Friday, August 31, 2012

Now you're acting like an SEC team!!!

Post by William

Missouri is now showing they want to play Big-boy football. I wonder if the Notre Dame radio announcer would like to have this kid on his team.

Missouri QB arrested on scooter with 2 girls

Same result... but that isn't the same Ole Vandy.

Post by Mike

If you watched any of the game last night you may have noticed a few key points.

1 - Vandy didn't get a crucial non call on their final drive. It was pass interference, but no laundry.

2 - That isn't the same old Vandy team. Their defense hits! They hit like a big boy SEC school. In fact on the key play of the game Commodore corner back Andre Hal crushed Carolina tight end Justice Cunningham knocking his hat off. That hit was penalized and USC eventually scored on the drive.

3 - You have to wonder how long Vandy can hold on to this coach. Arkansas and even Tennessee have to be coveting thy neighbor's signal caller.

Franklin has his boys believing they can play with Carolina, and Florida, and Georgia. So what appeared to be a weak home schedule for the Dawgs just became more interesting with the Dores planning a trip to Athens in just three short weeks.

Carolina rallies to beat Vandy.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Week 1 Picks

Post by William

It's time for My Award Winning Weekly Picks. I'm going up against 1 lucky person that has correctly answered our weekly trivia question. This week's winner is old college friend Rick Rodriguez. If my recollection is correct, he used to be REALLY good at this. Time to fire away.

South Carolina minus 6.5 vs Vandy(HOME)  
GSR   SC        RR     Vandy

Tennessee minus 3 vs NC State at Georgia Dome
GSR  Tenn       RR   NC ST

Michigan State(HOME) minus 7 vs Boise State
GSR    MSU      RR    MSU

Notre Dame minus 15.5 vs Navy in Ireland
GSR   Navy       RR    ND

Miami minus 2.5 vs Boston College(HOME)
GSR    Miami      RR    Miami

UGA(HOME) minus 38 vs Buffalo
GSR     UGA       RR    UGA

Florida(HOME) minus 28.5 vs Bowling Green
GSR     UF      RR   Bowling Green

Clemson minus 3.5 vs Auburn at Georgia Dome
GSR     Clemson       RR   Clemson

Alabama minus 14 vs Michigan at JerryWorld
GSR      Bama      RR     Bama

Louisville(HOME) minus 12.5 vs Kentucky
GSR    Louisville       RR     Louisville

Va Tech(HOME) minus 7 vs Ga Tech
GSR     VaTech      RR    VaTech

TIEBREAKER    TOTAL Points in Ohio U vs Penn State    Closest Wins
GSR   47      RR   52

Predictions for the Year

Post by William

I was told if I didn't get these in today they wouldn't count so here they come.

Conference Winners

BIG TEN    Legends- Michigan State
                   Leaders- Wisconsin
                   Champion- Wisconsin
Aren't those names silly?

PAC 12    North- Oregon
                South- USC
                Champion- Oregon...... I think USC's scholarship reductions will get them by the end of the year

BIG 12   West Virginia      Oklahoma has to go to Morgantown. That's the game that will decide

Big East      Louisville    YAWN

ACC   Atlantic    FSU   All that recruiting finally helps Jimbo Fisher
           Coastal    VA Tech
           Champion    FSU

SEC     East      UGA    I know I'm a homer but the schedule just sets up too perfect
            West     Bama    I don't buy into all the "Mettenberger hype"
            Champion    Bama

BCS Championship Game        Bama vs FSU

Champion      Bama     Don't have any imperical facts. Just a feeling.

Heisman Trophy Winner      Matt Barkely      DUH


1   USC
2   LSU
3   Alabama
4   Oklahoma
5   FSU
6   UGA
7  Wisconsin
8  Oregon
9  South Carolina
10  Michigan

I'll keep the TOP 10 on the side all year.

Have a great season!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

First Game Picks

Post by William

Here are the picks for Thursday night's game

South Carolina minus 6.5 vs Vandy(Home)


William- SOUTH CAROLINA    I'd love for Vandy to win. Would be huge for UGA right out of the gate. Here's why Vandy is a pretender.... They can't sellout their first game at home against South Carolina. Anchor down Nation?? Good Grief. Give it up and go back to Math Class.

Get Real Vandy!!!

Just how bad is Buffalo?

Post by Mike

The Dawgs open up in just a few days and expect to see a lot of people play. Last season the Bulls won only two games. They topped Stony Brook 35-7, and Akron 51-0.

They are so bad, even Tennessee beat them 51-0. Their other losses were to Bowling Green, Miami (OH), Northern Il, Temple, UConn, Ball State, and Pitt.

Buffalo Bulls - 2011 Results

We've got a winner

Post by William

Old college friend Rick Rodriguez got the trivia question correct. Answer was Corey Jenkins.

We'll be picking tomorrow night's then USC/Vandy game then 10 more for the weekend.

Thanks for all who answered.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Finally something good

Post by William

After all the foolishness we see in sports, this is something good.

Good story on the Kuchars

OK, here's your first shot!!!

Post by William

Here's your first shot at getting to challenge me with the picks. First correct answer emailed to get to play.Since USC/Vandy is such a big game for the SEC East, we thought we'd give this a shot. Here's the question. Good Luck!!!

In 2002 South Carolina topped Vandy 20-14. The Commodore QB -  Jay Cutler completed 10-of-19  with 105 yards passing and one interception. The Carolina signal caller finished the game 17-of-25 with 213 yards and a pic, but never played in the NFL.  Name the USC QB.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Now it's time to get serious!!!

Post by William

OK. It's here. We've been waiting all Summer for this week. We're going to start hitting the blog hard.

As those of you who have followed the blog for a while know, I make picks each week. Purely for entertainment purposes. We're going to try something new this year. Each week we're going to have a trivia question related to a big game for that week. The first person that emails the correct answer to us.... will have the honor of picking the games against me for the week. IF you're lucky enough to beat me, you'll receive a fabulous prize. The prize for the first week was going to be a Ladies Pitching wedge I had in my closet in honor of Condi Rice gaining membership to Augusta National but I think I sold it at a Yard Sale. We'll come up with something good.

The first trivia question will be sent tomorrow night.

In addition to that I'm going to pick winners for each conference, Heisman Trophy and BCS Championship tomorrow night.

Time to get yourself ready for the best time of the year.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Tic toc... Show your gold Dores!

Post by Mike

13 days before Carolina plays Vandy. Show your Gold Dores!

Can they upset the number 8 team in the land to start our season right? That would be great start to the new season, but don't count on it. Palm has Vandy ranked at 78 just below Iowa State.

CBS - Jerry Palm's top 25

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Which one's gonna be better???

Post by William

Tonight on FOX at 8PM    Bengals at Falcons. AJ vs Julio. Who's going to have the better career?

Braves brief:

Post by Mike

On the Starsburg front: the kid is sitting at 139.1 innings. By my math, with an average six innings per start, he's got five games left in his tank this season. Nats pitching stats

On Prado: He has taken some heat for his long homer drought, but in my opinion, he may be the team MVP. As a two hitter his job isn't to punch dingers. His job is to move Bourn into scoring position. He is hitting .302 with 51 RBI and a .363 OBP. Prado's stats Plus he has played first, second, third, short, and left. With the game on the line there is no other player, except maybe number 10, who I would want at the plate.

A reason to be very optomistic: If statistics hold truth, the Braves can over come this 4.5 game lead the Nats hold. To date Atlanta has scored 548 runs (3rd in the NL). The Nats offense has only plated 525 (6th in the NL). NL Scoring

On the flip side of that argument is runs allowed. Washington pitching has given up 420 runs this season. Best in the NL. The Braves are fourth in the league with 461. NL pitching stats

Now you see the importance of that Strasburg sittuation.

The Braves should pin this on the wall: Even the Nats beat writter is already strutting around. He does, however, have a good point with his math. If Washington plays .500 ball from here on out, the Braves have to play .600 ball to tie them. Nats beat writter

OK People, this is IMPORTANT!!!

Post by William

Here are 2 links that you need to save in your Favorites.

SEC Helmet Schedule

If for some insane reason you want any other conference's schedule, the links are at the top of the page.

College Sports on TV

This site is fantastic. On the Mondays when the times for the games are released, this guy gets them posted immediately. It's great for CBBALL as well.

First game is 2 weeks from tonight, South Carolina at Vandy. Huge game for UGA. Any chance the Math Wizards can beat Spurrier?

Happy Thursday

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The golden boy takes priority over every other Nat?

Post by Mike

Maybe this is the moment we have been wanting for. The National players are starting to question the management of Strasburg. That can't be good for team chemistry.

Drew Storen on shutting him down. When you read this scroll down and look at all the people that have voiced their opinion on this sittuation.

I must say I can see his point. How many chances do players get to make a run for the World Series? Imagine you're an everyday player on the team. You've played games since April helping the team get this far, then the front office shuts down the golden pay check boy because they don't want him to get a boo boo.

That would irritate me too! I hope it irritates the entire Washington team.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mark Richt has lost control of Senator Blutarsky!

Post by Mike

The good Senator Blutarsky makes his ever so subtle point that doubters (I place myself in this category) blame CMR for the collapse of the Western World. Just scroll his headlines for a good chuckle.

Link here to "Get The Picture"

While he has a point, I have noticed a lack of energy in the fan base. UGA is coming off an SEC East Championship, our schedule looks like a cake walk, but the enthusiasm is pretty low. That second game of the season at Mizzou is crucial. A big win there, and you'll watch the Dawg Nation come to life.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Why the Braves will win the east.

Post by Mike
With 49 regular season game remaining, the Braves trail the Nationals by 4.5 games for the NL East title, and are currently tied with Pittsburgh for the top spot in the new Wild Card circus.

This season MLB has decided to send two wild card teams from each league to a one game death match. I guess the season wasn’t long enough already so we added a freak show one game baloney hunk to the menu. This ain’t the NHL fellas, quit screwing with the format before you ruin it. But I digress…

Anyway, Atlanta has 49 games to make up 4.5 on Washington. Not an easy task, but not impossible either. Here are four good reasons the Braves have a decent chance of winning the division out right.

1 – Check the schedules: Braves remaining scheduleNats remaining schedule

Atlanta has it easier the rest of the way while Washington has to play the Cardinals six times, we get the Brewers.

2 – While The Nats have a strong pitching staff it will lose Strasburg before the end of the season. He has pitched 133.1 innings with that 160 limit dead ahead. Meanwhile, the Braves have been adding arms. While not exactly over powering, they have Medlen, Sheets and Maholm to try a patch work system through the rest of the season. They might even be able to go to a six man rotation.

3 – Somebody woke up Uggla. In his last 7 games he is hitting .412 and we all know he is a streaky hitter.

4 – It looks like Simmons will make it back for September.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

A few quick ones

Post by William

Just a few quick items before starting the day....

#1  FYI..... Buster Posey can hit. Before last night's game, Buster was hitting .446 since the All-Star Game. Must've been all the Lee County Pregame singing.

#2  I'm glad I'm not the only one who thinks that Craig Kimbrel should win the Cy Young. He's unhittable.

Kimbrel for Cy Young

#3  Julio Jones is the reason the Falcons will win the NFC South and be a HUGE factor in the playoffs. He could be as good as Calvin Johnson. No drama queen. Jeff Schultz has a great story here. (Pay attention to the last paragraph. Perfect Saban.)

#4  My pick for the PGA Championship........... Graeme McDowell. I really want to play that course at Kiawah.

#5  No Braves game tonight...... however there are 3 NFL games on TV.

Ravens at Falcons 7:30  Mediacom Channel in Albany, CBS 46 in Atlanta

Steelers at Eagles 7:30 NFL Network

Packers at Chargers 8:00  ESPN

People, this is why you must have a multiple tv setup.

Have a big day

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The clock is ticking.

Post by Mike

It is getting close! So close I actually was able to read a little about the up coming season today without being disgusted by the actions of a Crowell or Dyer.

Even those butt heads can't completely dampen my enthusiasm for the greatest game ever!

Having said that, Steele should do a similar analysis comparing team suspensions to their effect on a season. He did some good work here loking at injuries vs. wins the next season.

Phil Steels - injury analysis

Thursday, August 2, 2012

War Damn Eagle????

Post by William

Auburn's "Fancy" new practice uniforms

Enter your best caption for these. Try to keep it clean.

I've got one.    "Damn, they didn't tell me about these on my recruiting visit. I've been hoo-dooed."

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I'm getting sick of you!!!

Post by William

Drew Brees, just shut up!!

I'm really starting to hate Drew Brees' whining. I HATE the Saints, but at least he came across as a good guy. Now he sounds like a big, whiny baby.

Falcons first Preseason game is one week from tomorrow night, 8/9/2012 at home against the Ravens.