Monday, October 31, 2011

Once again, I'm in the wrong business

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The Braves traded Derek Lowe today to the Cleveland Indians for a bag of balls and some used cleats. Braves are paying $10 mill of his $15 mill salary this year. Over his stint with the Braves, he made almost $96,000 PER INNING. Parents, turn your kids into pitchers.


Post by William

8-2 for the week w/o Bama and LSU layups. 61-32-1 for the year. 65%

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Observations from a crazy day

Post by William

Some observations from watching yesterday. Not trying to be Debbie Downer but....

#1  I'm usually a big Verne/Danielson fan but they made some awful mistakes announcing the game. Verne called Aaron Murray "Cox". Danielson called him "Rodgers". We think Verne called Carlton Thomas "Ealey". Verne called somebody Tyson Jenkins. When Boykin dropped the INT they never mentioned how that could've been a momentum swing.

#2   Danielson did say something that I imagine everyone has been saying. In the 4th quarter he was BEGGING UGA to run the ball.

#   The Shotgun is a problem. In it WAY too much. When the first play is 3 wideouts in the shotgun, if you go into the "I" everyone knows it's a run. Plus, why can't Crowell run out off the Shotgun? Dogs go into the "I", he runs for 22 yards. Next play Shotgun.

#4  Looking over to the sideline to change the play has to stop. Dogs look completely disoganized when that happens.

#5  On that note, Murray had to tell Crowell 3 times what to do after looking over. Almost got delay twice and had to take one timeout. Does he not know the plays? Is that why he doesn't play more? Is he soft? Drama Queen? I don't understand.

#6  At 2:45 before kickoff, I texted we would run the "ball behind the back" play. Wide open. How can Murray miss that?

#7   Let's hope Coaches Richt and Bobo watched Stanford/USC. Stanford runs it down your throat. So could we.

#8  The punt formation with 3 guys protecting has to go. Drew Butler looked scared that he would kick it off somebody's butt. He pulled up on every punt.

#9  Finally, don't think Dr Adams will like Michael Bennett's quote after the game.

"I've never seen so many drunk people in my life. I jumped into the crowd and all I could smell was whiskey."  Nice.

Friday, October 28, 2011

I thought EVERYBODY watched Reality TV???

Post by William

American Idol. Dancing with the Stars. X Factor.

Whatever. NFL is Top Dog

Week 9 Picks

Post by William

It's FINALLY Friday. I know I'm ready for tomorrow b/c it's taken forever to get here.
Here are a few items before the picks

#1   And he wants to be your franchise QB?

#2   Albany's Josh Broadaway shot even par 72 yesterday. Starts today T30 for the event.

#3 case you've missed it . The World Series is being played. Game 7 tonight at 8 on Fox.

Here are the picks. Tougher picks this week w/o 2 layups with Bama and LSU off. 53-30-1 for the year, 63%. Picks are in ALL CAPS

CLEMSON minus 3.5 vs Georgia Tech(Home)    I know Dabo is due to screw up a game but I don't think this is it. Clemson way too fast for GT. Over/under is 63.5  High.

ARKANSAS minus 10 vs Vandy(Home)     Petrino will run it up. Loser.

AUBURN(Home) minus 12 vs Ole Miss    Supposedly it will cost Ole Miss $6 mill to get rid of Houston Nutt, $9 mill for the whole coaching staff. OUCH.

MISS ST minus 10 v Kentucky(Home)    Kentucky is putrid.  

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 4 vs Tennessee(Home)    This one confuses me. UT is starting 3rd QB, UGA was 6-7 point fav at night in Knoxville. I know Lattimore is out but...... Spurrier had off week to try to figure it out.

OKLAHOMA ST(Home) minus 14 vs Baylor    The total in this game could be higher than when they play basketball this year. Over/under is 79!!!

STANFORD minus 7.5 vs Southern Cal(Home)    Laney Boy/Boy Wonder beat ND last week. Big whoop. USC crowd is no factor. Luck puts on a show for national audience-except for us. We get Clemson/GT.

New England minus 3 vs PITTSBURGH(Home)   Tom Brady's hair can't help NE this week.

PHILADELPHIA(Home) minus 3.5 vs Dallas     Philly puts Jerry Jones out of his/our misery for the year. CAUTION on the half point.

UGA minus 3 vs Florida in Jville    I've tried to figure this thing out. Can't do it. 3-18 over last 21. Dogs are due, right? In the last 3 years, Dogs have 12 turnovers, Gators have 1. That's due to change, right? If Dogs lose, Coach Richt will have a losing record against FOUR Gator coaches. That's impossible, right? Phil Steele's computer, 17-2 last week and 120-19 for the year, picks Dogs 30-13. A computer CAN'T be wrong, can it? Bruce Feldman, SENIOR college football columnist, picks Dogs 23-14. You can't be a SENIOR columnist and be wrong, can you?

Please Lord, let me be in a good mood at 7:30pm Saturday night. Amen.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

We're gaining on it!!

Post by William

Getting close to 48 hours from kickoff. Just a few nuggets...

#1  I love Tony B but on this, he has an acute sense of the obvious

#2  Is Muschamp pulling a "Saban" by running off players? Urban's players?

#3  Chris Rainey. Really? Pretty sure you shouldn't speak.

#4   A little Old School

First chance I've had to go to Jville for the game in a long time. I turned down a ticket to work some before kickoff Saturday. Me not being in that stadium can only help the Dogs' chances.

Picks to come tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bored on Tuesday

Post by William

I'm between phone calls so I thought I'd post really quick.

#1   7-3 on the picks for the week. Will take one of the losses since it was the Falcons beating the Lions. 53-30-1 for the year. 63%. Not too bad.

#2   Will someone call South Bend Indiana and let them know that Notre Dame football is irrelevant? They were saying Saturday night that if ND could win they could still get into a BCS game. A depleted USC team dominated ND in South Bend at night. Imagine what Andrew Luck will do to that defense. Please go away now.

SIDENOTE- what genius made ND a 9.5 point favorite? Should've called as Lock of the Year #4.

#3   Anybody besides me sick of seeing Cam Newton celebrate? Cam, you're a QB in the NFL. Act like it.

#4   Albany's Josh Broadaway has 1 event left on the Nationwide Tour to automatically get his PGA Tour card w/o having to go to Qualifying School. Top 25 automatically qualify. He starts the week 27th after being up to 12th 5 weeks ago. Play hard Josh.

#5   On the way back from Atlanta yesterday I passed an SUV w/UGA flags heading down I-75. AWFULLY early to be heading to Jville. Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint.

#6   Speaking of Jville, thought I'd put this up to start getting you in the mood(like you're not already).

Early line....... Dogs minus 2.5.

Have a great week.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Week 8 Picks

Post by William

First losing weekend last week, 4-6. Got screwed by the 1/2 point when Spurrier takes a safey at the end of the game. 44-27-1 for the year.

Here are the picks. Picks are in ALL CAPS

MIAMI(Home) minus 3 vs Ga Tech

Florida St(Home) minus 18 vs MARYLAND

Arkansas minus 16 vs OLE MISS(Home)

CLEMSON(Home) minus 10.5 vs North Carolina

Oklahoma St minus 7 vs MISSOURI(Home)

ALABAMA(Home) minus 30 vs Tennessee

Notre Dame(Home) minus 9 vs USC

LSU(Home) minus 21.5 vs Auburn

NEW ORLEANS(Home) minus 14 vs Indianapolis

DETROIT(Home) minus 3 vs Atlanta

Friday, October 14, 2011

Week 7 Picks

Post by William

Heard something very interesting yesterday. Vegas is taking a beating on college football this year. They can't make the lines high enough. A guy from Caesar's said that if you had bet the Top 10 teams each week and gave the points, you would be winning over 70% for the year.

Here are the picks for the week. 40-21-1 for the year. Picks are in ALL CAPS.

FSU minus 13 vs Duke(Home)     If they can, FSU will hit 70    First time since 1982 a team from Florda not ranked

GEORGIA TECH minus 7.5 vs Virginia(Home)      I think last week was a wake up call for Tech. Still, be very careful

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 2.5 vs Miss St(Home)     This doesn't mean that I'm not all in on Miss St. Just don't think Miss St can score

SIDENOTE-    Anybody besides me REALLY want Garcia to tell everything he knows about the Gamecock program? I know some people will say he will be spewing sour grapes, but what does he have to lose? He's already graduated and he's unhireable in South Carolina anyway.  I bet he knows alot he could tell.

LSU minus 16 vs Tennessee(Home)     Tennessee could barely score against UGA. Now they've lost their QB and they're  playing one of the  best D's in the country.

Florida minus 2 vs AUBURN(Home)     This started at Florida PLUS 2. Now Auburn is getting points at home at night playing against a #3 QB and several other QBs. Auburn helps the Dogs again.

SIDENOTE- I've been asked to say something about the NCAA clearing Auburn in the Cam Newton investigation. Don't have much to say. Congratulations. Don't think we've heard the end of it though. Anybody think Miss State paid Cecil, Cam goes to Auburn and now Miss State can't squeal? Just a thought.

ALABAMA minus 25.5 vs Ole Miss(Home)      Bama just playing along until the November 5th "Game of the Century".

Oklahoma St minus 7.5 vs TEXAS(Home)        Upset alert

GEORGIA minus 11 vs Vandy      If you're a big boy football team, you  come out ready to play, put Vandy away early, play clean, manhandle them, and get out of town. Wouldn't it be nice to see a good solid performance before the off week before traveling to Jacksonville? Chances that happens? Yeah, that's what I thought too.

Atlanta(Home) minus 4.5 vs CAROLINA      Julio is out. Falcons look in disarray. They win but don't cover.

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 7 vs Dallas       Belichick vs Romo. See video below. Says it all.

A few more things.....

#1   In the poll Mike did about who should be UGA's next coach, here are the results...

Dan Mullen   26%

None of the above    16%

Brian vanGorder   14%

John Gruden   14%

Real happy you voters are not in charge of the program

#2   I REALLY want to try this but I think we would need EMTs on site. Has anybody tried this? If so, please let us know how it is.

#3   Good article on Albany's Josh Broadaway. Not a good start yesterday. 73. T121.

Have a great, safe weekend.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Observations

Post by William

Watched ALOT of sports this weekend. A few observations....

#1   I hope everybody saw DWS grad Tony Zenon return opening kickoff of the 2nd half 72 yards for Ga Tech.

#2   Congrats to former Ga Tech golfer Bryce Molder for getting his first PGA Tour win yesterday in a 6 hole playoff vs former Valdosta State golfer Briny Baird. Briny Baird has won over $15 million in his career without a win. We're in the wrong business.

#3   So the Falcons come out last night and looked unbelievable on the first 2 drives, 140 yards, 2 touchdowns. Rest of the game, 111 yards. What happened to the playcalling after the first 2 drives? Terrible. Aaron Rodgers is really good but he doesn't play defense.

#4   Is there a problem developing in Athens? It looks like Crowell could be a problem. Don't like the way he handles himself during the game. I think that's what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. The Vandy game is the true definition of a "Trap" game for the Dogs.

#5   I'm not sure why but the story below cracks me up.

6-3 on the picks going into tonight's game.

Have a good week.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Week 6 Picks

Post by William

Running behind. Picks in ALL CAPS

OKLAHOMA minus 10 vs Texas at Cotton Bowl

ALABAMA(Home) minus 29 vs Vandy       D scores again

Arkansas(Home) minus 10 vs AUBURN     Hogs win but don't cover

GEORGIA TECH(Home) minus 14 vs Maryland         Offense is unstoppable

SOUTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 21 vs Kentucky       I hate Spurrier

LSU(Home) minus 13.5 vs Florida     Blowout

GEORGIA minus 1 vs Tennessee(Home)      You can't beat UGA after Mommy gets involved

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 9.5 vs New York Jets      Lot of points but Jets can't score

DETROIT(Home) minus 6 vs Chicago      One word.....Megatron

GREEN BAY minus 5.5 vs Atlanta(Home)      Homer-ism only goes so far. Falcons lose BIG.

Have a great safe weekend