Thursday, November 24, 2011

Giving Thanks!

Post by Mike

I'm thankful for Jarvis Jones!

Sure hope he decides to bypass the NFL for one more year in Athens. Can you imagine what the Dawg defense will look like if he comes back? Of course we still need some depth at the position and we could also use a good running back that can lay off the ganga.

I'm thankful I am a fan of an SEC school.

After three months of bust it up college football we have reached a point where the top three teams in the BCS are in the same region of the country. Oh wait ... the same conference... the same division of the same conference.

So for the rest of the BCS... you little girls can go stick it. Why don't y'all learn how to speak southern and play football like men?

Friday and Saturday it is on like Donkey Kong as LSU, Arkansas and Bama all play for the chance to play UGA.

I'm thankful I'm not a fan of a Big 10 school.

Attention Big 10 fans... you only thought you hated Jim Tressell. In the coming months you will learn the real meaning of the word as you become familiar with Urban "Soft on Crime" Meyer. His self righteous, arrogant mug will be in your face from the moment Ohio State announces his hiring. Your only hope of getting rid of this virus is for Michigan to hire Saban. After all, he did run Urban out of our league. Maybe he can do the same for you.

I'm thankful for the NBA Strike.

Who really cares? Since these guys have disappeared ESPN has been pushing college basketball.

I'm thankful for good College Basketball.

Man is it fun to watch Duke. They have already beaten Tennessee, Michigan, Michigan State and Kansas and it ain't even December. Put February 8 on your calendar. The Blue Devils play at UNC that night.


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