Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whatever you're doing AIN'T working!!

Post by William

OK Braves fans. It's come down to one game tonight to try and get into the playoffs. Is it possible?

How can this be? I'll tell you how. Your 2 best pitchers are on the disabled list(Hanson and Jurrjens) and going into last night you're batting .181 in September with runners on base. That's awful.

Uggla is swinging and missing again, Chipper could get hurt getting out of his car and Derek Lowe is God awful. (Aren't you glad he's back next year for $15 million?). The whole team looks tired.

So, I have a plan. However you've been watching the game, change it. Move to another room. If you've been watching with family, evict them. If I've asked you to change your FB picture to a Braves pic, change it back. If you've been eating healthy, try KFC tonight. As George Costanza tried once, just do the opposite.

We need all the help we can get.

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