Friday, November 30, 2012

Pac 12 Championship

Post by William Stanford minus 8.5 at home vs UCLA Stanford wins in a rout. Covers easily

Reason #5 - PRESSURE

Post by Mike
Pressure is the key to this game. Click, listen and read below:
There are three prime pressure points- over come them and you're one win away.
1 – How will each offensive line hold up against a very athletic defensive front 7?
2 – How will the Bama secondary hold up against the UGA receivers and Murray? And most importantly
3- how will A. J. McCarron react to the pressure? We have seen Murray have trouble in big games. We have also seen McCarron cry after pulling it out against LSU, only to turn around and make a bad pass at the end of the Texas A&M game.

But for me there was a more telling moment in the loss to Johnny Football. In an interview replayed during the game McCarron spoke candidly about the pressure of being quarterback at Alabama. He was referring to his crying at the end of the LSU game and how the pressure was huge. He almost cried in the interview about him crying. Weight of the World pushing down?

I’m sure it is, which leads to this argument – Nick Saban is not Mr. Warm and Fuzzy. He is all business all the time and not exactly Human centric as reported by Dave Hyde, Columnist for The Sun Sentinel:

“But logic never was Saban's strong suit. Or truth. Or humanity, as all the old Dolphins stories say. We saw that side of him. Like the time he ordered a personal lieutenant, whose internal nickname was Dr. Doom, to tell Dolphins office workers to quit greeting Saban in the morning.

“Or the one where he walked right over a convulsing Jeno James in the locker room. James, a massive guard, was passed out, vomiting, suffering from heat stroke and being attended by panicked teammates. Saban stepped right over James on the way to his office.”

Who really wants to run out and bust a gut for that guy?

So far Saban has been able to treat his Alabama teams like the machine that he is and they have responded. He reportedly requires a minimum of 70 hours a week out of his assistants, does not allow family at practices or at the offices, and is no joy to be around.

When, if ever, will this approach grow old to a bunch of kids? If they make a mistake will he lose it? If McCarron throws a pick, what does the machine say? Can his pro mentality hold up forever at the college ranks? Or do kids this age occasionally need a coach that does a flip off the high dive?

Don’t say it. I know I mocked CMR for that, but maybe there is a method in his madness. We shall see soon. If the Dawgs rise to this occasion he’ll look like a genius who managed to massage a talented, though sometimes troubled roster, into a force mighty enough to take down Bama. His team certainly believes.

The smack talk coming out of Athens is in one instant, infuriating. Then when you reflect, it sends a message of “we are loose”, and loose can be good in a game like this. Of course I made the same argument for LSU last January, and they never crossed the 50.

So while my science is week, my intuition is still pointing to a big day for one team and a fold by another. My intution is also telling me that Gurshall, Murray, Malcolm, Ogletree, Rambo, Big John, and Jarvis would run through a freaking wall for the guy below.

Damn the Yankees!!!

Post by William

This is hilarious. Every sports writer north of Lexington should have to watch this.

Falcons WON

Post by William

Anybody else notice this morning that it was a Saints loss, not a Falcons win? Pity party for NOLA. Held that O to 13 points with 5 INTs. It's a Falcons win.

Is up tempo the ticket?

Post by Mike

This is an interesting analysis of an Alabama weakness: Up tempo favors UGA

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reason #4 - Jarvis Jones

Reason #4 - Jarvis Jones

Here is your opening day lineup.

Post by Mike

With Upton in center and likely batting fourth, what will the balance of the lineup look like?
Remember that Laird was signed to fill in for Ross who moved on to Boston. One might assume Laird would get the nod to start in May and June while Brian McCann rehabs, but you have to look at the deeper signals to know the following: 

1 – Laird was signed as backup and will be used to backup Christian Bethancourt or possibly Evan Gattis on opening day.
Minor league catcher Christian Bethancourt was recently added to the 40 man roster. While he has never played above AA, he is projected to be the Braves catcher of the future and I predict the starter on opening day. The Braves aren’t scared of rookies… they love ‘em. Do the names Jason Heyward, Freddie Freeman, Craig Kimbrell, and Brandon Beachy ring a bell?

This is the perfect test for Bethancourt. He can be given the starting day job with full knowledge it is a move to help in his development process. Once McCann can play, he’ll head back to Gwinnett to work on the holes which will likely be exposed by big league pitching.
2 – There is still no answer for the leadoff spot.

It appears to me that Wren and Freddi are struggling to find the answer to replace Bourn. They did resign Jordan Schafer from Houston, but his 2012 stats aren’t giving me a warm and fuzzy (.211 with 27 steals in 106 games).
Then there is Jose Constanza (.250 with 5 steals in 37 games), and Tyler Pasternicky (.243 with 2 steals in 76 games).  Both showed moments of breaking through in 2012, but unless one of them has a tremendous spring I’m not seeing either as the first man to step to the plate in 2013.

If the leadoff man is on the roster now, it will have to be Andrelton Simmons (.289  with 1 steal in 49 games). That solo steal may give you some heartburn at first glance, but consider that he hit .299 and stole 54 bases in two minor league seasons.
So if he can step up to the challenge we could be looking at a lineup that looks something like this:

SS – Simmons
3B – Prado
RF – Heyward
CF - Upton
1B – Freeman
2B - Uggla
C – Bethancourt
P - Medlen

3 – Who is TBD?
And who will fill that last roster spot? It will likely be decided in Spring Training. Pastornicky has been playing some outfield and if he can get his attitude in check and bat working he could find his way back into the lineup.

One name to look for… Evan Gattis. This knuckle dragger is 6’4”, 230 and is carried on the roster as a catcher, but in 2012 the team saw his freakish power and decided to find a way to fast track him to the majors. So they moved him to left field. In just 74 minor league games he hit .305 with 18 home runs and 67 RBI. In the winter league he is currently hitting .278 with 8 homers and 26 RBI in 33 games, and an OBP of .333. Don’t be surprised to see him play some left field in the spring, or make the final 40 man roster which must be submitted prior to the December 5 winter meetings.  
Ernesto Antonio Mejia is another youngster already on the 40. Like Gattis, Mejia plays a position where the Braves are deep… first base. He has not shown any progress in transition attempts to an outfield spot. In 2012 he hit .296 with 24 dingers in Gwinnett. In winter ball he is stroking .346 with 10 long balls and 29 RBI in 33 games. Also like Gattis, Mejia is a big cat at 6’5”, 245. Both would be good to have around if the benches clear, but there ain’t room on the roster for another first baseman. Can you say trade bait?

PS - The signing of Upton is another sign that the Braves are done signing players represented by Scott Boras. His tactics have run thin with our brass. Wish the best for Bourn, but his agent will be the death of the Nationals. So in a strange circle of life kind of way, you have to pull for Boras to completely ruin our newly grown foe.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Falcons finish off the Saints

Post by William

Big game Thursday Night for the Falcons. Can clinch the NFC South AND pretty much bury the dreaded, hated, cheating Saints.

Good stuff from the AJC.....

Even Mark Bradley has had enough of the Saints

Curtis Lofton gets mouthy

Line is Falcons minus 3.5. Falcons cover EASILY!!!!

Enjoy it!!!

8:30 kickoff Thursday Night on NFL Network.

Reason #3 - UGA has tightened up against the run.

Post by Mike

Reason #3 – Georgia’s rush defense is peaking.
The Bulldogs had their obvious issues in the early part of the season, mainly on the defensive side. Tennessee put up 478 yards of total offense (197 on the ground), followed by that disaster in Columbia where Carolina had their way with us and hung 392 yards (230 via the run!) and 35 points on the board.

After that came what was supposed to be an easy win in Lexington…. While we managed to win 29-24, the defense looked porous surrendering 329 yards to the 5th best team in the East. 206 of those yards came on the ground right up the gut. Who imagined on Sunday October 21, 2012 that Georgia would manage to pull it together?
Then came the Shawn Williams “call out”. Grantham went back to more base defense calls and started John Jenkins at tackle and Kwame Geathers at nose.  Ogletree and Rambo got back in the groove and, even though he was slowed by a groin injury, Jarvis Jones played big time football.

It all turned in Jacksonville when UGA held The Devil to 266 total yards and surrendered only 81 rushing.
In the two SEC games post Jacksonville, the Dawgs have surrendered 46 yards rushing to Ole Miss, and 57 to Auburn. Granted UGA gave up over 300 yards to each of the “Freak Show” offenses of Georgia Southern and Georgia Tech, but against two SEC teams (one mediocre, one very bad) the defense forced the opponents into a one dimensional offense.

If they do that on Saturday, I like our chances.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Reason #2 – Depth at receiver and tightend

Post by Mike

Georgia has a distinct advantage with dependable targets for Murray. Despite suffering two season ending injuries (Marlon Brown and Michael Bennett) the Dawgs still have more weapons to stretch the field.

Player                                   Yards Receiving
Tavarres King                     704

Malcolm Mitchell             532
Arthur Lynch                      344

Chris Conley                       195

Rantavious Wooten        183

Jay Rome                             133

Bama has been banged up at the position too, but Saban doesn’t have the depth to work with that Richt does. Against Auburn he suffered another injury when Kenny Bell left the game. Now his most dependable targets are freshmen Amari Cooper and Kevin Norwood.

Amari Cooper                    767

Kevin Norwood                 393

Grantham is salivating over this and expect to see Jarvis Jones in full blitz mode. When he does bring the heat, McCarron will throw to Lacy on the screen. For the season the back has 165 yards receiving and 35 of those came against Texas A&M, when the Tide put up 309 yards passing as they tried to catch up to Johnny Football.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Reason #1 - Why Georgia can win

Post by Mike

Over the next five days we will examine five reasons Georgia can win.
Today we will examine how they did against common opponents.

Opponent      Alabama        Differential       Georgia     Differential                        
Ole Miss           W 33-14                19                W 37-10           23

Mizzou              W 42-10                32                W 41-20          21

Tennessee        W 44-13                31                W 51-44            7

Auburn              W 49-0                  49                W 38-0            38

Florida Atl         W 40-7                  33                W 56-20         36

The one game that jumps off the page at me is Tennessee. What a wild shoot out that was in Athens. That was the first game of the season with the entire defense on the field together and the Dawgs didn’t have all the bugs worked out. It was pre-Shawn Williams challenge, and we made a lot of mistakes. Gurley dropped two kickoffs out of bounds inside the five.

Of course he also scorched the Vols for 130 yards while his alter ego Marshall tacked on 165. It was also the fifth game of the year and UT still had some fight in ‘em. By the time Bama locked up with them in Knoxville, the Vols had given up.

The Auburn differential doesn’t factor in since Richt took his foot of their throat in the third quarter. If Saban wants to coach at Alabama, that isn’t an option for him. In that rivalry his fan base would expect him to score until the final whistle blows, and after if possible.


Post by William

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Picks for the Week

Post by William

I hope everyone has had safe and happy Thanksgiving.

5-5 last week. Picks are in ALL CAPS

Before we start, Good Luck to DWS tonight vs Stratford in the State semifinals

OHIO STATE(Home) minus 4 vs Michigan

TENNESSEE(Home) minus 13.5 vs Kentucky     Finebaum said this afternoon that talks between UT and Gruden had broken off.

Oregon minus 9.5 vs OREGON ST(Home)

Florida St(Home) minus 7 vs FLORIDA      Not sure I understand this line. Seems like a gift.

BAMA(home) minus 32.5 vs Auburn    This won't end well for Auburn. Big big mess over there

STANFORD minus 2.5 vs Ucla(Home)

OLE MISS(Home) minus 1.5 vs Miss State

TEXAS A&M(Home) minus 22 vs Missouri

Clemson(Home) minus 3.5 vs SOUTH CAROLINA

Notre Dame minus 5 vs USC(Home)      The one time I want ND to win and they're going to choke like dogs

UGA(Home) minus 14 vs Georgia Tech    UGA is better at every position on the field. Don't freak out when Tech gains some yards. It's bound to happen.

ATLANTA minus 1 vs Tampa Bay(Home)

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Picks for the Week and advice from Uncle Willie!!

Post by William

Please check below. Mikey has posted several things.  Also, thanks for the Falcons background. OUTSTANDING!!!!!

Picks are late again, as usual. Sorry.

3-7 last week. Brutal.

Some questions before the picks....

How can Auburn be so bad? Not being a smartass. Really. How?

Why is Steve Spurrier such a Jackass?

How was practice this week in Tuscaloosa? Yikes!!!

How does Lou Holtz still have a job?

Why is Anthony Bourdain not doing "No Reservations" anymore? Fantastic show. Best non-sports show on TV

Is it possible for me to get MSNBC off my cable package? Not sure why but sometimes I change it to MSNBC. If you hear my head has exploded, you'll know why.

To the picks.... Picks in ALL CAPS

MISS ST(Home) minus 6 vs Arkansas

GEORGIA TECH(Home) minus 13.5 vs Duke    NOTE to Paul Johnson..... Play Tony Zenon. Not sure how he can be in on the 2nd play of the game 2 weeks ago and then last week, when you score 68 points, he doesn't get a carry. Don't overthink the room.

USC minus 3.5 vs Ucla(Home)    You MUST watch this game. You know what I'm talking about.

LSU(Home) minus 19 vs Ole Miss     The Hat still thinks he can win NC

Notre Dame(Home) minus 23 vs WAKE FOREST    If not this week, then next. Notre Dame goes down and goes away

VANDY(Home) minus 3.5 vs Tennessee     Nail in the coffin for Derek Dooley. He took one for the team after that &%($@ Kiffin screwed up the program. They got more penalties yesterday from the Kiffin Regime.

Oregon(Home) minus 20.5 vs STANFORD     Go you Fighting Smart People!!!

WISCONSIN(Home) minus 2.5 vs Urban Meyer     Enough said

NEW ORLEANS minus 4.5 vs Oakland(Home)      LOCK OF THE MILLENIUM!!!

ATLANTA(Home) minus 9.5 vs Arizona      Last week was a good thing for the Falcons. Weren't going 16-0 anyway. Kinda like Bama. Got beat all day and still coulda/shoulda won the game.

Uncle Willie's advice.....not being preachy....  Put yourself with good people. It makes all the difference in the world. I've got several and I hope they know how much I appreciate them.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Post by Mike

Here is a test. Match the school with the next coach:

1 – Auburn ____                                                                             A - Petrino

2 – Tennessee _____                                                                     B - Kirby

3 – Kentucky _____                                                                        C - Tubbs

4 – Arkansas _____                                                                        D – Charlie Strong

                                                                                                          E – Chris Hatcher

And for a bonus question:

Will Texas or USC make a change first, and who will they tap?

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Will it work out in the wash?

Post by Mike
Will it all work out in the wash? I’m doubtful that the SEC will get a shot to extend the conference title streak.

The balance of the season looks like this:

Kansas State -    at Baylor                              Texas

Oregon -              Stanford                              at Oregon St.                     Pac 12 Title Game

Notre Dame -    Wake                                    at USC

Bama -                  W. Carolina                         Auburn                                 SEC Title Game

Georgia -             GSU                                       Ga. Tech                              SEC Title Game

Two of the top three would need to stumble in order to give the SEC Champion a shot, and even then KState might lose but only drop to 3rd. There is a huge anti-SEC movement underfoot even at ESPN which holds the SEC Saturday night contract.

If the four team playoffs system was in place, we would be debating bracket placement instead of inclusion. Of course if the SEC had not expanded by two teams, Johnny Football would never have gotten a chance to run wild on a dead legged Bama squad.

Who out there believes that any of the top three could play Mississippi State, then travel to Death Valley for a brutal slugfest, only to get to come home and chase that pest Manzell without suffering at least one loss?

We have had this debate in the past. In fact we have it almost every year, and somehow it all works out and a path becomes clear for the SEC Champion to get into the title game. But I fear the Karma has run out. The Notre Dame brand and an SEC weary nation will be too much to overcome unless two of the top three lose and lose big.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Uncle Lou gets mouthy

Post by William

Now this is the pot calling the kettle black. You literally can't understand a word Lou Holtz has to say and he's talking bad about Saban? Complete idiot.

Uncle Lou gets mouthy

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Picks for the week

Post by William

Sorry. Picks are late as usual.

8-3 last week. Gaining on it.

Picks in ALL CAPS

South Carolina(Home) minus 13.5 vs ARKANSAS

TENNESSEE(Home) minus 3 vs Missouri

NORTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 7.5 vs Georgia Tech

ALABAMA(Home) minus 13.5 vs Texas A&M          Welcome to the Big Time Johnny Football

OLE MISS(Home) minus 3 vs Vandy

Lsu(Home) minus 16 vs MISSISSIPPI STATE

Notre Dame minus 19 vs BOSTON COLLEGE(Home)

Uga minus 14.5 vs AUBURN(Home)       Dogs win but too close for comfort. Really bad words about 9:30 tonight

Dallas minus 1 vs PHILADELPHIA(Home)

Atlanta minus 1 vs NEW ORLEANS(Home)       I hate to pick like this but the streak ends here. Falcons lose in a rout.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Hi. I'm Nick Saban. I want your daughter.

How long before Nick Saban comes to "Meet the parents"? I'm sure Trooper Taylor is nearby too. Course, he may be unemployed Sunday morning.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Is that the best you can do Auburn??

Post by William

I know you've gotta use the saved up TP for something, you haven't used it all year...... but for God's Sakes Auburn, did you have to throw it for this???

The Plainsmen Tigers War Eagles celebrate Obama victory

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Picks for the week

Post by William

Sorry these are late.

Here we go. Picks in ALL CAPS.

Big, gigantic, huge week for the Dogs. Need some help around the country.

FLORIDA(Home) minus 17 vs Missouri

VANDY minus 6.5 vs Kentucky(Home)

Mississippi St(Home) minus 7 vs TEXAS A&M

GEORGIA TECH minus 8 vs Maryland       Maryland starting a true freshman LB at QB today. If GT can't win today, there's a bigger mess going on up there than we know about.

Notre Dame(Home) minus 17 vs PITT

CLEMSON minus 12 vs Duke(Home)        LOCK of the Century

OREGON minus 8 vs Southern Cal        I have to root for Lane Kiffin. Gross. Classy of him to blame his players for losing last week.

KANSAS ST(Home) minus 9 vs Oklahoma St  

BAMA minus 8 vs Lsu(Home)       Zack Mettenburger  is not gonna feel good in the morning. Whatever goofy thing the Hat tries tonight won't work vs Kirby. (Felt like being generous this AM. We all know who runs that D.)

Uga(Home) minus 14 vs OLE MISS       Dogs win but it's gonna be closer than we want

ATLANTA(Home) minus 4 vs Dallas           Falcons win BIG

Ok. Stay with me. Not that it matters who we root for(it really does)      I've heard some people say that UGA needs Lsu to win if we're gonna get to the BIG GAME  b/c UGA can beat them and can't beat Bama. Kinda makes some sense if you're Debbie Downer. UGA needs Bama to win b/c the voters don't have confidence in UGA. We lost 35-7 to Jackass. We need to beat an undefeated #1 unbeatable BAMA team in the Dome for SEC title.

So as the kids say......    RTR!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Boras for manager of the year... said no one ever.

Post by Mike

It has been a month and I can just now bring myself to write anything about the Braves. The way we lost that one game playoff still turns my stomach, but into the future we march. There is always next year.... right?

Well I have some concerns. While Wren has done a great job with the pitching rotation my main concern for next season is with the offense. Chipper is gone along with his .300 batting average, so there is one huge hole to fill. Can we replace his spot in the order, and do without Michael Bourn?

I don't think so. Bourn struggled down the stretch, but he is the best lead off man in baseball right now, and Prado was very effective in the two hole. Of the free agents on the 2012 roster I would have to rank their importance like this:

1 - Bourn
2 - Bourn
3 - Bourn
4 - Ross
5 - Durbin

But according Dave O'Brien the Braves might rule him too expensive to sign, plus his agent is Scott Boras. He stuck us on that Texeria deal, and he wants Bourn to play in Washington or New York.

Monday DOB had the following:

For the Braves, the free-agent list included Jeff Baker, Miguel Batista, Michael Bourn, Matt Diaz, Chad Durbin, Eric Hinske, Reed Johnson, Lyle Overbay, David Ross and Ben Sheets, who announced he was retiring at the end of the 2012 season.

The Braves are expected to re-sign backup catcher Ross, and also are believed to have interest in bringing back reliever Durbin and outfielder Johnson. The Braves have said since the beginning of the 2012 season that they’d like to re-sign Bourn, but the center fielder and leadoff man, who is represented by powerful agent Scott Boras, could be deemed too expensive by the Braves.

I think this is a nice way of saying "Boras is an untrustworthy ass, and we will let him come to us to negotiate. We will give him our number, but we ain't gona let him use us again to drive up a player's price."

If that is the thinking, I concur. Boras wrecked the Nationals last season with the way he demanded the team handle Strasberg. You can't allow an agent to skipper your team, and that SOB has Strasberg, Werth and Zimmerman in his stable. He is the defacto manager of the Nationals.

So take heart. If we lose Bourn to the Nats it may sting a bit, but Boras will only gain even more control of our new hated rival, and he ain't a very good manager. It could be a blessing in disguise.

Still... that won't fill in the lead off spot.

There will be clarity...

Post by Mike
From hence forth there will be clarity. Entering the weekend the BCS Rankings stand as follows:
1 – Bama
2 – Kansas State (Laughing as I type)
3 – Notre Dame (Even I have to admit, their D is pretty darn good.)
4 – Oregon
5 – LSU
6 – UGA
7 – Florida (They are irrelevant now, but I had to show that the Gaytors are ranked below us.)

After Saturday’s show down in the Bayou, either the Tigers or Tide will drop. If Bama loses the Dawgs may not be in the top five, but if LSU falls, and UGA beats Ole’ Miss….then up we go.
We could also use some help from Oklahoma State Saturday night (8 PM on ABC) when they square off with KSTATE. If the Wildcats win then, they still have to play at TCU and Baylor before they get Texas at home to finish the regular season. Lots of opportunity for a mis-step for them.

Also on Saturday night we all need to pull hard for USC against Oregon (7 PM on FOX). If the Ducks don’t lose there, they still have challenges with Stanford and Oregon State on the schedule.

Then there is Notre Dame. The Irish have Pitt, then Boston College and Wake Forrest before they finish their season November 24th at USC. Once again we’ll all have to hold our noses and pull for Lane Kiffin.
Of course the biggest thing UGA has to do is win. A lot of these other obstacles will take care of themselves. So beat Ole’ Miss, beat Auburn, beat GSU, beat Tech… then we’ll either get a one loss LSU or an undefeated Bama in the title game.

Win that one, and anything can happen.
What scenario would you rather see?  UGA vs. LSU or Bama in the title game?