Friday, November 26, 2010

Iron Bowl Drama!

Posted by Mike

Is it over already?
Another regular season wraps up this weekend still leaving us all wanting more. Despite the ugly drama unraveling at Auburn, CFB is still the greatest sport on this planet. I fear the times will be changing once the entire Cam Newton situation is unraveled. Will it be for the better, or worse?
On that one my crystal ball is a little cloudy, but what I do know is CFB is a sell-able product in the South anyway, but eggheads from far away places like Kansas City and where ever the Ivy League is want everyone to follow certain rules.
Some purist want the money removed from the game. They want players to be student athletes. Even the players that can run a 4.3. I know... loco isn't it.
Let's be realistic. Athletes always have been, always will be given preferential treatment and I really don't understand the objection. If we live in a free market society, shouldn't Cam Newton be allowed to sell his services to the highest bidder?
What is more concerning to me is the fact that the UGA staff thought Newton would be a good tight end. These guys would have had Herchel on defense.

Could the NCAA come down and dismantle the SEC the way they did the old Southwest Conference? Yes but that would trigger a rebellion. All willing Southern schools would tell them to stick it. Get back on your side of the Mason Dixon and let us play some football.
The powers could form their own league and invite all those oil rich programs of the Big 12 to join 'em. Heck they're all tired of pummeling Ohio State in your silly little BCS bowl anyway.

By the way, this will never happen. Why you ask? $s I say. CFB is in a really good place right now, and the money has never been better. The game does need purging, but be careful. Remember how good baseball was before they removed the steroids? College basketball before the NBA restrictions were lifted?

You want my idea of a fix?

    • Allow any player to pursue the NFL. Assuming the rumors are true, would Newton have played college football for $180,000 if the NFL was offering millions.
    • Allow the programs to pay players (above and beyond their scholarships) the national average earnings of kids in their age group. Playing is, after all, a job.
    • Make the penalty for cheating so severe that no one would even consider it. Automatic death penalty comes to mind, but I am sure there are many more creative ways to punish those run away boosters.

Auburn at Alabama:

By the way, there is a game today. Cam drama aside, does it get any better than this? Saban, Engram, Richardson vs. Cam, Fairley, Chizik. Bama won the title and the Heisman last season and Auburn is going into their house to try and take them both away.
The Iron Bowl is a big deal without these stakes. With all these chips on the table it is without question, the biggest game of the year. Saban has already suggested he is going to spy Newton. As Tony B said here (LINK) Dont'a Hightower will try to keep up with Camzilla.
This game went to the wire last year and Bama is favored by 4, but until someone stops Newton, I won't believe it. Auburn wins here, gets by South Carolina again, destroys Oregon, claims the title, and it may be the last official function of “the University formerly known as Auburn”.


  1. You numb nutt. There were no steroids in baseball. Remember all those players swearing to congress?

  2. Paying the players won't work because the pay will never be enough. I do think anyone ought to be able to buy a player a steak anytime they want to.

  3. Mike - sounds like you are implicating AU paid Cam. You have ZERO proof. I called you out once already. I may have to stop reading you guys just like I did ESPN. Need to back off until the true facts come out. Be bigger than the liberal press -- I know you to be a conservative. Act like it sir.