through your home, school and work, the bug landed with a vengeance!

The second half and our World Series aspirations will turn on the following questions:

1 - Can JUpton and Heyward get healthy soon?
2 - How bad is Freddie Freeman's injured thumb?
3 - Can Uggla (116 k) and BJUpton (102 k) learn to hit with runners on, or least make contact, put the ball in play and put some pressure on the defense to make throws, or will they continue to be counted as easy outs in the lineup.
4 - The team is obviously planning on making some adjustments to the starting rotation. Wood has been sent to the minors to stretch out his arm for a starting spot, and Beachy could return in August. Is there a trade brewing for Huddy, Medlen, or Malhom? Is Medlen headed back to long relief?

This team could explode in the second half if we get our guys healthy and hitting. Our schedule is advantageous and there is a lot of talent on our bench.

NL offensive stats: Click here
NL Pitching stats:  Click here

Sunday, July 14, 2013

We're back!!!

Post by William

OK. You know it's been to long when I get an email yesterday from a Friend of the Blog asking me to make sure that I've got his correct email address to make sure he was getting the blog.

Plus it's SEC Media Days starting Tuesday. Kinda like the "Kickoff".

We'll be posting alot from now on. Thought I'd start of fball season with this. Pretty good.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

US Open Winner

Post by William

Graeme McDowell.

Kuch in Top 10.

TW... not

More posts to come

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Great Day

Post by William

If I could choose my Leaderboard this would be close.

I told some people in March Sergio would win. After hearing him today after a 66!!!, he's done. Greg Norman's daughter really messed him up. Or, he just's just not that good.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tomorrow is a GREAT day!!!

Post by William

Tomorrow starts the best 4 non-football days of the year. I'm a sap for stuff like The Masters. Gets me everytime.

Here are my picks for the Top Ten ( in no particular order)....

Robert Garrigus
Justin Rose
Charl Schwartzel
Ian Poulter
Jason Day
Matt Kuchar
Rory McIlroy
Tiger Woods
Phil Mickelson
Sergio Garcia

WINNER- Tiger Woods. Gross. That's gonna ruin a fantastic Sunday. It will probably rain here too.

SLEEPER- Scott Piercy

Check the pairings for the first 2 days. Thursday's last 6 pairings are all good viewing. Friday's 3rd from last has Bubba and the next to last has TW. That's it. So I guess Friday afternoon we'll all get the privilege of watching TW walk up every fairway b/c that's all CBS will show. Like there are no other golfers on the course. If/when he gets the lead Saturday, it will be even worse.

Even with all that, it's still the best viewing there is. Hope you all enjoy.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Big trouble on the Plains?

Post by William

Auburn could be in BIG trouble

This is all over the Internet tonight. It's written by an Auburn grad who had worked for the New York Times and Sports Illustrated. She broke the first A Rod steroid story.

Monday, March 18, 2013

NCAA Bracket Contest

Post by William

We've decided to have a bracket contest this year. First Place will be a Starbucks gift card. Please email your brackets to

You may print the bracket from this link:

Sheets are due before tipoff of the noon games on Thursday.

1 - We will count the "play in" games, but your turn in deadline is not until Thursday before noon. Pay attention and be sure to get those correct since they will be decided by Wednesday morning. I am expecting 100% correct answers out of all. Any wrong selections are ripe for group ridicule.

2 - Sheets will be scored as follows - Picking the champion, then the number of total wins, and be sure to write the total number of points you predict will be scored in the final game as a tie breaker.

Here is a schedule for the first sets of games with channels

TV Schedule

Good luck!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

The offense is looking strong... with one exception.

Post by Mike

I know it is early, but after 12 Spring games, the Braves are ranked fourth offensively without McCann and Simmons in the lineup.

Gattis is making a strong argument to be on the opening day roster with a .421 average and OBP of .451. He has also been listed as a Catcher on the roster and depth chart.

Pastornicky is also showing some good signs with .409 and .435.

Here are a few other players with average/OBP:
B Upton  .320 /.320
J Upton  .292/.320
Freeman .383/.385

There is, however, one recurring theme. Uggla is still lost at the plate.He is hitting only .130 with 3 hits, one homer, and a .259 OBP. YUCK! He may start the season in Gwinnett! Put Pastornicky at second and let Uggla become the highest paid minor leaguer ever!

Brave's Spring Stats

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chipper a first ballot inductee?

Post by Mike
DOB discusses Chipper as a first ballot HOF, and the 2013 plate power.

What the... Miami as a 1 seed... UNC in a play in game?

Post by Mike

It is the time of the year to get up to speed on NCAA basketball. So I clicked on Jerry Palm's bracket projections and got very confused.

Miami as a 1 seed in the East and UNC in a "Play In Game"? Man that Russian meteor really messed stuff up.

And oh yeah... there is one team from Georgia projected to make the field... The Mercer Bears are projected as a 16 seed in the West.

Check out the projected bracket here: Jerry Palm's Bracket

No place to put him.

Post by Mike
The Braves are in an interesting dilemma, they have too many bats and not enough roster spots.

On Sunday Chipper Jones watched batting practice and lit up Twitter with comments about Up-Up-and-JHey. Then a non roster invitee named Evan Gattis, also know as El Oso Blanco after his impressive winter league performance in South America, came to the plate.

Apparently his power is overwhelming and it was reported his homers flew further than any of the day.

Then on Monday, Craig Kimbrel threw batting practice. In a thirty minute session he surrendered only two hits, both by Gattis. The second hit came after Kimbrel buzzed the tower at 98, then tried to get a curve by the Oso Blanco.

So where does this guy fit in? He is 6'4" - 230, plays catcher, first, or left. The last time I checked we have those spots filled.

It is a nice problem to have, but this kid has to play every day! I suspect he will be in Gwinnett in April, but wouldn't it be nice to see him rather than Schafer pinch hitting in late innings.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Another reason to surround yourself with good people

Post by William

Here is reason # 7609 to surround yourself with good people

Today is one of my nephews 5th birthday. Shelley Ritchie is sending him a box of her goodies from her company Moondance Desserts. Very sweet of her and I know that Carson will appreciate it as well.

So, when you're out and about and you see any of Shelley's products, BUY THEM ALL!!!

Here is her website. Scroll around and see what she has and where you can get it. I know for a fact that Moondance products are at Whole Foods.

Moondance Desserts

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Would you guys PLEASE speed up?? We haven't got all day

Post by William

Meth Lab on a Golf Course

I could go a million directions on this. I'll leave it up to you guys

It's official. I've gotten old

Not real sure what this is. Maybe the "kids" get it. Must be getting old. Bet they"re not doing this in Tuscaloosa after this week's events over there. Bet they wouldn't do it before this week's events either.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Finally! It's here....

Post by Mike

Pitchers and catchers report Monday, and we'll begin the process of building a roster.

The rotation and most positions are pretty much settled baring something unforeseen. The few questions are:

1 - Who opens the season behind the plate while McCann rehabs? I am betting Bethancourt or possibly Gattis. Laird was signed to be a backup and those younger guys need to play everyday.

2 - What will the bench look like, and who will be able to give Freeman a day off? One glance at the depth chart shows we have plenty of options at every position with the single exception of first base.

Braves current depth chart.

I'm guessing if FF needs a day off Francisco or Reed Johnson could fill in. Ernesto Mejia is on the 40, but he is too much of a talent not play everyday. He did lite up the winter leagues, but it is doubtful we can carry two first basemen.

3 - Who makes the opening roster - Schafer or Constanza? Personally, I'm pulling for Georgie.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

5 in a row? Never thought that possible

Post by William

Dogs go for 5 SEC wins in a row tomorrow night in Knoxville. 3 weeks ago, I didn't think Dogs could beat DWS 5 times in a row. Still not very good, but getting better.

Weds night at 8pm on Mediacom Channel 26

Monday, February 4, 2013

Season ending %

Post by William

With a win in the Super Bowl yesterday, I finished the season 110-85-3. That's a 56.4 winning percentage. Remember folks, that's against the spread. Not too bad if I do say so. So even with the "Juice", I came out ahead.

Thank you all for playing along all year. Mike will be hitting the Braves hard coming up soon. I'll be checking in every so often with my keen, astute observations.

7 months til' kickoff Labor Day weekend. Dogs at Dabo.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl Pick

Post by William

Could really care less since the Falcons lost 2 weeks ago but I need to finish the season.

I'll take the Ravens plus 4.

My nephews and I figured out this morning we go 7 months without football. The youngest, who is 4, told me we should ask God for more football. I love my nephews.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This better work! I think it will work... Okay now I'm excited!

Post by Mike
The shock is wearing off, and reality setting in.
Gone is Prado with his hustle. It is a little easier to swallow when you realize that J Upton is younger, and matched Prado’s best numbers in his worst season (2010 with Arizona - .273, OB .356, HR 17, RBI 69). Plus Martin was demanding more than Wren deemed fair for his game.

He is apparently as gritty a negotiator as he is a ball player. The parties were only a few hundred thousand dollars apart in an attempt to avoid arbitration and, much like a twelve pitch at bat, Prado would not relent. So Wren walked him.
Prado was the ONLY major leaguer I have ever seen that routinely ran from second or short to back up the catcher’s throw back to the mound. That style of play will be missed.

Enough of the whining, but I will make a few more points.

1 – This better work out better than that Uggla deal.
2 – Win the NL East, and all will be forgiven. Short of that, we’ll talk in August.

So once the sting is gone and you scan the possible lineup, it is easy to get excited. Here is my prediction for opening day in Atlanta followed by their 2012 totals:
SS - Simmons - .289, OBP - .335, SB – 1. Played 49 games in the bigs, and that OBP will need to go up.

LF - J. Upton - .280, OBP - .355, SB – 18, HR – 17, RBI – 67, SO – 121

RF – Heyward - .269, OBP- .335, SB – 41, HR – 27, RBI – 82, SO – 152. You think he'll see better pitches notched between these two?
CF - B. Upton - .246, OBP - .298, SB - 31, HR – 28, RBI – 78, SO – 169 – Keep swinging, you might hit something.

1B – Freeman - .259, OBP - .340, HR – 23, RBI – 94 – No threat to steal, so get some runners on in front of him and let the kid do his work.
2B – Uggla - .220, OBP - .348, HR – 19, RBI – 78, SO – 168. ($13-mill for that?) Maybe he’ll return to his 2010 form - .287, HR – 31, RBI – 105.

3B – Johnson - .281, OBP - .326, HR – 15, RBI – 76.

C – Bethancourt - .243, OBP - .275, HR – 2, RBI – 26 in AA. While we run the bases he’ll shut the opponents down until Big Mac is back.
P – Medlen - .208 – Take your three pitches and sit down. We’ve got enough fire power to get you the lead.

In the 2 to 7 spots there were 129 dingers in 2012. With this much power strung out on the card, those numbers will certainly go up. Plus 2, 3 and 4 swiped 90 bags last year. Run Forrest run!

Monday, January 28, 2013

How can this be??

Post by William

Vols Athletics DEEP in a hole

One thing about Damon Evans and now Greg McGarity...... they know how to turn a profit.

I can't imagine how UT got in this hole.

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Championship Sunday

Post by William

Take the Falcons plus 3.5. We win the game

Take the Ravens plus 8 but Brady wins the game

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fix your game, get the girl

Post by William

Funny how ESPN and Gold Channel will show Rory McIlroy's snap hook but won't show TW's fat cold top of the tee box. We're not afraid. See the video above.

Tiger wants Elin back.... BAD!!!!

Also if TW wants Elin back, he needs to work on his game. See the link above.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dog in the lead

Post by William

Former UGA golfer and Macon native Russell Henley starts the final round in the lead at The Hawaiian Open today.

7pm on Golf Channel

Sunday Divisional Playoffs

Post by William

ATLANTA minus 2.5 vs Seattle     One key will be how the refs call the game. Seattle's CBs are very physical, like Roddy and Julio. If the refs let the CBs push around the Falcons Wrs, could be bad. Need a fast start.

NEW ENGLAND minus 10 vs Houston

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Layover

Post by William

The Layover Monday night will feature Atlanta. Great show!!!

Travel Channel Monday night at 9PM.

Divisional Playoffs

Post by William

Denver minus 9.5 vs BALTIMORE         Denver will win the game bit that's alot of points

SAN FRAN minus 2.5 vs Green Bay     Maybe it's wishful thinking. I don't want any part of Green Bay vs Atlanta.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Go Dawgs!!!

Post by William

In his first season on the PGA Tour, former UGA golfer Russell Henley is leading the Hawaiian Open halfway thru the 2nd round. 63-63, 14 under. Good playing so far.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yes, I've got off the deep end

Post by William

Settling in to watch UGA/Florida bball on ESPN3.

Maybe I need a pet

Monday, January 7, 2013

BCS Game

Post by William

I've got a feeling that Saban will try to enforce his will early. Run it early and often. Watch out for play fake/go deep a couple of times in the first half. Bama will do to ND what they did to Dawgs in the second half of SEC game...... run it against a tired defense. Guarantee UGA has more depth on D than ND does.

BAMA covers the 10

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Picks 1/6 2013

Post by William

BALTIMORE covers the 7 vs Indy

I'll take RGIII and the 3 vs Seattle

I'll take Kent St plus 3 vs Arkansas State

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Picks 1/5/2013

Post by William

Johnny Football can play a little bit. WOW

Crazy weather in Hawaii yesterday for golf. Had to cancel the round. Supposed to be that way again today.

Picks in ALL CAPS

OLE MISS minus 3 vs Pitt

Houston minus 3 vs CINCINNATI

GREEN BAY minus 9.5 vs Minnesota

Friday, January 4, 2013

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Fiesta Bowl

Post by William

I'll take Oregon to cover the 8

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sugar Bowl

Post by William

Florida covers the 14 vs Louisville

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Years Day Picks

Post by William

Bad, bad day yesterday. 0-4. That's what I get for picking the Hat and Boy Wonder

Picks are in ALL CAPS

Oklahoma State minus 17 vs PURDUE

MISSISSIPPI STATE minus 1 vs Northwestern

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 4.5 vs Michigan

UGA minus 8 vs Nebraska

STANFORD minus 5 vs Wisconsin

Florida State minus 14.5 vs NORTHERN ILLINOIS