Friday, June 29, 2012

This won't help his Heisman campaign.

Post by Mike

Crowell persecuted by rogue cops!

Maybe Crowell should have set his sights just a tad lower than winning the Heisman. Staying in school, on the team and out of jail would have been a good starting point.

And what is with this "immediate suspension" stuff? How about immediate dismissal from the team, university and banishment from Clarke County.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Saban to his QB.... GET OFF TWITTER....NOW!!!

Post by William

AJ McCarron/Honey Badger Peeing Contest

McCarron does sound much more rational than Honey Badger. Maybe the synthetic dope got the Badger

The World "ALMOST" came to an end today

Post by William

Tiger "ALMOST" tweaks his back

Can you imagine if he had to WD. ESPN and NBC would pack their equipment and go home.

How can a 37 year old man be some dramatic? He had "flu-like" symptoms at Memorial, according to CBS. He had allergies.

Good grief.

PS  I will be watching at 4:18 Friday when he tees off with Phil and Bubba.

Just Say NO!!!!

Post by William

UGA Athletic Department Drug Policy

This is a very good article.

Spurrier's such a Jackass. He's got some nerve calling out McGarity and Richt for discipline. How many times did he not discipline Stephen Garcia?

83 days from first game.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Must See TV times 2

Post by William

#1    Friday Night on either SportSouth or Fox SportSouth     John Smoltz Jersey Retirement   7:00pm

#2    Next Friday Afternoon ESPN 4:18 at Olympic Club Round 2     Phil Mickelson, Bubba Watson and Tiger Woods

Pairings are on link

US Open Pairings

This is good work by two of the good guys.

Post by Mike

Chipper says he hasn't met Tebow yet so I wonder what they will talk about?

Maybe the old man will tell the young boy to stay away from Hooters waitresses.

Okay...that was a cheap shot, but you gotta admit it was funny. Plus I never knew Chipper was a Gaytor, and wish I still didn't know that.

Chipper and Tebow.

For better or worse, the NFL is going to change.

Post by Mike

This story tears both ways. There is no greater game than football be it high school, college or the NFL, but the old grey noodle isn't something to fool around with.

For better or worse, the NFL is going to change.

Monday, June 4, 2012