Friday, September 23, 2011

Week 4 Picks

Post by William

We're at another Friday. Have you noticed that the weeks seem to be going by so much slower now that  the weekend's are so big now??

A few quick things before the picks....

#1   The Braves got a HUGE break yesterday. The Cardinals were up 6-2 in the top of the 9th and the Mets came back and put up 6 to win 8-6. Thanks to Willie C Harris, Mets LF from Cairo Georgia, for driving in the 2 go ahead runs. Instead of being 1 game up in the Wildcard race, the Braves are up 2 going into the weekend.  Tonight at 7:10 Tim Hudson vs the Phenom, Steven Strausberg.

#2   The Tour Championship is at East Lake in Atlanta this week. The top 5 golfers in the FedEx Cup going into the weekend are guaranteed to win the $10,000,000 first prize if one of them wins this week. Former Georgia Tech golfer and Sea Island resident Matt Kuchar started the week in 5th place. He shot 67 yesterday. Good Luck to Matt.

#3   Think NC State Coach Tom O' Brien wants to rethink making Russell Wilson leave?

#4   Thanks to Dr Tom Myers for donating a tv for us to use on Saturdays and Sundays. 4 inside for the weekend. Much appreciated.

Here are the Week 4 picks      picks in ALL CAPS

ALABAMA(Home) minus 11.5 vs Arkansas   Saban vs Petrino is worth at least a TD. This is Bama's first REAL game. Their defense scores at least once and they win. BIG.

LSU minus 5.5 vs West Virginia(Home)     The new WVU coach is in over his head against the LSU defense.  LSU's D is phenomenal. Gameday will be there and it's the national ABC game. BTW, they sell beer in this stadium. Drunk Hillbillies vs drunk Cajuns. Fantastic.

GEORGIA TECH(Home) minus 6.5 vs North Carolina    I know GT hasn't played a real team yet but the GT offense is unstoppable. Tevin Washington can actually hit a wide open receiver.  SIDENOTE- Dad, a GT alum, is going. Meeting his old fraternity brothers that all get together once a year. Ballgame then a dinner that night. Nice.

FLORIDA minus 19.5 vs Kentucky(Home)     Kentucky is awful. Is it just me....Does Muschamp look like a Head Coach? There are #1s and there are #2s. Saban- a #1. Stoopes- a #1. I think Muschamp is a #2.

FSU minus 2 vs Clemson(Home)     Clemson shot their one big bullet last weekend(even though they did look fast). BTW, after watching FSU last weekend, if I'm a 5 star high school QB, I'm going to FSU b/c I'm gonna start QUICK. Their backup from last week ain't going to cut it.

SOUTH CAROLINA(Home) minus 16 vs Vandy     I hate Spurrier even more after last week. He kept trying to score against Navy to prove he's so damned smart. It almost bit him in the butt. Wish it had. Vandy beating Ole Miss the way they did doesn't convince me. Lattimore goes nuts....again. Any chance UGA can play Carolina late in the season one time when Lattimore is beaten up after getting 35 carries a game?

UGA minus 9.5 vs Ole Miss(Home)    I'm petrified about this game. Houston Nutt and his coaches had to meet with the Ole Miss President on Sunday.  This is a must win for Nutt(it's a must win for Coach Richt too. DUH) He's going to throw everything at the Dogs, every trick play he has. Did the Dogs get any confidence from the beatdown last week? Let's hope so. I think the Dogs come to play.

GREEN BAY minus 3.5 vs Chicago(Home)    Jay Cutler is Chicago's QB. Enough said.

PITTSBURGH minus 10.5 vs Indianapolis      LOCK OF THE YEAR #3.    

Tampa Bay(Home) minus 1.5 vs ATLANTA     Falcons playcalling is awful. LT Sam Baker couldn't block Mike rushing the passer(maybe that's a stretch but you get my point. I'm prone to exaggerate). Philly WR Jeremy Maclin had 170 receiving yards last week. Matt Ryan was bad for the first 3 quarters. AND Michael Vick came to the Georgia Dome(lots of red #7 jerseys. Thought my head would explode). You know what?? My team won. This is a big division road game. Need the win. Julio and Roddy have big days. Falcons get it in Tampa.

Finally, sad news this week. After 30 years, REM has decided to hang it up(Bet they come back. Old rockers can't retire. See: Stones, Clapton and The Who). Saw them 3 times way back when the were starting(once about 3 weeks after this). One of the best bands of all time. Here's the one that got it started for them.


More good live REM on You Tube

If you feel like trying something new this weekend, this is it. It's really good.

Have a great and safe weekend.


  1. you might redeem yourself this week, 9-1, you miss Fla covering. 19.5 is a lot of points for an away, sec game. I want to say 8-2 due to an upset somewhere, but I don't know where yet

  2. Georgia Sports ReportFriday, September 23, 2011

    Redeem myself?? Have you seen my record?