Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Quick Thoughts before Thanksgiving

Post by William

Just a few quick thoughts before we break down for Thanksgiving....

#1 I guess I jinxed the Hawks after I posted they were 6-0. They've gone 2-7 since. They look like they don't care. Last night was better than the beatdown to the Celtics on Monday but still. A big trade will be coming soon.

#2 Saturday is the last big day of the season. Some really good rivalry games. My thought is that if you have to go out on Black Friday, you get to have Saturday for yourself for football.

#3 It may not mean anything to the big picture of college football but UGA/Tech Saturday IS a big game. UGA needs to get to a bowl game, no matter where it is.

#4 in conclusion...... I have no dog in the fight on Friday afternoon but I think I'm looking forward to the Iron Bowl more than any game this season. That game will be the most intense electric atmosphere of any all year.

Everyone please have a very safe and Happy Thanksgiving.

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