Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Random Thoughts

Post by William

Just some Wednesday Random Thoughts....

#1 Is Auburn for real? Will Cam Newton win the Heisman? Auburn/LSU Saturday will be a war. Could be a shootout. Probably the biggest game in Auburn since Jason Campbell, Ronnie Brown, & Cadillac boatraced UGA back in the undefeated 2004 season. Trust me I was there.

#2 How hypocritcal is the NFL? They come out yesterday and fine 3 guys for vioelent hits. 1 was malicious, 1 was questionable since Massaquoi lowered his chest and 1 was crap. No way Robinson should have been fined. Shouldn't have been penalized. Knocked the ball loose and the Falcons recovered. Could have changed the game. ANYWAY.... the NFL had still photos of 2 of those hits for sale on their website. LET THEM PLAY!!!

#3 Don't want to jinx it but who besides me is glad the Yankees are getting it handed to them? Could be eliminated at 4 this afternoon. Typical Arod in the playoffs. Texeira looked like he'd been shot when he pulled his hamstring last night.

#4 It really is amazing how much of a difference AJ Green makes when he's on the field. He's just better than everybody else, kind of like Calvin Johnson at Ga Tech. I shudder to think what UGA will do next year with AJ in the NFL. Hopefully Isiah Crowell will get 20-25 carries.

#5 Hope this makes you all laugh. There's a rumor out there that the Spitter aka Lou Holtz will be the next Head Coach at Minnesota. Round 2. Good Luck with that. At least he would be off of my television.

#6 Very special Guest Picker this week. Please check back tomorrow for his picks.


  1. 1 - we'll know a lot more after Saturday. I think LSU doesn't get its due because people have too much fun laughing at Les Miles. Regardless, the West is the Best this year.

    3 - Yeah, but the only thing worse than NY is Texas. Worst state in the union.

    4 - AJ makes catches other guys can't/don't. I heard an announcer two weeks ago (or was it last week) saying AJ might stay another year because he felt bad for missing four games. Let's start that website!

  2. 1 - AJ may stay because of the NFL strike.
    2 - How can anyone dislike Lou Holtz. He is like a grandfather figure who desrves respect.
    3 - Auburn would be my vote for #1, but not sure Cam is best player. He is good, but not so much with his arm.

  3. The biggest game in Auburn since the boatrace? Are you kidding, please tell me you are kidding. Numerous games better than that one.

  4. Spark, I just listened to Lou Holtz for the first 3 minutes of Pregame. Had to change the channel. He's strangling himself. How can he coach? who's gonna listen to that?

  5. friend William dislikes Holtz, Spurrier, Urban, Mac Brown... anyone that has won a national title. He does, however, like Mark Richt.

  6. Spark, at least all the others can speak to you w/o you needing a rainsuit.

    BTW, never said I didn't like Mack Brown. He shouldn't lose w/all that talent in Texas. Get your facts straight.