Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Somebody's out for Cam Newton!!

Post by William

Seems to me after seeing the crawl on Sportscenter this morning that somebody's after Cam Newton. Fox Sports is reporting that he was about to be expelled from Florida for 3 cases of academic cheating before he transferred to JC. I don't have a dog in the fight but why is all of this coming out now?

I heard Friday that it was ESPN out to get him. BULL. The SEC is an ESPN product. They want Auburn #1 and for Cam to be all in for the Heisman. Now it's Fox Sports. I mentioned to some friends on Friday that this could end up being a Ken Starr situation. Once you get people sniffing around, they're going to find all kinds of stuff, big and small. I'm obviously no Auburn fan but not sure what he's done to bring all this out.

Is it Bama/Florida/Miss St? A combination? Urbie and Mullen conspiring?

Tell us what you think. Maybe you have some insight that helps explain this.

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