Thursday, October 21, 2010

Weekend Picks

Post by William

OK. Here are my picks for the weekend. My picks are in ALL CAPS.

NOTRE DAME minus 7 vs Navy in Baltimore    ND wins in a snoozer. Worst announce team ever for this one.

OLE MISS plus 9.5 vs Arkansas(Home)    Big letdown for the Hogs after last week.

Ga Tech plus 5.5 vs CLEMSON(Home)      Not sure why I picked this way but....

Lsu plus 6 vs AUBURN(Home)     This one is must see tv. No errands after 3 on Saturday

ALABAMA minus 16.5 vs Tennessee(Home)       Saban pours it on

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 12 vs Vandy(Home)     This is a hard one to pick. SC could fall flat
GEORGIA minus 4 vs Kentucky(Home)     Just another one in route to Ga Dome 12/4/10

NORTH CAROLINA plus 6.5 vs Miami(Home)      Butch Davis outcoaches Randy Shannon

Cincinnati plus 3.5 vs ATLANTA(Home)        Curtis Lofton will punish Ocho and TO. Too much chatter/drama in Cincy. Falcons roll

MINNESOTA plus 2.5 vs Green Bay(Home)       Favre goes home and wins outright

Tiebreaker      Total points LSU/Auburn    47


  1. I guess it's impossible for a military academy to have a home game since the players are from across the country, but that's as close as it gets for Navy. I think they'll cover. ND will have their hands full with the 3xoption.

    Tech v. Clemson, like all ACC games, a total coin toss.

    I thought 'Bama would hang half-a-hundred on Ole Miss too....

    Da U will whip UNC, unless J. Harris throws three interceptions. nevermind.

    It's UK's homecoming. That means nothing except that Shelley's niece is up for homecoming queen. Go Dawgs!

    Carson Palmer is cashed. Bengals are getting back to their 1990s form. Falcons should have something to prove. Bet the mortgage on this one (but first make sure the foreclosure documents are all f*cked up).

  2. Does anybody know if the GA/KY game will be on Network TV an Albany, GA? I am showing it as CSS and PPV on Ch 163 at $24.95.

  3. Really don't think we're gonna get it in Albany. Try espn3. I know it'll be there. See link below for more info.