Saturday, October 9, 2010

What a long stranger trip its been...

What a long strange trip its been...
Posted by Mike
So a pitcher playing center field hits a dinger to keep the Braves alive. Sounds about right for this bunch of misfits.

Lets review what else happened in this very important game:
    • Bobby got tossed. Of course.
    • A Gon got a hit. He's a gamer and will be a difficult out fot the balance of the season.
    • D Lee got several hits. The power is all but gone, but give us singles and doubles and we just might get this done.
    • Wagner gets hurt, pitches through the pain to get another out, then limps off the field. Maybe for the last time. Just to keep track, we've lost Chipper (A hall of famer), Prado (our best hitter) and now Wagner. No need to worry though, this team thrives on adversity.
    • Kyle Farnsworth comes out of the pen and immediately plunks a batter to set up the double play. Of course now he has to entice Buster Posey to hit the ball on the ground. Just to get in the rookie's head, Farnsworth stands on top of the mound and points to second announcing to the world his intention to turn two.
    • Troy Glaus sucked it up, lubed up his rusty knees and returned to the hot corner to start that most important double play of the season.

Can't wait to see what happens next.

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  1. If we can find a way to win Sunday, who pitches next? We are so thin and banged up I just don't see how we get this done.