Thursday, July 25, 2013

Jay Z may be UGA's MVP!

Post by Mike

The Ole Ball Coach better sit Clowney against UNC just to be sure no money has changed hands. Sure would hate it if he also had to sit in week two!

There are rumors circulating that Jay Z told Clowney not to worry about getting caught with the cash because playing this year he might only get hurt and ruin his draft status. Anybody remember Lattimore?

Click here - Jay Z may be UGA's MVP!

Ohio State and "Soft on Crime" - they deserve each other!

Post by Mike

We can only hope he does for Ohio State exactly what he did for Florida. Of course he'll never win a BCS title game there because he'll fall into a fetal position and start sucking his thumb the night before he has to play Georgia, LSU, or Texas A&M.

If he ever had to square off with Saban again I think the breakdown may happen a full week before the game.

Click here: What a douche bag!

It has been a tough two weeks!

Post by Mike

When the injury bug finally caught up to the Braves it hit the team with full force. The good news... we are still standing and appear strong enough to win the NL East.

Of course Huddy's injury is the most serious. He won't play again this season, and maybe never again for the Braves.

Our young guns Minor, Teheran, Medlen, Wood and Beachy (if he returns to form) plus Maholm will have to get us through the dog days of August. While Huddy wasn't having his best year, the thought of him being around for the playoffs was comforting. Now the rest of these guys will need to grow up and quickly.

Then there is the outfield. In the 48 hours leading up the All-Star break our entire starting platoon went down with injuries. BJUpton is still on the DL and in the last seven games JHey is hitting .111 and JUpton .200.

The only outfielder producing at a high level is our rookie catcher/left fielder Gattis who is hitting .375 over the last week.

I don't which player needs to sit when BJ returns, but I DO KNOW who doesn't need to be benched! Hopefully Gonzalez will have the courage to tell BJ that he is on the bench for now, and olay JHey in center, JUpton in right and the El Oso Blanco in left.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I think we already have this... it is called the NFL.

Post by Mike

I think we already have this. It is called the NFL.

In my opinion this is the wrong direction. Instead of trying to move towards a more exclusive D4, the NCAA should be heading in the opposite direction and implementing the following:

1 - A standardized testing procedure for all NCAA participants. Remember these are student-athletes.
2 - A national drug testing and enforcement procedure so the playing field is leveled.
3 - Instant death penalty for any school violating these rules.
4 - Simplified recruiting rules.

If the big conferences break away and form D4, it will make the division a true minor league system ripe for more Isaha Crowells, Arron Hernandezs, Maurice Claretts... and the list could go on.

Bigs want to form D4

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Bush league no more.

Post by Mike

I’ve always thought it a bush league move to play college football on Thursday night. A time slot perfect for the wannabes like Utah and Utah State, but not prestigious enough for our glorious SEC.

Given the opportunity, I will certainly watch Thursday games, but elite teams rarely occupy the slot. However, that trend is changing.

In just over five weeks on Thursday August 29 North Carolina plays the Chickens in Columbia at 6 PM on ESPN. Then at 9:15 Ole Miss plays at Vandy for a decent opening night to the 2013 season. If you are a night owl, and have access to CBSSports Network, you can also watch USC play at Hawaii.
Week 1 College Football Schedule

Sunday, July 21, 2013

British Open Picks

Post by William

Not too shabby. Picks are below

Winner- Jason Day  T32

Phil- Top 20   YEP

TW- Top 10   YEP

KUCH   Top 20-  YEP

Rory-MC    YEP

Thursday, July 18, 2013

HUGE "What if??"

Post by William

No live sports on tonight so trolling... found Top 25 CFBall games from last year on ESPNU. OLE MISS @ LSU. LSU won 51-45.

Random thought... What if Mettenberger hadn't gotten in trouble after that GDay game and we would've had a qb controversy? What if CMR had felt like he had to start Mettenberger b/c his Mom is an administrative assistant in his office? What if Aaron Murray had left and we didn't have the best qb in the SEC?

 Sorry... rambling. Just thinking.

BTW... CMR chose the right horse.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

British Open Winner

Post by William

Jason Day.

Phil... Top 20

Kuch.... Top 20

TW.... Top 10

Rory... MC

Gonna be a great tournament. Players say course is perfect.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Rhodes Scholar? I think not....

Post by William

Note to Mr Clowney.... 2 SEC East titles in a row for Aaron Murray

Clowney speaks

Monday, July 15, 2013

Living by the long ball!

Post by Mike
The Braves won 54 games in the first half and built a 6 game lead over the Nationals by leading the NL with 114 homers, and posting the second lowest ERA in the league.

And up until the last three games of the first half, the starting lineup had avoided the injury bug. Then like a bad bout of diarrhea virus running through your home, school and work, the bug landed with a vengeance!

The second half and our World Series aspirations will turn on the following questions:

1 - Can JUpton and Heyward get healthy soon?
2 - How bad is Freddie Freeman's injured thumb?
3 - Can Uggla (116 k) and BJUpton (102 k) learn to hit with runners on, or least make contact, put the ball in play and put some pressure on the defense to make throws, or will they continue to be counted as easy outs in the lineup.
4 - The team is obviously planning on making some adjustments to the starting rotation. Wood has been sent to the minors to stretch out his arm for a starting spot, and Beachy could return in August. Is there a trade brewing for Huddy, Medlen, or Malhom? Is Medlen headed back to long relief?

This team could explode in the second half if we get our guys healthy and hitting. Our schedule is advantageous and there is a lot of talent on our bench.

NL offensive stats: Click here
NL Pitching stats:  Click here

Sunday, July 14, 2013

We're back!!!

Post by William

OK. You know it's been to long when I get an email yesterday from a Friend of the Blog asking me to make sure that I've got his correct email address to make sure he was getting the blog.

Plus it's SEC Media Days starting Tuesday. Kinda like the "Kickoff".

We'll be posting alot from now on. Thought I'd start of fball season with this. Pretty good.