Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Okay so I was wrong... Maybe he is quitting to go back west and coach Teabag.

Posted by Mike
On August 10th I published the following only I may have been slightly off. Urban may be retiring not to coach at Colorado to be closer to Teabow, but to actually be the head coach at Denver....where his baby is riding the pine.

Note #3 -

A preseason #3 ranking for the Florida Gators seems high with the loss of Teabow and even heavier losses on the defense. Both defensive ends, one d-back and their middle line backer are in the pros, and not as gimmick freak show players.

The former Florida defenders were a huge reason behind the Gator success, but twinkle toes got all the glory.

Still, unless Urban Meyer resigns to move west and coach at Colorado just to be closer to his baby, the Gators will be the team to beat to climb atop the SEC East.

The article titled 10 questions surrounding Florida Football on or Rivals describes the strength they have on the O-line and gives you an idea of the weapons in their arsenal.

October, as always, will be the key month of the season. Florida gets to travel to Tuscaloosa October 2nd then gets LSU in the Swamp October 9 and Mississippi State on the 16th. The annual border war is slated for the 30th.

Bama and LSU back to back will ding the armor, but will it do enough damage to bring them down to size?


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