Friday, December 2, 2011

There is more on the line than it appears, for Georgia anyway.

Post by Mike
Demand for SEC Championship tickets is soft. The price on Ebay plummeted from Monday through Thursday, and there are still plenty of tickets available now. Maybe because it appears the game has no real meaning. LSU is going to the title game win or lose. The best Georgia can do with a win is secure a Sugar Bowl bid to play Houston. So it may appear there is not big consequence on the outcome, but not for Georgia.

Obviously, the Dawgs face an uphill battle since the running game is limited. LSU is very deep at DB and can play back away from the line of scrimmage without worrying about UGA's rushing attack. If UGA is going to keep it close Murray will have to send the wide outs deep, but look for the Orson Charles on short underneath routes. Like he did against Tech.

Consider this though, if UGA can keep the game close, or by some chance win, then play a great bowl game, the preseason polls and recruiting season could be interesting. The Dawgs only lose four offensive starters, and (assuming Jarvis Jones and Bacari Rambo bypass the NFL) only two defensive starters.

If the season ends on a positive note the Dawgs could be preseason top five. Of course a blowout at the hands of LSU and/or a lackluster bowl performance like we had last season, and Richt will be right back where he was before this season started.

The Eagles are a joke!

Wow... The Philadelphia Eagles are a disaster. Even though he is not taking the snaps, Vick will have to be considered a cancer, and Young may be done as an NFL QB.


In Bobby Valentine's introduction to the Boston media, he said "I know I've been called a genius". Really? Not by Don Sutton who constantly pointed out management mistakes when Valentine was skipper of the Mets.

I actually met Valentine a few years ago at a Braves spring training game. My daughter and I were at the concession stand buying lunch and he came up next to us at the condiment counter. I introduced my daughter to him and he was a nice guy and very pleasant, but not for one second did the thought "this guy is a genius" enter my head.


  1. Amazing, at least 1/3 of this blog actually had something to do with sports in the state of Georgia. (GA sports report) What happened to the tiger update, no hating going on today? I felt like I needed to comment just to let you know someone is reading, after all there has been zero comments on the recent useless blogs.

  2. Thanks for playing Kyle!

  3. that wasn't me, I mean I didn't read this, I mean oh forget it, you are no fun

  4. Vick and Valentine could be considered fringe stories. One was qb for the Falcons, one managed the Braves biggest rival.

    Not sure which did what though.

  5. Kyle I know it wasn't you. You can't read.