Thursday, September 1, 2011

Predictions sure to be right!!! (Mine anyway)

Post by William

Mike and I decided to make some predictions for the season. Mine will be right, as usual.

Here we go...

Heisman Winner-    MIKE-    Andrew Luck    WILLIAM    E.J. Manuel

Coach of the Year    MIKE- Mike Gundy       WILLIAM    Mark Richt

ACC Atlantic     MIKE-  FSU           WILLIAM    FSU

ACC Coastal     MIKE- Va Tech       WILLIAM      Va Tech

ACC Champion      MIKE- FSU       WILLIAM    FSU

BIG 12 Champion     MIKE- OK State       WILLIAM     Oklahoma

BIG EAST Champion     MIKE- South Florida        WILLIAM    South Florida

BIG TEN Legends      MIKE-   Nebraska       WILLIAM     Nebraska

BIG TEN Leaders      MIKE-   Wisconsin        WILLIAM     Wisconsin

BIG TEN Champion     MIKE-  Nebraska       WILLIAM    Nebraska

PAC 12 North    MIKE-   Oregon       WILLIAM     Oregon

PAC 12 South     MIKE- Utah       WILLIAM     Arizona

PAC 12 Champion      MIKE-   Oregon       WILLIAM   Oregon

SEC East     MIKE-  South Carolina       WILLIAM    UGA

SEC West     MIKE-  Bama        WILLIAM    Bama

SEC Champion     MIKE-  Bama     WILLIAM-   UGA  I'll explain

National Championship Game     MIKE- Bama/FSU        WILLIAM   UGA/FSU

National Champion      MIKE-   Bama         WILLIAM    UGA

UGA Regular Season Record      MIKE-   9-3        WILLIAM    11-1

Ga Tech Regular Season Record        MIKE-    8-4       WILLIAM    6-6

OK. Before anybody starts screaming that I'm a Homer ( I freely admit that I am for every team I root for), that I like Coach Richt ( I do), and that I'm crazy (up for debate), take a look at UGA's schedule. If UGA goes 2-0, where are the losses? All this team needs is something good to happen to it and it will take off like a rocket. The National Championship may be (IS) a stretch but I for sure can envision this team going 10-2.

There they are. Tell us what you think.

PS. All you Coach Richt haters, how will you feel when UGA is 2-0? As he says...."Are you on the bus?"


  1. Uhhh.......Wow William.

  2. I think Albert said it all.

  3. That William fellow is one smart dude.

  4. After watching Wisc last night I would like to change my Big 10 champ to the Badegrs.