Monday, December 27, 2010

Who else has had enough of Caleb King?

Posted by Mike
- So it's cold and snowy. Since when did that become an issue in football? Here's a good idea. Don't schedule night games in December if you have an outdoor stadium in the Northeast.

- Who besides me has had enough of Caleb King? If you ask me, he would be a great player for Troy, Appalachian State, Georgia Southern, North Alabama or anywhere else that would take him.

- It is a good sports day. We get a warm up with Georgia Tech vs. Air Force at 5 PM, then the Falcons on MNF.

- FYI Tech has had some issues too and will not be playing at full strength against Air Force. Jackets playing with a short roster.

William should be posting Falcon updates since he is in Atlanta and going to the game.


  1. Hit the road Caleb. At least he won't fumble the game away to UCF.

  2. There is a good juco in Texas!

  3. Angry at the worldMonday, December 27, 2010

    Like Judge Smales told Danny in Caddyshack...."the world needs ditch diggers too"

  4. CMR will do the classy thing and get King hooked up with Bowdeon over at North Alabama. So far he has not shown enough talent for a big time program to make room for him. I think most programs would take their chances signing and unproven high school player over a player with this history. He does not need to return the team under any circumstance. If this had been his first problem, sure give another chance, but now this is getting old.