Tuesday, November 29, 2011

We need some good signs/Picture with EA!!!

Post by William

Looks like Gameday is in Atlanta Saturday. If you're going, show a good sign and holler at Corso when he puts on that stupid Tiger head.


Also we'll come up with some sort of prize for best picture taken WITH Erin Andrews. Not OF, WITH.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday is t minus 5 days.

Post by Mike
Today I will attempt to call Paul Finebaum. Just a few weeks ago he called for the firing of CMR. I want to know if he is standing by that.

I was in that camp too, but how can you fire a coach that has won 10 games in a row? Seriously... how would we go about doing that?

The BCS - or should we just call it the SEC Title - Take 2?
So Alabama is in the Club House nursing their wounds, and LSU has to play yet another ranked team. Then they get play Alabama again! Someone please tell me how this is fair.

If LSU can pull this off they may need to be crowned as one of the best teams of ALL TIME.

The best part of this entire scenario is that the PAC-10, Big-12, Big-10, ACC and Big East are outside looking in. Surely they are wondering "what do we have to do to beat those hicks?"

Well I think Bill King was discussing that this morning. Apparently there is a rumor circulating that "Soft on Crime" would not even consider the Ohio State "We want to be relevant" job unless the University was willing to lower some admission standards and possibly look the other way on a criminal charge or two against key recruits. Don't know if that is true, but it sounds just like Urban.

I'm not sure how much more they can overlook, but be prepared for more lawlessness. Attention OSU undergrads... lock up your computers and weed.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Week 13 Picks

Post by William

Here are the picks. Picks are in ALL CAPS

LSU(Home) minus 11.5 vs Arkansas

Tennessee minus 7 vs KENTUCKY(Home)

ALABAMA minus 20.5 vs Auburn(Home)

MISS ST(Home) minus 17.5 vs Ole Miss

Florida St minus 2.5 vs FLORIDA

STANFORD(Home) minus 7 vs Notre Dame     LOAD UP on this one

South Carolina(Home) minus 3.5 vs CLEMSON

GEORGIA minus 6 vs Ga Tech(Home)          If anyone would like to look back I predicted Dogs would finish 10-2.

Atlanta(Home) minus 9.5 vs MINNESOTA     Falcons win but 9.5 is alot.

New England minus 3.5 vs PHILADELPHIA(Home)

Maybe Crowell will stick around long enough to play back up.

Post by Mike

I think Crowell will be a great back up to Keith Marshall.

Today's Pick

Post by William

Hope everybody had a great Turkey Day. I will put the rest of the week's picks up later today.

LSU(Home) minus 11.5 vs Arkansas      This one could get ugly. LSU plays a great game before they get their $#% handed to them next Saturday in the Dome by the Dogs.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Post by Mike

I'm thankful for Jarvis Jones!

Sure hope he decides to bypass the NFL for one more year in Athens. Can you imagine what the Dawg defense will look like if he comes back? Of course we still need some depth at the position and we could also use a good running back that can lay off the ganga.

I'm thankful I am a fan of an SEC school.

After three months of bust it up college football we have reached a point where the top three teams in the BCS are in the same region of the country. Oh wait ... the same conference... the same division of the same conference.

So for the rest of the BCS... you little girls can go stick it. Why don't y'all learn how to speak southern and play football like men?

Friday and Saturday it is on like Donkey Kong as LSU, Arkansas and Bama all play for the chance to play UGA.

I'm thankful I'm not a fan of a Big 10 school.

Attention Big 10 fans... you only thought you hated Jim Tressell. In the coming months you will learn the real meaning of the word as you become familiar with Urban "Soft on Crime" Meyer. His self righteous, arrogant mug will be in your face from the moment Ohio State announces his hiring. Your only hope of getting rid of this virus is for Michigan to hire Saban. After all, he did run Urban out of our league. Maybe he can do the same for you.

I'm thankful for the NBA Strike.

Who really cares? Since these guys have disappeared ESPN has been pushing college basketball.

I'm thankful for good College Basketball.

Man is it fun to watch Duke. They have already beaten Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State and Kansas and it ain't even December. Put February 8 on your calendar. The Blue Devils play at UNC that night.


Monday, November 21, 2011

Sad sad day

Post by William

Larry Munson died last night. He was 89. He was the best.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Week 12 Picks

Post by William

Not a very good viewing weekend. Won't stop me though.

Here are the picks. 69-44-2. 60%. Picks in all CAPS.

OKLAHOMA ST minus 26.5 vs Iowa St(Home)

GEORGIA TECH minus 10 vs Duke(Home)     Could be higher attendance when they play bball at Cameron later. Tech rolls big

Florida St(Home) minus 17 vs VIRGINIA

Vandy minus 1.5 vs TENNESSEE(Home)     Vols GETTING points at home against Vandy. They're Tennessee for God's sake. Think they wish they'd never fired Fulmer?

LSU minus 29 vs Ole Miss(Home)   

Michigan(Home) minus 3.5 vs NEBRASKA     Had to find a 10th game to pick

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 13 vs Miss St   

OREGON(Home) minus 15 vs Southern Cal    Could be a snow game. Good tv.

Georgia(Home) minus 30.5 vs KENTUCKY         Don't panic. No upset. Dogs win but don't cover. I picked Auburn last weekend to lose and cover. It worked. WELL.
ATLANTA(Home) minus 6 vs Tennessee       Falcons have lots of injuries. Could have hangover from awful loss last week to NOLA. I think they'll be ok.

Have a great safe weekend.


Post by William

Per Jim Wilcox at WALB, the UGA/Kentucky game tomorrow will be on WALB's ABC channel, 809 on Mediacom here, at High Noon. WALB NBC will be showing President's Cup golf.

Picks to come later.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

He's got not chance but I like the effort

Post by William

The Braves are making an effort to get my favorite baseball player of all time, Dale Murphy, into the Hall of Fame. His chances are almost up. He's got no chance but good for Schuerholz for making the effort.


Good grief!. It can happen anywhere. Even at Vandy.

BTW....what is a college kid doing with $5K in a safe in the dorm? Pretty sure it's one of 2 things.


Here are the rules for what happens if all 3 teams in the SEC West finish with one loss in the regular season.

The tied team with the highest ranking in the Bowl Championship Series Standings following the last weekend of regular-season games shall be the divisional representative in the SEC championship game, unless the second of the tied teams is ranked within five-or-fewer places of the highest ranked tied team. In this case, the head-to-head results of the top two ranked tied teams shall determine the representative in the SEC championship game.

Nice pick a month early Fred Couples. Tiger and Stricker got beat 7-6 last night. They played 12 holes. Me and Joey would've had to play 10. Great job by Dustin Johnson and Kuchar coming back to get a half point.

Tiger with Dustin Johnson tonight in best ball. Golf Channel coverage has moved from 9 tonight to 5:30 this afternoon so they can try to avoid bad weather.


NY Jets at Denver with Tebow at QB tonight on NFL Network. Kickoff 8ish.

Picks tomorrow.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Games set for Thanksgiving Weekend

Post by William

GT/UGA at Noon. Was hoping for a night game.


Went 3-7-1 for the weekend. Worst one so far. Would've taken 0-11 for what happened in Athens.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 11 Picks

Post by William

Running late with the picks today. Several things first...

#1   UGA Men's basketball vs Bowling Green 6:00 pm Sunday on ESPNU. Anybody think Trey Tompkins and Travis Leslie would like a do-over on their decisions to go pro?

#2   Note to Coaches Richt and Bobo... when UGA plays Ga Tech, if you get 3rd down and 8 or less, run the QB sneak. I've been watching football for 40 years and pretty sure I've never seen a QB get 8, 8 and 6 yards on 3 different QB sneaks.

#3   The Penn State thing makes me sick. I hope some of those idiots who rioted were seen by their parents on tv and got their butts jerked out of school. My vent for the day.

#4   The Tiger Woods Lovefest continues tonight and tomorrow night at 8 on the Golf Channel.

#5   Watched the "Roll Tide War Eagle" show Tuesday. Good stuff. You  Bama/Auburn people are insane. Here's a clip. Just watch him smile when he talks about "Investigation". That says alot about him.

On to the picks. 5-5 last week. 66-38-1 after losing GT last night.

Vandy(Home) minus 13 vs KENTUCKY      Has Vandy EVER given 13 points in a conference game?

FSU(Home) minus 9 vs Miami     Idiot CB from Miami had dinner Sunday night with a runner for an agent and tweeted about it. Suspended.

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 14 vs Tennessee    Still haven't gotten the stench off from pulling for Petrino last week. LOCK OF THE YEAR #4

Clemson(Home) minus 16 vs WAKE FOREST        Same old Clemson.

South Carolina(Home) minus 3 vs FLORIDA     Had to go to a different site to find this line. The place where I usually get lines has Connor Shaw "questionable". Duh. Can't explain this pick. Just a feeling.

Stanford(Home) minus 3.5 vs OREGON       Oregon too fast

ALABAMA minus 17 vs Miss St(Home)    Bad timing for Miss St. Big number but Saban will take out last week's loss on the Cowbells.

Georgia(Home) minus 13 vs AUBURN      Dogs win but 13 is a big number. Hope I'm wrong about not covering so the Dogs BCS ranking will go up so Dogs get a better matchup in the Sugar Bowl!!! Some style points against Auburn would be nice.

ATLANTA(Home) pick'em vs New Orleans       Big huge game. Falcons O is back on track. This just in.... Julio Jones is good.

NY JETS(Home) minus 1.5 vs New England       New England D couldn't stop Deerfield.

BTW.... Deerfield hosts Mt De Sales tonight at 7:30 at Webb Memorial Stadium in a first round playoff game. Go support if you can.

Have a great safe weekend.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Night Pick

Post by William

Virginia Tech minus 1 vs GEORGIA TECH(Home)    

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

You gotta hear this!!!!

Post by William

Coach Richt on ESPN Radio at 2:15 today

Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 10 Picks

Post by William

It's a pretty weak Saturday except for the fact that The SEC East title is on the line in Fayetteville Saturday night.

Oh, and that one in Ttown Saturday night.

A couple of quick notes before the picks...

#1   Where are the fans of the "U"?  Miami played Virginia last Thursday night on national TV on ESPN in front of 23,000 people. This week Miami is hosting Duke. Miami is offering to each university employee, IF THEY will accept it, a FREE ticket to the game. IF they accept the free ticket, they have the option of purchasing 3 additional tickets for $1 each. AND $10 "Stadium Bucks"  per ticket that can be used for concessions. They're reaching for anything to get fannies in seats.

#2   If you're on the UGA football team, DON'T SMOKE WEED!!!

#3   If you're in Atlanta, find a way to get to one of Stacey Eames' 3 restaurants. Stopped by there a couple of weeks back at the one by Lenox. Outstanding.


Here are the picks. 8-2 last week, 61-32-1 for the year. Picks are in ALL CAPS

Ole Miss minus 1 vs KENTUCKY(Home)    Bad football. Basketball starts next week.

Florida(Home) minus 13 vs VANDY     Started at 9.5

OKLAHOMA minus 13.5 vs Texas A&M    OU shows A&M the door on the way out

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 5 vs South Carolina.  Petrino vs Spurrier. Libya vs Iran. Lex Luther vs The Joker. Evil vs Evil. Dr. No vs Blofeld (Old school James Bond). UGA needs Ark to win. Pulling for Petrino. Think I just spit up in my mouth.

OK STATE(Home) minus 21 vs Kansas St     OU knocked KState back to reality last week. OSU MAY be really good.

Georgia(Home) minus 33.5 vs NEW MEXICO ST   Hope I'm wrong. Dogs wins comfortably but 33.5 is alot with me(HINT HINT) playing TB. PLEASE, Aaron Murray, don't get hurt. Bad feeling about that.

ATLANTA(Home) minus 5 Indianapolis      Very scary for Falcons. Indy is winless. Falcons have to have this game coming off a bye and going to NOLA next Sunday.

PITTSBURGH(Home) minus 3 vs Baltimore     Pittsburgh is on a roll and wants payback for Ravens running it up first game of the season.

PHILADELPHIA(Home) minus 8 vs Chicago    I think Eagles finally figured out they need to run the ball last week. Of course, it was against the lowly Cowboys.

ALABAMA(Home) minus 5 vs Lsu     Just a feeling. I think there will be 1 or 2 plays that make the difference and who is more prepared than Nick Saban. Gary Danielson said there will be 10 NFL defensive backs on the field Sat night. Hope it's a great game.

$59 hotel rooms in or near TTown are going for $359.

In case you haven't seen these, just to get you in the mood



Have a great safe weekend

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Silence Broken!

Post by Mike
You have not heard from me since the South Carolina game because I pledged to say nothing unless it was positive. Today I have to break that pledge.

Let me start with Crowell. Was this kid really worth it?

Prior to his signing with UGA I had a conversation with a friend at the Columbus Ledger. His take was that Crowell was undisciplined and too soft for the SEC.

So far the freshman has been suspended twice in nine games, or more accurately 5 quarters (considering the Vandy suspension was for the first quarter only) of 36. That is 14% of his first season.... so far!

His pass blocking skills are slow to develop, he takes himself out of games, and, as predicted by my friend in Columbus, he appears to be a bit soft. Outside the tackles he has been amazing, but the game is played in the trenches too.

Maybe this time off will motivate him and correct his attitude. Maybe he will come off suspension and throw up 180 yards on Auburn. Hope so, but I won't believe it until I see it.

Now lets get to the special teams:

This is a blog with unlimited space, but my keyboard might wear out on this one. So far we have been fooled on fake punts by South Carolina (the big one) and Ole' Miss. We gave up kick returns to Vandy and two long ones to Florida. We also let Vandy block a punt that nearly cost us the game.

Let me repeat that one for you. After a time out, we let Vandy block a punt that nearly cost us the game. AFTER A TIME OUT! I wonder what was said during that time out?

Then during the off week, we adjusted our punt formation to a spread and put three blockers in front of Butler. The result - Butler nearly kicked the ball off the ass of his protection and had the worst game of his career.

Oh and the last time I checked... the field goal unit is also a special team.

The results:

Despite some terrible performances, the Dogs are somehow 6-2 and challenging for the SEC East title, but the results are deceiving. None of the Division I teams we have beaten have winning records. The combined win-loss total of all of them is 17-23, and UGA did not beat a single one of them in decisive fashion.

The Dog defense has saved the season. Jarvis Jones in particular has been spectacular, and Grantham's system is starting to click. The unit is the one aspect of the team that is firing on all cylinders.

Maybe I am being too negative. We did, after all, hang on to beat Vandy, sleep walk through a game with Tennessee despite four straight holding calls, and just beat a Florida team with a one legged quarterback and no running backs by four points. What's not to like?

Oh yeah... and now we get to play the next game with no running backs... I forgot that one.

The drip... drip... drip... of recurring problems points to one thing... a lack of discipline. So who is to blame for that?

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unbelievable! I mean UNBELIEVABLE!! With UPDATE

Post by William


How can this be?? Anybody really shocked?

Tell me Coach Richt is coaching to win. Wonder if he saved this for this week?

In my opinion, it was only a matter of time for Crowell.

Saturday it's gonna look like Falcons under Glanville/June Jones III. Red Gun/Shotgun.

Thank God it's not on TV.



680 out of Atlanta reports drug tests were last Thursday and results could take "up to a week".