Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What turned Georgia around?

Posted by Mike

While many have pointed to the return of AJ as the turning point in the Dawg season, there may be another component to their three game win streak.

It appears the new defensive scheme has finally clicked into gear.

Check out the stats below:

Opponent Rushing yardage
Louisiana-Lafayett 14
South Carolina 189
Arkansas 53
Miss St 166
Colorado 235
Tennessee 9
Vanderbilt 58
Kentucky 70

In UGA's four wins the opponents have an average rushing mark of 38 yards per game. In the four losses that number is 162.

While it certainly does not hurt having AJ back on the O, more of the credit for the turn may need to go to the D finally catching on to the new system and shutting down the easy run yardage.

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