Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A lot is riding on the Weed Eater Bowl!

Post by Mike

Maybe it is time to look at the positives of the Dawg program. According to CBS Sportsline, UGA finished the season ranked 53rd of 120 FBS teams. Alright... we made the top half of the class.

Among the 52 teams finishing above Georgia is Navy, Notre Dame, Miami-Ohio, Air Force, Tulsa, Ohio U, Temple and SMU. The Weed Eater Bowl is significant because with a big win over UCF (currently ranked 24th) we could break into the top 50 now and maybe even the top 40 preseason.

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Of course Auburn just proved the preseason polls are good for selling preseason magazines and early bragging rights. Outside of that they are as useless as a community organizer.

The Tigers climbed from 22 preseason to the BCS title game. Amazing just how far $200,000 goes in this economy.

At least they are there though which is more than UGA or GT (currently ranked 64th) can claim. Both FBS schools from the state will likely be absent in next season's first top 25 which means even with a perfect record they will likely be denied any chance of a title. (Please refer to Auburn 2004.)

All this makes the next signing class even more important for both programs, and this is where they are pinning their hopes: UGA commitments         Ga Tech commitments


  1. Well, at least we should be able to offer incoming recruits lots of playing time.

  2. Community organizer. That is funny.

  3. FYI, The 'Weed Eater Bowl' refers to the Independence Bowl in Shreveport, which was one of the first bowls to have a title sponsor. Their sponsor was Poulan, maker of the Weed-Eater.

    The Liberty Bowl actually has a long and storied history. It's not great for UGA, but at least it's Memphis.

  4. Reference to Weed Eater Bowl is sarcasm!