Sunday, November 7, 2010

GHSA AA Finals Could Be A Showcase

Posted by Mike
High school football playoffs begin this week. What an interesting idea, deciding a championship on the field!
GHSA Playoff brackets

Over the next four weeks the action goes into high gear with a few potential show downs with future stars.

The GHSA AA Bracket is of particular interest. The coaches poll (AA Coaches Poll) has Carver of Columbus (10-0) ranked 1 followed by Calhoun (10-0), Buford (9-1) then Cook County (10-0).

Cook and Buford are headed for a semi-final showdown. If the Hornets survive, a very interesting final game between two undefeated teams Carver and Cook would feature three of the top college prospects in the state.

Isaiah Crowell and Gabe Wright play for Carver and remain uncommitted. Cook's Shannon Brown has committed to Alabama.

That would be a final game worth seeing!

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  1. Are younsuggesting Swainsboro is not worth seeing. This is great bullentin board material.