Sunday, October 3, 2010

Saturday - A good news, bad news day.

Posted by Mike
Okay so Saturday was a good news, good news, bad news and finally “are you kidding me?, another fumble?”, kind of day.

Let's do the good news first:

Good news - FLORIDA LOST! I wonder if poor little Urban will have another panic attack and curl up in a fetal position sucking his thumb.

Okay Alabama looks like a strong football team. They can run the ball at will. They tackle and play good special teams. No gimmick plays or jerseys needed!

They just line up and beat your fanny.

Good news – Georgia Tech won. Okay so it was 24-20 over Wake Forrest. The point is a FBS team from the State of Georgia won a football game.

The Jackets are not the team they were last season, and now are in a race to rebuild. Who will get there first The Jackets or Dawgs?

Bad news – The Braves are tied for the Wild Card and no longer control their own destiny. A win today coupled with a San Diego loss will still get us in the playoffs. The Padres, however, have not been cooperating and are on the verge of sweeping the Giants.

A Braves win and a Padre win will set off all sorts of playoff scenarios. The Giants and Padres will first meet to decide their Division Title, then the Braves will get the loser. The Giants would come to Atlanta, Braves would travel to play the Padres.

If the Braves lose today, and Padres win its over. If we both lose the Braves will travel overnight to play San Diego on Monday.

First I'll go to church and include the Braves in a long prayer list, then I'll be sitting on the edge of the sofa for a few hours.

Bad news – A fumble on a potential game winning drive? A fumble? On a game winning drive? I am not going to write anything else until I can collect my thoughts and evaluate the situation. The only thing I will say again is:

Are you kidding me?!!


  1. Not kidding. Can you say disaster.

  2. When does UGA play Idaho State? That should be a good game between two evenly matched programs.

  3. Can you say, Rob Matre knows how to pick football, have him every week, I will set us up with a bookie. Just don't pick the GA games, cause that was a betting with your heart pick.

  4. I don't know how Turd can say we're evenly matched with Idaho State. I think the Vandals (they are the Vandals, right?) have reason to be insulted.