Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why not Mullen?

Wow that was a hard breaking curve. Just when the entire World was calling for a Dan Mullen move to Florida, the Gators throw Will Muschamp an offer he can not refuse.

This moves brings up a few immediate questions.

1 – Are the wheels coming off the Texas program?

2 – Why didn't the Gators hire Mullen, the obvious succession choice? He runs the same offense as Soft on Crime, and he was an assistant in the program just a few season ago. There must be a problem relating to the Cam Newton saga somewhere in all of this, maybe even relating the resignation of Soft on Crime.


  1. You can't blame Muschamp for taking a head coaching job, but he seems a little like a rat getting off the sinking ship. That said, great programs have bad years occasionally, and a big part of the problem in Texas this year was defense. Wasn't he also co-head-coach?

    I'd bet money that Muschamp is this decade's Wannstache. Great coordinator, but a guy who is going to FAIL as a head coach. I sure hope he fails at Florida.

  2. He's been well thought of by a lot of people for a long time. Who knows if he can be a succesful head coach, but one thing is for sure...he's one hell of a recruiter and everyone who had hoped and planned on taking advantage of UF's recruiting open door just had said door slammed shut in their face. You gotta hand it to Foley getting something done prior to the recruiting dark period on the 20th.

  3. Muschamp must be watching the "coach in waiting" situation in Dallas and realizes that the job is not automatically his when Mac Brown retires. As you know Jason Garrett was kept in Dallas when he was wanted for several head coaching job by "you are coach in waiting." Well, it very well could be his job, but if he was the true coach in waiting, he would not be interim right now. He would be head coach with a contract. Just my thoughts, and as always, my thoughts are always right.

  4. All great points!

    Any thoughts on why they didn't hire the obvious choice?

  5. Texas has hired Randy Shannon as Muschamp's successor - a great hire and will fix their pourous defense. No the wheels are not off there. Muschamp was expecting tho get the job this year and when Mack Brown changed his mind, Muschamp told Sexton to put his name out for the higher profile jobs. Good for Muschamp landing a great job. Texas is loaded with talent but they lack playmakers, as did Georgia (while Green was suspended) and Florida this year. There's a difference between playmakers like McCoy, Shipley, Tebow, Newton, Aaron Murray, AJ Green and just talent. You just need one or two playmakers to really carry a team.

  6. Soft on Crime. That is funny.