Friday, November 4, 2011

Week 10 Picks

Post by William

It's a pretty weak Saturday except for the fact that The SEC East title is on the line in Fayetteville Saturday night.

Oh, and that one in Ttown Saturday night.

A couple of quick notes before the picks...

#1   Where are the fans of the "U"?  Miami played Virginia last Thursday night on national TV on ESPN in front of 23,000 people. This week Miami is hosting Duke. Miami is offering to each university employee, IF THEY will accept it, a FREE ticket to the game. IF they accept the free ticket, they have the option of purchasing 3 additional tickets for $1 each. AND $10 "Stadium Bucks"  per ticket that can be used for concessions. They're reaching for anything to get fannies in seats.

#2   If you're on the UGA football team, DON'T SMOKE WEED!!!

#3   If you're in Atlanta, find a way to get to one of Stacey Eames' 3 restaurants. Stopped by there a couple of weeks back at the one by Lenox. Outstanding.

Here are the picks. 8-2 last week, 61-32-1 for the year. Picks are in ALL CAPS

Ole Miss minus 1 vs KENTUCKY(Home)    Bad football. Basketball starts next week.

Florida(Home) minus 13 vs VANDY     Started at 9.5

OKLAHOMA minus 13.5 vs Texas A&M    OU shows A&M the door on the way out

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 5 vs South Carolina.  Petrino vs Spurrier. Libya vs Iran. Lex Luther vs The Joker. Evil vs Evil. Dr. No vs Blofeld (Old school James Bond). UGA needs Ark to win. Pulling for Petrino. Think I just spit up in my mouth.

OK STATE(Home) minus 21 vs Kansas St     OU knocked KState back to reality last week. OSU MAY be really good.

Georgia(Home) minus 33.5 vs NEW MEXICO ST   Hope I'm wrong. Dogs wins comfortably but 33.5 is alot with me(HINT HINT) playing TB. PLEASE, Aaron Murray, don't get hurt. Bad feeling about that.

ATLANTA(Home) minus 5 Indianapolis      Very scary for Falcons. Indy is winless. Falcons have to have this game coming off a bye and going to NOLA next Sunday.

PITTSBURGH(Home) minus 3 vs Baltimore     Pittsburgh is on a roll and wants payback for Ravens running it up first game of the season.

PHILADELPHIA(Home) minus 8 vs Chicago    I think Eagles finally figured out they need to run the ball last week. Of course, it was against the lowly Cowboys.

ALABAMA(Home) minus 5 vs Lsu     Just a feeling. I think there will be 1 or 2 plays that make the difference and who is more prepared than Nick Saban. Gary Danielson said there will be 10 NFL defensive backs on the field Sat night. Hope it's a great game.

$59 hotel rooms in or near TTown are going for $359.

In case you haven't seen these, just to get you in the mood

Have a great safe weekend

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