Sunday, September 30, 2012

I won, but YIKES!!!

Post by William

I went 4-5-1(awful) yet I managed to win. "Saban" went 2-7-1. Bad all around.

At least Dogs won, Falcons won-beating Cam-, and the Saints are now 0-4.

Ryder Cup was just terrible. Tiger went 0-3-1.

Early line on UGA at South Carolina..... Carolina minus 2.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Picks for week 5

Post by William

OK. We tracked down "Saban". Pretty sure we all know who that is.
HINT      Family

Texas A&M(Home) minus 13.5 vs Arkansas
GSR    TAM     "Saban"   Ark 

 Georgia Tech(Home) minus 27.5 vs Mid Tenn State 
GSR    GT      "Saban"   GT

UGA(Home) minus 13.5 vs Tennessee
GSR   Tenn      "Saban"   UGA    We win but the points scare me

South Carolina minus 21 at Kentucky(Home)
GSR    SC     "Saban"    UK

Alabama(Home) minus 30 vs Ole Miss
GSR    Bama        "Saban"   Ole Miss
Does he know something i don't know from Tiderinsider? Is Saban injured?

 FSU minus 17 vs South Florida(Home)
GSR     FSU      "Saban"   FSU  

Clemsom minus 9 vs Boston College(Home)
GSR    Clemson      "Saban"   BC

Texas minus 1.5 vs Okie State(Home)
GSR    UT      "Saban"   UT

Atlanta(Home) minus 7 vs Cam Newton
GSR    ATL        "Saban"    ATL

Green Bay(Home) minus 9 vs Cheaters(Saints)
GSR    GB      "Saban"    GB

TIEBTREAKER       CLOSEST to TOTAL Numbers of points Tiger Woods pulls in Ryder Cup
GSR     3         "Saban"   2.5

Hey Saban, where are you???

Hey "Saban", you won. Need you to send an email to by 8am Friday am so we can send you the picks or we'll go to Wayne Veal.

Hurry up.

Trivia Question

Sorry this is so late. We've had some issues with the blog this week. Here goes....

Craig Kimbrell did something last night in the Braves game that a Brave had not done since 1995. For the win, name what Kimbrell did.

As a bonus, name the Brave who did it in 1995.

Please answer in comments below.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Congrats to me!!!

Post by William

Congrats to me. I FINALLY won. Joe and I both finished 6-4 for the week and I won the tiebreaker.

Watch out. I'm on a roll.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Week 4 Picks

Joe Dent won the Trivia contest AGAIN this week. The answer was Stewart Maiden from Scotland.

I think Joe has too much time on his hands.

Here are the picks.....

Florida(Home) minus 24 vs Kentucky
GSR    FLA        JD     FLA
Could Petrino resurface at UK? Just remember who their bball coach is. Not exactly squeaky clean.

Georgia Tech(Home) minus 14 vs Miami
GSR      GT             JD    GT
Not sure on this one but The U has trouble with Tech's offense.

South Carolina(Home) minus 10 vs Missouri
GSR     SC         JD   Missouri
Welcome to your first SEC road game

LSU minus 20.5 vs Auburn(Home)
GSR     LSU        JD   LSU
The Hat will turn up the heat on Chizik's Hot Seat.
BTW, Cam, when you're down 23-0 at home last night and you score a TD, give the Ref the ball and go put your hat on backwards instead of doing your Superman show. Panthers lost 36-7. Makes you look stupid.

Notre Dame(Home) minus 5 vs Michigan
GSR     ND                JD    ND
This is the one I'm having the most trouble with. Don't think ND is all that great but I saw UM against Bama.

UGA(Home) minus 15 vs Vandy
GSR    UGA                 JD     UGA
This is a lot of points. I've got a good feeling about the D tomorrow night. Jarvis has another HUGE night. Gives Tyler Bray something to sleep on all week.

Oklahoma(Home) minus 14.5 vs Kansas State
GSR     K State                JD    K State
OU wins, but too many points. If OU loses, they're out of BCS Champ game.

FSU(Home) minus 14.5 vs Clemson
GSR      FSU               JD     Clemson
A lot of points. This game will show if the Noles are back. If they lose, they're out of BCS Champ game.

San Diego(Home) minus 3 vs Atlanta
GSR      Atlanta          JD     Atlanta
Julio Jones is getting points? Take that all day long.

Baltimore(Home) minus 3 vs New England
GSR     Baltimore                 JD  Baltimore

Closest to TOTAL points in Rutgers at Arkansas
GSR        56                   JD    55
My blog, I get to go last.

Thursday, September 20, 2012


Post by William

Here's the Trivia question for the week.

In honor of the Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta, Bobby Jones' home course, who was the Club Pro at East Lake when Bobby Jones started playing golf and where was he from?

Get both correct and you get get the chance to pick against a slumping GSR.

Good Luck.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It is starting...

Post by Mike

This week is starting with the Vandy coach getting a bit chippy. Remember how those silly Dores thought they belonged on the same field with us last season. First shots fired.

I think if my only win on the season was against a I-AA Presbyterian team, I'ld keep my pie hole zipped.

Cornelius Washington is getting in on the action too, because he missed the chance last year: CW had to watch the action from Athens.

Then there is that little title race going on over in the NL East. This shows the Nats are starting to look over their shoulder. Will they fold under the pressure?

The writer, James Wagner, is a numbers whizz, and says the Nats have a 95.5% chance of winning the East.

He also breaks down the remaining schedule:

The toughest hurdle that remains for the Nationals is one that, a few weeks ago, didn’t appear like one: their end-of-season schedule. The Nationals face much stiffer tests than the Braves over the remaining two weeks of the season. All four of the Nationals’ remaining opponents have records at .500 or above. In fact, the combined winning percentage of the remaining teams on the Nationals schedule is .509, while the Braves’ remaining opponents sit at .469.

Am I smarter than a 9 year old??

Post by William

Evidently not.

Congrats to Smith Flynn. He went 7-3 for the week vs my 6-4 . We'll make arrangements for you to get your prize.

PS..... Auburn is AWFUL.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lane Kiffin

How to watch UGA game

Post by William

If Mediacom is your Internet provider, you can watch the UGA/Florida Atlantic game on
If Mediacom isn't yours, you might want to try it and see.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Week 3 Picks

Post by William

Sorry I'm late getting these posted.

Here we go.....Remember to respect your elders, Smith.

FSU(Home) minus 28 vs Wake Forest
GSR   FSU      SF    FSU

Auburn(Home) minus 16.5 vs LA-Monroe
GSR    Auburn         SF    LA-Monroe

GT(Home) minus 9.5 vs Virginia
GSR   GT        SF   GT

Tennessee(Home) minus 3 vs Florida
GSR     Tennessee        SF   Florida

Alabama minus 20 vs Arkansas(Home)
GSR   Alabama          SF   Alabama

UGA(Home) minus 42 vs Florida Atlantic
GSR    FA       SF     FA         Dogs win easy but don't cover

USC minus 9 vs Stanford(Home)
GSR       USC         SF      USC

Michigan State(Home) minus 5.5 vs Notre Dame
GSR   Mich St              SF    Mich St

San Francisco(Home) minus 7 vs Detroit
GSR   San Fran            SF    San Fran

Atlanta(Home) minus 3 vs Denver
GSR      Atlanta        SF     Denver

Tie Breaker      TOTAL Points in Navy/Penn State Game
GSR    35      SF   27

Thursday, September 13, 2012

We have a winner

Post by William

Congrats to Smith Flynn. Jonathon Sullivan was the correct answer.

I will send the picks to your Father later today.

Good Luck.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Week 3 Trivia

Post by William

OK. We're changing the rules a little bit. You CAN win more than once.

Here's the question....(Try not to Google)

Name the last UGA defensive player drafted in the Top 10 of the NFL Draft. I was surprised.

First winning answer posted in the Comments below gets to pick this week"s games vs yours truly.

Have fun.

Monday, September 10, 2012


Post by William

Congrats to Joe Dent. He won the contest this week, 6-4 vs my 5-5. Who knew Auburn was so bad?

We'll get Joe his prize this week. I'm sure he'll love it.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Now THAT was impressive!!!

Post by William

Wow. The Falcons looked like a real contender today in their 40-24 win in Kansas City. They held the Chiefs scoreless in the 2nd half until the last play of the game. Big road win with the Saints losing to the Redskins in NOLA. Bad loss for them. They may be a mess this year.


Post by Mike

Click here to check out Jarvis Jones' crazy good stats: Defensive game stats

He did all that with a strained groin while his unit was short four starters. Just think about how good this defense could be at full strength!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Week 2 Picks

Post by William

Here are the picks for Week 2. Let's hope they go better than Week 1. Joe Dent is this week's winner of the Trivia Contest.

Please see below. Mike posted several times earlier this morning.

Mississippi State(Home) minus 3.5 vs Auburn
GSR- Auburn      JD-   Miss St

South Carolina(Home) minus 21 vs East Carolina
GSR- East Carolina     JD-    South Carolina

Texas A&M(Home) minus 1 vs Florida
GSR-  Florida     JD-  A&M

Wisconsin minus 6.5 vs Oregon St
GSR-  Wisconsin   JD-  Wisconsin

LSU(Home) minus 24 vs Washington
GSR-   LSU     JD-  LSU

Nebraska minus 5.5 vs UCLA(Home)
GSR-  Nebraska    JD-   Nebraska

UGA minus 2.5 vs Missouri(Home)
GSR-   UGA     JD-  UGA

Vandy minus 3.5 vs Northwestern(Home)
GSR-  Northwestern      JD-   Vandy

Atlanta minus 3 vs Kansas City(Home)
GSR-   Atlanta     JD- Atlanta

Denver(Home) minus 1 vs Pittsburgh
GSR-   Pittsburgh     JD-   Denver

Another reason to be confident.

Post by Mike

I've always heard they grow their women big in the "Show me" state, and this blog confirms that.

Scroll down this link to read a good cat fight: Those Missouri gals need to lay off the ribs.

Okay... now I'm feeling better.

Post by Mike

There is no way in hell we will lose to a team from the same state that provides quality entertainment likes this: Mizzou intelligence on display.

What could possibly go wrong?

Post by Mike

Murphy's law is in effect. While UGA is more talented than Mizzou and our DC is a bad ass, I feel the responsibility to remind everyone about our last two road trips to play a Big-12 team, or in this case a former Big-12 team. We had suspension issues then too. Remember the horror of that four game stretch without AJ.

Then there was that 2009 opening game in Stillwater: Another bad memory.

Let's hope this game turns out more like that trip to Tempe. Ah... there's a good looking season, only how the hell did we manage to lose to Tech?

Mizzou fans get educated about UGA.

Post by Mike

10 things Mizzou fans didn't know about UGA. Me thinks I sense sarcasm in that comment about Newman vs. Brad Pitt.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Picks in the AM

Post by William

I'll send out the GSR vs Joe Dent picks in the AM. Don't want to disrupt your viewing of the DNC tonight.

HINT...Note the sarcasm.

Trivia Winner

Post by William

This week's winner is Joe Dent. We;ll have the picks for you tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

NFL Predictions

Post by William

Here are my predictions for the NFL


EAST- New England
SOUTH- Houston
NORTH- Baltimore
WEST- Denver

WILDCARDS- Pittsburgh & Kansas City



EAST- NY Giants
SOUTH- Atlanta
NORTH- Green Bay
WEST- San Fran

WILDCARDS- Detroit and New Orleans





Week 2 Trivia Question

Post by William

Here is this week's Trivia Question. I got it on the 2nd try. See if you can get the answer right without Googling.

Saturday’s meeting between Mizzou and UGA will be only the second time these two teams have squared off on the football field. The first meeting was in the 1960 Orange Bowl when Fran Tarkenton led the Dawgs to a 14-0 win in Wally Butts’ last game as head coach. The Tigers actually outgained Georgia 264 yards to 223, but turned the ball over with 3 interceptions. That season the Mizzou head coach developed “the sucker shift” which drew opposing defenses off sides and helped the Tigers win the Big Eight conference and place fourth in the final Coaches Poll. Name this Missouri head coach.

Please click on Comments below and leave your answers there. First correct answer gets to pick against me this week. 

PS.... You can only win the Trivia Question once

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Week 1 Results

Post by William

OK. I took it on the chin last week. I went 6-5 with Rick going 7-4. I took Navy vs ND.

My running total will be top right of the blog.

Be on the lookout for this week's Trivia Question. It's coming at some point Wednesday. We're going to try something different this week.

Thank you all for playing along last week.

Monday, September 3, 2012

This is worth watching!

Post by Mike

Chipper appears determined to avoid another late season collapse.

Click here to check out the old man!

The HUGEST game of the year! So far.

Post by Mike
 This is the biggest week of the season!
With a prime time matchup against Mizzou just a few days away, the Dawg Nation has as many questions about this season’s team as they did prior to the game with legendary power house Buffalo.

First let’s deal with the positives: Isaiah who? UGA has great depth at tailback. Gurley is the real deal.  Marshall and Malcome give Bobo more dependable weapons to use than at any time in recent memory.
The receiving crew is also thick with good hands.

The special teams are definitely improved and short punter Adam Erickson is super skilled at chip shots.
Now to the problem areas: The O line was porous and Theus may be out.  Mitchell is in a walking cast so the secondary is not likely to improve in four short days. The defensive front looked okay, but John Jenkins cannot play more than three plays without having to rest and looked very soft.  That is also not a problem that can be cured in four days, and something that should have been addressed in July by  conditioning coaches. Granted… it was hot in Sanford Stadium, but the next time you watch Alabama take notice of the build of their players. They are, across the board, carrying more muscle mass and less body fat. Whatever they are doing can and should be replicated.

I suspect some of the suspended players will find their way back on the roster soon. If Rambo and Ogletree are on the field in Columbia this Saturday, we will win the game. If not, it is gonna be tough.
The opponent: First consider Buffalo had a preseason power ranking of 106.4 by Phil Steele. UGA was 142.58. And Mizzou…136.25.

Another point of concern could be the Tigers opening performance, a 62-10 drubbing of SE Louisiana. However, if the Dawgs looked bad against a very bad FBS team, the Tigers looked good against a very bad FCS school.