Sunday, October 17, 2010

Can (Should) Georgia win the SEC East?

Posted by Mike
Sunday morning, while on my way to Church, the announcer on Rivals Radio mentioned Georgia as a possible winner of the SEC East crown.

Sure my friend and co-producer William mentioned that last week, but come on, he is partisan, biased, delusional, fanatical.... have I left anything out?

When the thought goes mainstream on Rivals Radio it has more credence, and why shouldn't it? We beat a completely dysfunctional Tennessee team and Vandy. Oh yeah... we beat the always powerful Louisiana We Are Laughing At U and all of a sudden we are ready to play for a SEC title. Next thing you know someone will be lobbying for the chance to play Boise State for the BCS crown.

So why shouldn't UGA play in Atlanta in December for the SEC championship?

Well I can only think of a few reasons:

1 – Getting crushed by Auburn once this season will be enough.
2 – I would rather not be the sacrificial lamb of the East.
3 – Recruits won't be impressed by a drubbing in the Georgia Dome

So rather than set some pie in the sky fantasy why don't we focus on some more probable points.

1 – Let's get better! - The D and O are starting to click, and if we could just get the off field issues under control, UGA has a very bright future.
2 – Let's be sure to beat Kentucky. - Just ask Carolina and Coach Spurrier if that is an easy task.
3 – Let's beat Florida!!! - It is time to get a little pay back on the walking heart attack – emotional reflux – soft on crime – Urban. Another loss and the whiner may re-retire. Run it up until he whimpers!
4 – Let's play hard against Auburn, and keep them from hanging 50 on us! - Not trying tell CTG what to do, but putting a spy on Camzilla might be wise. Rambo should hawk his every move.
5 – Let's get to the SEC Championship game in a meaningful way in 2011.

By the way, the race to hire Dan Mullen is on. Will he be the next coach at UNC?


  1. I am with you when you say that Boise State will be playing for the National Title. We have not only beat the teams we play, but we boat raced them. We are by far the best team in the nation, I just wish we could play some of the teams from the SEC. It is my understanding that after the Oklahoma beating, no SEC team would schedule against us and I don't blame them. Man I wish we could play an SEC team for the title, but it looks like Boise State will be playing TCU for the title, as we are the only two who can manage to win all our games. I assume you are a GA fan, I'm just glad your team didn't give up after losing 4 in a row. But, come on! They have no chance against Tech, much less Auburn. Remember, vote Broncos for the title, baby.

  2. Boise would be sixth in the SEC East.

  3. Anybody has a chance against any ACC team; it's a basketball conference. Period.

    Tend to agree with Spark's sentiment. Maybe no sixth, but not first either. And that's in a weak East.

  4. What kind of crap is this page? Is this thing run by special olympic wash outs?

  5. You left out a few things on William.

    open minded, understanding of alternative life styles, quiet, somber and sober.

  6. Man oh man, here we go. You cannot argue the fact that Boise State runs an efficient and clean program. How do you know if they would finish sixth? Alabama ended their 18 game winning streak, now Boise is top dog. A couple of statue of liberties and the SEC would be out. Do you really think Georgia or Florida could beat Boise this weekend? I think not!

  7. BTW, Dan Mullins will be Boise States next offensive coach.

  8. So Mullen is going to leave his head coaching spot in the SEC to become an OC for a freak show?

    Not likely. But they must have some good weed out there for you to come up with that one.

  9. No drugs up here my friend, I just think eventually he will want to win a National Championship, thats all.

  10. And why couldn't he win one at MSU or UNC?

  11. We have a chance, and yes, it's improbable/unlikely. But what I don't get is why the hell the you wouldn't want UGA to play in the SECCG if the craziness continues. If you want it to be UF or USC, go cheer for them and call yourself a Gator or a 'Cock, but don't call yourself a Dawg, you don't deserve to.

    It should be any Dawg & any Dawg fan's goal to play in the SECCG every year, no matter what it takes to get there nor how crazy or down the SEC East is.

    And just in case you weren't paying attention, we couldn't lose to Auburn twice this year. We lose again we don't have a chance for the SECCG.


  12. Junkyarddawg34, don't get yourself worked up over "Mike's" post, probably not his real name. He is a straight dumbass and not catching that error in statement just proves it. You think he stays up researching and proof-reading his material? I think not, but will he hit the bottle and randomly spew some nonsense, obviously. Get off the bottle "Mike"

  13. It is getting nasty in here.

  14. The Real WhizzKidMonday, October 18, 2010

    Jess you ignorant slut...

  15. @Junkyarddawg34,
    Actually, we can get to Atlanta even with a loss at Auburn. If we beat UK and UF, and UF beats SC and everybody else left except us, and one of Arkansas/Vandy/Tenn also beats SC, then UGA, UF and SC are all 4-4 and the Dawgs would win the 3-way tiebreaker. UK could also end up 4-4, and Dawgs win that 4-way tiebreaker as well.

  16. Yes we could get there, but SHOULD we?

    If the cards fall that way then I will be happy and pull for the Dawgs, but I fear an appearance in the title game this season might do us more harm than good.

    If we can win out and go to a decent bowl game, win there, then we will have the program heading in the right direction. All GOOD.

    Let's be honest... we are not ready to compete with the teams in the West this season, so I say let Florida or USC step on that land mine.

    If we can keep the momentum going, 2011 looks pretty good.

  17. Camzilla will run Rambo over! If you want to spy him,put a linebacker on him like Carolina put Thomas Davis on Mick Vick, or at least a bigger Safety, like Nic williams or Shaun Williams, but not Rambo. One concussion is enough.