Thursday, December 30, 2010

Get the ball to AJ!!

Posted by Mike
Do not make the mistake of thinking Central Florida can not beat Georgia. Granted they are a Conference USA team, but they have a good coach in O'Leary, stout defense that is ranked 17th in the country, and this Liberty Bowl appearance is important to the Knights.

UGA is obviously disappointed with their season and have the added distraction of the troubled Caleb King to bring them down further.

UCF appears to have a solid game plan and recognize that the key to game could be AJ Green. Check out this story in the Orlando Sentinel. Knight's keys to beating Georgia.

The top two keys to UCF success revolve around shutting down the UGA pass attack. That along with the fact that the Dawgs are short one running back could be a problem. Still even if the Knights double AJ, he will be the best player on the field and can make things happen. This is also AJ's last chance to make an impression on NFL scouts and help out his beleaguered friend CMR.

Here is a link to Green's career stats. AJ's career stats Notice his total kick/punt returns. A grand total of 1 in a three year career. The time has come to get this kid the ball any way, any how. Let him line up in the shot gun and take a few snaps and run to the right. Set a goal of 25 touches and 300 all purpose yards for him. After all, he should be rested since he sat the first four games.


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