Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Stock Up Stock Down

Post by William


#1 Alabama/Nick Saban- The beating they gave Florida was totally impressive. All you need to know about Bama/Saban was watching Kirby Smart call the jump pass before the interception. Tony Barnhart's right. Bama looks better in their uniforms than anybody else.

#2 Braves/Bobby Cox- I really thought that the Braves had given it away after Saturday. The atmosphere at the Ted on Sunday reminded me of the 90s. Unbelievable. Place went nuts when Wagner got the 3rd out. Have a really good shot vs Giants.

#3 Falcons/Roddy White- The Falcons showed me something Sunday. They played awful for 3 quarters and still won. The play Roddy White made to cause the fumble on the interception may have saved the season.

#4 A J Green- I know. I said I wouldn't mention him. Can't help it. He's just better than everybody else. Too bad Spring Break meant that much to him. The one-handed TD catch was crazy.

#5 Ga Tech- They played awful for 3 1/2 quarters Saturday night. Came back and won with Nesbitt actually passing the ball. Never thought I'd see that.


#1 UGA- I never thought they'd lose at Starkville. I really never thought they'd lose at Colorado. Better win Saturday.

#2 A J Green- How can you cramp up in your first game? You've had until October 2 to get ready. DRINK GATORADE!!!

#3 Derek Dooley- 13 men on defense? That was a mess. I bet one thing though.... he'll NEVER do that again. I bet he learns from his mistakes.

#4 Les Miles- How can this idiot still have a job? You'd figure after the mess he made of the game last year, he would've figure out clock management.

Finally, #5 Urban Meyer. You got completely outcoached, outplayed and out physicalled Saturday night in Tuscaloosa. How can you still not snap the ball to the QB? The worst thing is that when they were down 31-6 Brantley gets DRILLED and has to come out of the game. Guy couldn't breathe. Then Meyer puts him back in. I couldn't believe that. There was no reason for Brantley to go back in. He was running for his life the whole night. Meyer's greasy.

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  1. Love it, all of it. You nailed it WSJ! I'm just wondering when we will see another win out of the Dogs.