Friday, September 16, 2011

Week 3 picks

Post by William

Just in case you're not paying attention..... 16-5-1 for the year after getting "Lock of the Year Part 2" right last night

By the way.....all you Dog fans. Are you still dying to have Dan Mullin as your Head Coach after the last 2 weeks? Yeah, didn't think so.

Not real fired up about these but,... here we go

Picks in ALL CAPS

Clemson(Home) minus 3.5 vs AUBURN     Auburn getting points again. Will Dabbo make it til the end of the season? (NO)

Georgia Tech(Home) minus 15 vs KANSAS      Tech wins but seems like a ton of points to be giving. Let's hope Tony Zenon has a huge game.

SIDENOTE- Mike is taking his son up tomorrow for this game. His son is thinking about going to Tech. Made me think back to when my Dad(who went to Tech) would take me up to Tech games when I was younger. Doesn't get better than that.

OLE MISS minus 1.5 vs Vandy(Home)     It's Vandy for God's sake

Notre Dame(Home) minus 5 vs MICHIGAN STATE      Notre Dame....when will you realize you're done? You're not relevant. It's time to join a conference.

FLORIDA(Home) minus 9.5 vs Tennessee     It's alot of points but Tyler Bray has never played in that atmosphere before. Is it possible for me to hate 2 teams more than these 2?

South Carolina(Home) minus 17.5 vs NAVY       Not picking the upset but Navy will give Spurrier fits. If I coached Navy I would run the option at Clowney 55 times tomorrow. Make him think.

OKLAHOMA minus 3 vs Florida State(Home)    I REALLY REALLY want to pick FSU. I think their defense is back to early 90s when they had 8 guys 6'4' 270lbs who could kill the QB. Something tells me OU covers late. Gonna be an unbelievable atmosphere in Tallahassee.

Miami(Home) minus 2 vs OHIO STATE    No explanation. Just a feeling

NEW ENGLAND(Home) minus 6.5 vs San Diego        I'm going Tuesday to get my hair cut like Tom Brady.

Philadelphia minus 2 vs ATLANTA(HOME)   This is a HUGE game for the Falcons. They cannot start 0-2 with both losses being in the conference. MAYBE Julio Jones and Roddy White will make catches beyond the line of scrimmage. Georgia Dome will be a madhouse Sunday night.

Am I the only one who is going to get really mad when NBC pans the crowd and there will be alot of #7 red Michael Vick jerseys? The cheers for Vick will be loud. Trying to be politically correct here but that's not going to make the city of Atlanta look good. If you catch my drift.

Since UGA is playing Coastal Carolina(who has a nutjob for a coach BTW), I am ALL IN on the Falcons.

Almost forgot... If you want to have a good laugh, Mike is on the Chain Gang for the DWS game tonight. Will he make them stop the clock so he can catch his breath?!!!

Have a great and safe weekend


  1. Picks are getting harder now that cup cake scheduling is moving into big boy football time.

  2. William - great post! Gotta good laugh to start the weekend. I really like the "Brady haircut comment" and the Flynn "catching his breath" comment. Good stuff!

  3. Mike, I'm not picking winners. I'm picking against the spread. No cupcakes against the spread.

  4. Chain gang crew rocks!!!

  5. you will miss 5 this week, I will tell you which ones Monday morning.

  6. you are 76% correct
    only collecting 66% of the money
    that juice will kill you all the time.

  7. Way to step out on a limb "Anonymous". Pure genius.

  8. What kind of douche bag picks Ohio State over the U?