Sunday, September 4, 2011

Changes I would make in Athens.

Post by Mike
Okay I am trying desperately to remain positive, but it is difficult. In case you haven't noticed, after loses to a Florida directional school in a low level bowl and a team that plays on gimmick blue turf, the state of the Dawg program is in serious decline.

The question is how do we correct it now? Well the following are moves I would make on Monday. It may cost us a few players, but at this point how much worse can it get?

1 - The entire team will report to Sanford Stadium at 3 AM Monday morning. We are gonna run some stadium steps.

2 - Before we run the stadium, we are gonna give EVERY PLAYER a hair cut.

3 - As I sheared off Crowell and Jones dread locks I would speak to them like they were in fourth grade, "Isaiah and Jarvis we need you to keep your helmets on during the game, so buckle up those chin straps and play like a big boy okay..."

4 - Now let's run those steps! "But I got a tender ham string coach." Well until the players on this team can prove to me they care about UGA football, I am implementing the following rule. If you don't practice, you don't play. I don't care if I have to start a walk on. At least then I would know the player is willing to give me a good effort.

5 - Again in my fourth grade voice, "Isaiah we need you to pass block okay. If you don't it severely limits our play book okay, and if you can not do that you may want to consider another school. Go see how much time coach Saban will give you if you lay down in front of a rusher."

6 - No Tweeting! No Facebook! If you do it, be prepared for more of these early morning stadium meetings for the entire team.

7 - Announce if we don't beat South Carolina there will be a full speed practice immediately after the game in Sanford Stadium, and we may be there a while. 20 hour rule be damned! I'll take the slap on the wrist from the NCAA.

8 - Coach Bobo I'll have that head set. Time for me to call the plays.


  1. I agree about cutting the dreads, but I think the helmets coming off had more to do with poorly fitting and designed Niki crap. We are lucky we didn't have some major head injuries.

    Yeah, facebook, tweeter and other social media needs to go. So do the damn scooters. "College football is not fun" That is a quote from an old Fullback friend of mine.

  2. Good point about the Nike helmet. I thought the players were doing it for face time.

    Yeah football is not fun during the week. It should be rewarding after a win on Saturday.

  3. I'd heard that there was a "new" Mark Richt this year. Not. He looked unaffected like every other year. How about reacting, some way, to a penalty Coach Richt? #79 should have been benched early.

    Another thing, why ever play in Atlanta? Why should we ever give up a home field advantage? Ridiculous.

    Gimmick uniforms have got to go. This isn't arena football. We should have learned our lesson when Bama spanked us at home the week we had the "blackout".

    I agree, the dreads have got to go.

    Something has got to change. I didn't wait a year for another crappy season.

    If you tweet, you better be able to back it up.

    It's all on the line next week, and they better count on Spurrier being loaded for bear with a couple of tricks up his sleeve.

  4. To all you posters saying support our team ....... you can kiss my ass!! We should have fired Richt after the ucf loss! Peterson is a real coach! Rich please take your ass back to Hondorous and stay there!

  5. It's not a player problem. It's a coaching problem.

  6. 10 years ago Richt's claim to fame was his ability to motivate players and raise up leaders on the team. The team was A TEAM! A cohesive group that showed up and played football. This group of players has been flat for years. I can take a loss but the apathy is disguising!

  7. Disgusting was my origional thought but disguising works too. If your gonna look like a Dawg, please act like a Bulldog.

  8. I really hope he takes the play calling away from Bozo, and I mean "play" calling. He is still scratching his head about his only play of the game, the up the middle play he ran all night, "it really worked in practice" WELL, news flash, Boise St's up the middle worked too, it's your defense. Let's get Mike Leach in here now and promote Richt to chaplain and praise the lord.