Thursday, October 7, 2010

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Here are my picks for the week. Picks are in ALL CAPS

Michigan minus 4.5 vs MICHIGAN ST(Home)      Rich Rod meets a buzzsaw this weekend

GA TECH(Home) minus 10 vs Virginia    Tech has too much for VA

Georgia (Home) minus 11.5 vs TENNESSEE  Dogs win but don't cover

Alabama minus 6.5 vs SOUTH CAROLINA(Home)- Tide wins but don't cover

FLORIDA(Home) minus 7 vs Lsu    Urban runs it up after last weekend. Plus he's coaching against Les Miles

NOTRE DAME(Home) minus 6 vs Pitt   Couldn't care less

ARKANSAS minus 6 vs Texas A&M at Cowboys Stadium      Mallett is too good

Miami(Home) minus 6 vs FSU    Jacory Harris is an accident waiting to happen. FSU gets after him

AUBURN minus 6 vs Kentucky(Home)   Don't think Kentucky can contain Camzilla

ATLANTA minus 3 vs Cleveland(Home)    Falcons are just better that Cleveland

TIEBREAKER   Total Points Mich/Mich St     68


  1. Mich and Mich State are both overrated I think. Will the Spartans win one for the coach? Put the mortgage on Tennessee to cover. Miami/FSU is this week's cripple fight. ANYTHING could happen there, but whatever does happen will be craptastic.

  2. That's pretty funny Paul.

  3. That looks just like Sanders.