Friday, October 19, 2012

Who has the bigger mess?

Post by Mike
Auburn – The Tigers are 1-5 and 0-4 in the SEC. Chiz has had three top 10 recruiting classes but a lot of those players are in the poky. If they don’t beat Vandy on Saturday the volume will get turned up from the fire Chiz crowd. Auburn is so bad this year they belong in the ACC. Who does Pat Dye hire next? My predictions: Kirby Smart, Al Golden, or maybe Charlie Strong.

Tennessee – The Vols are 3-3 and 0-3 in conference. If Dooley doesn’t get a big win soon he’ll get shown the door. Bama goes to Knoxville Saturday, then the Vols go to Columbia next weekend. Derek better start polishing the resume. Things are improving on Rocky Top, but not fast enough for the Orange Army. Who’s the next fool to take this spot? My Predictions: Fulmer  or David Cutcliff.
Kentucky – The Wildcats are 1-6 without a conference win. Joker is gone. Of course no one in that state really cares because basketball tips shortly and their favorite slime hit the recruiting trail again last season.  Who will get the call here? My predictions: Petrino, Charlie Strong (stealing a coach from Louisville would please many Cats) or Chris Hatcher.

Texas – The Longhorns are 4-2 overall, but only 1-2 in the Big 12. Giving up 63 to Oklahoma didn’t go over well, and Mac Brown is old. They’ve tried changing every job on the staff but one. Texas has money, lots of it. So who do they go after? My predictions: Saban or Chip Kelley – Only a top tier candidate will satisfy them.
Georgia Tech – Yuck. They stink very much. The Jackets are 2-4 but there wins are against Virginia and Presbyterian and they are 1-3 in that thing they call a conference. They fired their defensive coordinator mid-season and if this has to be blown up it will be very ugly. Johnson has been recruiting for that option offense for several years. They have option QBs and lineman  trained to chop and run block. If they decided to make a change, you can expect them to spend a few years in the wilderness. Who do they go after? My prediction: They won’t make a change because of what I just described. Now if they go winless for the balance of the season, maybe… and they would go after Chris Hatcher.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Picks for the week

Post by William

No trivia this week. Mike and I didn't feel like doing it. Still pissed about Carolina game.

Before we get to the picks, click on the link below for 2013 SEC Fball Schedule. UGA gets LSU in Athens. Also, Carolina moves back to the 2nd game of the year. Think that makes that Jackass in Columbia happy? Maybe we won't have anybody suspended next year.

Sorry.... lost my mind for just a minute.

2013 SEC Fball Schedule

On to the picks. 5-4-1 last week

Picks are in ALL CAPS

Lsu minus 3.5 vs TEXAS A&M(Home)       Don't have a feel for this. If The Hat was a good coach, LSU would kill them and Johnny Football would cry for his Mommy. That's why I'm taking A&M.      

VANDY(Home) minus 7 vs Auburn      That's right. Not a typo. Vandy minus 7 vs Auburn. Ouch.

GA TECH(Home) minus 14 vs Boston College        BC must be awful

Notre Dame(Home) minus 13 vs BYU     BYU can play and Domers are looking ahead to the butt whiiping they get next week at Oklahoma

Florida(Home) minus 3.5 vs CAROLINA      I know. Makes me wanna puke making this pick but Jackass is worth 10 points in this game vs Muschamp. Really need UF to win but....

Uga minus 27.5 vs KENTUCKY(HOME)     Not a chance in Hell Dogs cover. I've seen this game 1000 times under Coach Richt. Play down to the competition. That huge hissing sound you'll hear about 7:15 Saturday night is the air coming out of the Dogs balloon when the score from Gainesville is announced on PA system. We'll be lucky to get of Lexington with a W

BAMA minus 20 vs Tennessee(Home)     Wouldn't you hate to know your job depends on beating Saban? Good luck with that Coach Dooley. Phil Fulmer going into UT Hall of Fame that night. Should've never been fired.

FSU minus 21 vs Miami(Home)     Pretty sure that's the most points FSU has ever given Miami in Miami.

Clemson(Home) minus 7.5 vs VA TECH     This is just the kind of game that Clemson loses.

Tampa Bay(Home) minus 1 vs NEW ORLEANS

 Put all your energy into the Gators Saturday at 3:30. Gross.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Who is it??

 Post by William

Mack Brown will "retire" at the end of the year. HINT    forced out

Who's the next coach at Texas?

#2   Who coaches Auburn's first Fball game Labor Day weekend 2013?

Hot Route, Hot Route

Post by William

I'm changing my Alabama pick. Bama covers the 21.

My blog, my rules.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Yeah, I'm still pissed

Post by William

Last weekend was awful. Braves got screwed, Dogs were awful, Tech couldn't stop Deerfield. Falcons went down 17-10 I was about to jump off the roof. Went 7-3 for the week, Lose to CDB at 8-2.

No trivia this week. Didn't feel like doing it.

Some of you that know me know this... I'm a BAD loser. REALLY makes me mad. Learned that when I started playing competitive tennis at 10 years old. Mom couldn't stand it. Anyway... here are my picks for the weekend.

Picks will be in ALL CAPS

OKLAHOMA minus 3 vs Texas in Dallas

OLE MISS(Home) minus 5 vs Auburn         You folks to the West.... Ya'll happy with Chizik?

ALABAMA minus 21 vs Missouri(Home)  

Notre Dame(Home) minus 7 vs STANFORD    Here's your upset    Stanford wins outright. PUNISHES ND with the run.. First LOCK of the Year

WEST VIRGINIA minus 3.5 vs Texas Tech(Home)     2nd LOCK of the Year    Tuberville wants Arkansas job so bad he can't stand it.

Florida minus 8.5 vs VANDY(Home)     Not sure why but I've got a feeling.

Arkansas minus 18.5 vs KENTUCKY   Yawn

LSU(Home) minus 2.5 vs Jackass          No comment

MISS STATE(Home) minus 3 vs Tennessee    Derek Dooley had hip surgery this week. Coaching from box. Like that matters. Kickoff at 8PM Central     Could get ugly

ATLANTA(Home) minus 9.5 vs Oakland      Started at 5. Big number.   My team is good.

We would REALLY like you to come to Albany this weekend for this. Great time to be had by all.

Have a great safe weekend

Friday, October 5, 2012

Good Ole' Lewis...

For those too young, here is an account of the story from the 60's:

Happy Dicks was a linebacker at Georgia in the mid 60's, which will make this article about the journalist from Georgia, the late, Lewis Grizzard, AA? '68, that much funnier.

On the eve of the Georgia - South Carolina game 41 years ago, I was hanging out with three Sigma Pi brothers (the Hound, Tex , and Bake), drinking a few cold PBRs at the old Callaway Gardens Apartment on the Atlanta Highway . We were discussing the upcoming game against the Gamecocks and lamenting the fact that we were going in with several key players out with injuries, including our starting DE, Billy Payne (who ran the Atlanta Olympics and is now Ch of the Board at Augusta National) and his roommate, MLB, Happy Dicks.
About 10:00 that night, another fraternity brother, Lewis Grizzard, came in after he got off work. Our buddy was inactive at the time because he had gotten married over the summer to his high school sweetheart, Nancy ( the first of many--all with the same name--Plaintiff). In addition to taking a full load at the University, he was working two jobs to help pay for (as he called it) "this expensive habit." A talented young man, he was writing two columns daily - one in the morning for the Athens Banner Herald and one in the afternoon for the Athens Daily News.
Lewis walked in, went straight to the refrigerator, got a beer, plopped down in a chair, pushed his glasses back up his nose and announced, "Gentlemen, with any luck at all, tomorrow morning you'll witness journalistic history. I have submitted my column and if it gets by my editor - and there's a good chance of that happening, since he looked drunk earlier this evening - you'll enjoy the greatest headline in the history of sports journalism."
He refused to tell us what it was, and to be honest with you, we all forgot about it. As Lewis went home to his lovely, young bride, the four of us went back over to the Fraternity house to get a head start on the weekend.
The next morning, as usual, I went straight for the Sports Section. As I pulled it out, I could do nothing but smile, because our buddy had pulled it off. To this day, Vince Dooley calls it his most memorable column ever - all because of the headline, which read:

Picks for Week 6

OK Danny got it right. #16

Here are the picks for the week....

Auburn(Home) minus 8 vs Arkansas
GSR      Auburn         CDB     Ark

Miss St minus 10 vs Kentucky(Home)

GSR     Miss St        CDB       Miss St

Clemson(Home) minus 10.5 vs Ga Tech

GSR        Clemson       CDB     Clemson

LSU minus 2.5 vs Florida(Home)

GSR     UF              CDB     UF

Texas(Home) minus 7 vs West Virginia

GSR      WVU      CDB       WVU

Missouri(Home) minus 7 vs Vandy

GSR     Missouri      CDB       Vandy

Texas A&M minus 12 vs Ole Miss(Home)

GSR     A&M                       CDB    Ole Miss

South Carolina(Home) minus 1 vs UGA

GSR     UGA                       CDB      UGA
Need a HUGE GIGANTIC game from the O-tackles

Atlanta minus 3 vs Washington(Home)

GSR       Coons                      CDB         Coons

New England(Home) minus 6 vs Denver

GSR        Brady              CDB    Peyton

Tiebreaker      More Passing Yards    Peyton or Brady 

GSR       Brady       CDB       Peyton       

Tiebreaker 2     How many times will I call Spurrier a bad word on Saturday?
GSR   Unlimited

Thursday, October 4, 2012


Question about Chipper.... see if you can get it w/o Googling.

What was Chipper's original uniform number with the Atlanta Braves?

Post answers in comments below

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

We've got a time

Post by William

We've got a time for Braves on Friday.  5:07 vs Cards at The Ted. Medlen vs Lohse.

If/when Braves play Game 1 of NLDS vs TBD, it will be on Sunday. Time and Network TBD.

Bennett out for the balance of the season.

Post by Mike

The bad news is Bennett was the Dawgs leading receiver. The good news is that the injury hit a very deep roster spot.

AJC - Bennett out for the season with torn ACL.

This is better than Christmas, the Fourth of July and Honey Boo Boo’s birthday all rolled into one!

Post by Mike

Where to start? Okay let’s go chronologically.
Though I hate this new Wild Card coin toss game, it is better to be there than where we were just twelve months ago.

Tonight may provide some clarity on when we will face the Cardinals. We know it will be Friday in Atlanta, but we don’t have a start time because the AL is a disaster.  Baltimore, Oakland and Texas are in a three-way tie for two spots.

The A’s play at the Rangers today at 3:35. The winner will be in, but here is the kicker, if Baltimore wins or loses, there will be a two way tie for the last spot in the one game play off. Meaning there will be a one game play off to determine the participants in the one game play off. We may, however, get some relief on game times if the O’s win. In that there is a 50/50 chance the AL Wildcard play in game will be an East coast start on Friday. An O's loss will mean that Friday AL game will be in either Texas or California, and therefore a later starting time.  Of course all this is assuming that the Yankees win tonight against the Red Sox. If they lose then the mess flows down hill again, and I'm certain the Red Sox would take a lot of pleasure in sticking New York.

You could see a Thursday game to determine the AL East winner, then the AL Wild Card game.

With Chipper Jones retiring I would bet TBS wants the Braves in the prime time spot if at all possible.

Atlanta will send Medlen to the mound to square off against 18 game winner Kyle Lohse. The Braves faced Lohse once in 2012 and roughed him up pretty good back in May winning the contest 10-7. The Card starter only lasted 5 innings and gave up 5 runs on 9 hits.

Both teams will have the advantage of being able to use a 25 man roster for Friday’s game, then being able to reset their card if they advance. Expect the Braves to carry Medlen, Martinez, Durben, O’Flaherty, Venters, The Flame Thrower, and the balance will be bats.

We’ll break the game down further in our next post, and we’ll also get to that little game looming in Columbia between #5 Georgia and #6 Carolina.
It’s a good time to be a sports fan!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Question for the Masses

Post by William

OK. We've got Musberger and Herbstreit announcing the game Saturday night. A thought occurred today at lunch......

Anybody know the last UGA game that Musberger announced?

PS.... this isn't Trivia Question. We think we know the answer but we're not sure.

Fire away.