Thursday, September 30, 2010

Padres lose

Post by William

Braves up 2 games with 3 to play.

Halladay and Oswalt are not pitching for the Phillies.

Just let us get into the tournament.

Bobby Cox Tribute on Saturday

Post by William

Braves/Phillies Saturday has been moved to 4pm on Fox for national TV. The Braves are having their tribute to Bobby Cox pregame that day. They're asking fans to be in their seats by 3:15(that fires me up. Good stuff coming). I doubt that the tribute is on national Fox. Check your cable guide to see where you can watch. Tom Glavine on radio yesterday said it was going to be unbelievable. He said alot of the old Braves were coming back. All the cf ball games we want to see Saturday are at night. Tune in for Bobby. Remember where we were before he came. 1988-1989-1990.

"One engine on the team plane out"!!

Post by William

So nobody's got anything to say about that?? Since there have been no comments about that I assume we're all on the same page.

We all HATE Florida.

Nice to know we all have a common bond.

Guest Picker of the Week

Post by William

Thanks to Rob Matre for being our Guest Picker of the Week. Please click on Rob's logo on the right. Find the pictures he took at East Lake last week for the Tour Championship.

BTW, please note we both picked 57 as the total points for the tiebreaker. We pick fair and square.

Will Cox get tossed one last time?

Posted by Mike

Three more regular season games for Bobby. I've been thinking about this a lot lately, since I don't want to think about the Dawgs.

What would be the perfect way for Cox to go out this weekend?

1 – It is pretty obvious we need to get the old boy into the playoffs one last time. Who knows what might happen then? Any combination of Braves wins and Padre losses totaling 3 will get us there. Sure would be nice if we could get there in time to rest our starters on Sunday, but at this point I am not gonna get picky.

2 – Bobby has to get ejected in at least one game against the Phills, and NOT by some cheap hook issued from behind home plate with the skipper yelling from the dug out. This has to be Bobby running out on to the field, The entire Ted doing the Chop, and Balkin' Bob Davidson tossing Cox when can not take any more abuse. (Please be sure there is extra security around Davidson if this develops.)

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Took a beating on my picks last week, 3-7. Only redeeming factor was that the Falcons did win.

Picks are in ALL CAPS

Here we go:

Kentucky plus 3 vs OLE MISS(Home)- Ole Miss is home. All I've got.

TENNESSEE plus 16.5 vs Lsu(Home)- I know but too many points not to take

Texas plus 3.5 vs OKLAHOMA at Dallas- Mack Brown got smacked last week. Tough comeback

Ga Tech minus 10 vs WAKE FOREST(Home)- This line is crazy. Tech wins but no cover

UGA minus 4.5 vs Colorado(Home)- I'm going down with the ship

Florida plus 7.5 vs ALABAMA(Home)- I wouldn't pull for Florida with one engine out on the team plane

STANFORD plus 7 vs Oregon(Home)- Stanford has a two way FB/LB. Old school

Miami minus 3.5 vs CLEMSON(Home)- Clemson's getting points at home.

San Fran plus 7 vs ATLANTA(Home)- Falcons are dominant. SF no QB

WASHINGTON plus 6 vs Philadelphia(Home)- Michael Vick finally plays an NFL defense

TIEBREAKER- Total points Michigan/Indiana     57

Tony B's List of Teams

Post by William

If I'm going to steal an idea, I'm going to steal from the best.

Yesterday on his show(10-1 on 790 am-link on right), Tony Barnhart came up with a list of teams and where they stand with regards to winning a National Championship every year. I think he's right on except for one. You'll see it- he said he added it b/c his producer thought it should be there.

Take a look and let me know who you think should be in a different list and why.

Contenders every year:

Ohio State
Notre Dame- that's the one.

Teams really close every year-most have recent NCs:

Penn State

Wannabes- Teams that their fans think they should be in the 2nd list for sure, probably 1st list. They've got the facilities and everything else but just not quite there:

Va Tech
Texas A&M

I have to admit I think he's right on except for ND. They're in the wannabes(used to be) list at best.

Tell me what you think. If you want to move a team you have to explain why.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Mens Health Best Tailgating Foods

Post by William

Here is Mens Health magazine's list of the best tailgating foods.

Tell me what you think.

Good Luck Ryder Cup

Post by William

Good Luck to the US Ryder Cup team. The Ryder Cup starts tomorrow in Wales. There are 5 members of the team with Georgia ties:

Bubba Watson- UGA player
Stewart Cink- GA Tech player & Duluth resident
Matt Kuchar- Ga Tech player & Atlanta resident
Zach Johnson- Sea Island resident

Assistant captain- Davis Love III- Sea Island resident

Good Luck boys. Play hard!!

The Magic Number Is 4.

Posted by Mike

Any combination of Braves wins and San Diego loses that totals four will put us in the playoffs.

From there we can limp along with our third string third baseman, Brooks Conrad. Eric Hinske has played at the hot corner, but not this season, and their may not be enough oil in the can to lube up the Tin Man - Troy Glaus and get him back over there.

Our bench has been a strength all season, but as other teams are finally getting healthy (The Phillies), we are fighting for the playoffs between epidural injections.

Is it in the cards one more time for Bobby?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Top high school players in Georgia:

Posted by Mike

Why don't we talk about recruiting. Check out the Scout Top 100 here: TOP HS PLAYERS IN GEORGIA

Carver Columbus must be absolutely awesome. The Tigers have the 2nd ranked running back in the country Isaiah Crowell (6'1” - 210 – 4.43) and the 7th ranked defensive tackle Gabe Wright (6'4” - 300 – 4.98). The team is ranked 1st in GHSA AA with a 4-0 record and has outscored opponents 142-3.

Valdosta High is also pretty well represented in the rankings with the nation's top rated tight end Jay Rome (6'6” - 240 – 4.68) and the 13th ranked corner back Malcolm Mitchell (6' – 190 – 4.4).

Also check out the list of interested schools next to Ray Drew's (Thomas County Central) name. He is ranked as the 8th best defensive end in the country which I find hard to believe. He had 13 scholarship offers when he was a sophomore in high school. I talked with one coach who faced him last season who described as a “COMPLETE BEAST”.

Where do we start today?

Post by William

Ok. I'm the Coach Richt apologist. I like him. However, I never thought we'd lose Saturday at Starkville. NEVER.

My question for today is....Where does UGA start today? When they meet for practice today, where is the focal point(s)? I'm asking. Please let me know b/c I don't.

Does Richt take over play calling? Is it all about OLine blocking today? How about middle of the DLine? Does Ealey do ball control drills all day? (Just about had enough of him). How does Coach keep from losing this team?

BTW, don't bring up AJ. I don't want to hear anymore about him.

Here's your forum. Go ahead and vent. Try to keep it clean.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Picks

Post by William

Congrats to Shelley and Paul. They completely beat me down. 5-5 vs 3-7. Brutally bad.

Thanks for participating.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Saturday AM Random Thoughts

Post by William

OK. Mike got WAY too serious for a Saturday morning.

Just ran an errand. Nothing good on the radio so I clicked on the CD. Got me to thinking. Thought I'd get your thoughts. Let me hear from you.

#1 Who's cooler? Keith Richards or Fred Couples. You have to tell why.(I would've put myself in there but we all know....)

#2 Is there a better guitar player than Eric Clapton? If who, why?

#3 What's the better pregame "get fired up" song...."Thunderstruck" or "Baba O'Reilly"?

#4 Which is the better CD? AC/DC-Back in Black, REM-Green, Police-Zenyatta Mondatta, Stones-Tattoo You? If you're a topper, tell me a better one and why.

#5 Why is fried food so good??!!

Have a great Gameday!!

Has DWS outgrown the GISA?

Posted by Mike

The Knights improved to 5-0 on the 2010 season with a 34-0 drubbing of Brentwood Academy, and pitched their second consecutive shut out leaving many asking if the Albany school has outgrown the Georgia independent School Association.

To date DWS has outscored opponents 151-30, is dressing 60 players and playing 45 with regularity. Most opposing schools are dressing 35-45 players. The meat of the schedule lies ahead with an October 29 match up with Westfield, but how would the Knights be doing against GHSA A competition.

One good measuring stick is a glance at how George Walton has done this season. In 2009 DWS lost in the GISA State Finals to George Walton who moved to GHSA this season. The Bulldogs play in region 8-A which is mostly comprised of private schools and to date is 4-0 and have outscored opponents 157-30.

A link to their schedule is included here: 2010 Schedule - George Walton Academy
If they can do it, can DWS? If Tattnall, Westfield, Stratford and Southland would make the move to form a region similar to 8-A would the competition be better or worse?

Boys of Fall

Post by William

I'll keep this as quick as I can to get my point across..

I had DVRd BOYS OF FALL a while back. A friend said it was really good. Hadn't gotten to it yet. I was watching the Braves last night and he had a Hall Pass for the night. He wanted to watch it. We did.

If you haven't seen this, run thru glass to see it. Watch it every Monday morning. I was told by friends a few years back that "I had no heart" b/c I didn't like Tebow. (I could fill up the Internet why I don't like Tebow. #1. HE PLAYED FOR FLORIDA). I  would never call anybody heartless but if Coach Bill Curry doesn't get you...

Watch this show. On ESPN. Show it to your kids. I can't find when it's coming on again. Ya'll are smart. You can find it.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Rob Matre Pictures from Tour Championship

Post by William

These are pictures that Rob Matre is taking this week at the Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta. Please check back each day. Really good pictures. Rob's got a good gig!!!

Please check Rob's website on the right side under "Fun Stuff". Check his pics from US Open at Pebble Beach earlier this year. Fantastic.

Surronded by Gators and Seminoles.

One of the best parts of doing this blog is it has put me back in touch with some old friends. This morning my old buddy Albert Wester called from South Florida. A lifelong Auburn fan, he is surrounded by Gators and Seminoles.

Albert also coaches two youth football teams, and has only lost one game in two years. On Thursday he made a player run for missing a tackle in practice. That sound like something Cleve Wester made Albert and I do some 30 years ago.

Tribute to Starkville

Post by William

Thanks Anonymous for the idea. It didn't link up on the comment.

This should get us all ready for tomorrow night.This cracks me up.

Is the first month of college football really almost over?

The month closes out with a bang in the SEC:
Posted by Mike

Alabama at Arkansas – 3:30 - CBS
Of course the biggest game of the season, so far, is the 3:30 appointment Saban has with Mr. Mallett in hillbilly land.

Unfortunately for Ryan Mallett he is about to play the part of Ned Beatty in Deliverance. Saban will be yelling “squeal like a pig boy!”

The rap on Mallett has been he can not throw to his left. Of course Saban will try to force that action, but with 15 seconds to play in Athens last week, the Hog QB threw left and won the game.

South Carolina at Auburn – 7:45 – ESPN
Auburn played a very physical game last week against Clemson. Meanwhile, Carolina played Furman.

This is Spurrier's year, but Chizik has Auburn on the right path and playing at home in front of a rowdy crowd could be enough advantage for the Tigers to spoil the season for the Chickens.

Kentucky at Florida – 7:00 PM – ESPN U
Is there any way the Wild Cats could go into the Swamp and embarrass Urban? I hope so. Of course I would pull for The Peoples Republic of China against the Lizards.

Georgia at Mississippi State – 7:00 PM – FOX SPORTS
The battle of the bad. I can already hear those darn Cow Bells. “Gotta have more Cow Bell!”

If UGA comes home 0-3 in the SEC Finebaum, Bill King, Mark Bradley and even Tony B, will be all over CMR. Don't know about you, but I'm already worn about by the debate. CMR is not going anywhere unless he resigns. He has earned the chance for one really rotten season. The big problem as I see it is, Spurrier and Urban are loaded for the future too.

In August Tony B said it will be a bad season if UGA goes 0-2 in the SEC to start the season. Boy did he have good vision!

Just win baby and this will all go away.

Guest Picks with Comments

Post by William

Thought I'd show you Shelley and Paul's picks with comments. There is some thought behind these. That's what we're looking or!!!

NC STATE to cover.  Ga Tech lost to Kansas for Pete's sake.  Given that these are two of the best teams in the ACC, it should be ugly, but we'll take the Wolf Pack and the points.

GEORGIA!  There's a lot of things that won't happen this season (like winning the SEC), but let's not give up yet.  UGa by a touchdown.

I hate to say it, but Oklahoma may hang half a hundred on the Bearcats.  The Sooners have something to prove after beating Air Force by 3 and the Bearcats are the perfect answer to that.  OKLAHOMA.

ALABAMA.  Let's face it, Georgia could've won last week, that being the case, I think the Razorback's record is a bit overrated. 

UK to cover.  The head coach's name is Joker.  'Nuff said.

AUBURN, but we feel shaky on this one.  Home field gets them the win.  If Garcia gets some kine bud before the game, Auburn by 2 TDs.

LSU's going to have a down year, but not this far down.  West-by God-Virginia is coming to the end of the Bill Stewart feel good story. 

Boise State beat VaTech by 3.  OREGON STATE will cover in this.

ATLANTA beats New Orleans reeling from the loss of Reggie Bush.

The Bengals can't score a touchdown, but they've got a great place kicker.  And Jimmy Clausen is a tool.  BENGALS cover.


"I know my rights!!!!"

Post by William

Jeff Schulz  at had this on his picks this morning. Thought everybody needed a good laugh to start the weekend.

What's the story with "Starkvegas"?

Post by William

I've never been "fortunate" enough to have ever been to Starkville. There was not alot of enthusiasm about going out even before the loss last weekend. I've heard it's not the greatest place to visit. If anyone's been before, please shoot us a quick comment and let us know how it is.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Picks are in ALL CAPS

GA TECH(Home) minus 8.5 vs NC State

GEORGIA pick em vs Mississippi State(Home)

OKLAHOMA minus 14 vs Cincinnati at Paul Brown Stadium

ALABAMA minus 7 vs Arkansas(Home)

FLORIDA(Home) minus 14 vs Kentucky

SOUTH CAROLINA plus 3 vs Auburn(Home)

LSU(Home) minus 8.5 vs West Virginia

OREGON STATE plus 17 vs Boise State(Home)

NEW ORLEANS(Home) minus 4 vs Atlanta- I know. Picking against my team. I NEVER do that.

CINCINNATI minus 3 vs Carolina Panthers(Home)

Guest Picker

Post by William

Please note our guest pickers' picks to the right.

I know alot of people feel this way!!!!

This is great. Gets you ready for the weekend

Holy Cow the Phillies can pitch

Post by William

I think after the last 3 games we can now say that the Phillies are definitely the best team in baseball, even without Jimmy Rollins. Hamels, Holladay and Oswalt were almost unhittable. Hanson threw a gem last night for the Braves but they just couldn't get a hit. Not to vent but... nice lollypop throw back into the infield to throw the runner out McLouth! Awful. Also, could you not fly out every time you get to bat? Thought we were done seeing the uppercut swing. How about a bunt? Idiot.

OK. No we're all in for the wildcard. 1/2 game up. Braves have 9 games left, 3 at DC, 3 home vs Marlins then 3 home vs Phillies to end the season. Hopefully the Rockis, Padres, and Giants will beat each other up and we can get in. We won't have to face Phillies in first round. Just get into the tournament.

I'll put up wildcard race on left side for the duration.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Good Luck Kuch!!

Post by William

Good Luck to Matt Kuchar in this week's Tour Championship at East Lake in Atlanta. Matt is a great guy and winning the FedEx Cup would be huge for his career. Like to see good things happen to good people.


Post by William

Well the Braves are in a deep mess now. They started Monday 3 down in the NL East, 2.5 up in wildcard race. Now they're 5 down in East, 1 up in wildcard. Not quite panic time.... but really close. The Padres, Rockies, and Giants are all on our heels.

Monday's game all turned on Jason Heyward botching a fly ball into a 3 base error that opened the floodgate.

Tuesday's game was a mess all around. Rookie pitcher misses the bunt sign, then hits into a double play. McCann hits a double then tries to get to third on a sac fly. Double play. Awful play. Phillies up 3-2. Showered and left before reporters came into the locker room.

Pitching isn't necessarily the problem. Timely hitting is-just like all year. I'm so sick of guys hitting into double plays.

Every game from now on is big. Division is probably done-final 3 games of the season are in Atlanta vs Phillies just in case. We just need to get into the tournament. Tommy Hanson goes tonight against the hottest pitcher in basball, Roy Oswalt.

7:00 on SportSouth

Finally, some good news this week

Post by William

Thank goodness. Finally something good has happened this week. Augusta National announced yesterday that The Masters will add an extra hour of TV coverage on Thursday and Friday, starting at 3:00.

I know it's not much but we need all the positive we can get right now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Time to make a list?

Posted by Mike

First off, I am not advocating for any change at any university in the SEC and within the states of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Arkansas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Kentucky or South Carolina.

However, if I were a newly hired AD with no recent DUI offenses or embarrassing panty stories, I might make a list of the best college football coaches in the land, just in case.

My list would look like this:

Chris Peterson – Head Coach – Boise State – Has reportedly turned down numerous offers to move.

Kirby Smart – Defensive Coordinator – Alabama – Rumored to turn down a DC post at UGA unless the conditioning coach was replaced, and used a job offer at UGA as leverage with Alabama.

Will Muschamp – Defensive Coordinator – Texas – Turned down Tennessee and pushed for Derek Dooley to get the job. Has been named Head Coach in waiting at Texas. Whatever that means.

Gary Patterson – Head Coach – TCU – Not a great option at 54 years of age.

Dan Mullen – Head Coach – Mississippi State – Young, smart apprentice of Urban Meyer.

Brian VanGorder – Defensive Coordinator – Atlanta Falcons – He wants to be in the NFL and may be on a path to a head coaching slot in the senior league.

If money was no option my pick would be Peterson. Say what you will about Boise State's schedule, this guy has been a major reason that program is now on the map. Just imagine what he could do with a stable full of athletes.

Of course there is more to consider than who to hire. Any good AD would also consider who else might also be in the market for a new coach.

Programs likely to be shopping:

Penn State – Joe Pa is old and in his farewell tour. You know they are going to be shopping soon.

LSU – Les Miles – He may survive another disappointing season, but if they make a move in Baton Rouge next year, you'll have to bid against them in the free market.

Ole' Miss – Houston Nutt – Talk about a disaster! All this guy did was recruit Darren McFadden and chase skirts. Then he was anointed a genius. His days are numbered. Ole' Miss won't pay nearly what a top tier program might, but it is a simple supply and demand issue. If there are five D 1 programs looking for coaches, then demand is high.

Finebaum on Dogs

Post by William

OK. Here's Finebaum's column for the week. Let's hear what you think. Fire away.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Braves Tonight

Post by William

Word just came down that the Braves will be starting a kid making his major league debut tonight. Brandon Beachy. He was called up yesterday in case Jair Jurrjens couldn't go. Scary.

I know he's stinks but what about Kawakami? My Gosh, we're paying the guy millions of dollars. Wren and Bobby must have no confidence in him whatsoever (not that I do either).

Maybe Heyward will go nuts this series like Chipper used to do when we were fighting the Mets.

Go Braves.

Monday Stock Up/Stock Down

Post by William

Stock Up

#1 Alabama- I know it was Duke but they played like a perfect football team Saturday. They've got a challenge coming up this Saturday afternoon. At Fayetteville.

#2 Falcons- nice comeback after a poor showing in Week 1 at the Steelers. They've got a challenge coming up Sunday. At New Orleans.

#3 Ga Tech- really good job by Coach Johnson getting his guys to play after a bad loss at Kansas.

#4 Vandy- how bout Vandy winning a road conference game?

#5 Braves at Phillies- huge series starting tonight. Braves 3 games back of the Phillies.

#6 Michigan State- Fake Field Goal in OT to beat Notre Dame. Gutsy.

Stock Down

#1 2 and 3- Stacy Searels- I thought the UGA offensive line was supposed to be the best unit on the team. Totally unimpressive through the first 3 games. If he doesn't get it fixed this week, season could be disasterous.

#4 Washaun Ealey- Make the block on 3rd and 4 and we make the first down and win the game. Also quit flexing after a 6 yard run in the first half.

#5 Houston Nutt-/Jeremiah Masoli- play with fire, you get burned. Lost to Vandy at home.

#6 Brett Favre- Drama Queen looks old.

Weekend Picks

Post by William

Congrats to Guest Picker Jay Kimbro. He went 7-2-1. I went 5-4-1.

Extra special congrats to the "Whiz Kid"  for bringing up the rear. 3-6-1.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Notes from Athens:

Posted by Mike
    • TV contract or not, many of the fans are upset with three straight noon games. Most take it as a sign the program has dropped off to Vandy or Kentucky level. The heat at kickoff was oppressive.
    • The pregame crowd was noticeably smaller and the 2nd and 3rd stadium level never filled out and this was the 3rd game of a young season, at home against a ranked SEC opponent.
    • On Arkansas' game winning touchdown pass the Dawg defense was trying to get set while the Hog offense hurried to the line and snapped the ball. The confusion led to blown coverage.
    • Of course blown coverage was a theme for the day according to CTG. The defense allowed three big plays to wide open receivers. The new system works when the players do their jobs, but it has also given up big plays in every game this season including a blown coverage play in game one against Louisiana-Lafayette.
    • With AJ out Kris Durham was the go to guy against the Hogs. His five receptions for 101 yards and a TD kept the Dawgs in the contest, but without Green there is no real big play threat on the offense.
    • The D has plenty of hitters, but it too lacks a pic six threat. The Dawgs have 3 interceptions on the year with 42 return yards. By comparison Florida has 9 interceptions.
    • For some reason Ben Jones was not snapping the ball when Arkansas repeatedly entered the neutral zone. Either we are trying to determine where the blitz may be coming from, or since Murray is inexperienced we want the play to develop on his pace. Whatever the reason we gave up at least 25 yards of field position by not capitalizing.
    • Looking forward, what game is a certain win? Not Miss State. Not Colorado. In fact only Idaho State looks like an easy W.
    • As Tony Barnhart pointed out no team has ever gone 0-2 in the SEC, then played for the conference title and Georgia has not been pushed out of contention this early since the winding down of Coach Goff's stint.
    • With the fans growing restless CMR's future will depend on how he can get this team to respond. If the Dawgs go 6-6 the pressure will be unbearable. If he can manage 8-4 with a meaningful win against Auburn, Florida or Tech, then next year looks okay.
    • It sure is early in the season to be hanging our hopes on NEXT YEAR.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Quick Saturday Post

Post by William

BIG, HUGE, GIGANTIC game for the Dogs today. Do whatever you can to help us win. Whatever you wore last week, burn it. Do a dance, eat your favorite thing, whatever it takes.

GO DOGS!!!!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Good High School Football Game

Post by William

There's a really good high school football game tonight on ESPN2 at 7. Columbus-Craver-#1 in AA vs Lagrange-#6 in AAA. The RB Crowell for Carver is #1 RB recruit for 2011 class. Supposedly he's down to Bama and UGA.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Check out the high school poll and get ready for October 8th.

Posted by Mike

In case you have not noticed, Valdosta High is climbing up the high schook polls in AAAAA. The Wildcats are 3-0 and ranked 7th.

When you look at the poll be sure to check out who is ranked 5th with a 3-1 record. That's right...Lowndes and these two teams will meet on October 8th. That will be one hell of a high school game.

The Whiz Kid wants to make picks!!!!

Post by William

Okay. We're doing something special. The "Whiz Kid" wanted to make picks this weekend vs me and the guest picker. Says our picks "sux". Nice. I've put them up on the right side. I've included a picture.

Our Guest Picker-Jay Kimbro- has his picks directly below that.

Good Luck Whizzer!!!

Picks for the week

Post by William

OK. Here are Week 2 picks. Week 1 was brutal. Hopefully these will be better.

GEORGIA(Home) minus 2.5 vs Arkansas

NORTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 1.5 vs Georgia Tech

FLORIDA STATE(Home) minus 10 vs Brigham Young

ALABAMA minus 24 vs Duke(Home)

AUBURN(Home) minus 7 vs Clemson

LSU(Home) minus 8 vs Mississippi State

FLORIDA minus 14 vs Tennessee(Home)

ATLANTA(Home) minus 6.5 vs Arizona

NEW ENGLAND minus 1.5 vs New York Jets(Home)

INDIANAPOLIS(Home) minus 5.5 vs New York Giants

TIEBREAKER Total Points UTEP/Mew Mexico St              56

Just noticed.... I took every favorite. We'll see how we do.

Tailgating Recipe of the week #2

Post by William

OK. My previous recipe got topped! Check this one out. Might want to have the Cardiac Care unit on standby.

New Links

Post by William

We've added some new links under "Fun Stuff". Please take a look. Hope you enjoy.

Tailgating Recipe of the week

Post by William

Beef Burgers Smashed with Fresh Goat Cheese. This has to be good.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday Random Thoughts

Post by William

Sorry it's taken so long to get this going this week.

#1 What an AWFUL week for the teams we pull for here. UGA, GA Tech, Falcons, Braves, ..... terrible. I do like the fact that neither Coach Richt, Coach Johnson or Coach Smith seem happy with the status quo. Coach Richt called out his team and talked about yanking starters. Don't think we've ever heard that before. The heat is getting turned up in Athens.

#2 What will Urban Meyer do with  Chris Rainey? Remember how he thought it was OK to suspend Brandon Spikes for one half for gouging a UGA player's eyes? Urban's not the strictest disciplinarian. The Florida OC yesterday said Rainey "isn't on the team right now." What does that mean? Run some steps and he's back on? UF AD Jeremy Foley and UF President will get involved in this decision. Great column by Tony Barhnart today. His link is on the right side of the Home Page.

#3 Are the Braves done? I don't have a real good feeling about them right now. We're getting pressure in the wildcard race as well. Somebody's got to step up and hit the ball besides Jason Heyward. The kid is doing all he can.

#4 Anybody notice Boise State lost the 7 1st place votes they got in the writers poll last week after Va Tech lost at home to James Madison?

#5 Took a beating on my picks last week. Hopefully knocked the rust off and will improve this week. I'll have them up Friday with a guest picker as well.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thoughts for Tuesday

Posted by Mike

145 games in the books, 17 to play, one game down and in need of some sleep.

We were all hoping the Braves could stroll into the playoffs. At this point in the season you have to consider the rest factor. Mine mainly. Yeah I know McCann has to squat 300 times a game and Wagner's arm feels like jello, but have you ever tried to watch the Braves at 9 PM on a Sunday night after long high school football nights followed by a long day of college football, topped off with a Sunday full of games.

Man I am exhausted! This week doesn't get any better. The Braves have five games to play before their all important September 20 match up with the Phillies. The entire season may be determined in this three game set, and it is important we get to that series no more than one game behind, which means every at bat is important.

Now let's talk about the Dawgs and Jackets.

While CMR is walking a bit closer to the ledge, he still has a shot at pulling out a good season. The Dawg Nation will hold their nose and get past a road loss in Columbia with a freshman signal caller.

A home loss to Arkansas would, however, start the unraveling.

Washun Ealey didn't exactly earn his way back into the Dawg Nation heart with his red zone fumble last Saturday, but all will be forgiven if he can rush for 150 plus and hold onto the rock against a soft Razorback D.

It is hard to determine if the Arkansas D is improved. They have only allowed 12 points and 375 total yards in two games, but they have only played Tennessee Tech and Louisiana-Monroe. Of course Ryan Mallett has put up insane numbers against those teams with 701 passing yards and 6 tds.

CTG had better get the kinks worked out before Saturday, and improve his pass rush. Our best shot is to put Mallett on the ground!

Does the ACC really belong in the BCS conversation?

All the talk about how Boise State doesn't belong was only given more ammunition when Va. Tech, Miami, FSU, Virginia and The Jackets all lost in high profile contest.

If BSU beat VaTech, who was considered to be one of the top teams in the ACC, then the entire conference lays an egg, what does that say about the level of competition.

For one it says BSU would be very competitive in the conference. It also says the ACC may be behind the Big 10, Big 12, SEC, PAC 10, Mountain West, and WAC in strength.

Wow... what ever happened to the domination of Miami and FSU?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Just another Saturday.

The second week of the season will be a bone rattler.

It is pretty rare to see this many Top 25 match ups this early in the season. Let's review what we know.

No. 18 Penn State at 1 Alabama – 7:00 PM - ESPN
These two proud programs met for the first time in 1959. PSU was coached by Rip Enlge and the Tide had the Bear barking out plays. Nick Saban was seven years old, and Joe Pa had just turned 65.

All history aside, this highly anticipated game will disappoint ESPN's 7 PM viewers. The Tide is favored by 12 but will win by 21 even if Ingram is on the bench.

Evan Royster is a good running back for the Lions, but the Crimson will swarm.

No. 12 Miami at 2 Ohio State 3:40 – ESPN
There are two programs in the country with lame, self-aggrandzing poop head fans. One is Notre Dame, the other Ohio State.

While both could beat MOST high school squads in Georgia, Miami ain't no high school squad. The 'Canes are coming up from south Florida and will leave the horseshoe looking like Tony Montana's house at the end of Scar Face. Terrell Pryor is 6'6”, 240 pounds and runs a 4.35 40, but one man alone can not carry a team and Miami has at least three future NFL players on defense. OSU might only have one (Pryor) on their entire team.

No. 17 FSU at 10 Oklahoma 3:30 - ABC
Now we get to find out if Jimbo Fisher is worth all that money. The 'Nole Nation is hungry and Oklahoma is the last Buffalo in sight. Since Utah State hung over 300 passing yards on the Sooners in week 1 you can bet that Bob Stoops has been scrambling trying to repair his secondary.

FSU QB Christian Ponder may be the difference in the contest. The annual Buckeye self pity party begins Sunday. Look for #5 on FSU to give mustache boy fits too.

No. 22 Georgia at 24 South Carolina – Noon – ESPN2
You had to like seeing our D-coordinator chew some butt on the sideline last week. We need that BAD!

After watching our offense post the speed limit, and Grantham chew on 'em a bit I feel better. Still AJ would have forced USC to double him opening up the field for everyone else. His loss hurts, but we can still get this done, and CMR needs to get it in the win column. If not the heat will get more intense with the Razorbacks coming to visit in just seven days.

You can always tell how the public is feeling by reading the comments below Tony Barnhardt's column in the AJC. One in particular caught my eye. It said - “Georgia is the Wisconsin of the SEC”.

Now that makes me mad, but if we are the equivalent of the Badgers, then USouth Carolina is Michigan State. Take that Spurrier!

By the way I am watching Auburn at Miss State while banging this out, and Cam Newton has a cannon!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

William's Picks for the Week

Post by William

Here are my picks for the week. We're having a guest picker each week to go against me. This week it's my brother in law. Really don't think that's him in the picture but that's what he sent.

Feel free to send in your picks as well.

My picks are in White, Home teams in CAPS:

Ga. Tech minus 14 vs KANSAS

SOUTH CAROLINA minus 3.5 vs Georgia

OKLAHOMA minus 7.5 vs Florida State

NOTRE DAME minus 4 vs Michigan

OHIO STATE minus 9 vs Miami

Oregon minus 12 vs TENNESSEE

ALABAMA minus 12 vs Penn State

Atlanta minus 2.5 vs PITTSBURGH

Dallas minus 3.5 vs WASHINGTON

NY JETS minus 2.5 vs Baltimore


Total Score

North Texas/Rice- 60

Good Eats

Post by William

If you want a good Gameday meal, click on "Smoked Brisket and Beans" under "Fun Stuff" on the right hand side. Really good.

I'll post some picks tomorrow with a "Guest Picker". We'll see how we stack up.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random College Football Thoughts

Post by William

#1 I'm sick of Boise State already. You all know the debate. Don't want to get into all that. Here's my point....who are the 7 genius writers that changed their first place votes from Alabama to Boise? Really? REALLY? There's a reason the writers' poll doesn't factor in anymore. What in the world are these guys thinking?

#2 NCAA....anyway we can get a ruling on AJ this week? How hard can it be to make a decision? Either he sold the jersey or he didn't. If he's paid back the money, let him play. These schools at some point are going to have had enough and break off and form their own thing.

#3 I keep looking at this Saturday's schedule. Pretty good for the 2nd week of the season. Get your business done Friday so you can watch from Noon-11pm. Saturdays aren't for errand running. (You guys know who I'm talking about!!) You can click on College Sports on TV under Related Links and check each week. Also we'll have the link for Week 2 up soon.

#4 If your game isn't on a channel you can get, check Watched GA Tech and Bama Saturday.

#5 Anybody really care if the Heisman people take away Reggie Bush's Heisman? You think Reggie cares? The importance of the Heisman has dropped a long way from when I was younger.

#6 Congrats to Ga State on winning their first game ever Thursday night in the Dome. 30,000 fans. Heard it was rocking. Bill Curry....GOOD MAN.

It's Hump Day. One day closer to Saturday.

Programming Note

Post by William

Sorry for not posting thru the Holiday. Actually had work to do. I'll be posting some random thoughts later today.

Just wanted to let you know that Tony Barnhart-Mr College Football- and Wes Durham- Ga Tech announcer- now have a radio show from 10-1 everyday on 790am out of Atlanta. Great show for us college football enthusiasts. The link to the site is on the right side of the home page.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Think about this while watching the Dawgs Saturday.

Posted by Mike

Uh oh! Spurrier might have a freaking team.

If you watched Carolina Thursday night you saw a talented team with an improved QB, excellent running back, and fast receivers. The Evil Genius had them clicking. Garcia looked confident, even though he missed a few passes, and the freshman QB looked even better.

You also saw a few weak spots which might be Georgia's only shot at winning. USC's O line looked porous, and the D weak.

I am pretty certain the O line is bad, but their could be two reasons for the soft D. 1 – They are pretty bad, or 2 – they were not concerned about preparing for a Southern Miss spread option, and have been using their time to prepare to stop a pro-style attack.

Let's hope it is 1.

There are reasons to be optimistic and pessimistic. Let's look at both:

The bad news first:
Our QB is new and untested.
Is AJ gonna get to play?
Arrest total is up to 10 this season.
Ealey's dumb ass might not get to play.
Carolina has confidence and high expectations.
Spurrier can coach a team like this to a big win over UGA. (reference Wuerffel to Doering on the slant.)

Now the good news:
Our O line IS good.
Our D is full of athletes.
Our new D-coordinator is a BAD ASS!
We're gonna blitz A LOT!
Wuerrfel and Doering don't have any eligibility left.

I am anxious to see how we perform Saturday. If our O clicks likes USC's did, we will all sleep better. If they struggle and bog down against Louisiana – Wanna beea...then uugghh and yuck.

The more I think about it, the USC game may be CMR's biggest test as a coach. His team has been under stress on and off the field. While he has a history of going into hostile spots and winning, this one is different. There is no David Green, Stafford or Knowshon to rely on. Black jersey or hat gimmicks won't get us over the line either, and please God don't encourage them to dance after we score.

To get out of Columbia with a W we have to be perfect on special teams, and if I see one unnecessary flag for a bone head play I'm gonna lose it! This one is gonna take coaching. Can he do it? Yes.

Can he do it, take a disciplined unit into Columbia and win? I had myself convinced until I typed the word “disciplined”.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

New Trivia:

What was Coach Vince Dooley’s combined record against Auburn, Florida, Tennessee and Georgia Tech?


Trivia Answers

Post by William

OK. Nobody got the trivia question for here are the answers.

Name the 6 teams RIGHT NOW that would be favored to win all their games.

Alabama, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Boise State, TCU.

Quick Thursday Thought

Post by William

I have a pet peeve and wanted to see if you have the same one.

Hat on backwards guy. Why? Let's look at NFL QBs who wear their hats backwards. Ben Roethlisberger- Milledgeville. Tony Romo- watch when he comes to the sidelines. Takes hime 5 minutes to get his hat correct. Hasn't won anything. Matt Leinart- probably going to get cut after tonight's preseason game. JaMarcus Russell- Codeine syrup, Sprite, and a grape Jolly Rancher.

Let's look at who doesn't wear their hat backwards. Tom Brady. Peyton Manning. Drew Brees. Brett Favre(I know. Everything else but hat's on straight.) Matt Ryan.

Just wanted to vent about that this AM. Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The future is now!!!

AJC's Carroll Rogers is reporting that Freddie Freeman will start tonight at first base for the Braves. First game in the majors, first start. Tonihgt at 7 on Peachtree TV.


Post by William

OK. New trivia question for today.

According to a gambling website, name the 6 college football teams that RIGHT NOW would be favored in every game they play this year.

Not too tough.

Wednesday Random Thoughts

Post by William

To start, previous post was by MIKE!!!

Some random thoughts to help get ready for tomorrow night:

#1 Ole Miss caught a break with the NCAA declaring Jeremiah Masoli ineligible. Houston Nutt isn't afraid to cross the line but I think this kid is an accident waiting to happen. It helps Ole Miss and the SEC look better.

#2 Does anybody in baseball hit the ball harder than Jason Heyward? He's going to hurt a first baseman at some point. That play on Monday night when he scored from first on a single was unreal. With Heyward, McCann, Freddie Freeman and all the young pitching, the Braves are set for the future. (Even with Bobby retiring.)

#3 Chip Towers at has a great article from yesterday on UGA's freshman class. He only has 3-4 of these freshmen playing w/the remainder redshirting. He says Gators and Vols both have 17 true or redshirt freshman on their 2 deep depth chart. Very interesting-especially if the 2011 class turns out to be the "Dream Team" they're working on.

#4 Da"rick Rogers- the WR from Calhoun who reneged from UGA to Vols on signing day then got in the rumble with the police in Knoxville- is not on UT's 2 deep depth chart. Sounds like Derek Dooley's trying to show he's in charge.

#5 If Mark Ingram's injury sidelines him for just Week 1, no big deal. What happens if it slows him in practice for Week 2 with Penn State coming to Ttown?

#6 I really like what UGA's new AD Greg McGarity had to say this week. Not necessarily WHAT he said but how he said it. Sounds like he's a no nonsense guy. New sheriff in town.

It's hump day. It's all downhill after today!!