Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Boise State/Lady Announcer??!!

Post by William

Some thoughts before we get deep into the Cocktail Party.

#1 The Atlanta Hawks kick off their season tonight in Memphis. I know the NBA is down the totem pole here but this team should be really exciting to watch. Josh Smith could be ready to explode into the star he was projected to be.

#2 This is Tony B's blog today. Very informative. Tell us what you think. #5 very interesting.

#3 Five reasons why Boise State can't win National Championship(beside what Tony says above):

     A- fundamentally unsound.
     B- if you play on Tuesday night, you're no factor
     C- Didn't slaughter La Tech when the whole country's watching
     D- Herbstreit is over the top on the bandwagon
     E- if you have a lady announcing your game, well.....enough said.

#4 Does UGA have what it takes to beat a down UF team? Has Urbie really changed the offense this week?(If you didn't catch the video I posted yesterday, take a look. Funny.) Can UGA stop the one or two tricks Urbie will have- probably in the kicking game?

#5 If you're going to the Cocktail Party, are you going because  you always go/have to go or are you really looking forward to it? Let us know. I don't really know of anyone going.

#6 Didn't know if you saw it but Sea Island's Jonathan Byrd won the PGA Tour event with an ace on the 4th palyoff hole. It was unbelievable.

#7 Are you excited about the World Series? If Buster Posey wasn't playing would you really care? There are some good stories in the series. Josh Hamilton....what a comeback. Cliff Lee could make himself an EXTRA $100 million when he signs with the Yankees next year if he pitches like he has been. Sure would be nice to be watching the Braves in it.

We'll have the weekly picks up tomorrow am and we'll have Cocktail Party stuff up all day Friday.

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