Friday, December 31, 2010

Bowl Picks for 12/31

Post by William

0-4 yesterday. What a brutal day.

Clemson minus 5.5 vs South Florida      Mike  SOUTH FL     William    CLEMSON

Miami minus 2.5 vs Notre Dame      Mike   MIAMI    William    ND

Uga minus 6.5 vs Central Florida    Mike  UCF      William    UGA

South Carolina minus 3 vs Fsu      Mike    FSU     William     SOUTH CAROLINA

Never thought I would pull for Petrino...

Posted by Mike

Never thought I would pull for Petrino, but the actions of the holier than thou Jim Tressel are putting me squarely in the Razorback camp for the Sugar Bowl.

Here is my logic. With Petrino you know what you are getting, and he really doesn't hide behind a fake persona. Tressel on the other hand gives you this Mr. Clean act, then does his dirty work behind the scenes.

His latest stunt falls just below the level of Soft on Crime, Urban Meyer, as far as saying one thing, then doing another. While no violence was threatened by the OSU players, they clearly broke NCAA rules yet are still suiting up for the Sugar Bowl.

Don't forget Tressel also made a deal with the devil a few years ago with Maurice Clarett. Remember how that one turned out?

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thanks again for your support!!

Post by William

We just got to 15,000 hits. Thanks to you all for putting up with our silliness and for participating. This little thing is alot of fun for us. Hope to make it bigger and better starting in the new year.

Everybody have a Happy and safe New Year.

Mike and William

Bowl Picks for 12/30

SMU minus 7 vs Army       Mike ARMY         William  SMU

Syracuse minus 1 vs Kansas St     Mike   KSU      William  KSU

UNC minus 1 vs Tennessee     Mike TENN    William   TENN

Nebraska minus 13.5 vs Washington      Mike  WASH       William  NEB

Get the ball to AJ!!

Posted by Mike
Do not make the mistake of thinking Central Florida can not beat Georgia. Granted they are a Conference USA team, but they have a good coach in O'Leary, stout defense that is ranked 17th in the country, and this Liberty Bowl appearance is important to the Knights.

UGA is obviously disappointed with their season and have the added distraction of the troubled Caleb King to bring them down further.

UCF appears to have a solid game plan and recognize that the key to game could be AJ Green. Check out this story in the Orlando Sentinel. Knight's keys to beating Georgia.

The top two keys to UCF success revolve around shutting down the UGA pass attack. That along with the fact that the Dawgs are short one running back could be a problem. Still even if the Knights double AJ, he will be the best player on the field and can make things happen. This is also AJ's last chance to make an impression on NFL scouts and help out his beleaguered friend CMR.

Here is a link to Green's career stats. AJ's career stats Notice his total kick/punt returns. A grand total of 1 in a three year career. The time has come to get this kid the ball any way, any how. Let him line up in the shot gun and take a few snaps and run to the right. Set a goal of 25 touches and 300 all purpose yards for him. After all, he should be rested since he sat the first four games.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Really Saints?? REALLY??

Read the article about what they did on the field after the game. This is a grown man. After being at the game this makes me have even less respect for the Saints. Their fans make Florida fans look classy.What a bunch of classless scumbags. I guess they follow the lead of their no class redneck Head Coach.

Bowl Pick for 12/29

Maryland minus 7.5 vs East Carolina       Mike   MARYLAND      William     MARYLAND

Baylor minus 1 vs Illinois      Mike    ILLINOIS    William      BAYLOR

Oklahoma St minus 4 vs Arizona     Mike     OSU    William     OSU  

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Bowl picks for 12/28

N.C. State vs. West Virginia -3

William - WVU
Mike - WVU

Misouri vs. Iowa +2.5

William - Iowa
Mike - Mizzou

Monday, December 27, 2010

Bowl Pick for 12/27

Air Force minus 3 vs Ga Tech


William     GA TECH

The excitement is building!!!

Post by William

Just took the nephews to the Varsity for lunch(yes it's possible I've lost my mind). Picture in hats to follow at some point. The Saints fans are already being obnoxious. Driving up West Peachtree I look out the window and see Ron Jaworski walking down the street. I hollered at him and he looked at me like I was an idiot. Boys thought it was hilarious. That is a fancy bus the MNF crew has. They must be in a hotel on West Peachtree.

More to come throughout the day. Nephew naptime in a few minutes.

Falcons Fever!!!!

The nephews are all fired up!!!!

Who else has had enough of Caleb King?

Posted by Mike
- So it's cold and snowy. Since when did that become an issue in football? Here's a good idea. Don't schedule night games in December if you have an outdoor stadium in the Northeast.

- Who besides me has had enough of Caleb King? If you ask me, he would be a great player for Troy, Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, North Alabama or anywhere else that would take him.

- It is a good sports day. We get a warm up with Georgia Tech vs. Air Force at 5 PM, then the Falcons on MNF.

- FYI Tech has had some issues too and will not be playing at full strength against Air Force. Jackets playing with a short roster.

William should be posting Falcon updates since he is in Atlanta and going to the game.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Rise Up Falcons"

The Falcons slogan for the year is "Rise Up" w/Samuel L Jackson doing the commercials. Just saw one. The Mayor of Atlanta has declared tomorrow "Rise Up Monday".  Lots in today's paper. The energy level is rising.

More to come tomorrow morning.

Bowl Pick for 12/26

Toledo minus 1.5 vs Florida International


William     Florida International

Friday, December 24, 2010

Bowl game Pick for 12/24

Hawaii minus 10 vs Tulsa in Hawaii

Mike     TULSA

William     HAWAII

Can't believe he actually said this.

Mark May's take on Ohio State. They're gonna take away his privileges for saying this.

The NCAA is playing favorites with Tattoo U and the BCS.

Posted by Mike
Let's see if we can understand the latest NCAA ruling affecting (or really not affecting) Ohio State.

AJ sells a jersey and is suspended for four games, this season. Important games...South Carolina... and Arkansas among them.

The Buckeye players trade autographs and equipment for tattoos, and they get suspended for four games..NEXT YEAR.

Someone please explain to me how this equitable. Obliviously the NCAA is trying to protect the Sugar Bowl as a major component of the BCS. So when a ruling is in their favor, the body acts towards personal interest.

This from
The NCAA did not suspend the players for the Jan. 4 Sugar Bowl against the eigth-ranked Razorbacks because they "did not receive adequate rules education during the time period the violations occurred."

Not sure what this means but I think the translation is something like this: “We know these guys broke the rules and should be suspended, but come on... we can not wreck the Sugar Bowl. Do you know how much money is at stake in advertising revenue and ticket sales and hotel rooms and air line tickets... and so on?”

In short it is okay to trash Georgia's season, but God forbid they should do anything to upset the glorious BCS series. Can you say HYPOCRITS?

Sure can't get this in Albany

This isn't sports related but I ate at Flip Burger Midtown yesterday. Outstanding. Nothing like this in Albany for sure.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pick for the Night

San Diego St minus 3 vs Navy in Poinsettia Bowl in San Diego. Bad track.

Mike    NAVY

William    NAVY

I know.....boring!!!!!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Pick for the night

Boise St minus 17 vs Utah in Las Vegas       Mike- BOISE          William- BOISE

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Bowl Game Picks/Dogs grades

Mikey and I are going to have a bowl game contest. Winner gets a secret prize. We'll start w/tonight's game and do it every day.

Lousiville minus 2.5 vs Southern Miss in St Pete       Mike-Lousiville       William-Lousiville

FYI....keep your eyes open for UGA fball grades in the next few days. Could be some bad news.

A few appetizers before the Big Bowls.

Posted by Mike
The time for over indulgence is here. One last feast of football before we begin talking about March Madness and the Braves. Here are what I consider the best games of the next week. Of course the main meal is scheduled for January 10 but until then there are some good appetizers.

Wednesday – Las Vegas Bowl – Boise St. vs. Utah – 8PM - ESPN
On Wednesday mighty Boise State faces Utah in the Las Vegas bowl. Remember when these two were going to upset the BCS apple cart? National mass delusion had us all under a spell, including me. Only when you actually watch BSU you see a very good QB and some skill, but the fundamentals where not what you expect to see from a contender. If your running back takes a hand off like a second grader would with extended hands, you're not a top flight program. If one loss knocks you from BCS challenger to the Las Vegas Bowl, you are a pretender.

Still, it should be a good game.

Thursday – Poinsettia Bowl – Navy vs. San Diego State – 8PM – ESPN
Don't know a whole lot about SDSU, but watching the Middies churn up yardage with the triple option sure is entertaining. Over the course of the season Navy (9-3) played five bowl qualifiers and was 3-2 against them. The Middies lost 14-6 to Air Force (vs. Georgia Tech 12/27) and fell 17-14 to Maryland. They beat SMU 28-21(vs. Army on 12/30), East Carolina (vs. Maryland on 12/29) by the incredible score of 76-35, topped Army 31-17 and of course once again BEAT NOTRE DAME (vs. Miami on 12/31) 35-17.

Monday – Independence Bowl – Georgia Tech vs. Air Force – 5 PM – ESPN2
The good news for GT is there appears to be a solid market for used Independence Bowl jerseys.

The bad news is Air Force (8-4) is a good team that runs the same aggravating offense, and Tech's Joshua Nesbitt is injured and may not play.

The two leading rushers for Falcons are Georgia products, and that is unusual considering the top active ground gainers for Tech are not.

Air Force Running back Asher Clark (Lawrenceville, GA) has gained 1.058 yards on 174 carries for a 5.8 yard per average. As you might expect from a triple option attack the Falcon QB, Tim Jefferson (Atlanta, GA) is the team's second leading rusher with 838 yards on 110 carries and a 5.4 yard per carry average. There are 14 Air Force players from the State of Georgia.

The Jacket's leading rusher Anthony Allen (1,225 yards on 217 carries) is from Tampa, FL, and Nesbitt's replacement Tevin Washington (383 yards on 88 carries) is from Wetumpka, AL. And yes Wetumpka is really the name of the small city north of Montgomery.

There are also two brothers facing off in this one. Roddy Jones plays for Tech and Darius Jones is a sophomore for the Falcons. They grew up in Atlanta.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dogs looking to upgrade schedule.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Isn't this what Damon tried and McGarrity said he didn't like it?

My team is the BEST!!!

Post by William

I hope everyone finally realizes that the Atlanta Falcons are the best team in the NFL. They beat Seattle like a drum yesterday. All the talk about them having to prove they can win on the road should stop now. We beat the defending Super Bowl Champions on the road.

The Falcons are the most complete team in the league. Nothing's flashy, everything is solid. Like my brother-in-law texted yesterday..... a very confident team. Matt Ryan throws the 20 yard out pattern to Roddy beatter than any QB, including Brady. Can you imagine if they had drafted Glenn Dorsey instead of Matty Ice?? Frightening. The whole operation seems to be top notch. Just a tad different from the days of the Smiths. (Remember when they were known around the league as the Clampetts?!)

Go ahead and try to wrap your brain around this one. NFC Championship Game, Georgia Dome w/Michael Vick on the other sideline. Can you imagine how that atmosphere is gonna be?

One last I the only one who noticed how bad the announcers were yesterday? The were bad talking the Falcons like everything they did was lucky. I guess those guys do alot of Seahawks games but they didn't know squat about the Falcons.

I'm going to the Saints/Falcons next Monday night compliments of sister and brother-in-law. Awesome gift so he's going with me. Should be a blast. I'll have a report when I get back.

I'll be posting occasionally for the next week. I think Mike's going to be posting a good bit on the bowl games. I'll be putting up daily picks for those as well.

Hope ou all have a safe and very Merry Christmas.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Metrodome Roof Collapse

The Giants/Vikings game had to be postponed and moved because of this. Frightening video. Can you imagine if the stadium had been full?

Why not Mullen?

Wow that was a hard breaking curve. Just when the entire World was calling for a Dan Mullen move to Florida, the Gators throw Will Muschamp an offer he can not refuse.

This moves brings up a few immediate questions.

1 – Are the wheels coming off the Texas program?

2 – Why didn't the Gators hire Mullen, the obvious succession choice? He runs the same offense as Soft on Crime, and he was an assistant in the program just a few season ago. There must be a problem relating to the Cam Newton saga somewhere in all of this, maybe even relating the resignation of Soft on Crime.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Good info for HS State Championships

This is some good info if you're planning on watch the State Championship games this weekend on GPTV.

More Urban

See, I'm not the only one who thinks he's a scumbag

Ode to Urban Meyer....."Go Gata"

I know I've posted this before but we have some new friends who may not have seen this. This really doesn't have anything to do w/Urban but I just love this. The subtitles make the whole thing.

By the way I HATE Urban Meyer. I'll post later my thoughts on him "resigning".

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Okay so I was wrong... Maybe he is quitting to go back west and coach Teabag.

Posted by Mike
On August 10th I published the following only I may have been slightly off. Urban may be retiring not to coach at Colorado to be closer to Teabow, but to actually be the head coach at Denver....where his baby is riding the pine.

Note #3 -

A preseason #3 ranking for the Florida Gators seems high with the loss of Teabow and even heavier losses on the defense. Both defensive ends, one d-back and their middle line backer are in the pros, and not as gimmick freak show players.

The former Florida defenders were a huge reason behind the Gator success, but twinkle toes got all the glory.

Still, unless Urban Meyer resigns to move west and coach at Colorado just to be closer to his baby, the Gators will be the team to beat to climb atop the SEC East.

The article titled 10 questions surrounding Florida Football on or Rivals describes the strength they have on the O-line and gives you an idea of the weapons in their arsenal.

October, as always, will be the key month of the season. Florida gets to travel to Tuscaloosa October 2nd then gets LSU in the Swamp October 9 and Mississippi State on the 16th. The annual border war is slated for the 30th.

Bama and LSU back to back will ding the armor, but will it do enough damage to bring them down to size?

This just in... the emotional reflux - soft on crime Urban Meyer is a quitter!

Posted by Mike

Laughing very loud now!

Urban quits! ...AGAIN!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A lot is riding on the Weed Eater Bowl!

Post by Mike

Maybe it is time to look at the positives of the Dawg program. According to CBS Sportsline, UGA finished the season ranked 53rd of 120 FBS teams. Alright... we made the top half of the class.

Among the 52 teams finishing above Georgia is Navy, Notre Dame, Miami-Ohio, Air Force, Tulsa, Ohio U, Temple and SMU. The Weed Eater Bowl is significant because with a big win over UCF (currently ranked 24th) we could break into the top 50 now and maybe even the top 40 preseason.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Of course Auburn just proved the preseason polls are good for selling preseason magazines and early bragging rights. Outside of that they are as useless as a community organizer.

The Tigers climbed from 22 preseason to the BCS title game. Amazing just how far $200,000 goes in this economy.

At least they are there though which is more than UGA or GT (currently ranked 64th) can claim. Both FBS schools from the state will likely be absent in next season's first top 25 which means even with a perfect record they will likely be denied any chance of a title. (Please refer to Auburn 2004.)

All this makes the next signing class even more important for both programs, and this is where they are pinning their hopes: UGA commitments         Ga Tech commitments

A little in state bball tonight

Post by William

Dogs at Jackets tonight at 7 on ESPN2.

How high does the heat get turned up on Coach Paul Hewitt if he gets beat tonight at home by the Dogs?

Just an how undisciplined Tech is with the ball.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Found this web site this morning.

Posted by Mike

Wow. A year of discontent in the state of Georgia. At least Georgia Southern is still alive in the FCS.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

OK. Who's with me??

Post by William

Anybody who wants to jump on the Falcons bandwagon, come on. There's plenty of room!!! I've been driving it since Week 1.

Big, HUGE win. Very impressive.

Makes the MNF game vs Saints on 12/27 enormous. Yes, I'll be there.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Dogs Bball Tonight

Post by William

Dogs bball tonight in Athens vs UAB on FS South at 7.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Same old same old

Coach didn't reach far out of the box for this one.

Changes in Athens

Post by William

There will be some news later today out of Athens. Changes in Strength and Conditioning. Will post link when it comes out.

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Here are the picks for Championship Week. Picks are in ALL CAPS

SOUTH FLORIDA(Home) minus 1 vs Connecticut    Skip Holtz may have something down there

USC minus 6.5 vs Ucla(Home)       One word.....Cheerleaders

OREGON minus 16.5 vs Oregon St(Home)   

AUBURN minus 5 vs South Carolina in Atlanta        Cam puts on another show and shoots down Spurrier's hopes for 7th SEC Title

Va Tech minus 4 vs FSU in Charlotte      

OKLAHOMA minus 5 vs Nebraska in Dallas

                                   3 Must See Games in the NFL

ATLANTA minus 3 vs Tampa(Home)        Falcons are the best in the NFC

BALTIMORE(Home) minus 3  vs Pittsburgh 

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 3.5 vs New York Jets        Brady in a shootout