Monday, September 12, 2011

It is not a clear cut decision.

Post by Mike
The problem is, this is not a clear cut decision. If the Dawgs had not been competitive against Carolina, the case would have been sealed.

So what was billed as a pivotal game for the future of Mark Richt really provided no solid answers. UGA is obviously talent rich with upper middle class coaching, so what to do?

Should we be patient since Richt recruited the young talent which will eventually develop into a good team, or should we recognize that South Carolina, Florida, Auburn et al... also have young talent. In fact that young bunch from Columbia just came to Athens and won.

The excuse of youth is just that...

Should we be even more patient and wait out the down cycle with loyalty, or pull the trigger like the trained killers at Alabama, Notre Dame and Florida.

It is a hard call made even harder when you consider the other programs that will likely be in the market for new coaches in the next five months. Notre Dame is 0-2 and Brian Kelly may get one more year if he can manage a 9-3 finish (Which he won't.). Ohio State is also on the verge and Penn State is long past the point of needing an overhaul.

Soft on Crime (Urban Meyer) will likely get his choice of the aforementioned posts, but that still leaves a lot of spots to fill. The best coaches will get the best jobs, and that brings me full circle in my argument.

The fact that Richt has a stable full of talent is a good reason for him to stay, but it is also a nice incentive to attract a new coach. Walk into the job at Athens and you can win...right now! All this group needs is some fine tuning, but that appears to be the hardest part for the current staff. Protecting the football is a coach-able skill. Forty times are not.

Take the job at Ohio State or Penn State and you have to restock the shelves.

Imagine John Gruden licking his chops at how to handle Jarvis Jones, Isaiah Crowell, and Aaron Murray. Imagine someone taking this good raw material and building one bad ass unit. Let's hope the future holds just that with, or without, Mark Richt.


  1. Just have the balls to come out and say you want Richt gone. This wishy washy stance is the problem at UGA. We need to have a higher standard than being a good guy and good recruiter. We also need a good coach. $3million should buy at least that.

  2. You just hit on the edge of something very important. All of this talk about our coach overlooks the fact the most important asset to protect is UGA. "TEAM me" applies to the coaches too.

  3. No room for error at this point. If UGA doesn't win the east it's over for Richt.

  4. Playoffs!!?? Playoffs??!!

  5. Talent rich - yes
    Coaching middle class - not so much

  6. Perfect solution - send Richt and Bobo to Notre Dame - hire Dan Mullen.

  7. Mullen has not even won a game against a SEC West opponent except Ole Miss. I can't believe people are even considering him as an alternative!!! Mullen would be a step backwards!!

  8. Mullen has improved MSU and beat Georgia with a roster full of two and three stars. Imagine what he could do with a full stable.

  9. His offense would train wreck our program.