Friday, November 11, 2011

Week 11 Picks

Post by William

Running late with the picks today. Several things first...

#1   UGA Men's basketball vs Bowling Green 6:00 pm Sunday on ESPNU. Anybody think Trey Tompkins and Travis Leslie would like a do-over on their decisions to go pro?

#2   Note to Coaches Richt and Bobo... when UGA plays Ga Tech, if you get 3rd down and 8 or less, run the QB sneak. I've been watching football for 40 years and pretty sure I've never seen a QB get 8, 8 and 6 yards on 3 different QB sneaks.

#3   The Penn State thing makes me sick. I hope some of those idiots who rioted were seen by their parents on tv and got their butts jerked out of school. My vent for the day.

#4   The Tiger Woods Lovefest continues tonight and tomorrow night at 8 on the Golf Channel.

#5   Watched the "Roll Tide War Eagle" show Tuesday. Good stuff. You  Bama/Auburn people are insane. Here's a clip. Just watch him smile when he talks about "Investigation". That says alot about him.

On to the picks. 5-5 last week. 66-38-1 after losing GT last night.

Vandy(Home) minus 13 vs KENTUCKY      Has Vandy EVER given 13 points in a conference game?

FSU(Home) minus 9 vs Miami     Idiot CB from Miami had dinner Sunday night with a runner for an agent and tweeted about it. Suspended.

ARKANSAS(Home) minus 14 vs Tennessee    Still haven't gotten the stench off from pulling for Petrino last week. LOCK OF THE YEAR #4

Clemson(Home) minus 16 vs WAKE FOREST        Same old Clemson.

South Carolina(Home) minus 3 vs FLORIDA     Had to go to a different site to find this line. The place where I usually get lines has Connor Shaw "questionable". Duh. Can't explain this pick. Just a feeling.

Stanford(Home) minus 3.5 vs OREGON       Oregon too fast

ALABAMA minus 17 vs Miss St(Home)    Bad timing for Miss St. Big number but Saban will take out last week's loss on the Cowbells.

Georgia(Home) minus 13 vs AUBURN      Dogs win but 13 is a big number. Hope I'm wrong about not covering so the Dogs BCS ranking will go up so Dogs get a better matchup in the Sugar Bowl!!! Some style points against Auburn would be nice.

ATLANTA(Home) pick'em vs New Orleans       Big huge game. Falcons O is back on track. This just in.... Julio Jones is good.

NY JETS(Home) minus 1.5 vs New England       New England D couldn't stop Deerfield.

BTW.... Deerfield hosts Mt De Sales tonight at 7:30 at Webb Memorial Stadium in a first round playoff game. Go support if you can.

Have a great safe weekend.

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