Thursday, November 4, 2010

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

OK. I've finally gotten motivated from Saturday. Here are my picks for the week. Picks are in ALL CAPS

VA TECH (Home) minus 13 vs Ga Tech      Hokies are hitting their stride

FSU(Home) minus 10 vs North Carolina      

FLORIDA minus 14 vs Vandy(Home)      Small letdown from last week but Gata will cover

BOISE ST(Home) minus 21 vs Hawaii      Boise needs to run it up

Oklahoma minus 3.5 vs TEXAS A&M(Home)     

Tcu minus 4.5 vs UTAH(Home)      TCU's run ends-I did hear Todd Blackledge say last nite TCU is better than Boise

Alabama minus 6 vs LSU(Home)     Bama wins in a close one and but doesn't cover
South Carolina(Home) minus 4 vs ARKANSAS      Mallett too much to stop

ATLANTA(Home) minus 8.5 vs Tampa Bay     Welcome to the big leagues Bucs

Philadelphia(Home) minus 3 vs INDY      Peyton getting points? DUH


  1. I wouldn't put too much on VaTech or FSU. Did you mean to capitalize Alabama?

  2. Wish we could see that TCU - Utah game. By the way - Scooter is an idiot. I've known him for years.

  3. You can see TCU/Utah. Channel 171 on Mediacom. 3:30 Staurday.

  4. Who are you and where are you so I can beat your ass?

  5. Scooter,

    I have a question for you. If an Alabama boy marries an Alabama girl, are they still brother and sister?