Friday, September 30, 2011

Week 5 picks

Post by William

It took me all day yesterday to almost get over the Braves. I invested 181 days of the year and I get THAT in return?

Just a few thoughts on the Braves before I let it go...

#1  I don't want to see Jason Heyward on magazine covers, billboards, or commercials. He needs to play in the Arizona Fall League and the Dominican Winter League. Learn to hit the baseball before you're a  pitchman for product. OH... and don't lose line drives in the lights. How is that even possible?

#2  Brian McCann, Dan Uggla and Alex Gonzales all need to go see the eye doctor.

#3  No winter ball for Prado. Dude needs a rest. (So does McCann)

#4  If Chipper needs any sort of surgery(DUH), let's get it done next Monday so he'll have all winter to recover. Somebody can put him in his deer stand with his leg in a cast.

#5  Any chance Derek Lowe realizes he's DONE and saves the Braves $15 mill they can use somewhere else? Yeah, didn't think so.

Maybe I'm not over it yet.

Here are a few nuggets I found on the Web.

I'm no lawyer.... but isn't this "Restraint of Trade??

A prime example of "don't overcoach"

Looks like Kimbrel took Wednesday's loss pretty hard

Here are the picks     7-3 last week  28-13-1 for the year   Picks are in ALL CAPS

ALABAMA minus 4 vs Florida(Home)    I was spot-on with the Bama pick last week( D scores, Saban worth a td on fake punt, Bama wins big)     Same thing this week. D scores, Saban worth a td vs/Muschamp, Bama wins, though not a blowout. Comfortably.

TEXAS A&M(Home) minus 3 vs Arkansas at Jerry World      A&M wants to show they belong in the SEC. Plus they're coaching against Bobby Petrino.

GEORGIA TECH minus 11.5 vs NC State(Home)    Seems like alot of points but GT covers in fourth quarter. Tech can score running out the clock.  That offense is on a roll.

SIDENOTE   Check #2 about Tony Zenon. If Coach Richt had said that, he'd get skewered. 

South Carolina(Home) minus 10 vs AUBURN      Could Auburn help the Dogs by beating that $%#^* Coach at Carolina? Beware for the upset special.

Wisconsin(Home) minus 9.5 vs NEBRASKA       This will be a wild atmosphere Saturday night. Rumor has it they drink alot at Wisconsin games. That's alot of points to give in Nebraska's first large Big Ten game.

VA TECH(Home) minus 7 vs Clemson     After 2 good wins vs Auburn and FSU, Clemson finally wakes up and realizes that they are Clemson. VA Tech in a blowout.

GEORGIA(Home) minus 6.5 vs Miss State    Dogs got some confidence last week. Looked good on the D. Murray to the Tight Ends all day. Dogs win by 10 or more.

SIDENOTE    At least SOMEBODY has a good thought about the Dogs. Scroll down to #30 for an October prediction. I LIKE it!!!


Dallas(Home) minus 1.5 vs DETROIT      Stafford to Megatron is getting points? Fairley is FINALLY going to line up besides Suh? Romo, good luck with that.

BALTIMORE(Home) minus 3.5 vs NY Jets     Baltimore is the real deal. Jets are not.

ATLANTA minus 4.5 vs Seattle(Home)     Falcons had a "Come to Jesus" this week. Seattle stinks. Matt Ryan calls better plays than the OC. Let him do it. Falcons win easy.

Have a great and safe weekend.

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