Friday, January 28, 2011

3 down, 2 to go!!!

#1 ranked DE Ray Drew from Thomas Central just committed to UGA!!!!

Now we need Crowell on Weds and Jenkins next Saturday. FANTASTIC job by coaching staff w/all the stuff hanging over the program.

See link below. We may be getting icing on the cake.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

We may stink but at least we're making money!!

It could be worse!! That's alot of $$$.

Something to think about!!

Post by William

Just a few random thoughts heading into the weekend....

#1 Don't know how many of you are recruiting geeks but this is some really useful info if you're a UGA fan. By the way, the whole recruiting process is out of control. All of Thomas County Central is getting out of class for Ray Drew to announce where he's going at 10am tomorrow.

I wondered about #4 last night. Sounds logical. (I know. Can't use logic when we're dealing w/17-18 year old boys.) Could be good news!!

Read the link in #8. Can you imagine the %#&@ storm if that kid had committed to UGA? More "Program out of control"

#2 Matthew Stafford's FB gets a little mouthy about Stafford being a "china doll". He tried to back track saying he was misquoted. Maybe if he blocked better Stafford wouldn't be taking the shots he's taking.

#3 Another big game for UGA bball on Saturday in Lexington (4pm ESPN). Tuesday night's loss was heartbreaking. Really need to win Saturday to go dancing in March.

#4 Braves pitchers report to Turner Field for "voluntary" workouts  next week before heading to Spring Training. Can you wrap your head around the fact that Bobby Cox won't be our manager? Gonna take a few games I'm sure.

#5 In case you've been living in Biosphere 2011, Tiger Woods starts his season today in San Diego. Tees off at 12pm EST.

Lastly.... an observation

#6 If you're a guy, you cannot ride down the road driving w/a pocket dog(poodle,etc) in your lap, on your shoulder, etc.... Saw that this morning.I figure that's probably a rule somewhere but if not it should be. Your Man Card will be taken away.

Have a Great Weekend!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Say it isn't so!!!

This makes me never want to eat anywhere but my house again.

Who thinks College Sports isn't big business??

Think this may happen at an SEC school in the near future? Imagine if it did and the guy didn't get his money back. Think he could tell some stories??

Dogs get a surprise!!

For all you recruiting nerds like me

Big week for state college hoops!!

Its's a big week for the Dogs and the Jackets this week. 2 good articles from the AJC about both teams. Both teams play tonight.

Gators at Dogs 7pm on ESPN

Va Tech at Jackets 9pm Fox Sports South

Sunday, January 23, 2011

A plan for the Albany Civic Center.

Posted by Mike

This is a link to the Albany Journal: A plan for the Albany Civic Center.

Report from Stegeman:

Posted by Mike
A sell out crowd saw the Dawgs over power Mississippi State to improve to 3-2 in conference. The win sets up a critical Tuesday night contest in Athens against the Gaytors who lead the SEC East at 4-1.

UGA could make an appearance in the NCAA tournament with a top four finish in the conference and a final RPI ranking of 30 or higher for a certain invitation. Anything below that and the Dawgs will be a bubble team.

FYI - Florida has a current RPI of 18. Time for a little pay back!

The football recruits were also in attendance at the game along with CMR, Bobo and Grantham.

At half time I ran into Johnathan Jenkins. He is big with an athletic build. Unlike Cody, this guy looks like he could play every down and run down the ball. WE NEED THIS GUY TO MAKE THE D WORK!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Check out the web site mentioned by Schultz.

Posted by Mike
Jeff Schultz wrote a great column about the over signing of college recruits.

Here is a link to the web site he mentions:

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Two down, three to go!!!

Post by William

Malcolm Mitchell from Valdosta just committed to UGA. Big night for the dogs!!!

One down, four to go!!!

Post by William

Jay Rome just committed to UGA. Now we need Mitchell at 7 tonight, Crowell & Jenkins are visiting this weekend and then Ray Drew. We NEED all of these guys.

Good job CMR!!! Finish strong!!!

Can CMR pull off a top five class?

Posted by Mike
Coach Mark Richt has never had a more important recruiting period in his career. After the train wreck season of 2010 and the huge embarassment of losing to UCF, a top five recruiting class is almost required to help restore some confidence in the Dawgs Nation. 

Current commitments for UGA

Rivals currently has UGA's class ranked at 14th, but there are enough players left on the board who could turn this class into a top five finish.

Take a look at the players that have UGA ranked as Medium Interest. Recruits ranking UGA as Medium Interest  If CMR can pull in Mitchell and Drew, and get Crowell and Rome from this list Recruits ranking UGA as High Interest,  the class would surely jump to one of the best in the country.
Of course Auburn has snuck into the race for Crowell but with Dyer as the number one back over there (not to mention a possible NCAA inquiry into PFP), and Richarson ready to be the feature back for Saban, the door is wide open for a good tailback to have immediate impact in Athens.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Auburn & Walmart

Congrats to Auburn for winning the National Championship. I ran across these photos this morning. The photos aren't the best part....scroll down to the comments. Auburn fans, even you have to laugh at those.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dogs just got robbed!!!

Post by William

What a horrible no call at the end of the game. Dude rips the UGA player to the ground coming over his back.

We got home.

Loss to Tennessee and Bruce Pearl. Stinks.

Great News for Braves Fans!!

This solves the problem for those of you who couldn't watch the Braves after Mediacom made a change last year.

What a disaster!!

Post by William

Just a few thoughts for a dreary Tuesday....

#1  What a disaster in the Georgia Dome Saturday night. It took me until yesterday to wrap my brain around it. I just knew the Falcons were going to win that game. EVERYBODY was picking the Packers so I knew the Falcons were going to win. They ran into a buzzsaw. Aaron Rodgers IS as good as they were all saying last week. VanGorder tried everything he could to slow him down and nothing worked.

The Packers defense completely shut down the Falcons offense. Clay Matthews is a beast rushing the passer.

I think reality may have set in at Flowery Branch. I thought the Falcons had gotten their "deer in the headlights" game out of the way against the Saints on MNF. They looked like they were in a little over their heads Saturday night. Falcons are solid, not great. There are a few needs.... a badass pass rusher, a speed playmaker on offense for Matt Ryan to get  the ball to, and 2 more cornerbacks.

It was a great season with an awful ending. Much better than what we were used to seeing before this new regime came to town.  They'll get it fixed. Dimitroff and Coach Smith are smart guys.

#2  Big bball game in Athens tonight as the Vols come to town (7pm on ESPNU). The Dogs had a nice bounceback win on Saturday against Ole Miss. Mark Fox is a keeper as a coach.

#3  Nice win for the Jackets on Sunday night against UNC. It still doesn't solve the problems at Tech. There was lots of Carolina Blue in Alexander Coliseum Sunday night. The enthusiasm level has gone way down.

#4  Hawks vs Heat in Miami tonight (7:30 on SportSouth). The Heat could be without Wade, Bosh, and Lebron. All are injured.

UPDATE!!! (2:15 pm) Wade in, Bosh out, LeBron game time decision

#5  Who besides me is sick of the Jets/Rex Ryan? They actually had me pulling for the Patriots Sunday and that takes alot.

Let us know what you think.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Post by William

After listening to national sports radio this week, the national media has decided to cancel the Falcons/Packers game Saturday because the Falcons have no chance. Nobody's giving them a chance. Evidently Aaron Rodgers has become Joe Montana/John Elway/Bart Starr all in one. James Starks(1 100 yd rushing game all year) has become Franco Harris/Tony Dorsett/Emmitt Smith. The Green Bay defense has now become better than the Bears 1985 Super Bowl defense. So the game has been cancelled. Fox will replace with 3 hours of cartoons.

By the way,  Nov 28 my team beat the Packers 20-17. Take that.

Rise up Falcon fans

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dogs Ball Tonight

Post by William

After a huge win against Kentucky on Saturday, the Dogs hit the road tonight against Vandy. If you don't have the ESPN Full Court package, we're getting it free here this week on Mediacom. Dogs on channel 164 tonight at 8.

Ga Tech vs Clemson on Fox Sports South at 7 tonight.

Monday, January 10, 2011

BCS Picks

Auburn minus 1 vs Oregon        Mike     AUBURN       William(reluctantly)   AUBURN

Friday, January 7, 2011

Not to sound like a 15 year old girl but....UGH!!

Any chance they ever regret this decision??

Picks for the weekend

Lsu minus 2.5 vs Texas A&M      Mike   LSU      William    LSU

Pitt minus 3.5 vs Kentucky      Mike   KENTUCKY       William     KENTUCKY

Nevada minus 7.5 vs Boston College       Mike    NEVADA      William    NEVADA

New Orleans minus 10 vs Seattle(Home)      Mike  NEW ORLEANS          William   SEATTLE

Indy(Home) minus 2.5 vs NY Jets          Mike   JETS         William    JETS

Baltimore minus 3 vs Kansas City(Home)       Mike   BALTIMORE      William     BALTIMORE

Philadelphia(Home) minus 2.5 vs Green Bay        Mike   GREEN BAY        William     PHILADELPHIA

Can it really be coming to an end?

Posted by Mike
Hell may freeze over. Just the other day a thought crossed the lips and once out in the atmosphere it seemed totally ridiculous. It had been a long day when the words, “I'm kinda of burned out on college football,” just flew out.

The others in the conversation, diehard leather heads all, gave a look like, “Who the hell are you and where is our friend?”

Four months have faded. Hype and controversy has swirled. Hate has grown and a'int it grand. Wives who are accustomed to losing their husband for three days beginning around 7:40 PM on Thursday night, will have to adjust.

All over the South women are about to ask the same questions. Who is this strange man speaking with me on a Saturday after the noon hour? Doing the yard work?

Marriages will be reborn on January 11th. Of course I have long held the belief that Valentine's Day is the fabrication of a die hard football fan. Kind of a way to say, “Here's a $1.99 card and some chocolate. Sorry about zoning out for four months and neglecting you and whoever those two small people that live with us are. Why don't we take a nice family trip to Orlando during Spring Training to make it up to y'all?”

Which leads me to my complaint on Spring Training. Why do they have to wait until March to start?

Yes the next week will be that strange uncharted water that rolls around every year. After Cam Newton destroys Oregon, there will be no college games for a full seven months. Panic sets in. Will Tony Barnhart still write or does he go into a five month scotch and steak induced hibernation? Where will Tim Brando go to pump up Boise State? Does he hold secret meetings in Northwest Louisiana plotting the overthrow of the NCAA and BCS, and if so, how do I get invited? Finebaum isn't gonna start talking about Scrushy again is he? Most likely not since he lives at the epicenter of hatred. Oh no, it just hit me. If Auburn wins we will have to hear from Tammy as she calls in while on a cigaret break at the Waffle House in Selma. All the more reason to pull for the Ducks.

Here's a question, if Bill King talks about college football in the forest, can it be heard on satellite radio? Will Phil Steele use his time to actually come down to Georgia and inspect the offensive line he bragged about before printing useless drivel next July?

Okay that last one was mean, but that doesn't make it not true.

Sure we have recruiting to look forward to, but making heroes out of these young unproven kids is just plain stupid. They should at least have to get through summer school before we begin to pump them up and bail them out for Saturday's game which is, by the way, only a mere seven months away.

Honey, don't make any plans for Saturday, September 3, 2011 through January 9th, 2012. I think there is a game on.

Wait a minute...aren't the Falcons pretty good?

Thoughts for the weekend

Post by William

A few thoughts to ponder heading into a great sports weekend.....

#1 Who's ready for some basketball??!! The SEC starts conference play tomorrow with a huge game in Athens. Kentucky comes to town with their slimeball coach, John Calipari. UK is 12-2, UGA is 11-2 having won 8 straight. This is a big game for UGA to see if they can play with the big boys this year. BTW, I really like Mark Fox.

#2 How great a sports weekend is this?
     Friday     Lsu/Texas A&M at 8
     Saturday  Pitt/UK Bowl game at noon
                    Ga Tech @ BC bball at 4
                    UK at UGA bball at 4
                    Saints @ Seattle at 4:30   SNOWGAME!!
                    PGA Tour in Hawaii at 5:30
                    Jets @ Colts at 8
     Sunday    Ravens @ Chiefs at 1    SNOWGAME!!
                    Packers @ Eagles at 4:30
                    PGA Tour in Hawaii at 6
                    Maryland @ Duke bball at 8
                    Nevada/BC Bowl Game at 9

Happy Viewing!!

#3 This interview with UGA AD Greg McGarity yesterday actually made me feel better about the situation with UGA fball. Not really sure why. Seth Emerson from Bulldog Blog mentioned at CMR press conference the other day that the most notable thing was how much better the relationship is between Richt and McGarity is then it was between Richt and Damon Evans. Hadn't really heard that their relationship was that bad.

#4 Speaking of which, what are the "administrative duties" that are being taken away from CMR? What's his main job there? WIN GAMES. Hire somebody else to handle all the other stuff. Athletic Association NETTED $31 mill 2 years ago. Study film, recruit, WIN GAMES.

#5 Falcons Fans, have a nice relaxing weekend since our team has a bye this week!!!

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Laughter is the best medicine!!

Here's a something to make you laugh after reading Coach Richt's post season comments from earlier today. Hopefully this will change your attitude after that.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Uh oh... this says a a lot!

So the Dawgs really did think all they had to do was show up in Memphis.

Bulletin Board Material

Bowl Picks for 1/4/11

Ohio State minus 3.4 vs Arkansas        Mike    ARK       William      ARK

Monday, January 3, 2011

Let's compare UGA to Stanford.

Posted by Mike
Let's do a quick comparison of the 2010 Stanford team to Georgia's. I know it is dangerous to compare or covet another program, but how can we help it? So here goes:

  • Stanford is mentally and physically tough and plays gritty football. Their coach has a look in his eye like he wants to suit up and their fullback/linebacker plays both ways.
  • Georgia's running backs and receivers cramp up even when they are substituted constantly, and CMR is ready for a vacation.

  • Stanford has over 300 offensive plays and calls them with a purpose. It did not appear to me that Harbaugh was scripting the game, but rather making moves like in a game of Chess. One play led to a reaction from Bud Foster. Then the next move was already calculated. It also appeared to me that he rarely recycled a play, except the off tackle run to the left.
  • Not sure UGA has 300 plays and Bobo's only clearly definable strategy appears to be, “When in doubt, run a bubble screen.”

  • Stanford played with a much more athletic team and fought hard between the tackles.
  • Oh yeah, UGA lost to a directional school and kicked a field goal from the two when it was fourth and inches, ON THE FIRST DRIVE OF THE GAME.
The closer you look, the worse it gets.

A few notes from Bowl Season... so far...

 Posted by Mike
- Derek Dooley is one unlucky son of a gun. UT had the football, a three point lead and only 1:30 to kill off the clock. Then the Big-10 officials got involved. What a mess that was.With 90 seconds to play Bob Davie was talking about a Volunteer program on the rise... then the Goudy struck!

Big-10 zebras also blew a huge call against Kansas State in the Pin Stripe Bowl. The excessive celebration rule has to be more clearly defined and made less subjective.

- After the Liberty Bowl one coach should be squarely on the hot seat, maybe even given a public warning by his athletic director. Let's face it, if George O'Leary's team can not beat Georgia by more than four points, it may be time for the Knights to find a new guy.

- The Rose Bowl was an awesome game and my opinion of TCU has changed dramatically. While Wisconsin opened huge holes for big bruising backs, the Horned Frogs found a way to spread the field and played key defense at just the right time.

I do not understand why Wisconsin would try to pass for a two point conversion when they where ripping off five yards a dash on their final drive.

- The upper echelon of the SEC (excluding Georgia) proved once again to be home of the best college football in the country by clobbering those whining Big-10 types. Alabama shut up Michigan State. Florida put Penn State in their place, and Mississippi State ended the career of Rich Rod.

Bowl Pick for 1/3/11

Post by William

I'm getting beat down

Stanford minus 3.5 vs Va Tech          Mike  STANFORD        William     VA TECH

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's Official. My team is the best!!!

Post by William

Congrats to the Falcons. Came out today and just played solid. They knew they were the better team and just took care of business. The coaching staff did a great job of putting the Saints loss behind them.

Off next week then home games throughout the playoffs.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Bowl picks for 1-1-2011

Texas Tech minus 8 vs Northwestern – William – Northwestern Mike - Northwestern

Florida minus 7 vs Penn St –  William – Florida  Mike - Florida

Bama minus 9.5 vs Mich St – William – Bama Mike – Mich St

Miss St minus 3.5 vs Michigan – William – Miss St Mike – Miss St

Tcu minus 3 vs Wisconsin – William – Wisconsin Mike - Wisconsin

Oklahoma minus 15.5 vs UCONN – William – UCONN   Mike - Oklahoma

Yes, UGA really lost to a directional school.

Posted by Mike
No you are not hung over, Georgia really did finish 6-7 and lost to a directional school in a low level bowl.

The Dawg nation is hoping 2011 will bring back prominence in the SEC East. Without it, CMR is coaching for his job. If the Dawgs falter against Boise State on September 3rd, Coach Richt might not make it to September 5th. UGA 2011 Football Schedule

UGA faces South Carolina the next week for a tough opening 2011schedule. An 0-2 start would certainly end the CMR era. A 2-0 start could re-prime the pump and bring the fans and excitement back. Without the energy UGA faces another long flat year as ugly as that Liberty Bowl effort, and from there it is only one small step to playing on Thursday night and interviewing June Jones.