Friday, December 2, 2011

Week 14 Picks (and other stuff)

Post by William

Well, we've made it through another season. Seen some really good football. Had alot of fun. Anybody besides me think Dogs would be 10-2 after 0-2 start? Just a few things before the last full week of picks.....

#1   Good luck to Albany native Josh Broadaway. He is in the final stage of qualifying school for the PGA TOUR. 6 rounds, 3rd round today. Josh is T21 going into today. Top 25 get cards to play on PGA Tour next year.

#2   The state of college basketball in Georgia is awful. I know it's early in the season but both UGA and GA Tech are unwatchable at this point. True freshman Caldwell-Pope for UGA will be really good, but other than that it's going to be a really long year.

#3   I think this would be fun to do

#4   Dabo and The Old Ball Coach in a peeing contest.

Turns out it wasn't Spurrier who said it, it was the Carolina radio guy. Hilarious.

#5   Bowl game I'd really like to see(assuming UGA doesn't boatrace LSU and gets into the Sugar Bowl)....... Oklahoma/UGA in the Cotton Bowl Jan 6 8pm on Fox. ASSUMING that UGA doesn't boatrace LSU tomorrow(!!!!), this would be a fantastic game. UGA could get into Texas to recruit for a week w/Texas A&M coming next year. Only bowl game that day. 2 brand names in college football. HOWEVER, pretty tough for it to happen. UGA has to lose tomorrow, Oklahoma loses to Ok St(doable), and Kansas State has to lose at home to Iowa St(not bloody likely). I'd much rather UGA play in that game than at 11am or 1pm on Jan 2nd.

On to the picks.....6-4 last week, 79-53-3 for the year. 58.5%. Picks in ALL CAPS

OREGON(Home) minus 31.5 vs Ucla      Double Gold Star Lock of the year. 5 Stars. Gold Nugget pick. Whatever else the 1-800 guys with eyepatches call it.

KANSAS ST(Home) minus 11 Iowa St  

VA TECH minus 7 vs Clemson in Charlotte     Clemson started 8-0, finished 1-3. Same ole Clemson.
BTW... good job to the ACC for selling out the Championship game. I think that's the first time. Much better than the Big 10. Paying people to be seat fillers so it will look good on TV.

Wisconsin minus 9.5 vs MICHIGAN ST in Indianapolis

Oklahoma St(Home) minus 3.5 vs OKLAHOMA    Could be a snow game. Slows down that OSU crazy offense.

Lsu minus 13.5 vs UGA in Georgia Dome       Not saying UGA is going to win but I do think they can cover. Dogs cannot give up non-offensive tds. Somebody for UGA has to run the ball. Offensive/defensive lines have to play best game of the year. Dogs need 2-3 big plays(blocked punt, td return, sack scoop and score). Gonna be tough but can be done.

ATLANTA minus 2.5 vs Houston(Home)    Falcons 8-0 under Mike Smith vs rookie QBs. Houston is starting 3rd string TJ Yates from UNC. Big game for Falcons to keep up with NOLA.

Please check post below from Mike.

Have a great safe weekend.


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  1. I thought you were 5 and 5 last week.