Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Does it get any better?

The Braves are in first, college football season is here, and there is a report on Drudge saying drinkers live longer than non drinkers. Somebody pinch me.

I always knew drinkers would live longer. I mean we are ingesting alcohol, so it is logical that anything bad floating inside is killed off.

It could be my highly scientific analysis, or something simpler. Bear Bryant once said, “On fourth and short give me whiskey drinkers. You can have the milk drinkers, and I'll beat you every time.”

The Bear knew football and drinking so what I think he was trying to say is that when things are tough, the drinking crowd has been tested. Either that or the old fool was drunk.

College football notes - Week 1

Posted by Mike

Just three more days and it's on. We'll be posting fast and furious this week, so please feel free to add comments.

The first week of CFB is always filled with lopsided contest as most major programs tune it up, and small programs get paid. The week begins with Thursday night contests featuring Marshall at Ohio State, Pittsburgh at Utah and Southern Miss at South Carolina.

The Gamecocks are a 14 point favorite, and I do not know why this number is so low.

The Bulldawgs are a 28 point favorite over Louisiana Lafayette which is equally puzzling. Georgia is historically a low scoring team against small schools. Hopefully CMR will have the luxury of pummeling the Rajin' Cajuns, and leave something in his bag for Spurrier, but I have doubts. 1 – We are starting a new QB. 2 – We are running a new defense. 3 – We are short one (dumb ass) running back.

Both teams will work on the basics and try to sit on a package for the next game. This plus the off field distractions in Columbia and Athens could lead to skewed point spreads.

The three best games of opening week are Cincinnati at Fresno State (+1.5), Boise State at Va. Tech (+2.5) and LSU at North Carolina (+1.5). As indicated by the lines, all are expected to be close games, and the BSU vs. VT contest could have huge BCS implications. The Broncos have a soft schedule, so if they top the Hokies, there is nothing between them and an eventual beat down in the title game by whoever wins the SEC. I do not believe this can or will happen. Boise State is entertaining to watch, but Virginia Tech plays big boy football.

North Carolina has been living their own little South Beach soap opera . This game is huge for their program and if Butch Davis is going to make it work in Chapel Hill, this is the year. The crowd will be rowdy, but the Tigers play in front of rowdy fans every time they hit the field. If LSU had a coach with an IQ above 10, they would win hands down. Therefore I believe it will be a very close game.

Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Game Week!!!

Post by William

Hope everybody had a great weekend.

This is one of the best weeks of the year. You can feel a bit of Fall in the air. Football starts Thursday night. Not the greatest games on Thursday but still.

Let us know what you think your favorite team will do this year. I'll post my predictions on Wednesday. May have a little surprise for you!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SEC Most Obnoxious Fans

Take a look at this and let me know what you think. Remember, this is from 2008. I'll send his list from 2010 on Thursday.


Johnson on Tony Zenon, former DWS A-Back.

Posted by Mike

Getting mentioned by Paul Johnson has got to be a good sign for former DWS A-back Tony Zenon. The 5'7” freshman has impressed the Jacket staff with his sub 4.4 speed, intellect and work ethic.

Zenon was a late, under the radar recruit for the Jackets. He relocated to Albany, GA when his home was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and wound up playing for Deerfield-Windsor of the GISA, leading them to two AAA finals, and one title. You can read the article at the link below:

30 and 30

Post by William

Didn't know if you've seen any of the 30 and 30 movies that ESPN has been doing this year. They are some of the best things they've ever done. Comparable to the All Century thing they did in 1999. Tonight is about Michal Jordan going to play AA baseball in Birmingham. Tonight on ESPN. Supposed to be good.

Tuesday Random Thoughts

Post by William

A few quick thoughts this morning....

#1 Boise State #3? What a joke. At least 8 SEC teams would be favored in 11 of Boise's 12 scheduled games. Probably 10 teams. Boise is 6-7 in their last 13 games against BCS teams and 2-4 in their last 6 bowl games. Who cares if they beat Oklahoma 4 years ago on 2 trick plays? They're gonna realize the Tuesday morning after Labor day what big boy football is after they play VaTech at FedEx field. Remember their little voyage to Athens a few years back?

#2 We're getting close to game week. They're will be a different feeling first thing Monday morning. Go ahead and get all your business taken care off early!

#3 Could this be Spurrier's last year? He's talking about starting a true freshman QB. He suspended his stud TE yesterday. Will his ego let him quit and go play Augusta National?

#4 Watched the NFL exhibition on ESPN last night. NEVER thought I'd say this but... I love Jon Gruden as an analyst. I hated him as Tampa's coach. The guy loves football and is actually pretty funny.

#5 Frank Wren deserves MLB Executive of the year. Everything he has touched this year has turned to gold. (I know. McLouth and Kawakami. Those were last year.) 2 12/ games up with 37 to go.

Please don't forget to send us in your favorite tailgate or grilling recipes.

Have a great week.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Thoughts for the weekend

Post by William

Happy Friday.

Some random thoughts for the weekend.

#1 Watched the Falcons last night. 1st team looked good then the reserves came in and that got me to thinking. Why do all our teams in Georgia have HUGE issues at backup QB? If Matt Ryan goes down, we have to choose between John Parker Wilson and Chris Redman? If Aaron Murray goes down, who then? Hutson Mason? A walkon? LOGAN GRAY? Ugh. At Tech, if Joshua Nesbitt goes down (which he will b/c he gets drilled), they are a 4-8 team.

#2 Thank you Frank Wren. You realized that the Braves are right there on the edge and went and got Derrick Lee for nothing. All chips to the middle of the table.

#3 Heard from a UGA grad yesterday who was upset that while Saban's guys are on Sportscenter lifting weights, Coach Richt is doing flips off a high dive w/his kids in the pool. Big deal or not? Let me know what you think.

#4 Tiger announced yesterday that he's committed to play in the first playoff event next week. Gee, thanks for letting us know. How about qualifying for the 2nd playoff event? Drama queen.

We'd like your help. With the football season coming up, we're looking for your best tailgate recipes. Appetizers, sides, anyhting on the grill. Please send them in. We're always looking to upgrade our repetoire!!

We've added some links on the right. We'll be adding more in the next few days and separating them into categories. Please save this site as a favorite and visit the links through our site.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Phil Steele's Interesting Tidbits

Posted by Mike

If you get a chance check out “Interesting Tidbits” on the Phil Steele link. One thing that caught my eye was the list of “Winningest Active Coaches”.

Rk Coach                        Record            Win%
1 Urban Meyer-Florida    13-1   96-18         .842
2 Bob Stoops-Oklahoma  8-5    117-29       .801
3 Mark Richt-Georgia       8-5    90-27     .769
4 Gary Patterson-TCU     12-1   85-28        .752
5 Joe Paterno-PSU          11-2  394-129-3  .752
6 Brian Kelly-Cin.            12-0  171-57-2    .748
7 Jim Tressel-OSU          11-2  229-78-2     .744
8 Paul Johnson-GT          11-3  127-46        .734
9 Steve Spurrier-S.C.      7-6    177-68-2     .721
10Bobby Petrino-Ark.     8-5    54-21          .720

Two coaches on the list in Georgia. Is the state big enough?

Four on the list in the SEC, and take note who is missing. Nick Saban.

Then there is the list showing “Most Victories in first 13 seasons as a coach:


Rk   Coach                Tms                    Years           Record
1     Paul Johnson      GSU, Navy, GT  1997-09      127-44-0
       Tom Osborne    Nebraska             1973-85      127-30-2
3     Barry Switzer    Oklahoma            1973-85       125-24-4
4     Phillip Fulmer    Tennessee           1992-04       123-31-0
       Joe Paterno       Penn St                1966-78      123-25-1
6    Steve Spiurrier   Duke/Florida        1987-99      122-35-2
      Lloyd Carr         Michigan               1995-07      122-39-0
8    Bud Wilkinson   Oklahoma             1947-59      121-13-3
9    Amos A Stagg   Chicago                1889-1902  118-45-12
      LaVell Edwards BYU                    1972-84      118-37-1

Johnson sits atop the list!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

College football note #4

Posted by Mike

A quote from Mr. College Football (Tony Barnhart) on his latest blog:

18. Georgia

**–It will be a good season if: A veteran offensive line is good on day one and a defense which forced only 12 turnovers last season gets an attitude adjustment from new coordinator Todd Grantham. If the Bulldogs can run the ball and play defense, they have a chance every week.

**–It will be a disappointing season if: Redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray struggles and the Bulldogs lose back-to-back games at South Carolina (on Sept. 11) and at home to Arkansas (on Sept. 18).

This analysis by the wise man is both encouraging and terrifying.

On the positive side there is open recognition (and apparent refocus on the sidelines in Athens) that games are won and lost, from pee wee programs to the NFL, by BLOCKING AND TACKLING.

Finally... we get back to football basics. Don't get me wrong, having a Stafford or Moreno is great, but the game is won in trenches, on special teams and on defense.

Of course the second part of his analysis is the terrifying part. If Tony B. put it in writing then it means he thinks there is a good possibility of these events happening. Think about that for a second.

Mr. College Football thinks it is possible that Georgia loses back to back games to South Carolina and Arkansas.

If that happens the wheels will come off and rapidly as the Dawgs have to travel to Mississippi State (not the easy win it once was), to finish out the September schedule.

The sounds coming out of Athens are not instilling confidence just yet, and with recent off field events stockpiling, a once friendly fan base could turn ruthless quick. If the Dawgs come out of September 3-1, fans should feel blessed. Anything short of that will test CMR's steel, and bring out the resumes from Will Muschamp, Kirby Smart.. et al.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Monday Random Thoughts

Hope everyone had a great weekend.

#1- Chipper's injury is bad but I don't think it's a dealbreaker. The Braves starting pitching has been unreal lately. Even Derek Lowe has been good lately. Hanson's getting no support.

#2- Speaking of Chipper... been listening to the talk show hosts. Is Chipper a Hall of Famer? If so, 1st ballot? He is the 2nd greatest Atlanta Brave after Hammerin' Hank.

#3- Anybody besides me not have a really good feeling about the Dogs? I'm getting nervous about Aaron Murray. Doesn't sound like Richt and Bobo are real confident at this point.

#4- I DO have a good feeling about the Falcons. They're going to be mean and nasty, especially on defense.

We've added some links to the site. These are really good.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

College football notes:

Thoughts on the 2010 College Football Season:

Note #1:

First let’s deal with Boise State. It is hard not to admire what this team has done for CFB. Their 2007 Fiesta Bowl win over Oklahoma will go down as one of the greatest in the history of the game. The entertainment value of the hook and ladder and ole’ Statue of Liberty play is undeniable.

Beyond that, the Broncos (ranked 2nd preseason) will struggle against teams from elite conferences. Their hopes to bust the BCS this season may end early with a September 6th prime time game against Virginia Tech (ranked 8th preseason). In case you don’t remember BSU (ranked 19th preseason in 2005) was the sexy pick to upset Georgia (ranked 13th preseason) in the first game of the 2005 campaign.

Once the WAC team matched up on the field with an SEC team, the speed difference became obvious. Final score – UGA – 48; BSU – 13

Virginia Tech is rebuilding their defense, but has enough offensive weapons to challenge for the ACC title.

Prediction: VT – 30; BSU – 14.

If the Broncos get past the Hokies, they will not be challenged until the BCS title game <strong>where Alabama will make them wish they had lost to Va. Tech.</strong>

Note #2:

Ohio State (preseason #5) will struggle with Marshall on September 2 before getting crushed by Miami (preseason #19) on September 11.

Marshall named John “Doc” Holliday as the new Thundering Herd head coach last December. He is known as an outstanding recruiter and has installed the West Virginia spread. The Herd may not be ready to knock off a Big-10 power, but they will have enough to frustrate the Buckeyes. Remember Appalachian State vs. Michigan?

The annual Buckeye pity party will begin on September 12 after The ‘Canes harass Terrelle Pryor and force multiple turnovers. Miami has a future pro corner back in Brandon Harris and an NFL quality defensive end in Allen Bailey who will be too much to handle for a heavy footed Big-10 line.

After playing their two toughest opponents of the season OSU could run the table and the bias Midwest football fans will push for OSU to be considered for the BCS Championship Game.

Oh my gosh… please reference BCS Championship games for 2006 and 2007. Do we really need to watch yet another SEC team embarrass the boys from Columbus?

Note #3 -

A preseason #3 ranking for the Florida Gators seems high with the loss of Teabow and even heavier losses on the defense. Both defensive ends, one d-back and their middle line backer are in the pros, and not as gimmick freak show players.

The former Florida defenders were a huge reason behind the Gator success, but twinkle toes got all the glory.

Still, unless Urban Meyer resigns to move west and coach at Colorado just to be closer to his baby, the Gators will be the team to beat to climb atop the SEC East.

The article titled 10 questions surrounding Florida Football on GatorBait.net or Rivals describes the strength they have on the O-line and gives you an idea of the weapons in their arsenal.

October, as always, will be the key month of the season. Florida gets to travel to Tuscaloosa October 2nd then gets LSU in the Swamp October 9 and Mississippi State on the 16th. The annual border war is slated for the 30th.

Bama and LSU back to back will ding the armor, but will it do enough damage to bring them down to size?